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Persona Edit Request Dump

So remember how I said I was going to do a bunch of Persona edits as people in the ask box requested them?

That was a complete and utter mistake, as it turns out.

But I still did everyone’s weird and strange requests (save for 1 or 2 REAL weird ones I didn’t want to touch.)

But regardless let’s get onto it!

Being that Morgana has a body structure only comparable to that of a bobble head, this was kinda hard to do and probably why nobody else has done it yet, but I sure TRIED MY DARNEST. I hope you appreciate maid Morgana with a weirdly human looking body. (Just remember this blog’s motto: Quality Never Guaranteed.)

Did you know that the police can legally arrest you for having these images on your hard drive in some American states?

Sometimes I get worried that I’m making someone’s fetish material.

Unfortunately, I CAN do crossdressing shadow Yosuke. This is a very powerful concept, and an even more powerful image, I feel.

I did both.

Mixing P5 Portraits with P3 and P4 ones is hard.

Yukari’s maid outfit was a blessing.

A beautiful lady.

Anyway, that’s it!

I hope all you monsters who made these requests are satisfied with the results!

I remember 6 months ago coming home from visiting my best friend at her college and being on the plane as the sun was setting and trying to be silent while crying on the plane because of how much I was hurting from recent life events…I remember praying, almost talking aloud to God in that plane seat, trying to be considerate of the passengers around me and not burst out into sobs (lol), taking photos of the clouds at dusk as we took off and I remember telling myself, “I know good things are coming but why is the process of getting through it so hard,” and…I will never forget that moment…all the moments you thought you wouldn’t get through and you did and here you are, better, wiser, stronger, more resilient, so at peace. I smile at the moment when I think about it and replay it

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When Victor talking to Yuuri about him being a mob boss, and Yuuri said he would arrest him. I'm kinda just like: ???? Victor what did you expect??? But it's very Victor-like to do that. Every time I read your story, I'm just like: UPDATE FASTER. But also remember that your a human too. Who also has things to do and a life too. So then I end up reading fanfics and DJs in the end :) But honestly, your work is great, keeps me sane.

I know, it’s really just…like…VICTOR, WHAT DID YOU THINK HE WOULD SAY??? XD
It is true though, that, Victor’s the type to try his luck I suppose XD
And, I’m very happy that you look forward to updates so much ;w;
Yeah, life kinda gets in the way ^^;;
Summer has arrived, so, should be a little easier ^^;;;

anyone else appreciates when kyungsoo makes a face or declines to do something or tells someone to stop teasing him or w/e?

i remember when i first started stanning he used to be more quiet and nervous. on interviews he would sit there and take everything they threw at him with a smile and it was hard to “get to know” him. so seeing that he feels more free now to say no or show discomfort sometimes and doesn’t have to pretend to be super happy about everything all the time, just watching him being human is nice.

I read a story about a colorblind person seeing colors for the first time. How hard my skin had been for so long, I forgot what colors were. I’ve been seeing everything in static and pixels and tones of grey, I forgot there is beauty. They described fall leaves and the multitude of colors in them, how distinct and vibrant, even though they are decaying they remain beautiful. I remember this as I am sitting in a worn truck with my feet on the dash and my eyes closed, feeling what it could possibly be like to be completely blind, and appreciating it all. I could feel the wind through my fingers and the cold open glass window against my forearm. I could feel the warmth of the sun and how it disappeared behind trees and left me cold. I could feel my motion and every bump in the road, I could smell the breeze, the hay, the hot asphalt of country roads. I could live again. I think that’s our problem, we forget to live. I think of the story once more whilst sitting on a brick wall, headphones on, coffee between my fingers. This is what it felt like to be completely and utterly myself. Behind a church lacking saints, in the sun, listening to small town traffic and barking dogs. I closed my eyes once more and could feel it in me, the distinct pain of being alive. I could feel the coffee warm in my stomach and my hands slightly shaking from lack of nutrition. I could feel my head heavy from a hangover and my body tired from stress and a lack of sleep. My bones creaked and my heart beat and my lungs expanding. The utter glorious pain of being alive. How we take simple things for granted. There will never be a moment like this one, where I am in this state of mind, feeling these things, and I think we forget too easily, too quickly. I don’t want to forget. I want to remember the colorblind person seeing colors for the first time and apply it into my life. I want to see the colors of the world again, I want to escape my broken abused body and run until I am a bird instead. I want to sit so still I become part of the breeze, I want to remember, I want to live again.
—  so let’s get up and try again love

Doctor x Rose, not!angst, written for @doctorroseprompts‘ ‘ramifications of Bad Wolf’ prompt. This has been sitting on my hard drive for years, waiting for the perfect moment. There is a lot more of it, but I don’t know where it’s going yet, so this is all you get for now. ~2500 words. 

The cracks are how the light gets in.

Rose likes to watch him when she thinks he doesn’t notice. When he’s tinkering with the TARDIS or reading something, glasses perched on his nose and shoulders curled over the pages. She likes how soft he looks, how human. She remembers the blazing fire of his rage, incandescent and terrifying; she knows the darkness of his soul, shattered into as many pieces as the lost planet Gallifrey.

And then, Rose looked into the TARDIS, and the TARDIS looked into her and Rose became the Bad Wolf, and the Bad Wolf looked into the Doctor. She saw him, all his foibles, all his triumphs, golden wings beating in the corners of her vision and the dizzying spin of time in her veins. He’s not human. He’s so much more alien than she ever believed. And yet, when he curls up next to her on the sofa in the green library, long legs wearing soft pants and no shoes on his feet, he’s just the Doctor, a slightly more than eccentric man with an odd penchant for bananas.

And then, they’re facing down a slobbering pack of wild pig-things in some far-flung corner of the universe and it’s as if he’s regained the mantle that he sheds when they are alone together in the TARDIS. The coat billows out behind him, and sometimes she swears he picks breezy spots on purpose just so he can look impressive while he defends her from the antagonistic alien of the day. But she can see it. She can see the moment when he stops being just the Doctor and becomes a Time Lord. She can see it in the set of his shoulders, and in his eyes, ancient in that young face, staring down the length of an energy blade, his fearless posture the perfect buttress for her own courage.

In those moments, she swears she can hear the singing in the back of her mind and she can feel the beating of wings against her vision, fingers of golden light curling and twining around herself and the Doctor. Rose breathes in and the threads of Time stretch out before her in her mind. She can see all that ever was, and all that ever will be and she knows all the outcomes of all the choices and then it’s gone, when she blinks, and she never tells him what she sees.

On Draynar 9 she hears the whisper of the knife in the hand of the native at their backs and screams. The Doctor turns, avoiding a blow that would have killed a lesser being and netting him a nasty slash across the back of his hand that she insists on stitching herself in the med bay, hands shaking; the afterimage of another possible outcome fresh in her mind. In ancient Egypt, she knows the answer to the Sphinx’s riddle before they’re even asked and the Doctor watches her carefully as they make a pit stop in present-day London for Rose’s necessities. They don’t discuss it as they’re thrown headlong into another adventure on an impossible planet and it’s Rose that kills the devil as the Doctor saves them from a black hole. He never does tell her exactly what happened in the pit, but she sees the way he reaches out for her more often and notices he sleeps less than usual for a time afterward.

They avoid what would have been death for her and regeneration for him on an out of the way moon in the Andromeda galaxy when Rose figures out the assassination plot and sniffs out the traitors, while the Doctor is busy disarming this week’s doomsday device, and it’s Rose, blonde hair flying on a windless planet with the turn of the universe burning in her eyes, that stares down the invading force, and it is she that sends them running.

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As someone who just graduated w a psych + soc double major and wants to get into therapy, I 100% believe therapy isn't for everyone. Even as much as you'd like it to be, some people just react differently to it. Sometimes they need different ways to cope with their issues and it's a hard pill to swallow for people who make their living on one specific way (aka therapy). There are also shitty therapists which is honestly so upsetting.

I think a lot of people get defensive because therapy worked for them, and it took a lot of courage and struggle to get to where they are. they look back and see how terribly they were doing, and then they remember how much courage it took for them to open up to a therapist, and they look at all the hard work they and their therapist put in, how they worked as a team to get to the current point, and they see someone like me coming along and saying “I hate therapy, doesn’t work, gonna do it myself” as cheapening it. making it look easy, I suppose. getting a better deal, perhaps, because I don’t have to open up to anyone. it’s sad, because that isn’t the case at all. both of us worked hard, both of us had to use a lot of courage, both of us struggled and had setbacks. neither of us is better than the other for how we did it. it’s just we did it in different ways.

the divide probably comes from all the old stigma – that therapy and mental illness is for “weak” people, and “strong” people call pull themselves up and carry on. not the case at all. confronting your mental illness always takes courage and hard work. even if you have a therapist and a support network, you’re still in the trenches essentially on your own. you’re only armed with the things you’re taught and the things you know, and those are things you’ve taught/taken on board yourself. I’m not better than anyone for doing things without medical help. someone who went to therapy is not braver than me for doing so. neither of us have the claim of being “more recovered” or whatever. we each worked to our individual needs to improve our lives. no matter how you choose to do that, it’s a brave and honourable thing. 

I just wish everyone, including people who make their living this way, could realise this. warring between ourselves isn’t going to get us anywhere. it never does.

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I think w/ the coming shitstorm that's bound to happen, we need to remember how in s1, Isak fucked up big time and spread shit about Eva behind her back and he did it bc he was hurting and we forgave him for that. It seems like Sana is about to do the same thing, so though what she's probably gonna do w/ the screenshots isn't right, we should treat her w/ the same patience and forgiveness we gave Isak bc this show is all about making mistakes and learning from them

I don’t actually see people giving Sana a hard time here because yeah, we get it, she’s really hurt and she will make a mistake. She’s not perfect. Every main has made mistakes and that’s human. I don’t think people will be harsh with her, honestly. Most of us get it (I hope) plus, she will obviously learn in the end. Like everyone.

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what's the name of the fic where Coulson adopts the avengers as kids. from what I remember the fic was mostly centered around bucky being adopted?? I've been trying to find it but I haven't been able to

Could it be Sing Your Song (I’m listening) by Squeaky?

Phil’s brand-new family is doing well. So well in fact that Phil is asked to take on one more child: Sixteen-year-old James Barnes. James has been on the top of the ‘hard-to-place’ list for ten years, ever since he was injured in an accident so terrible that it caused him to stop talking. And he hasn’t spoken since.

Phil takes James in with the hopes that he, and his other children; Natasha, Clint, Steve and Tony, might make James feel safe enough to begin to get over his tragic past. But what he doesn’t expect is how unsafe James’ silence makes the other children feel, and how quickly James’ arrival can make everything else start to fall

Dear Mr. Jefferson (first ending to "Your Obedient Servant")

A/n: remember that Jeff x Reader x Mads thing I posted? Here is the first ending to it. A.K.A if the reader chooses Jefferson. Enjoy!


Dear Mr. Jefferson,

I wish that somehow I could convince you that I do everything for you, and that all I want is for you to be happy with me. But it is hard to do so when you look the other way.

Though you are always pushing me to do more, I have never complained. Do you know why? It’s because I have fallen in love with you. You haven’t taken the time to know me. But I have been around you for long enough to get to know you. You’re a smart man, Mr. Jefferson, and I admire you very much.

It is unlikely that I will ever send you this, or make my feelings known to you. But if you are reading this, know that I care about you very much, and I hope that someday, you’ll care about me too.

Love, (y/n).

Thomas read the letter again and again, feeling both elated and guilty at the same time. On one hand, he truly did care for you. He always had, but he had put the feelings out of his mind because he was so busy. Now, it seemed that he could act upon the feelings he had boxed away.

On the other hand, he had neglected the feelings so much that you were over-worked and under stress, exhausted and barely functioning.

He hoped that you had gotten enough sleep last night.

Now, a new week had begun, and he was expecting you back. But this time, he’d ease up on you a little bit. He wouldn’t push you. Maybe he would even help you.

You knocked softly at his door. “Mr. Jefferson?” You called softly, not wanting to disturb him if he was busy. He opened the door for you.

“Hello, (y/n),” he said, giving you a warm smile. It startled you. “Please, come in. Are you here to discuss work? I can promise you, I won’t be working you so hard.”

“Oh! That’s lovely.” You smiled. “But there was something else I wish to discuss.” You saw the letter you had written him, folded neatly on his desk. He saw you looking.

“Ah. The letter. I have read it many times, dear. I must say, you are quite a good writer. Just as intelligent as you are beautiful.”

You blushed, and he continued. 

“I am aware that my friend, James Madison, has confessed his affections for you as well. Is that what you wish to speak to me about?”

You nodded. “Yes, sir. James Madison has been very kind to me….”

Thomas’s smile faded a bit. “Oh. I see.”

You shook your head frantically. “No, no sir! I’m not saying- I just meant- he’s a good man, and I’m very grateful that he was so kind, but I want to be with you!”

His smile returned, warm as ever. Still strange to you. “You pick me?”

“Yes. I do. That is, if you’ll have me.”

“I’ll have you,” he said, still grinning. “I definitely will.” And then he stood up, leaned over the desk, and kissed you. His hands ran through your hair, and you wrapped your arms around him. It was heaven…

…until there was another knock at the door.

You giggled, and Thomas let go of you.

“I’d better get that,” he mumbled in an annoyed tone. Clearly he wasn’t happy about his kissing being interrupted.

When he opened the door, it was James. He had no expression.

“Ah, hello, James,” Thomas said. “How may I help you?”

“I wish to speak with you on a political matter, concerning Hamilton. If that’s alright.”

“Yes, of course!” You chirped. At the same time, Jefferson said, “I was a little busy.”

Madison looked confused. You smiled at both Jefferson and Madison, and said, “I’ll just leave, for now. Goodbye, Mr. Jefferson!”

He smiled. “Goodbye, (y/n). Hopefully we can continue our ‘discussion’ a bit later.”

You nodded enthusiastically, then looked up at James. The look on his face told you that he knew what Jefferson meant by ‘discussion.’

“Mr. Madison,” you said quietly. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “Don’t be. You’re happy. That’s all I want.”

You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, and ran up to Jefferson, kissing him too, in the lips. They were very soft. Both men blushed slightly. You grinned.

“I’ll see you two later!” You called as you skipped out the door. It was strange having enough energy to do so.

Things worked out better then you hoped they would. You hoped James really was happy for you.

You were glad that Thomas felt the same way about you.

And you were glad to have energy for once.

But, you thought, as you skipped happily away, what would have happened if you had chosen Madison instead?

Ah. It didn’t matter. You would never know, anyways.

Remember how I talked about my old crush?

She messaged me today to show me a pair of shoes that she said reminded her of me, and then she mentioned casually that she still has the paper crane that I folded for her my last night in Venice, which was two years ago.

Like shut!!!!!! Paper cranes are so fragile, I can’t believe she still has it. Anyway yep I’m still kind of into her haha welp

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So if you are 200 years old, that means you're born in 1817?

“Well, when I said I lost count is because… Well, being born in war times, we never really had… time for things like birthdays sometimes, and I… forgot what…. year I was born in… “ He sighs, crossing his arms.

“My parents weren’t exactly the type to want to celebrate us much anyways… It was hard growing up where and when we did… But I do remember it may have been sooner than that. Around… the late 1700s. I believe….”


“I wonder if Grillby remembers….better than I do…”

so many fictional women are bad… fictional w/w relationships are largely much less developed and genuine than fictional m/m relationships and that’s one reason being a lesbian can feel so hard and unpleasant imo. but then i remember that real, actually existing women are amazing & no amount of bad misogynistic fiction can ever take that or my love for women away from me

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Joy Anna got married and I want to be happy but they were dating for 3 MONTHS! Putting aside the bullshit story about knowing each other 'for along time'.

Joy says she first remembers meeting him five years ago, but…yeah I don’t buy that they had any kind of close friendship pre-pre-courtship.  I feel like they would’ve said as much otherwise since they’re  pushing so hard with the “lifelong friends” narrative (I personally suspect they “encouraged” Joy to exaggerate and she didn’t go along with it.  I could be wrong but comparing what everyone else was saying about their friendship compared to what she said really gave me that feeling.)

I’m also guessing they bumped the wedding up to better accommodate the show’s schedule.  That or Austin couldn’t keep it in his pants; I’d believe either

I hope you guys realize that the Stranger things kids are still very young and haven’t matured all the way yet and they’re probably at some point going to do some things that aren’t so great and say things that aren’t so great and when that happens I hope you guys don’t ridicule them or tear them down because they’re still learning just like we were at that age