is that so hard to remember

Tl;Dr at the bottom.

So earlier today this guy tried to short-change me. Which is, if you don’t know, means it will put my till under amount of bills I’m suppose to have.

Now I am a little bit ditzy but I’m also a hard worker and can remember a lot of stuff. So I see that I gave him his $16 in change back, the usual stuff. Well he says I didn’t give him his $10 and showed me his money.
Now the way I do money, I don’t know if everyone does this or its just me, I put the receipt down then the biggest to smallest bills. So receipt, 10, 5, 1. Well I have never in my life ever put a $1 underneath a $5.

So this guy shows me his hand of cash with a $1, $5, then another $1. I just smile at him and say, “I remember giving you a $10 and I saw you pull that $1 out of your pocket and stick the $10 inside. Have a nice day.”
I then stared at him with a big Retail™ smile until I shame him into leaving. Then I hear him grumbling about how it was unfair that I didn’t give more change.

Tl;dr so a guy tried to short-change my till and I knew he was lying, so I shame him into leaving by smiling.

Witchy Bullet Journaling

So, one of those things that is helpful and sort of become a fad at the same time is bullet journaling. I really can’t complain about it becoming a fad, because that’s how I heard about it. However…my first attempts did not go well. I knew I had to get back to it because it actually helped me remember to take my medication on time and with diabetes that’s kind of important. 

Like with everything though, the witchy has crept in, almost insidiously and has actually helped me keep up with it. So, I thought I’d share some of my ideas and such that I use. I have a hard time documenting my practise because a lot of it is either too everyday or random people cropping up, that bullet journaling has really helped. So…

1.  Moon Phases - This can be as basic or as complicated as you like, or how often you track it. I simply put the phase in brackets on the other side of the date in parentheses like this [FM] for Full Moon or [WXC] For Waxing Crescent

2. Daily/Weekly Divination Pulls - A good way to track daily or weekly divination pulls is to list them in a bullet journal, that way, at the end of the week, month, or whatever, you can look back and see trends. You could also use this as a way to see trends in what you pull and what’s going on in your life at that time. 

3. Sigils - Now, sigils are not a big part of my practice because of my perfectionism, but this is a useful way to imbue a day with a sigil for a particular thing without having to sew it on something or mark it on your skin, especially if you plan on carrying your bullet journal with you. 

4. Quiet Time Reminders- If you are of a faith, but have a hard time remembering to pray or give offerings, a bullet journal is an easy way to remind yourself, and people who don’t worship can use this as a reminder of meditation, quiet time, or reading. As a polytheist, I find this particularly helpful in tracking to make sure I’m not losing track and accidentally snubbing anyone. 

5. Spell Musings - Sometimes you just have a bit of a rhyme pop in your head, or an idea for a new working, or you do something on the fly you want to remember. Using a bullet journal means you can scribble down half-formed ideas or spontaneous castings, without having to commit them to memory in case you forget them before you have access to a spellbook, or if you’re like me and your spellcraft is more..scientific-method-y, note thins that just don’t pass muster for Big Book Status. 

6. Dream Tracking - Sometimes you have a dream and your not the kind of person who regular journals these things, but this one seems important. You can put this there.

7. Deja Vu Moments: We’ve all had those moments of deja vu, and having someplace to write down these little moments can help, even if it’s just that feeling of ‘Wait, I’ve seen this before.’

There are loads of other ways bullet journaling can incorporate witchy things, this is just me sharing some I’ve come up with! If you have any more, feel free to add!

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Which comic is the one where Scarecrow screams "NYAAA!"?

Can you show me the panel? If I saw that then I’d probably know. I can’t remember off the top of my head though. I searched though several of my comics in an attempt to find this, because I vaguely recall what you’re talking about, but most of the time his screams are variations of hroo hraa.

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I actually really like 2009 Dan

i lied i actually really like him too i just remembered his videos and he tried so hard and he’s so nice and lovely about it all even tho he tried to act like an edgelord. 5 hour skype calls are fun so i guess they talked about a lot of stuff and :(

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Hello! Not a thing you need to reply to, just been thinking of you lately and hoping you're doing okay; the world is pretty stressful lately, but I want you to know how many excited people there are out here waiting for the new Ducktales with glee. I have a feeling your team's take on these stories is going to be exactly what people need this coming year. Best of luck with everything (maybe Gladstone can spare you a little), and remember to take care of yourself- we're all behind you!

Aw, thank you so much, @modmad !We’re working hard to make something we hope you’ll like. It’s not always easy (ESPECIALLY with everything going on), but it is always worth it.


This has been a ride to remember. Disappointed SC aren’t together, but more disappointed that this reveal was done in such a low manner. I blame myself because after WS came to this fandom and Jess was treated so badly, i really thought that Sam was a victim as well. Stuck with another fandom troll, but one of high profile. Even after Jess and others left, still nothing from Sam. He did a great job ignoring. Love him as an actor, but as anything else he just seems to have fallen short.

This reveal was like teenagers dealing with responsibility. How hard is it to say something to your fans, besides vote or donate. Check out my IG and guess who I am with now.?

Some will stick this out. For myself I will not ship Sam and MM. I admit I dont like her actions, especially to her ex boyfriend Billy. No matter what happened between them, he did not need to be humiliated by MM on her IG during NYE. His nose was rubbed into their relationship and even taken to his IG. It was wrong in every way. You dont have to know someone to see how they treat others.

After three years of waiting this out as a fan, this is the best Sam could do? No he owes us nothing with his real life and how he lives it, but the innuendo and the constant GASLIGHTING of fans was really wrong. No matter what anyone says or thinks, it was what it was and manipulation was all over this fandom even during times MM was not around.

We don’t know the complete situation with Cait, but we do know she wasn’t innocent in this. She did say during the IFH that it was all for show. Whatever it was really fooled a lot of us.

WS is still trolling through this fandom and treating fans like shit. Sam has let him take over his fandom and I doubt he will ever get it back.

I need to remove myself from all this negativity and constant misdirection. I will come back once in a while. I know i will miss everyone so much, but this has been a sad place this last year.

i wish Sam and Cait the best of luck. I think this long wait till September is not going to be good. Now with this reveal some will leave, others will join in. I think the joy and enthusiasm that was here during the first Season and even the Second will not be as great. I will watch the show, but I know it will have lost that wonderful spark it used to have. The books will always be there for us to remember what it should of stayed as.

RDM and Maril are moving into new projects. I don’t think the show will get the TLC it deserves.

Things are bad so they can be great and neutral. I was so depressed when I started college and devastated and hopeless for such a long time. And I’ve said it before: I used to wish on eyelashes, and on 11:11 and on stars and beg the earth for half of the love and support that I have in my life now. I got more than I could ever imagine, my dreams have come true so many times, I have the friends of my dreams, an apartment, so much support. I have the life I cried over for like decades. I can only be grateful. It’s just hard to remember that the dark brings light and whatever, especially with how bright my life has been. It’s hard to be stressed about my health AND school, AND work, AND money, AND YouTube, AND my future, AND my love life, and my family all at once and be in constant pain. It’s not something I’m used to, not even when I was wishing on the stars. I don’t know what’s happening right now but I think one time I wrote in my journal “something has got to give” while crying out a lot of hurt and everything changed


We come from a hard way. Almost 6 years in this ship. We have always been holding our heads high trying to find in the small moments the greatest meaning as far as our OTP is concerned and today finally after so long because I don’t remember seeing the carylers so excited and happy since 5x01. The 6x13 episode was good those 20 sec that we had of carylwere gold for us. For many (haters) they willn’t be canon if there isn’t a kiss or sex. What they don’t know is that we have already been canon in their own way (te character’s way). And today will prove that. I am proud to belong to this Caryl family because that is what we are a family conformed by different people in different countries but all united for the same reason. We have supported each other because for no one is a secret that our ship has been the most difficult of the whole show and has given us bitter times and not just only for us even for Mel and Norman. I hope that we continue together it will not be easy but today we will have some happiness. I love you all. I know that good things will come for us (praying for that) but the most important thing is that we stay strong. I hope everyone understands me English is not my first language but as I said in the title. This comes from the bottom of my heart We deserved the good moments too. Like today..

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I just remembered the sick scene and cried

fun fact: i cant watch the making of tatinof ever again because i cry really hard and it hurts me. like the first thirty seconds shake me. the most. i have so many pictures of me crying.

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Hello!!! I just wanted to say that i love the way you answer to the questions... And heres my thought, for some reason I think that Lauren was the one to fall in love first, what Camila felt for her when she met her was admiration, she just thought that Lauren was so cool and smart and beautiful and then it turned to love when she realized of Laurens feelings towards her. I don't know I mean that's just what I think lol

Thanks sweets 😘  That’s also a possibility - but I have a very hard time believing that Lauren wouldn’t be in denial about her feelings towards Camila cause already during the x factor days she was very defensive about Camren and her sexuality. I remember some asks she answered back then that have been deleted since, that were pretty intense against anons asking her about it - I mean she was 16 and this was all new to her so it understandable that she reacted that way. I think both Lauren and Camila felt something towards each other very early on but I believe that Camila was way more accepting of those feelings than Lauren. So my theory is that whatever feelings Lauren had she tried to shut them down quick while Camila didn’t - that’s why I think she fell in love first - the real falling in love - not the “I like you” stage but the real “I’m falling in love with my best friend, oh shit” stage, while Lauren buried everything. 

Lasting Memories

Dean x Reader

Summary: You and Dean have a hard time dealing with Sam’s plunge into the Cage.

Warnings: Character death, angst.

Based off of 5x22 and 6x01.

A/N: Hey guys… I’m sorry I haven’t updated in forever. I’m super busy currently and lost some inspiration there for a little. I promise I’ll update whenever I can. Sorry this one is so short! It’s just a random idea I had.

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The first memory he remembers goes like this-

“I made a promise, you know that!” The words flow from his mouth effortlessly, anger laced in his words.

“I’m not going to just sit around at let people die, Dean. Sam wouldn’t want this.”

Roughly grabbing your arm, he snarls out, “Don’t you ever mention him again. Go do what ever the hell you want.” With that, he walked away, leaving you behind in a cloud of dust.

The next memory shifts to this-

He holds you as you lay bleeding on the warehouse floor. 

“You’re fine. It’s going to be fine.”

You nod your head ‘no’. 

Tears leak out of his candy green eyes. “Damn it, I can’t lose you too!”

With a shaky breath, you let out your last words. “You already have.”

Dean wakes up with a start, his chest heaving and eyes panicked. A gentle hand holds onto his arm.

He hopes that when he looks over, he’ll see your gentle eyes and messy morning hair. But instead he sees someone else, and pain tugs on his heart. You were never going to lay next to him again. 

The memory hurts more when he remembers you died alone that day simply because Dean had left you for the apple pie life he never wanted. He didn’t get to spend your last moments together;all he got was a phone call from Bobby. The last memory you shared with him was one of aggression and regretted words.

He hopes you remember the sweet kisses you shared with him. He hopes you remember the late night talks that would last until the sun rose. He hopes you remember the love he has for you.

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so i’ve been obsessed with nutella since i could remember and giving it up was hard but i found this AMAZING substitute from Trader Joe’s and it’s honestly so good, especially for on the go toast in the morning! they sell it without the peanut butter, but i wanted to have both to make life easier! it’s not a perfect replica, so don’t expect it to taste exactly like nutella but if you love chocolate, i think it’s a great alternative 💕

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I know you don't do pregnancy but could you possibly write something involving actual dad Shiro?

haha i had a hard time with this one???

  • Shiro would be quite a responsible father. He’s the type to remember where his child’s need would be—like milk, candies, and toys. He’s pretty organized about them and would put them all neatly in a single container, just so it would be easier for him to find.
  • He would always, always find the time to play with his child. It doesn’t matter whether it’s late at night or that he still has something important to do tomorrow. If his child asks him to play with them, he would always make time to do so.
  • He would try to be strict with them, though he would fail to do so. The moment he sees them making puppy eyes at him, he would sigh in resignation before nodding his head—a bit reluctantly for dramatic effect.
  • He could never bring himself to get mad at his child. Never. Once, they hid his shoes in the bottom of the trash can before he’s due for work, and he spent an hour and a half trying to find them. That lead to him being late, of course, and the moment he finds out that it’s his child’s doing, he could only laugh and ruffle their hair, telling them that they did a great job hiding his things.
  • Most of the time, he couldn’t find it in him to wave away his child’s request. Oh, they want him to accompany them for a walk at 8 in the evening? Sure thing. Oh, they want him to sing them a lullaby because they couldn’t sleep? Definitely.

TLDR: Shiro loves his child very much, and he would absolutely do anything just so he could make them happy.

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I dunno if you did yet , but if no , pls we need some more SF bros relationship fluff. I just can't have enough.

* Hey hey hey wassap homie I got that goods right here
* You say not enough?
* Let there be more then.


He’s not the best with words so he compensates with material items. He works extra hard, to the point of exhaustion sometimes, so that he can get his bae the things he thinks they deserve. He wants to treat them like royalty.

He’s an “insist you eat the last bite of the dessert” kind of guy, even if he really likes it.

He’s got a very good grasp on his S/O’s likes and dislikes, being able to discern exactly what to choose for them be if food, clothes, gifts or others. He’ll always remember that one time they said they wanted something and he’ll get it.

He’s an excessive show-off, often exaggerating stories of things that he did when recounting them. If you date him long enough though, you’ll learn the truth behind each of the fantastical stories and sometimes it’s even better than what he portrayed.

He is very active on instagram, taking typical White Girl Model Wannabe shots against cool backdrops and artsy places. His S/O will be his photographer.


He makes secret playlists of songs that remind him of his S/O and listens to them whenever he misses them/ is thinking about them and they’re not around.

He’s a lowkey artsy guy so a lot of dates will be to niche hipster cafes, museums, art collections and shows.

He’s a lazy tease. There will be random butt pinches in public or at home when he’s just passing by and his S/O isn’t carrying anything fragile.

His favourite thing in the world is trying to balance random shit on his S/O when they’re just chilling. He’ll be like “Don’t move.” then start trying to see how many pencils he can balance on their head.

There won’t be many going out dates packed into a small period of time. Those are the special occasion ones. However, if his S/O is up for dancing to cheesy romance music at 3am, he’s down.

Despite not doing a lot of formal dates, he loves road tripping and would love to backpack across the world with the person special to him.

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Adjsdk YOUR ART IS SO NICE OMG!! HOW ARE YOU SO TALENTED (mean while, I'm here trying to draw and gives up bc I can't art) BTW DID I MENTION? I LOVE UR ART

Thank you!

And (though you might have been joking) don’t be so hard on yourself. I took a look at your work and it’s charming as hell! Any art, any craft, just takes practice and dedication.

Doesn’t hurt if you have a willingness to try new things.

And, honestly, a willingness to make mistakes.

Hell, I’ve learned more for my failed works than I have from any successful piece.

It’s hard sometimes, because I feel like we’re all kind of conditioned to look at others and see how we don’t measure up, but you need to be kind to yourself! Remember that making art isn’t a race to be won or lost, you create at your own pace. You create what matters to you. You try to give form and shape to ideas and emotions.

If you’re doing those things, you’re already on the right road.

i keep seeing people go “lol yea right like we’re gonna get season 3 in september, remember what happened when they said we were getting season 2 before the end of 2016?″ and i’m very confused because we got season 2 in very early 2017, like, a full month hadn’t ended before we got s2. in comparison to how long some people have to wait, especially for netflix shows, that’s not too bad at all.

 on top of that, animation is hard. so so hard. i’m not an expert but i know (at least in comparison to live action) it’s time consuming and expensive. not to mention everything else that have to do besides just drawing and animating. they also have to write/edit scripts, have the cast record their lines, storyboards, etc. the fact that in less than a year and a half since it’s premiere we’re probably already gonna have 3 seasons is mind boggling to me bc it’s not an easy medium at all, and even if we get s3 later than september thery’re still getting the episodes out pretty quick

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Sherlolly "corpse du ballet"

Ngl, my first thought when I read this was “skeleton ballerinas.” Luckily, I liked this idea better:

Molly Hooper is the newest principal dancer with the Royal Ballet Company. She’s worked hard to get where she is. She is busy preparing for her first big solo when she finds the strangled body of a rival ballerina in her dressing room. A note positioned next to the body informs her that she has an admirer, and that this “gift” is the first of many.

Mycroft Holmes, the director of the ballet company, immediately realizes that his company (and his best ballerina) is in danger, and asks his younger brother for assistance. Sherlock Holmes was one of the best dancers in the world, until a leg injury resulted in an addiction to prescription pain killers. After a highly publicized (and televised) breakdown, he was forced into rehab. Now, he spends his time investigating crimes for Scotland Yard, fearful that temptation would prove too much to resist if he returned to ballet.

Mycroft hires Sherlock to infiltrate the company and discover who is targeting his dancer. He tells his company that Sherlock will be joining them for a special performance of Swan Lake, with Molly dancing the role of Princess Odette to Sherlock’s Prince Siegfried. As rehearsals commence, Molly and Sherlock grow closer, the chemistry between them evident from the first time they dance together. Soon, the case is much more personal for Sherlock, as he becomes more concerned with keeping Molly safe than merely finding the culprit.

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Im sorry to barge in. But I feel like the underrate ot3 is the sunshine line 😤Yknow?? They are so fcking precious. Like they support each other so much. Vmin always being Hoseoks bigger supporters. Remember when 1verse come?? N now Hoseoks Solo stage.They relationship is so beautiful.I wanna talked abt this maybe 1 day will not be enough.Tae said he just wanna travel with Jimin nd Hobi, Hobi said he likes the scent of their rooms cz its had their mix scents(?). Aaah. Im dyingThanks for listning

AA WHO WROTE THIS, who dares to wake me up from my dying slumber on the floor with this squishy fluffiness?? >:U

I KNOW, and remember the Hope on the Street where Jimin and Hob were dancing and Tae just barged in with his bike all out of breath because he wanted to be a part of it too? and how they welcomed him with open arms and hugs and touches ;;=;;

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they support each other and rely on each other THEY ARE SO DAMN SOFT AND LOVING

aa i can just imagine them bothering hoseok with all the ‘hyuunng come watch this’ when they’ve thought up another dumb funny shit to do

i bet taehyung spends a lot of time in jihopes room anyway even after the changes in room mates

ugh my coal black heart has started beating again =_=

when I wanna be negative
I turn it around
Try to smile instead of frown
But sometimes it’s hard
So it’s important to know
Sometimes it’s okay to let go

Crying and screaming are perceived as bad
But sometimes that’s the only thing that makes you feel better
So it’s okay to feel like you’re the embodiment of stormy weather
Because the storm will pass
And you’ll soon feel okay
You’ll remember it all as just a bad day

You’ll go back to laughing and being happy
And if those bad feelings return later on
Just remember the advice you read
If it’s too hard to focus on the thoughts in your head
Sometimes, as you know,
It’s okay to let go.