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ppl who think jin has an ‘ego problem’ or that he’s narcissistic don’t know anything about him. despite being the eldest he has never rubbed that in anyone’s face before. instead he literally let’s the maknae line bully him. and remember when our ‘king of confidence’, got shy when fans complimented him? the funny thing is he tried to sound confident when he said “i’m originally handsome” but failed so hard. this just proves his ‘narcissism’ is just him being playful (and it’s part of his stage persona) but deep inside he’s shy and precious.

fair warning: i’m not fishing for compliments, im just here to ramble :+)!!

I wish I wasn’t so self-critical :~( tbh I’m v anal when it comes to editing. legit i have over 10+ edits I’ve finished awhile ago just sitting in my drafts but I haven’t published them yet ‘cause imo they’re not good enough (at least for my standards). I’ve always been like this (like w/ everything I do) but I’m getting better at trying not to beat myself up about it. Don’t worry guys, today’s one of my off days, I’m honestly okay :~) 

remember not to be too hard on yourself because we only have one life & we have to take care of ourselves !! our bodies + mindset deserves to be treated right :+)


Pairings: Dean W x Sister!Reader / Sam W x Sister!Reader

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers?, injury


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hello! i’ve briefly come up for air so that i could fill one prompt and write this! i’m sorry i’ve kinda fallen off the deep end but college is hard, yo. anyway, i hope you enjoy! don’t take this too seriously haha. have this fic in which mj accidentally gives peter a coupon book for sexual favors.

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this coupon is good for… (ao3 link)

A List of Things Michelle Only Found Out About Peter After They Became Friends:

  1. He doesn’t know how to use chopsticks properly. (Michelle’s had to show him several times and he’s still helpless.)
  2. Peter isn’t the most well-read. He spends most of his time reading comics, graphic novels, books for class, books about physics, and books that in some way help him build tech for the spidey suit. (Michelle has thrown several books at his head. She’s seen a bookmark in one, so she’ll take what she can get.)
  3. Perhaps most egregious, Peter Parker is, without a doubt, single-handedly, the best gift giver. And it’s infuriating.

See, the thing about being friends with someone who’s great at giving gifts is that you just suck at it. Michelle can spend hours thinking up something to get Peter for his birthday or Christmas or graduation and it will be like getting a rock compared to anything Peter gives her. A signed copy of her favorite book, an exclusive interview with Steve Rogers, a year-long subscription to a sock of the month club.

Michelle manages to get Peter this vintage comic book she happened upon once at an antique store and that was the greatest gift she got him. It wasn’t even a comic he’d read. But he still smiled and gasped and thanked her. Even though it was a really lame present. Michelle is determined to do better.

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pics from the YWT in atlanta! this was such a fun night and one i’ll surely remember for a long while! thank you so much mark, tyler, wade, bob, ethan, kat, amy, dan, and everyone else behind the scenes for working so hard to make this show as great as it is. you guys are amazing.

(by the way, i’m glad you liked my big chungo card. thank @milomumbles for that one.)

Breaking up when you’re polyamorous can be extra hard sometimes. You can let so many things slide because you have other partners. Having a partner who never texts back, is bad at communication, doesn’t give you enough affection, or does things that make you unhappy is easier to forget about when you have other partners who love and support you. It’s easy to forget to hold your partners to your standards when they don’t necessarily need to for you to be happy. But remember, you have standards for a reason, if a partner doesn’t fit the standards you have for that relationship you shouldn’t be together. If they don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated and won’t hear you when you ask them for your needs, you can’t be together. Breaking it off can be hard, but you can do it. And you’ll be better for it.

Missing What You Cherish Chapter 3 Bruce Wayne x Reader

Prologue // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2

It had been a week since everything happened with the Joker and Harley. Bruce still didn’t remember you and didn’t show any signs of remembering anytime soon. It had been hard on you, you had to move to a separate room to give Bruce some space, and even then he didn’t speak with you very much. 

You sighed as you walked into the bedroom you and Bruce use to share. It was around one o’clock in the morning and you couldn’t sleep. Then again you could never sleep when Bruce went around Gotham as Batman. So you never really got any sleep. You knew he could handle himself, but there were those moments when he came home terribly injured. 

You looked around, it seemed lonelier than usual. The pictures you had of each other were taken down and any sign of your relationship was wiped clean. You shook your head as you walk over to the bedside table. Reached behind it you grabbed your katana. It stayed hidden there for years, just in case you ever needed it. You couldn’t take it the first time you moved your things because Bruce was in the room with you. You didn’t want him freaking out on you.

“(Y/n)!” Bruce yelled out making you jump

You exited the room and headed over to yours. Throwing your katana into your room you quickly shut the door and went downstairs.  Bruce stood at the bottom of the stairs with his arms crossed over his chest. He was angry, pissed by the looks of it, and you had no idea why. You walked down the stairs and stood in front of Bruce. Dressed out of his Batman suit since he didn’t want you to know. Even though you did.

“Bruce? What’s wrong?” You asked concerned that something bad happened

“You’ve been lying to me.” Bruce glared at you

“I’ve never lied to you, Bruce.”

“You’re with the League of Assassins.” He told you and picked up a file that was on the coffee table.

“You looked me up.” You sighed 

“You didn’t give me a choice.”

“You could have asked me!” You defended yourself

You took the folder from him and opened it. It had everything about you, your parent’s death, your time with the assassins and your criminal record. You glanced up at Bruce and shut the folder.

“So, what do you want to do?” You asked him and gave it back to him

“Turn you in.” Bruce said seriously.

Your eyes widened and took a step back from him. This wasn’t happening, you didn’t have a reason to be sent back to jail. Well, this time at least. You scoffed and shook your head.

“There isn’t a reason to turn me in. And even if there was you can’t be serious.” You swallowed and he stepped toward you.

“There are many killings I was able to tie you to. Don’t make this hard on yourself.” Bruce said and gripped your upper arm. 

“Bruce, (Y/n)? What’s going on?” You both glanced over to see Alfred standing at the bottom of the stairs. You pulled your arm away from Bruce and gave Alfred a regretful look.

“Sorry Alfred seems I’ll be gone for awhile.” You told him and ran up to your room closely followed by Bruce. 

You slammed the door behind you and grabbed your katana and bag from under the bed. The door slammed open and you whipped around to see Bruce walking into the room. Bruce tackled you to the ground and pinned your arms to your side. You grunted at the force and kneed him in the stomach. 

Bruce loosened his grip on you and you shoved him off of you. You jumped up to your feet and dodged an oncoming punch. But you didn’t have enough time to dodge the kick at your stomach. You doubled over and yelped as his knee connected with your cheek. 

Bruce would never hurt you on purpose, ever. But he didn’t see you as his wife, he saw you as a criminal. A criminal that was living in his house and needed to be locked up. You let out a yell as you punched him in the face and swiped his legs out from under him.

“Bruce I promise you don’t want to do this! Everything will come back to you in time! Please just let this go!” You yelled at him and backed up toward the window.

“I can’t, you’ve killed many people, most of them innocent. I can’t let you walk free.” He said and got up from the floor 

“Then I’m sorry.” You said with tears in your eyes.

You lifted up your katana and whacked him hard in the chest. Bruce grunted and fell to his knees having the wind knocked out of him, and you to the opportunity to jump out the window. You landed on the ground and ran across the yard. You scaled the wall and looked over your shoulder to see Alfred standing at the front entrance. You dropped from the wall and ran down the streets of Gotham. Never looking back.

~A couple hours later~

You hesitated as you stood in front of the door. You didn’t want to disturb him, but you needed his help. Taking a deep breath you knocked on the door and waited for an answer. You heard scuffling on the other side of the door and cursed yourself silently. He was probably sleeping and you might have woken him up. The door opened and you gave him the best smile you could muster up.

“(Y/n)? My god what happened to you.”

“I need your help.” 

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How long have you been learning Korean? I desperately want to learn but legitimately find it TOOOOO confusing. Like hangul throws me overboard 😫 How and where do I start!!!??

Hello!! We have been learning for about 2 years (kinda) casually now but it gets a lot easier! Once you have some of the basic grammar points down and basic sentence formation you can suddenly understand a whole loaaddddd of things - even if you only understand part of it, thats still pretty good! 
As for learning Hangul, which is a very good place to start! It might seem a little hard now but its very easy, I remember when I first learnt it Rosa was helping me (she learnt it before me) and I remember she showed me how to write Taemin’s (Shinee) name: 태민 so because I knew how to write and say his name, I suddenly knew 5 characters: ㅌ-T ㅐ-ae ㅁ-m ㅣ-i ㄴ-n boom! How easy was that? If you have idols you like you can learn Hangul by looking up the Korean spelling of their name, it will probably also be useful to look for a hangul table (which is v easy to find on google) just for reference but otherwise that might be a fun way for you to learn! You still might have to learn a few characters that you cant find in someones name but hopefully it won’t be too difficult! (here is our post)

Good luck!!


Sometimes I get a bit 😐

About things being a tad slow st the shop and then I remember:

I have sold three of my four original paintings.

I have taken and completed two commissions.

I have three further painting commissions in the pipeline.

I have sold 25+ prints of my work.

There are people out there that like what I do with paint enough to spend money on it. And that’s not too shabby really for two months in

Stop being so hard on yourself Lucy.


Burt’s everyday recollections of his trauma are lessening. They’re ever present in his body but not as much on his mind at every moment.

He asked about his first family today, what happened to him, he just wanted some reassurance that this now fuzzy picture he has in his head of these people is accurate. That the life he barely remembers was real, it all happened. So we talked about it. He was sad. I was sad. I let him know that it’s ok to be sad, ok to think about his first family, ok that he still has some love for them.

He asked me for the first time, “why couldn’t they keep me safe?”

It was a hard milestone, a hard question to have to answer in age appropriate terms. One day, he’ll know it all. Being the keeper of his story is so hard some days.

Last week marked an anniversary. The body remembers what the mind sometimes forgets.

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What's the dumbest, stupidest, silliest thing you've done with a colleague? I'm having a tough day and could use a laugh. Hope your day is going better than mine.

It’s very simple but it’s something that I still remember and have a chuckle over, so gather around for a tale from way back when I was a humble L3 researcher.

Myself and a few of the other researchers on my team had had a couple of drinks in the personnel quarters, and last men standing turned out to be myself and Liese, a fearless and accident prone German. Now the German hard-headedness is no joke, and Liese had it in spades – once she got an idea in her head, that was that. We decide to go down to the cafeteria and hit up that sweet never-ending pizza box, and then on our way back she notices something. It’s a large sign in the shape of a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, which the cafeteria had recently got, somehow. These signs were big advertisement signs, two of them, about an inch thick and four feet tall.

Liese thinks it would be funny to steal them. I’m not sure why, but I too decided this would be a hilarious idea. We each take one and run off with them, giggling madly. About a minute later we realize these sons of bitches are really heavy and awkward to carry, and we’re wondering if we should stash them somewhere for now and fuck off to bed. Unfortunately for us, that’s when security sees us. They yell after us and ask what we’re doing, and I guess we panicked.

I don’t know why we ran. We could have easy just put them back, said sorry, and fucked off, but we didn’t. Fight or flight set in and we just fucking ran. Adrenaline made it manageable, and the next thing we knew we’re stashing them away in Liese’s room, where they remained until the next morning. Around 6am, there’s a knock on my door, and I open it, hungover as fuck, to find a hungover as fuck Liese, somehow with one of the massive signs under each arm, having an attack of conscience. She’s worried we’ll get into trouble and wants to sneak them back, but it’s my turn to hide them, because she’s nervous about having forbidden items in her room. I dunno, must be an old East German paranoia. I hide them until the evening. 

We attempt to return them that night, like honest citizens, but security is on the lookout. We’re spotted again, and again we panic. This time we realize that there’s no use in trying to be honest – we’re committed felons, and we’re just going to have to deal with it. We hide the signs, one in each of our rooms so it’s fair, and forget about it until the next major drinking session a month of so later. We’re all back in Liese’s room and she gets the bright idea to turn the sign into an indoor sled so we can ride them down the stairs. Seems like a good idea. We get an electric drill and drill two holes near the top, tie some thick string through it, and there you have it! Indoor sled. We sled them down the stairs and it’s great fun until one of them clips the railing and sends Liese flying down two flights and into the wall, breaking her arm. That was a fun trip to the infirmary.

Fast forward several months now, and security has calmed down. It’s Halloween. I’ve been working my ass off because I’ve been made Head of Research for several new Scips and I was in the labs all the fucking time, but by some miracle I have the evening of Halloween off. There’s a big party happening in the cafeteria, but it’s fancy dress, and I got nothing. Liese remembers the signs. A few more drilled holes and a thicker rope later, and I’m dressed as a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, wearing a sign on my front and back like an advertising placard. We hit the party, it’s a riot, the party winds down and security breaks it up.

Oh shit.


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to run while having two large, heavy signs strapped to you, but it’s very difficult. I have no idea how I wasn’t caught – I think it was sheer power of adrenaline. We ran like the fucking wind and made it back, though Liese did run into a door and break her nose. I took the signs off before bringing her to the infirmary. The signs were stashed away in their hiding places again. Security were pissed, but no one else cared but them, and as there was no proof of us stealing them, they couldn’t really take it anywhere. We were free for another day.

Rumor has it that the signs are still in hiding, maybe in some sort of aviary, hidden among the leaves. If you keep your eyes peeled at the annual Halloween parties, you might catch a glimpse of it. Could just all be hearsay, though.

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What’s some advice for people who want to start writing Kadena fanfic?

oh gosh. hmm. so, i’ll share some of my thoughts but please please remember i’m just one perspective. like i know i write quite a bit for this fandom but it’s still fine to disagree with me. that said, here are some things that come to mind–

(these apply to all fic not just kadena)

- don’t be too hard on yourself. seriously. expecting your definition of perfection is the best way to ensure you never post anything. 

- put dialogue in quotations (unless it’s internal thoughts in which case there are some varied ways to convey that). if the person speaking changes, start a new paragraph. 

- avoid epithets. for example, “the brunette”, “the taller one”. unless the descriptor is important to what you’re trying to convey, the epithet is unnecessary. i promise there’s no such thing as using the character’s name too much.

- write what interests you, not what you think others will most want to read. if you’re only writing for others, the fic will be harder to finish and the writing process will be less enjoyable.

- start small. test out writing a ficlet. don’t focus too much on your word count. just write until you feel like you’re done/you’ve done what you can. 

(for kadena specifically)

- start with writing more in the perspective of whichever of the two feels easier to write, whichever character you feel like you have a stronger grasp of. it might feel less difficult that way.

- re-watch some kadena scenes. pay attention to how they talk, their body language when they talk. think about what words you might use to describe what you’re seeing. use that as a reference when you write.

- (this is just my style feel free to disagree or approach this differently)- use slightly more formal word choice and less contractions when writing dialogue for adena to help convey her accent. ”could not” instead of “couldn’t”, etc. (this isn’t a hard and fast rule but i use it as a guide for myself)

- respect the aspects of adena’s identity that have been shared on the show so far. signal when she’s wearing a hijab/ don’t forget she’d be wearing one. don’t have her drink alcohol. you get the gist. 

just go for it! if you think you want to write and you’re inspired to try, just go for it. i know it’s intimidating and sharing your writing can feel really vulnerable. but i can confidently say that this is the most supportive laid back fandom i’ve ever seen. and everyone’s just going to be glad you’re writing. remember, you’re far harder on yourself than anyone in fandom will be on you.

I just want to thank Markiplier okay

@markiplier, there’s probably no way in hell you’ll see this, but if by some miracle you do, I’d probably die, but I’d die happy.

Mark, THANK YOU for this. What turned from a simple game of Clue turned into the most heartstring-tugging backstory of perhaps the two oldest and most well-known of your egos. You literally made people feel things by JUST BY SHIFTING YOUR FACIAL EXPRESSION A FEW TIMES, THEN WALKING AWAY FROM THE MIRROR. Not to mention the rest of the acting– from yourself and the rest of the cast– was PHENOMENAL. I barely even remembered that Damien and the Colonel were actually you the whole time. It’s still hard for me to process because I got so immersed in this. If you ever decide to take up professional acting, I am behind that 100%, because you really do have something special.

Thank you for giving us this crazy adventure, and thank you even more for bringing us with you on your journey of 5 years and counting on YouTube. It means more than you can imagine.

It has been wonderful watching you grow as a person and learning more about yourself every day, Mark. I can’t wait for your return to YouTube. In my mind, I’ll be waiting in the door with open arms, ready to come tackle-hug you, because I’m very proud of you.

Love you long time, Markle Sparkle. Pass the thanks on to Teamiplier :3 @markiplier

Sincerely, @kellyplier 💕

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I feel like that was the whole purpose of SM letting Suju have Label SJ. So that they wouldn't have to do shit for SJ yet they can still take the credit for their hard work...

If you Remember …

SJ always manage their work and schedules, promotions this way.even though SME was against that…they hurt SJ a lot till the that Unforgettable by leader-nim leeteuk when he tweeted about SME “Eat FOOD” which means “Eat SH*T” hahahaha it was the best times when we kept tweeting it and turned it to a famous tag..even here on tumblr i still use it whenever sth bad comes from SME

That’s why it’s not they are way free than before they doin it right ..comparing to the other groups SJ spoils their fans the most..look at the updates and the videos..don’t you feel proud and spoiled?

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The shapeshifting ask was because Allura said that Alteans were capable of blending in, as a chameleon species. I headcanoned them as being able to shift into any race, but there's a limit on how long they can do it.

Anonymous said: Some Alteans are naturally better at it than others, and some work hard to master shapeshifting. Matt has had a lot more reason to do so, considering Zarkon and Haggar’s hatred of Alteans. He tends to go for making himself look like Olia’s race, because it’s not very difficult. The only time he hasn’t had to be shifted since he was freed was his time at the listening post. 

(Edit: added second anon follow-up message)

Yes, I remember that, too! Because Alteans are considered a diplomatic race, as Allura explained. 

Though because all we’ve seen so far is limited shapeshifting (i.e., skin tone and height) from both Haggar and Allura, I personally don’t believe that Alteans are truly capable of mimicking other races exactly, like for example, they can’t grow extra arms or tendrils, fuse body parts, or make other drastic changes (like I drew Matt as Olia’s species because I thought it’d be cute, not because I think it’s feasible). I’m not sure what you mean by being able to “shift into any race but there’s a limit to how they can do it” because to be it’s either they can or they can’t. Or maybe you mean something else, I’m not sure.

Either way, anyone else is free to headcanon what they want! This is just my personal opinion and something I’m sticking with in my Altean!Pidge AU.

I know…I chose this

I know

I chose this path

So many would say I don’t deserve to cry

I dont get to feel bad

But I do

And when I hug my son I remind myself

The alternative would mean not seeing him for days at a time

If I didn’t choose this

I’d be going through even more hell

Being with a narcissist is so damn hard

Going without basic care and respect

Your on your own and have to assume so

While at the same time

Being always mindful of their wants and needs

It’s a lot like caring for a toddler

Although I know toddlers with more concern and empathy for others

If you find yourself in a stressful situation

Where your scared or dealing with something really difficult

And I mean a hard situation

Expect more adversity because a narcissist will not care about helping you in any way

Just add on another layer of hurt and stress to an already difficult situation

But hey I don’t get to complain

I chose this remember?

It should hurt less being called a bitch

For standing up for myself

It’s ok that door slammed in my face because you can’t be bothered to hold it open after you walk through it

Choosing this lesser of the evils shouldn’t be painful

Because I chose it…

And don t be stupid enough to think he will think of you

Or consider your feelings

Even the smallest of things

Do not make the assumption he will think of you

And if he happens to be sure to make a huge deal of it

So he feels good about himself

Do not cry in front of him

Or you will get the biggest laugh and mockery of all

He will tell you your pathetic and unstable

If he does something wrong or loses something

It’s always your fault


Somehow it always comes back to you

All of this makes what is peaceful and beautiful that much more special

But dont cry

because you chose it

You picked him

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I think when larries say TG is a love song they mean Harry is nostalgic for the XF days and when they first lived together. So he’s looking back on when they weren’t closeted (or forcefully closeted idk) and remebering those simpler times. I still don’t think “red lips/blue eyes” is enough to say TS because it’s not specific enough (honestly neither is Style if not for the surname reference & the paper plane necklace in the video).

The song has many very obvious Swift allusions:

But sorry, anyone who thinks this is a song about someone nostalgic for happier pre closeted times… it’s a song about a break up. It’s about a dead relationship. It’s about not even recognizing who you even were when you were with someone because you’re such a different person now and your relationship is so dead that it’s hard to remember living it.

There’s no simpler times there, it’s not a song nostalgic about who you were. It’s about how who you were in a relationship is entirely dead.

This is as obvious a break up song as anyone can get. There’s no ambiguity there. It’s not a possible break up song. It’s not up to interpretation. It’s a blatant song about a couple broken up. 

Haylor fans can claim it and enjoy if they want because they accept Haylor has broken up.

Larries claiming this song for their ship and loving it but refusing to accept it’s a break up song so that they’re actually bathing in the ashes of a song about their ship’s downfall? It’s criminally unself aware.

Lukas leans in and kisses his temple, rubbing his back. Philip feels like he’s constantly trying to be aware of any waver in Lukas’s hands. He remembers that afternoon so clearly.

Lukas’s hands were shaking so hard and Philip couldn’t get them to stop. They were both kneeling in the dirt and the sounds of engines were still roaring all around them. Other people were coming, racing towards them.

“There’s blood in my eye,” Lukas whispered, his voice so soft and dripping with panic. “There’s blood in my eye, there’s blood in my eye.”

Philip squeezed his hands. They were trembling and trembling and he couldn’t get them to stop.

Lukas kisses the corner of his mouth. “Hey,” he whispers.

“Sorry,” Philip says, clearing his throat and hating how obvious he is when he falls into his memories. He leans back into the warmth of Lukas’s palm.

“You okay?” Lukas asks, a phrase that Philip has been constantly sending Lukas’s way since that day.

“Yeah, of course,” Philip says.

Flash Forward by andromedagalaxy