is that really what my hair looks like from the back

Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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okay how about this…..what about the GOOD outfits from 2016, huh? there were A LOT of those! like of course there are two sides on the whole “rebellious bleachella phase” but there were high points too it like this courageous look

now as a person who normally isnt a fan of any sort of animal print (it’s tacky and i really wish people would stop trying to make it a thing) she hella pulled this off and the red lipstick capped it off with the poppin’ hair. you gotta admit, she did that.

she also worked the bleachella well with other looks like this one that was nice and simple. always love her open back shiiizzzzzzz

but with bleachella she also pulled off one of my fave looks and personas and that’s Boyfriend Taylor….yes bitch she came out to play and it was beautiful

she really killed it with the ripped jeans and it’s simple as hell but how can you not love when she rocks things that are actual like attainable looks? like these ripped jeans too

and even this Boyfriend Taylor look. like im not even sure if it’s from 2016 but it deserves recognition because….well……bruh


and everybody has a soft spot for taylor in workout clothes or taylor in a beanie so dont try to act like this didnt happen either

THEY’RE ALL SO CASUAL AND EASY BUT SHE MAKES THEM LOOK AMAZING! let’s not forget about her simple denim overalls either!

like y’all she truly honestly looked like a normal human being in that white long sleeve. but there were other times when Cut Throat Taylor came out to play and you couldnt deny she looked hot af. anybody remember Meredith from the Parent Trap?

and how she did all white just as easily as she did all black in heels higher than Wiz Khalifa

gaaaaaawd the all black during this week was such a fucking time like remember the unveiling of the choker phase??????……set me on fire.

she even killed the all black when she had that stacked up girls night out… know the one…..the transparent top one

like okay fuck it up i guess. she had some great night life looks too like let’s not forget when everyone suddenly remembered she had karlie in her life and taylor was stomping around nyc lookin like a slut for The Tall and The Fall.

but you cant get stuck on poppin’ bright looks like this though and expect them to be what she sticks with because then she snaps your neck with shit like innocent sweet baby

and even more innocent sweet baby

and of course she like easily dives into her natural instinct aka La Prep with her gentle housewife looks like when she was on tour and no, not the tour youre thinking about

you gotta admit that yellow dress with the blue shoes was one for the books fam. she strutted through the streets of rome just as easily as she strutted onto the Vanity Fair red carpet with The Look….and im truly disappointed it’s been forgotten so easily

and remember the flash tat stunt she pulled at Drake’s function?


and because this girl works out just as much as she works my nerves, please enjoy my fave simple gym looks because she demolished those too


and i had to save these for last because they were my fave date looks from a time we shall not speak of (mostly because i would like to hang onto the bit of sanity i have left)

cant forget when she didnt have on so much clothing too

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So as I’m walking in there I’m of course freaking out trying to calm down because Jensen is the most beautiful human ever. So as I get up to him, I say hi and ask him for a really big hug. He says of course and we take a picture. I then tell him thank you and congratulations and he grabs my forearms says THANKS BABE and squeezes my arms before I walk away. THEN, a volunteer tells me that I have to retake it because I blinked. So I get back in line and when I get to Jensen he looks at me like what are you doing here (YES HE RECOGNIZED ME FROM THIRTY SECONDS BEFORE BUT IT JUST SHOWS HOW HE ACTUALLY PAYS ATTENTION) and I say I blinked and he giggles and then we retake the picture. AND THEN the same volunteer tells me I need to retake it AGAIN because my hair was in my mouth. So I go back up to Jensen and he’s confused again and I say apparently my hair was is my face this time and he LAUGHS HIS ADORABLE LEAN BACK LAUGH AND I DIE!!!!! So that was the best experience of my life and FYI JENSEN GIVES THE MOST SATISFYING HUGS EVER AND HE SMELLS AMAZING AND IS SO SWEET AND PRECIOUS AND GORGEOUS AND GENUINE I FELT LIKE THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHEN HE LOOKED AT ME!!!!

okay, also this “what-if/future” image is just really cute??? part of it is my biased juhaku heart (as always), but I love that Judal & Hakuryuu are still right there next to each other, Hakuryuu has long hair, and Judal appears to be wearing his super edgy priest robes from back in the Belial arc :D

also, why do Alibaba and Morgiana seem to have so many children, that’s just…too many…. (I don’t understand kids I’m sorry I’m just lost here okay)

but yeah I’m weak for this sort of thing so I’m just gonna stare at this and be incoherent and silly about it for awhile!!

I saved this back in 2013 with the biggest smile on my face. My best friend since first grade & the other half of me had always worried about what life would be like without each other. I read it and my heart felt so full, but I giggled when I saved it, thinking that we would never ever have to worry about this.

Growing up, he struggled with finding out who he really was. He felt most comfortable running around with a shirt off and spiked hair flirting with girls. We both got weird looks because that little kid, who clearly looked like a boy, was actually a little girl Michelle. I didn’t mind the weird looks or the silly talk. This was my best friend & they could dress and be however they wanted. As time went on this got more and more difficult. The voices got louder, especially from family. He didn’t feel accepted. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He wanted to be a boy, but he wanted friends and family more for awhile. He tried to make sense of all of it. He tried to dress girly and do whatever it took to not feel like his family was disgusted. But the more he hid behind who he was “supposed” to be, the more miserable he got.

April 2015 Michael decided he didn’t care anymore. He, after years of us talking behind closed doors about it, decided he was ready to love himself instead and medically transition. We would get excited about weight gain, drops in voice, and things coming together to feel like he could breathe in his own skin. His family, though, decided it was necessary to cut off ties. This along with issues at work, loss of friends, and no other trans person to talk to about his experience helped spin his depression and anxiety even faster.

There were multiple suicide attempts. It seemed like the same routine every month or so. But on January 20th, 2016 things went different. I got the call I feared for since we were 15 years old. His overdose and the week of him being hooked to ventilators threw me into shock. It was like I was staring from the outside in and watching my world crash down in front of me like some sort of drama/horror film.

I watched my best friend take his last breath on January 25th 2016 while he was surrounded by myself and his family that, still confused and disgusted, sat there wondering how things could have went so wrong. They blamed it on traumatic events in his life, they blamed it on the hormone injections, & they blamed it on each other.. I wished that I could use every bit of air in my lungs to bring him back, but looking around at his family I understood why he was ready to go

To anybody trans, anybody close to somebody trans, or anybody dealing with suicide (whether it be yourself or somebody close to you): don’t leave those who love you to fight for you all alone. Hold on just a little longer. You might think ending your life will “make people finally see” but in his family’s case, it didn’t. It has been a year and I’m still trying to figure out ways to keep fighting for him, but it’s so much harder without him here. You all deserve happiness. It might take years to achieve it, but there are people out there begging for you to stay, even if you don’t see it. Things can get better.

This big text from my best friend was saved when it was sent, while I giggled and knew that we would never be in the situation he was talking about.

Here I am, 3 and a half years after the text sent & a year after his suicide, understanding that fear of his & wishing I could just talk to him. I understand why he wanted to leave this cold world, but I wish I could have him within reach just for a bit once in awhile to know he’s okay, to tell him all of the good&bad since he has been gone, and just to tell him I love him until my lungs give out.

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do you have tips for drawing cas's hair because it's giving me serious trouble :/

I’m very bad at giving drawing tips, but I tried.

So the thing with Castiel’s hair is that it comes in degrees of wildness. So depending on what season and episode you pick you will end up with something that looks well groomed up until something that looks like he just rolled out of bed.

So let’s go with this season 9, newly human look.

Hi Cas! Looking very cute!

So the first thing is of course to get something sketched.

Neat. Now back to our reference! (Bonus tip: working with references makes everything easier.) There are, in my opinion, two things to consider when drawing Castiel’s hair:

Looks alright!

Try to see the shapes in Castiel’s hair and then draw from the root to the tip. Make pretty hair grow on his head.

To maximize the fluffiness and scruffiness.

So let’s groom that handsome man. (And fix some things that look weird in the sketch.)

Here we go! 

Thank you all for helping Castiel get ready for his date! Good luck, Cas! ♥

(I’ll post the last pic individually in a moment. But I hope this as at least somewhat helpful? Let me know~)

You’re on YouTubers React to Kpop and you’re their favorite YouTuber (Shinee)

I’m using 1of1

Onew: -’Oh is this from like the 90′s’ you would say as you looked at the quality. You would start dancing to it. By the end when they were asking questions you got really into it ‘I know I will be checking out the first group you showed me. They look amazing’- “maybe she will become a huge fan of our’s then. I hope so”

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Jonghyun: -As soon as you realized what group it was you looked at your partner on your channel and go ‘Shinee’s Back’ but they had no idea what you were going on about. ‘Brown haired Jonghyun though ’ would leave your mouth as you made a face- “she knows my name”

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Key: -you were on the first reaction video where you watched Lucifer and being back again you were really happy to see Shinee again ‘I do have to say Shinee is amazing’ you would say by the end of the video- “I can’t believe she remembers who we are”

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Minho: -you would instantly start concentrating. ‘The rapper stands out so much. I like him’ you would say as you chuckle ‘they look like they have fun’ you continue. ‘I will probably get so into Kpop it’s all I’m gonna be able to talk about’ you say- “she noticed me the most. I’m glad”

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Taemin: -you would be sitting there as soon as the videos start for them you yelled ‘Taemin! I freakin love him’ when you saw who it was. He was instantly touched that you knew who he was- “she’s a fan of mine? Oh wow”

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“Have you really got to go, Mac?” he asked, in a very small voice.

“Aye, I have.” He looked into the dark blue eyes, so heartbreakingly like his own, and suddenly didn’t give a damn what was right or who saw. He pulled the boy roughly to him, hugging him tight against his heart, holding the boy’s face close to his shoulder, that Willie might not see the quick tears that fell into his thick, soft hair.

Willie’s arms went around his neck and clung tight. He could feel the small, sturdy body shake against him with the force of suppressed sobbing. He patted the flat little back, and smoothed Willie’s hair, and murmured things in Gaelic that he hoped the boy would not understand.

At length, he took the boy’s arms from his neck and put him gently away.

“Come wi’ me to my room, Willie; I shall give ye something to keep.”

“Here. Keep this, too, to remember me by.” He laid the beechwood rosary gently over Willie’s head. “Ye canna let anyone see that, though,” he warned. “And for God’s sake, dinna tell anyone you’re a Papist.”

“I won’t,” Willie promised. “Not a soul.” He tucked the rosary into his shirt, patting carefully to be sure that it was hidden.

“Good.” Jamie reached out and ruffled Willie’s hair in dismissal. “It’s almost time for your tea; ye’d best go on up to the house now.”

Willie started for the door, but stopped halfway, suddenly distressed again, with a hand pressed flat to his chest.

“You said to keep this to remember you. But I haven’t got anything for you to remember me by!”

Jamie smiled slightly. His heart was squeezed so tight, he thought he could not draw breath to speak, but he forced the words out.

“Dinna fret yourself,” he said. “I’ll remember ye.”


ngl tho working on this pv is legit giving me major ghostie-vibes like

particularly because back in the Day, around the time face less and serial contraption of malice were uploaded, i was working on a yohioloid song that was also gonna have a multi-picture pv, and the character from that one looked and was drawn really similar to the one in this pv im working on right now

i was using the same pencil-lookin brush, the character was in b&w while the background was themed in black + one main color, and the characters have the EXACT same hair style. that old pv from 2014 also had the same art style as dance with the dead (the rhombus-shaped eyes, blush circles, generally kinda blockier than my normal style), which is really similar to what im doing with this song

and theyre both sung by yohioloid

and im just over here like hello 2014 how are you today

Cutting off hair in ancient Asia symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home. In the more modern age that is now, cutting long hair into a short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew.

My submission for Day 1 of @jasperbomb2017 ! The theme was  Redemption arc/Corruption Healing. I’ve always enjoyed fanart of short haired Jasper, and I think the potential symbolism behind her reforming with shorter hair is really appropriate for what she’s gone through since coming to Earth.To me, a redemption arc for Jasper would mean having to turn her back against Homeworld and being seen as a traitor, but it would also be a new beginning for her, a chance to make Earth her home once again and to heal from the war. 

Anyways, I hope you guys like it! Everyone else’s submissions are looking really great so far! 


i’ve seen a lot of lapis redesigns going around so i thought i’d put my own sub par design skills to the test and make my own design for her

lapis’ design has always been pretty boring to me and i actually much preferred her duller/darker color palette from when she was first introduced so i went with some more muted shades of blue and tried to add some more details to her design without going too over the top. also made her a bit chubbier bc who doesnt love fat gems.

i messed up and forgot to draw her gem in the back view but i promise its there,,,,,,,somewhere. more on what i changed+added under the cut!

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Highlights from watching Portal 2 The Unauthorized Musical with my friend who knows nothing about Portal:

“I am Space Core”

*gets Wheatley and Rick mixed up*

“Is that her real hair?”

“Oh it’s Suddenly Seymour!”

“Do you think PotatOS would make good fries?”

“Does Space Core get a happy ending?”

*gets distracted every five minutes*

*randomly starts stinging Still Alive*

“Is Still Alive in the musical?”

“Those lights are on her arms?!”

“So can you travel back in time with portals?”

*almost falls asleep during Old Aperture scene*

“He really expresses with his hips”

“He looks like a younger version of my Shakespeare professor”

“Do people ship Fact Core and Space Core?”

*excited expression as Can You Hear the Turrets Sings begins*

“Oh my gosh are you actually crying?”

And this is only a fraction of what was said. I think she liked it. 

heck the formatting wouldn’t stop messing up and I accidentally deleted this ask!!! i hope you feel better soon anon i had so much fun writing this aaaa


- when he picks you up you just start talking about how his hair looks like a lemon
- didn’t realize at first that you’re all loopy from the anesthetic but when you start singing random songs really badly he gets it
- yoooosung. yoo-sung. what did yoo sung? we don’t know!!!!
- “oh my gosh mc youre literally the funniest person in the world”
- takes a million videos of you
- he loves it so much and is having so much fun listen to you
- when you get home he guides you to the couch then goes to get you some water
- when he comes back you’re curled up in a ball on the floor crying
- for some reasons he thinks that giving you a lot of blankets will help when you’re in pain
- thank you but i don’t know how this will help my mouth pain-
- hugs your face and gives you lots of kisses

- the most dramatic about it
- over exaggerates a lot to make you laugh when ur feeling bad
- when you’re all Drugged Up™ he nearly pisses himself because he’s laughing so hard
- “mc how do you feel?”
- puuuuuurrrrrppplleeee draaaaankkkkkk
- “pffft– do you want me to get you some grape soda, honey?”
- you snap your head up and glare at him
- “what…. what do you want”
- PEAS!!!!!!
- you start to cry because you really just want some frozen peas
- he gets you some and you just cuddle with the bag
- ok… ok mc


- acts just like a mom to you
- when you’re acting super crazy she’s just understanding
- i don’t have kneecaps…. can’t… find… my salsa
- u touch jaehee’s knees
- oh good… they’re still there
- “yes, yes, they’re there”
- brings you everything you want and turns on your favorite movie for you
- the drugs have worn off and now all you feel is needles in your jaw
- you just cry about it and she wipes your tears and gives you hugs
- buys some pain relievers for you and looks up some natural remedies
- makes you tea and watches over you until you feel better


- does not let you out of his sight even for a second
- is pretty unresponsive to your drugged up babbling but he can’t help but smirk at you
- you turn to look at him while laying in his lap and slowly lick your hand and press it on his cheek
- not even phased he just plays with your hair and reads a book
- comforts you while you’re hurting and reassure you that it will end soon


- THE WORST!!!!!
- he is cackling and doubling over in laughter at you and honestly he is literally going to wet himself
- when he comes to drive you home he opens the door for you
- he holds his hand up to give you a high five and you miss his hand like 40 times but you won’t stop trying
- he is dying
- when you get home he watches you as you stare at the microwave for twenty minutes
- you think it’s the tv
- his lungs cannot take this
- “mc, how do you feel?”
- “fucking fuck fucked the fucked up what the fuck do you think I had to fucking fuck up my fucked up teeth”
- when you’re in pain though he does try his best to take care of you
- rubs your back and gives you lots of kisses


- the nicest ever
- he’s so gentle and kind to you even when you’re yelling that his hair is so blue
- gives you your space when you are angry but gives you all the attention you want when you’re hurt
- kisses your forehead a lot and when you wake up the next day there’s a rose by your bed
- he chuckles at you being loopy but he respects you too much to take videos
- instead he just goes along with what you say
- you softly sing britney spears to him and he loves it

Reason why I am Prompto

-I have the same freckles on my nose and cheeks.
-I’m geeky
-I’m kinda awkward
-I’m fun
-I am a Pun master. Ask anyone that’s close to me.
-if you are my friend, I got your back. Always.
-I have struggled with my weight since 3rd grade and I was an outsider all through school. Had no friends really.
-I’m finally figuring out who I am and I’m striving to be a better version of myself.
-my hair does in fact look like a chocobo butt (though I’ll say that it doesn’t) haha -I constantly look for approval from what few friends I have. -I complain… a lot sometimes 😂

A Miracle

Word Count: 1500+
Summary: Y/N Potter hasn’t been the same since her boyfriend died, but what happens when he comes back?
Note: I hope y'all enjoy, I really like this idea and I’m hoping y'all do too and that y'all think

“Y/N,” One of my best friends, George Weasley, peeked his head into my room, “An emergency Order meeting has been called.”

“Mhmm okay, I’ll be down in a little bit,” I replied, dragging myself out of my bed as he shut my door. I pulled my hair back into a loose ponytail before pulling on my Ravenclaw long sleeved shirt that said ‘Potter’ on the back with the number 6. After I got dressed, I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t even recognize the person staring back at me. I had bags under my eyes and there was still some baby weight from Lilliana even after four years. Speaking of her, she began to wake up behind me.

“Mumm?” Lilliana sat up, rubbing her eyes. She slept with me after a nightmare last night.

“Hi my love,” I smiled at my beautiful red-headed child who toothlessly smiled back. She obviously inherited my mums red hair but got her fathers stormy blue/grey eyes, “Come here beautiful.”

I easily lifted her up and she wrapped her arms and legs around me, “Mommy has a meeting so you’ll have to come with her.”

I was met with a light snore and let out a chuckle. That girl was seriously like her father, they both could fall asleep in a heartbeat. My heart clenched right after I thought of her father, I missed him a lot. I walked down the stairs slowly, and was met with most of the Order as I walked into the living room of Grimmauld Place. I inherited it after Sirius passed away, and clean it up quite nicely so it wasn’t that dark for Lilliana.

“Hey Y/N,” Mrs.Weasley gave me a hug  and Lilliana a kiss on the forehead before I stood next to George and his wife, Alicia.

I frowned as I thought to myself, “Why was it an emergency? Voldemort was killed four years ago!”

As soon as everyone arrived, my twin started speaking, “I’m sorry for dragging you all away from your meetings and work but a miracle has happened. Six people who we haven’t seen in years have appeared. Two of them, Y/N and I, never knew.” Harry was bouncing on his feet with excitement as I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Bloody hell, Harry, please just tell us who,” I let out an exhausted sigh, “Your niece isn’t the lightest and I’m bloody exhausted.”

Suddenly a new voice spoke out, “Now, now Kitten, he’s just excited that his amazing god-father is back.” Sirius Black stepped forward with a cocky grin and I froze. Before anyone else could react, another voice spoke.

“You definitely have your mums temper, Y/N,” My god-father, Remus, stepped forward next to Sirius and grinned.

“Ahhh you were right, Remus, definitely Evans in her,” My dad stepped out next and I saw everyone was starting to grin.

“James! It’s Potter now in case you forgot,” Mum was next and she rolled her eyes at dad. I felt a tear slip out, this is the first time in 17 years that I’ve actually seen them alive.

“Wotcha, Y/N? What’s the temper for?” Tonks stepped out and her hair turned to the usual bubblegum pink after spotting Teddy on Ginny’s lap.

“Bloody hell, where’d that come from Y/N? Oh hello George, still earless I see,” My best friend, Fred, stepped forward and I let out a sob as George ran forward. I quickly left the room and walked quickly to my room.

*Harry’s POV*

Hell took over after Fred stepped out. The older people who were suppose be dead, looked about 25 except for Fred who was George’s age. Remus and Tonks were holding Teddy tightly; he looked the happiest I’ve ever seen him. The Weasley family all over Fred with his girlfriend, Angelina.

I was embracing Sirius and my parents when a thought hit me and I pulled from my mums embrace to look around. I saw mum give me a puzzled look along with dad and Sirius but I didn’t care. My sister should be here with us.

“HEY!” I yelled, catching everyone’s attention, “Where’s Y/N and Lilliana?”

Confused, George pointed next to Alicia which nothing was there, “She was just standing there with us.”

Hermione spoke up, “I’ll go check her room.”

“No, I’ll go.” It was Sirius who offered and we all nodded although dad looked weary.

“He really loves her, James.” Remus told dad after seeing that look on his face.

“I know,” He muttered, wrapping an arm around mum, “Its just weird cause she’s my little girl and he’s my best friend.”

* Y/N’s POV*

I laid Lilliana down in her bed before I started pacing in my own. I shouldn’t of left like that but honestly it’s a lot to adjust too. I was in mid-pace when I heard a knock on my door, and I cautiously opened it to see Sirius who frowned at me. He stepped inside and I was tackled into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, just as he did to me.

“Oh Love,” I felt tears fall hearing that name come out of his mouth, I’d thought I’d never hear it again, “I’m here now.”

We stayed in the embrace for a couple more minutes before he pulled away and wiped my tears away while tracing the dark circles under my eyes.

“Why haven’t you been sleeping?” He whispered as he continued to trace and I had to fight the urge to shiver from his touch.

“I just haven’t been able too, would you?” I raised an eyebrow, “And with Lilliana, it’s been hard especially by myself.”

He looked at me with sad eyes and I opened my mouth to tell him off but he cut me off by yanking me forward to meet his lips. My hands immediately got tangled in his dark locks; my mouth felt like it was on fire. I felt Sirius push me against my wall as he captured me in another fiery kiss. I licked Sirius’ top lip, begging for entrance and he let me in all too willingly.

Sirius went to tug off my shirt, “Wait! I-I still have baby weight and I have stretch marks a-and-” I was cut off by Sirius’ hand going over my mouth, and I saw he looked amused.

“Kitten, you know I don’t care about any of those things,” Sirius pulled my shirt off and ran his hand across my stretch marks and tummy, “especially since Lilliana came out of it. You will always be beautiful to me, no matter what.”

“Always the charmer, Black,” I let out a moan as he bit down on my collarbone. I quickly got rid of his shirt and traced the tattoos on his toned chest earning a moan from him, “You never told me what these mean.” I whispered, hovering over the dog, “This one is simple; Padfoot.” Seconds later, it changed into the word Padfoot in red.

“We all decided to get our first tattoos at the end of 7th year. Remus has a wolf and James has got a Stag. Peter had a Rat.” His tone became venomous and I put a finger over his mouth.

“Shh, Harry and I got Pettigrew. Wizard Debt remember?” I let out a squeal as he lifted me up and dropped me on my bed and quickly got rid of his pants, “We have to be quiet, Lilliana is right next to us.”

Sirius let out a chuckle, kissed my knuckles, “What would I do without you, Y/N Potter?” He began kissing down my body roughly…..

3 Hours Later:

“What about this one?” I questioned Sirius as we headed down the stairs with Lilliana in my arms. I was pointing at a cat who was next to the dog and around his heart area.

“That was the last tattoo I got before, I well died, is the best phrase. I’d been wanting a new tattoo for ages and something that meant a lot to me..” A second later, it changed into Y/N.

“I love it,” I smiled and shifted Lilliana, “but why a cat?”

“It’s been your nickname for awhile and you’re animagus form,” He winked at me as he opened the kitchen door and let me walk in first. I saw everyone have a look of shock as I laughed. Suddenly I heard a noise under me, it was Lilliana wanting attention.

“MOMMA,” She whined, pouting.

“Baby, I want you to meet some people okay?” I felt Lilliana’s curious gaze on me as I motioned my head to the living room where I managed to get Sirius, Remus and my parents in there.

“Who are they?” whispered Lilliana.

“Well my love, those are my parents.” I pointed at them, “and your grandparents. That’s where you got your hair baby.”

“Hi princess,” Mum and dad waved at her and she giggled, burying her face in my chest.

“That’s your uncle,” I pointed at Remus who waved at her, “and that’s your daddy.”

“DADDY??” Lilliana’s head popped up and she held out her arms for him to hold her, which he gladly did.

“Hi beautiful,” He grinned down at her and I smiled at the sight. I finally had the family I always wanted.

Today, I fucked up by smiling at a girl on the bus.

This happened yesterday, so if you’re out there bus girl, I want you to know. It’s not what you think.

Yesterday after working a grueling shift at the old internet mines (I’m a network engineer). I got on the bus to go home just like always. Ahead of me in line is a young woman who is looking very pretty, she has red hair and a nice polka-dot blouse. I don’t think much of it, but we end up sitting across from each other on the bus. I’m reading something that was on the front page but get the urge to look up and see her face. I had only seen the back of her head before. I glance up and to my delight, she is very pretty! Horray! I have seen one more pretty girl in the world than I did before.

Except mid-glance she looks up at me. I realize I’m probably slack-jawed and not really paying attention. I look down. I don’t really know why, I don’t have a problem talking to girls. I have a long time girlfriend and I don’t talk to very many women these days.

I’m feeling a bit sheepish and awkward, so I glance up again for some reason. A second after I do - she looks up at me and catches me starring at her, or at least she thinks I’m starring at her. She screws up her face a little bit. I’m not even that ugly, oh well. Twice in a row I’ve been caught slipping.

None of this matters because the mid-way stop at the park-and-ride is coming up, and usually everyone gets off the bus here. She stands up as the bus stops and I breath in relief. I also stand up in search of a more comfortable seat (The bench seats that face each-other kind of suck). So I’m waiting for people to clear out, and people are getting off the bus. But on today of all days MUCH more people are getting on the bus, much more than usually. Must be a football game tonight or something.

She isn’t getting off the bus. She sits by the window in a regular seat. I look around - all of the other seats are being filled quickly. I walk to the back of the bus, nothing. I look around, there is nothing. The universe’s cruel game of musical chairs is playing “Creep” by Radiohead. I sit down next to her. She looks at me like a deer in the headlights and I think she is actually afraid.

Flash forward 10 minutes and I’ve moved seats as we are the only two people left on the bus. She is looking over at me regularly, probably making sure I’m not furiously masturbating or something.

Last stop. My stop. Her stop. Our stop.

We get off the bus, she goes first and stars walking in my house’s direction. We slowly walk together, for a few blocks, she keeps checking over her shoulder. She finally turns down a side-street and I think maybe I can relax now. I turn down my street. I breath a sigh of relief, finally the coast is clear and I don’t feel like I’m stalking anyone.

Then she appears, she clearly took a fake-turn to get away from me, and I met up with her on my road.

She starts running up the steps to MY building and I’m freaking the fuck out like what is happening, am I actually stalking this girl? I keep walking towards my building, I just want to go home.

She turns and yells at me from the stairs “Stop fucking following me fucking creep”

This is how I met my new neighbor.

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