is that really unfortunate

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Hello! Just wondering but will you be continuing the swan princess au? Because all I can imagine now is the ball where their dancing and how would that logistically work out? Because in the original, the assistant witch turns into Odette and does that mean that Zarkon's hench person thing has to try and seduce Lance/Derek (Not hard, but he only has eyes for conspiracy nerd this time round) I need to see them arguing as kids! >w<

Will I be continuing the Swan Princess AU? Hell yes, my friend. This is only a tiny fraction of the notes I’ve got for it (that’s The Notebook, by the way):

I’ve got pages and pages of part script and near finished plot outline, with some actual storyboarding mixed in for key panels. This is a really big project and I’ve unfortunately not had the time in amongst all my commissions and zines and full time work to knuckle down and make any progress. Eventually the plan is for it to be a full length comic. 

The open pages in the notebook are actually the plan for the opening of the ballroom scene you’ve asked about. Obviously the main villain set-up here is Zarkon/Rothbart and Haggar/Bridget, and if I were going scene for scene it would be Haggar who disguises herself as Keith in order to seduce Lance at the ball, but you are forgetting one key player here.

Summon Prince Lotor…

*waggles eyebrows*

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Hey Spencer! Since we're trying out podcasts, you should definitely check out this one called "Welcome To Night Vale". It's cute and weird and it has these adorable gay smol beans named Cecil and Carlos and i just know you'll love it!

okay so I’ve unfortunately been on tumblr a really long time. I remember the unavoidable flood that was the WTNV fandom a few years back. Believe me, I’ve heard of it lol I even cosplayed Cecil a couple times. 

However, those cosplays were just cuz I had a friend who was into it and I thought it would be funny. When I listened to Night Vale, the appeal was totally lost on me. Definitely not my thing.

I do think it’s kinda funny that I’ve been using the shitty website for so long that there are now people who assume that not every single user has already heard of things (like night vale) that were at one point shoved in everyone’s faces

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Hi! Which character from another medium/franchise would you "update" to become a superhero in DC and/or Marvel? (Question Inspired by Red Locust debut in Champions, which is an updated and "more serious" version of El Chapulín Colorado)

Ooh, that’s a really good question! Unfortunately, my mind keeps on going blank and pulling up Betty Bates. I mean, Betty Bates is awesome. She’s a lawyer who beats people up. 

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it's so sad that zurui yo! magnetic today was supposed to be a duet with maki and one of the other girls but they scrapped it and made it a maki solo :/ i think that song would have been better as a duet

unfortunate. really

thank you all for 700+ followers. ♡

i’ll be away for a week, i’m really busy right now so unfortunately I don’t have much time to draw it’s not like anyone will miss it anyway lmao. in the mean time, feel free to send in some requests for me! steven universe, undertale, pokemon, etc (i’d like to take a break from steven universe tho). i’ll post them as soon as I get back. ‘3′

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I heard the news on radio an hour ago, even if I didn't hear their music that much its really sad and unfortunate what happened

He commited because of alcohol/drugs addiction and childhood trauma (!!)
Its also his buddy’s b-day today (But that buddy commited suicide too previously in May) so that’s probably connected.

 No really jfc I wanna stop being a bad kid now. 1) I dont wanna die

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hi ! i just lost my dog and didn't really get to say goodbye, unfortunately. im feeling very silly for feeling so sad, even though i know it's human. is there any way to get closure over this? i just miss her so much, and i have my really down days about it, and i just had a dream she was alive and happy. you are so positive all the time i was hoping you could help me feel ... better about it? thank you so much. xo

hey there! i am so so so sorry for your loss. i genuinely understand how it feels like to lose your number 1 pal :( and as much as i want to tell you that you will get over it really soon, i don’t think you would. the truth is, two of my dogs recently died too and it was one of my greatest heartbreaks this year. o promise i am not exaggerating but i literally cried for an entire week because it was frankly just a huge downer that simultaneously occured with an even bigger problem. and i must admit, until now, the very thought that i could no longer see my beautiful excited angels when i come home still breakz my heart. but somehow, i was able to accept it i guess? i can’t promise you the way you would move on will work out the way it has worked out with mine but i guess somehow, you will be able to live through it? of course, i still get flash backs and heart aches every now and then but just like every feeling, they come and go. and i have also decided only recently that it’s best to not dwell on what might have been and instead, i should reminisce the beautiful moments that we have created? plus, im pretty sure ouf doggos are already happy in the rainbow paradise! and literally, i dont think there’s something better than that because our doggos deserve to be happy!

once again, i am so sorry for your loss baby! i really wish i could give you a hug and as much support as i could but i just live so so far away! i sincerely hope that your heart gets healed soon enough. sending you condolences and love above all! rest in peace, beautiful soul.🌹

do you guys ever think about how yuri plisetsky, at just age fifteen, has apparently been supporting his family through his figure skating via government grants which means not only does he have to regularly compete, but he always has to do well and to consistently perform, so he’s probably never allowed to have an off performance or it means less money, less support, less opportunities, and when victor nikiforov himself, five time world champion, offers to choreograph a program for him, yuri jumps at the chance because yes, think of how much he could get if he won his very first grand prix series off of victor’s choreography – think of his ailing grandfather whom he loves so much, an absentee mother – figure skating is everything to yuri, it’s the only thing he thinks he has to offer, it’s the thing he relies on the most for emotional and financial support, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. so he throws everything onto the ice, wins the junior championship just as victor said, and now he’s about to make his pro senior debut and he’s gonna get victor to make good on his promise and–

victor just… disappears. flies across the world, completely forgets he ever promised yuri anything, turns around and blatantly uses yuri while making it clear that beyond a week’s worth of coaching him on a program, victor has no intentions of giving yuri anything bc he’s so wrapped up in yuuri 

and yuri feels – abandoned, betrayed, hurt; left behind again like he always is, left waiting like he always is, used as a means to an end; is it any wonder he’s pissed off? but then this beautiful, brilliant boy takes a program he only spent a week learning from its choreographer – he takes that program, refines it, improves it and breaks victor’s world record with it, slaps victor in the face with it by winning over yuuri and telling him, victor nikiforov is dead, victor isn’t everything yuri had thought he would be and it doesn’t matter bc yuri will make himself, define himself, choose things for himself now.

do you ever think about this bc i do and it hurts me but i love this boy so much, he deserves everything

Oh yeah I love A Series of Unfortunate Events, the way the adults just [clenches fist] consistently disregard children’s allegations of abuse and allow them to remain in increasingly perilous situations, a word here which means “dangerous and hard to watch”

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - OC kid doodles #2

featuring the second son, the Yurio x Yuuri kid, Shura <3

(younger fraternal twin, conceived when Yuuri is 27 and Yurio is 19)

The other near-identical twin, he is almost always glued to Yasha’s side. It’s partly out of competitiveness, but mostly because they both just want to do everything together. Despite their similar appearances, he’s the polar opposite of his brother in many ways. He chooses not to appear friendly to outsiders, but is also completely incapable of hiding his emotions and is very much an open book. He’s openly hostile and fiercely jealous of anyone who tries to take away his siblings’ attention, but is extremely affectionate to those he loves.


More info on the kid and the AU HERE.

(NOTE: the AU itself is Yuuri-centric multishipping poly. Heed all tags and warnings)


This INTRO POST covers some of the basics of how ABO works in this AU.

For links to the other comics in this AU, check out the “Future!verse ABO” section of my YOI Art Masterpost HERE!