is that okay for a name or just pirate au

The Calm and the Storm:Pirate AU


Chapter One:
Take it Neat



This is a multiple ship fic. There are several different ones in play, including but not limited to: Jamilton, Hamburr, hamlaf, mariliza,lams,jeffmads, just to name a few. Hamilton is a fuck boy so 

This is also going to probably be my smuttiest fic I’ll ever write. I’m so going to hell.

Okay, let’s lay some ground rules. 

Smut warnings begin and end with:®®®

*** Usually mean either a time skip or a change in character focus or something similar. I use them to break up the writing.

Words encased in * * mean actual character quote from history.

And this ~~~ separates dreams and flashbacks and shit. Everyone got it? Cool.

Thank you to those who actually provided impute and suggested ships and characters and whatnot. It’s very much appreciated.

Let’s get this ship moving, eh?

Since it’s pre revolution, all Americans are still considered English.


Warnings: battle, blood, death, drinking


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ᴘsʏᴄʜ ᴀᴜ ↠ ᴍᴇʀᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴘɪʀᴀᴛᴇs

Carlton Lassiter was a God fearing, law abiding, good, good man. He had made it his life’s goal to hunt down filthy Pirates and bring them before the Crown for their due punishments. That is until his crew mutinies against him and leaves him to the ocean’s mercy.

Suddenly he’s thrown into a world of myth and magic when a snarky, playful, and rule breaking merman named Shawn finds him and helps him survive by leading him to an island that just so happens to be filled of the very people he spent his life trying to be rid of.

Now he’s the fiercest Pirate of the seven seas. With his loyal crew and company of merfolk, nothing will stand in his way in his mission to overthrow the very people who once overthrew him.

Okay, time to lay down what’s up with FrUK Week. It will be from 22 June to 28 June, 2015

Here are the prompts:

June 22/Day 1: Married Couple
June 23/Day 2: Showing Affection
June 24/Day 3: Language
June 25/Day 4: Standing in the Rain
June 26/Day 5: “How did we start?”
June 27/Day 6: Lovely Eyes
June 28/Day 7: Love is…

Each day has an assigned prompt, but if anyone can’t fulfill a prompt for that day, they are free to still do something for it on the following days. Don’t feel pressured to have everything on time. The prompts are there as motivators. If anyone misses day 4, they can post that entry on day 5 and it will be okay! If someone misses the whole week and wants to post all their entries in one day, go for it. Just make sure to keep with the dates!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Please be respectful to everyone! That includes people that do and don’t participate. This is to enjoy the pretty work people have done. Please don’t bash it.
  • Any AU is accepted! College!AU, Cardverse, Magical Strike, Pirate!AU, Colonial!AU, you name it. This is to have fun so if you’re not comfortable with canon settings, and prefer AUs, go right ahead and use an AU to your liking.
  • That isn’t to say canon settings aren’t welcome. Historical stuff is great! Wanna do WWII setting? Go for it! Wanna do 100 Years War? Very okay. Entente Cordiale? A-okay. 
  • Any rating is permitted, ranging from PG to R/NC-17/MA. I’ve used the rating system for years, so I know that better: K to M. Whatever works for you:
  1. K/K+ - very benign and no mature themes are featured. 
  2. T - Language/swearing is featured and some make out stuff. In, it was called a lime, if anyone is familiar with that.
  3. M - Mature conent is featured, such as smut/lemons. 
  • If writing fanfiction:
  1. Writing can be in any language the author feels comfortable writing. Although there are people that can write in English, others that do not wish to, or don’t feel comfortable, or simply don’t want to or can’t, have the opportunity and liberty to write in their language. 
  2. There is no word limit as long as the fic is longer than 100 words at least. 
  3. Authors can write drabbles/ficlets, one-shots, and if anyone wants to do a chapter story, I’m all for it as long as the author can handle it. Just don’t stress yourselves.
  4. Please place stories under a read more, if they’re longer than 100 words. 
  • If drawing fanart, please write somewhere in the caption that the work belongs to you. If you watermark it, that is also good!

I’m not an artist, so I don’t really have any rules for this other than do your thing and try your best. Wanna color it? Make it colorful. Wanna keep it black and white? Hey, man, aesthetic. 

  • You are free to interpret the prompts however you like.

For example, if a person chooses the prompt ‘Married Couple’, they can write/draw/edit anything they want with that theme as long as it is there. Like, it could be that France and England always act like a married couple, they argue like a married couple, things like that. Living together like a married couple? Totally. Get creative, you guys can do it!

  • Whether you use our regular gay babies, nyotalia, 2p!talia, transtalia, nekotalia, other kinds of talias, so long as it’s FrUK, it is accepted!
  • Did you know you can also do edits? Yes, you can! Edits are great! If using canon artwork, state it is drawn by Hima-papa. If using outside images, please source accordingly. Sources that are not acceptable are: Zerochan, WeHeartIt, Photobucket, FanPop, and other sites like those. Provide a link to the original work if edited. If possible, ask the artists for permission.
  • I feel like this is necessary to note: Do not bash other ships. Please keep FrUK as the main focus of the prompt!


  • Use the tag #frukweek so it can be easy to find.
  • Tag works accordingly, such as FrUK, nsfw, nyotalia, transtalia, etc.
  • Tag any triggers!!! Like guns, blood, and other stuff that can trigger people. If anyone has any triggers, let me know so I can add it to the list on here and so people can watch out for that while tagging.
  • Please tag with the day and prompt being used

For example, if using Day 2′s prompt, tag as #Day 2: Showing affection, or #Day 2.

Works can also be submitted through this blog as well. If anyone has any questions, or need clarification, feel free to ask! Have fun and enjoy FrUK Week!