is that ok for u

i love how there are ppl who reply to my tags in their own tags when they reblog a post


“(Y/N) follow that man, I want every last detail about him. If he cleans his belly button in the shower I want to know about it.” You nodded your head and walked out the room seemingly ‘Kilgraved’. The moment all doors were shut you were terrified, back to your terrified self. 

How long would it be until this man asked you to jump out of a window?


im jus gonna do thsi real quick before i go to bed lmao i got tagged by my beauty qween w the beautiful ears @jenowhat to do like….what is thsi even called…..jus look at the pics n ull kno what this is jduhsha anyway i never experienced somethign like a ‘glo up’ but hopefully i will soon :/ smh idek who to tag ill just tag my binches @jooheonsbbygirl @tenyonce @taeyongstinygf @tenseouls @ten-twerks @woofwoofbyshineemp3 gbye😛😛😋

mingyoose  asked:

hi! my sister and i just started this svt blog and i was wondering if you had any blog recs? our dash is tragically empty atm. thx :) .xx

HEY THERE!!!! im sorry bro it took this long to answer bc im literally just seeing this :/ anWWw IM GONNA NAME DROP MY FAVE BBS FOR U!!

so first of all, @pledis17 bc they got all the fanpics/cam 24/7 

and if ur into fanart and gfx, go follow my amazing faves @baetanscout, @woanu @hoshinoyas, @ramenyeol and @pikacheols (literally the bestest ever istg i love them so much <3)

for aus and scenarios and imagines and stuff like that, head on over to ma buds @wonwooscheri, @virtualjun, @taeluck and @jeonghhan (they r super great i love them too  (◡‿◡✿))

AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST these are quality™ blogs that everyone should follow asap: my babes @gyuberry @heoni, @cinnawon@junhue, @bitesizedmingyu, @munchiesthaoo @whatsol, @gyunitedand @crystalcoups!!

there are lots more quality blogs out there that im probs forgetting (im so sorry ;-;) but yA welcome to kpop tumblr my friend, hit me up anytime whenever u want :))