is that llama or a sheep

merry christmas, @from-james-to-lily, who requested ‘met by a minor car accident’ au

“Hello? Ma’am? Are you okay?”

When she opened her eyes, a distraught, concerned looking boy was staring at her through her car window. Two of them, actually. Lily blinked, trying to refocus her gaze. Didn’t work.

He was so pretty she almost didn’t mind seeing two of him.

When she didn’t respond right away, he asked the question again.

Lily took stock—her knee hurt like hell, but the airbag had deployed, preventing serious injury. Her greatest danger? Sneezing from the bloody white powder hanging in the air.

She rolled down her window. “I’m okay. Did I hit the llama?”

His faces shifted from mildly concerned to gravely concerned.

“You—you don’t remember what happened?”

“Er…I hit a llama?”

“No. Are you sure you’re alright?”

Was there a llama?” she asked.

“That, or a mutant sheep,” he said, grinning. Lily’s vision finally focused. There was only one of him, but he was far handsomer than her blurry vision had given him credit for.

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My favorite thing ever...

is watching @i-stare-sometimes help edit stories for me…
For some messed up reason, google docs tends to favor her as being “anonymous” and attaches random animals…(even when she’s logged in and working on shared docs)

She has been a turtle, a sheep, a kangaroo, a hippo I think?, a porcupine, a llama…The list goes on!
OH! and my fave, by far, was when she was a chupacabra XD

Saxon, “Oorang” Airedale Terrier (5 y/o), Christopher Park, New York, NY • “He’s a bit of a skeptic. He’s on a road trip here from California; he lives on a farm with sheep, cows, and a llama.”

pie-the-memer  asked:

I want to pet a llama now

They are good to have, you can’t spend too much time with them or they get aggressive, but they make great herding and guard animals for sheep and goats.

I imagine there are a decent amount of llamas in Macedonia you could probably visit some.  They are super friendly

Hoofbeats in your stethoscope

“When you hear hoofbeats,
Think horses, not zebras.”
That’s what the doctors say
They mean think of obvious diseases
Before the obscure ones
But my life has been a testament
To when this doesn’t work
So I have some lists
To guide doctors on their way

When you hear hoofbeats
The first thing you need to do
Is discern what country you are in
And what country your patient is in
As well as what country your patient is from
What country their parents are from
How far they have traveled
And where

So when you hear those hoofbeats
Galloping up your stethoscope
Here are some things to look out for:
Horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys, mules —
The farm animals and beasts of burden
Familiar to Western doctors

Llamas, alpacas, camels, dromedaries
Asses of all sorts
And not just horses’s asses —
Like some of you
Oxen, buffalo, tapir, rhinoceros
Yaks, wild hogs, deer, antelope
Peccary, chevrotain, and of course zebras…

Can I stop now?
Do you get the idea?
Do you know how many times
I’ve almost died
Due to doctors thinking
“It’s either horses or psychiatric”?

I have a list of non-horse medical diagnoses
Some rarer than others
All confirmed by rigorous testing
Performed by standard medical practitioners
And so does my whole family

So when you hear hoofbeats
Think ungulates
Then try to figure out which ungulate it is
That is, after all, your job
And whether you find horses, zebras, or miniature deer,
You will save lives.


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