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So this is like my second post and I've decided to list a few of my favorite hacks and tips. They're probably basic and stuff but I’m new and in need of guiding. It would mean the world to me if you liked this or even said hi or even went to my ask and dropped a tip for me or anything really. I really want to make friends but I'm even shy on the internet so if you want a new friend, I'm here. :)

Tip 1

There's this app my friend introduced me to a while ago called My Study Life it really helps keep everything organized from exam dates, tasks, and homework.

Tip 2

I'm suuupppeerr bad at spelling and Grammarly is a really good editing software, I have the free version and it still works fine but you could even get the premium which goes even further.

Tip 3

While studies have shown music helps productivity while studying it can be a person preference. I work better listening to music and I have a playlist specifically for studying which you can check out here

Tip 4

School, is very important but sometimes it just gets to be too much. You feel like you have so much to do with so little time and you just want to give up, set out a day a week where you do a little more work than your usual amount and get as much as you can out of the way. At my school, we have an extended day program so every day except Monday all teachers are required to stay 30 minutes later and you can go to them and help or just get homework done.

Tip 5

Don't let school stress you out to to much. Most of us have or will be stressed 24/7 for the next four years but sometimes you just need to take a breath and calm down. Your mental health is so important. You got this be positive.

I got my photo in my banner from mediamilitia and the font is Badhead

today my teacher was comparing me to this guy he knew in art college who’s apparently a famous dude (he was on space ghost coast to coast) so I looked him up while he was talking (cause he talks nonstop so it’s prudent to just do shit while he’s talking) and we found out that he was fucking dead and he had just died recently so it’s like 9 oclock in the morning and my teacher is just finding out that a friend of his is fucking dead and it’s such a huge bummer and I’m just trying to do my work and it was SO weird.

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation





[Cayde-6] Ho-ho! The commander himself? In my favorite Tower bar? What are you doing here? No, seriously - what are you doing here.

[heavy sigh]

[Commander Zavala] Cayde, as I am sure you’re aware, I do occasionally leave the war room.

[Cayde-6] Really? I kinda thought you’d grown into the floor. Like a coral polyp, y’know? Hey! Barkeep! Something cold for the grumpy blueberry, if you would.

[Commander Zavala] I…ah, thank you. 

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] So? Something you need?

[Commander Zavala] Does a man need a reason to enjoy a drink?

[Cayde-6] C’mon, Zavala. I’m Cayde-6. You’re not going to fool me with that.


[glass clinking]

[Commander Zavala] Fine. I have something to discuss with you, and it seemed prudent to avoid extra ears.

[Cayde-6] Sneaking about? Didn’t know you had it in you. Alright, I’m listening. What’s up?



[Commander Zavala] Do you remember when Eris returned? After…

[glass clinking]


[Cayde-6] A-yup. 

[Commander Zavala] And do you remember what I asked you?

[Cayde-6] You said - a-hem - “Cayde, you are wise beyond wisdom. What does your formidable intellect make of our colleague’s makeover?”

[Commander Zavala] I don’t think I said that. 

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] Answer stands, Zavala. She was instrumental in the deaths of Omnigul, Alak-Hul, Crota, and Oryx himself. Or is it herself? Still a little mixed up on that. Hell, she can fill as many rooms as she wants with her creepy little wax dolls so long as she’s killing Hive.


[Commander Zavala] What if we’re wrong. What if we’ve made a terrible mistake.


[Commander Zavala] If I had listened to Shaxx, if I had defied the consensus, if we hadn’t gone back to the moon, perhaps she would not have - 

[Cayde-6] Dammit, this is why you’re no fun at parties. We did go to the moon. We fucked up. A lot of people died.

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] But Oryx is dead, too. So - hell. At least we got that part right.

[glass clinking]

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] ‘Sides, even if she hates all of us, I think she hates the Hive more. And I get the feeling they’re gonna be a lasting problem. 

[Commander Zavala] Still. I cannot help but worry about her.

[glass clinking]



[Cayde-6] I don’t think you need to be worried about Eris. If I were you, I’d worry about the people who try to get in her way. 


Raj: And what makes you think that his life is in danger?
Audrey: Alex told me that she likes to engage in…certain acts. In the bedroom. Life-threatening acts. Asphyxiation-
Raj: So do lots of people. Apparently.
Audrey: Alex is a multi-millionaire. I’m worried she’s just marrying him for his money. And that after they marry she is going to choke him and make it look like an accident. Which is why I need to know: Is it true that Naomi tried to kill you on several occasions, Mr Patel?
Raj’s eyes become even more cold and narrowed. She refuses to flinch.
Raj: I don’t know where you got this information. Or why you would think it prudent to ask me such a question-
Audrey: If it’s true, I need you to tell me so I can warn Alex. He won’t listen to me otherwise-
Now Raj’s eyes aren’t quite as cold. His mouth twitches at the corners.    
Raj: Naomi’s fiance is a very dear friend of yours? Aha. I think that you care a lot more for him than you are willing to admit.
Audrey: Oh, please. Alex and I are the best of friends, but that’s all. It’s nothing like that-
Raj: You’re jealous. Naomi stole your man.
Audrey speaks very slowly and concisely.
Audrey: I do not and have never had a man, Mr Patel. Not that it’s any of your business, but I’ve been happily involved with a beautiful woman for more than eight years now-
Raj: What is her name?
Audrey: It’s not-
Raj: Please. Just her first name.
Audrey: Persephone.
Raj looks pleased, and nods as if in approval. It is a mounting struggle not to show her irritation.
Raj: Persephone. The sweet, beautiful maiden who was kidnapped by Hades to become the Queen of the Underworld.
Audrey: Yes. I am quite familiar with the myth, thank you. Now, are you going to answer my question, Mr Patel? Is it true that Naomi tried to kill you?

It’s October 4th

And once again, my yearly Persona 3 feels come by and kick me right in the teeth, sending me crashing to the floor in a muddled heap of sobs and sadness. 

But you know what always made me angry about 10/4 though? It’s that I feel like in some way it could have been prevented. Seriously, how did any of the upperclassmen think that letting Ken and Shinjiro live under the same roof was the best idea? SERIOUSLY WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! 

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Seventeen as Greek Gods [Greek Figures]

Warning: Sexy Gifs, Cute Gifs, A lot of me killing you all (sorry not sorry)

Each will include a reason as to why I chose the specific God/Whatever for each guy. 

Scoups / Seungcheol

Zeus: King of Gods (Obviously)

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Reason: High authority over others, great at almost everything, powerful, noble, loves to laugh out loud, just, wise, prudent, merciful also unpredictable


Poseidon: God of the Sea (I can just see it)

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Reason: Powerful like Zeus, but not as much authority, jealous sometimes, good at keeping composure though, likes to be masculine, can be moody and greedy (when it comes to coups haha)

Woozi / Jihoon

Hades: God of the Underworld (you saw this coming)

Reason: Prefers to stay in one place, wealthy god (Woozi is rich in talent), other gods fear him, cared very much about loyalty, a big bully, stern, unyielding, can show slight mercy

Joshua / Jisoo

Apollo: God of the Sun and Music

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Reason: Musically inclined, healing and herding (tends to bring other members together), very intelligent, radiated grace and beauty

Vernon / Hansol

Morpheus: God of Dreams and Sleep

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 Reason: Protective of family, great at mimicking others (Vernon is just funny when he tries), very relaxed but always busy and happy

Dino / Chan

Pan: God of Shepherding and Living in the Wild

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Reason: Fun-loving and energetic, also moody and prone to temper tantrums (I’m positive he has them now and then I mean he’s a teenage boy) also great friends with Dionysus, loves dancing


Hercules: Strongest Man on Earth (Immortal)

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Reason: Not necessarily a God, but still very important and the strongest man on earth, handsome and described to be very tall as well, charming, kind and brave

The8 / Minghao

Hermes: God of Cunning more or less

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Reason: Messenger of Gods, sneaky (sneaking into your heart and stealing it), good friends with Apollo, also God of diplomacy, travel, also good at language and hospitality (Hermes can do a lot okay and so can The8), athletic as well


Ares: God of War

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Reason: Courageous and ferocious when it comes to war (the stage), also said to have a quick temper (so sassy pants wins out), can be calm and understanding

Dk / Seokmin

Helios: God of the Sun (technically a Titan and plus Dk is sunshine)

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Reason: Known for being powerful, fiery, bright, tireless (literal ray of sunshine in this group hello!) can be too hot sometimes (  ;D  )

Hoshi / Soonyoung

Dionysus: God of Wine and Pleasure (Don’t be a perv)

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Reason: Jokingly called the Noisy God, known for being the life of a party, a big traveler, energetic, faithful, diplomatic, loving


Erebus: God of Darkness

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Reason: …I mean…come one right? Seriously though, pretty emo considering he is associated with the Underworld strongly meaning he is close to the God Hades, ruled over confusion and the void of emptiness (his stare), very important, quiet (Wonwoo never says too much)

Jun / Junhui

Eros: God of Love and Protection, also sexual desire (Just ignore the Sex part…or don’t)

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Reason: Passionate, greasy, very loyal, loves with all his heart, cares deeply about those he is close too, diplomatic, kind

These were all simply what I think and I could be wrong, please don’t hate on me if you disagree (which is completely fine). Also this took a long time to do so again please don’t hate it.

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Much Love-Haru Sunbae

‘My Lord,’ said a voice, desperate and cracked. He turned: there was Lucius Malfoy sitting in the darkest corner, ragged and still bearing the marks of the punishment he had received after the boy’s last escape. One of his eyes remained closed and puffy. ‘My Lord … please … my son …’

'If your son is dead, Lucius, it is not my fault. He did not come and join me, like the rest of the Slytherins. Perhaps he has decided to befriend Harry Potter?’

‘No – never,’ whispered Malfoy.

‘You must hope not.’

‘Aren’t – aren’t you afraid, my Lord, that Potter might die at another hand but yours?’ asked Malfoy, his voice shaking. ‘Wouldn’t it be … forgive me … more prudent to call off this battle, enter the castle and seek him y – yourself?’

‘Do not pretend, Lucius. You wish the battle to cease so that you can discover what has happened to your son.’

I love this convo so much. Lucius, wandless, only cares about Draco. Fuck this war. And Voldemort says Draco, my baby, didn’t join him. And that maybe he changed sides. Voldy knows.

Bless this moment.

The Lips of an Angel

Cas x Reader

    I sat in my room, well I sprawled across my bed, thinking about what I would give for some brownies at the moment. Then it occurred to me that bought brownie mix like last month and never got around to actually making them. With this information I sat upright, I hurried out of bed, the quicker I made these brownies, the sooner I could eat them. If I wanted to I could just eat the batter… but maybe that wouldn’t be very prudent. As I speed-walked through the hallways, I nearly ran into Cas. His gaze dropped down to meet mine, he looked extremely curious as to what I was doing speeding  down the hall.

    “Hey angel face,” I  greeted with a happy smile. It was always nice to see the angel about. He was usually on his own errands, or hanging out with Sam and Dean. It wasn’t all that often that I got to hang with him by myself and I really wouldn’t mind some alone time with him if you catch my drift.  

    “Hello, Y/N,” he spoke in his gruff formal voice. I shook my head and smiled, walking around him  since it seemed like he had no intentions of moving. He followed closely behind me as I continued my journey to the kitchen. Part of me wanted to ask what he was doing here, but i didn’t want him to feel like I was telling him to leave.

    “So what brings you here?” I questioned, curiosity getting the better of me.

    “Dean asked me to check on you.”

    “Oh, well I was about to bake some brownies, you can help if you want to,” I offered, looking back at him as I rounded the corner into the kitchen.

    “Yes I would like that.”

    “Okey dokey.” I went through the cabinet where Dean kept things like flour and cake mix and all that jazz. I grabbed the box of Ghirardelli brownies and pulled them down so I could read off the ingredients.

“Alright Cas I need 2 eggs,” I instructed whilst grabbing the vegetable oil in the open cabinet. Cas held the eggs while I pulled out the right bowls, and two whisks. I slid a little bowl over to Cas.

“Crack the eggs into this bowl,” I instructed while I moved over to preheat the oven.When

I looked back at Cas he was holding the crushed eggs in his hand over the bowl. I wanted to be upset but all I could do was laughed. He gave me a confused and slightly distressed look. I shook my head at him and got two more eggs. I poured the mixture of egg and shell out and rinsed the bowl. Cas stood there with gross eggy hands, just watching me.

    “Wash your hands, silly,” I laughed as I put the bowl down and cracked the eggs myself. It turns out baking wasn’t really Cas’s forte. I did all the work but he was hypervigilant over my shoulder, watching my every movement. When I had put the brownie batter into the pan, I offer Cas the spoon.

    “You wanna lick the spoon?”

    He tilted his head curiously, before leaning forward and literally licking the entire spoon. Oh Castiel was a gem.

    “Take the spoon, wise guy,” I cackled, thrusting the spoon forward so he’d take it. I grabbed the bowl from the counter and proceeded to use my fingers to eat the remaining batter. If this was how the batter tasted, I can only imagine how the brownies would taste.

    “So what are the boys up to?” I asked, while I put away the stuff we used with my relatively clean hand. Right after I was done, I put my extremely chocolatey finger in my mouth. Cas didn’t answer my question so I looked over at him curiously. He was absorbed in trying to fit the entire wooden spoon in his mouth.  He was quite a sight to see, with chocolate all over his nose and mouth. I couldn’t even hold back the laughter if I was trying. He gave me a wide eyed confused stare. Oh Jesus I wanted to kiss him. He was so darn cute. I picked up a towel and came over to wipe off his face, as I did so I kind of got lost in his intense stare. Without really over thinking I leaned down and kissed him. I moved away suddenly mortified, but before i had a chance to melt into nothing but apologies, he was standing, looming over me. His mouth pressed down on mine, and his hand was knotted in my hair. Our kisses tasted of chocolate and it was absolutely great. When he pulled away from me I was absolutely dazed.

    “Whoa, that is not what I was expecting.” I murmured to myself.

    “I learned that from the pizza man,” Cas explained. Just like that I was laughing again. The mouth on that angel would be the death of me.

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I need some yum on my yuck

I think all of the events of the last few weeks is truly hitting me today. I am disappointed in the show-lack of intimacy, plot like a runaway freight train, axes and eyeballs-just, no. I am still distressed beyond measure about the intergalactic Mutt and Jeff. I am very disappointed in Sam–I know this will be controversial, but the way I’m feeling today, he either condones it or is behaving in a rather cowardly way by just staying out of it. Is that the most prudent approach—probably. Do I expect more–probably. And that’s my problem, not his. But today I just feel “eh” about all things Outlander. And I don’t want to lose my joy in the show, Or this experience. So can someone please yum on my yuck, help a sister out and throw some joy my way? Thank you in advance. 😘