is that leading to taemin

shinee backstage


  • has anyone seen one of his contacts??? (taemin: *squinting* i think it’s on your shirt / onew: omg thank god)
  • pokes his eye while trying to get it back in (@ himself: “use a mirror jinki, you know you’re not coordinated enough to do this without one”)  
  • miming and practicing what he’s going to say during the first talk 
  • making faces in the mirror at his stylists while they’re doing his hair 
  • keeps asking if the members are drinking water and staying hydrated 


  • stylists are buzzing around him putting his makeup on when one gasps in horror when they realize that they weren’t using waterproof eyeliner
  • he’s sitting there like ㅎ.ㅎ while they panic and spray a LOT of setting spray on his face and hope for the best 
  • he promises that he won’t cry too much but he knows that they know that they all know that that’s not going to happen 
  • also he’s fidgeting the entire time bc minho took his head massager and he wants it back!!!!!!!
  • head massager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • buttoning his shirt wrong bc he’s engaged in a high note battle with jong 
  • srsly they’re on another frequency and outside dogs are FREAKING out
  • looks down and “were you guys going to tell me or just let me go out like this” (onew: oh i was going to tell you …. but i forgot) 
  • makes sure that everyone’s accessories are firmly on and won’t fly off while dancing (coughtaemincough)
  • instagram-lives very briefly to say hi to the fans (”wish us luck my lil freaks!!)


  • quick last minute push ups 
  • taemin sits on him cross-legged while he does them 
  • unconsciously keeps eating his chapstick bc he keeps licking his lips 
  • sending the members emojis on kakao (ot4: why are you like this) 
  • stole jong’s insoles and is waving them above his head like “ooo~ what are these~~”
  • singing young and rich while he’s doing this (jong: *jumping* WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET TIRED OF SHORT JOKES)


  • leading the stretching exercises (”1 2 3, 1 2 3, and now we’re trees!! / shinee: *reaches upwards* / taemin: good~) 
  • also making sure that his pants could withstand his leg splitting in sherlock bc when his pants rip on stage he dies a little inside 
  • “key hyung what is this shoddy workmanship???” / key: “STOP SPREADING YOUR LEGS SO WIDE”
  • has little packets of gummies and is handing them out to staff 
  • fighting with his microphone pack and inner ear piece 
  • prays for no injuries 
Let Me Put On A Show: Jonghyun and Taemin Threesome

Originally posted by jinqki

Based off this request

Pairing: Jonghyun x Reader x Taemin

Word Count:  3k

Content: Jonghyun and Taemin invite you over to hang and you end up playing strip Monopoly. Things get very x-rated. +Taemin taking orders, getting watched as you have sex, and a threesome(kind of).  

Written By: Bambi

Authors’ Note: I worked on this a lot and I’m really proud of it and it’s only my second smut I’ve written so I’d really appreciate any type of feedback! I hope everyone reading enjoys this and I really hope that the anon who requested likes it the most! Happy reading! 


  You didn’t exactly know how you got into the predicament you were in. You didn’t exactly care to get out of it either. It was a game of strip Monopoly that ended with you sandwiched in between Jonghyun and Taemin. You only wore your panties, Teamin was completely naked and Jonghyun was only missing his shirt.

   The actual Monopoly game was Jonghyuns idea. He always knew how to spice up a boring night and this night was one of the plainest you’d had in a while.

   Jonghyun had called you earlier that night complaining that him and Taemin were bored and alone. They had wanted to have some sort of bonding night with the other members of SHINee but Minho and Onew both were busy filming their respective dramas and Key had claimed to forget the night had even been scheduled. After a ten minute phone call with Jonghyun and Taemin both taking turns to  whine into the phone you had gave in.

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mermaid au

When Kibum is 19, he becomes the guardian of one three-month-old Taemin. The baby is cute - he has sea-foam green scales with the stray golden scale here and there. He bonds with Kibum quickly, clinging to his chest and snuggling his face into Kibum’s neck. Taemin especially likes to run his little hands over Kibum’s pink scales, blowing little bubbles whenever his fingers run over a scale that’s a little lighter than the rest.

When Taemin gets a little older, Kibum starts taking him closer to the shore. The two of them bask in the sun, wading in the warmer waters of the shallows during the colder months. Taemin likes to splash in the shallows, but he always squeaks and swims back to Kibum whenever he sees a crab - even if it’s a teeny-tiny sand crab. Kibum can only ever laugh and cradle Taemin close to his chest and reassure him that everything is alright.

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Bad Girl Ch 2: Going Home To Her

Two Days Ago

Suho’s POV

I stare down at the stack of plane tickets in my hand. My uncle is standing over me with a stern look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. He has been trying for months to track down my brothers and I to send us back home to Korea but it hasn’t been an easy task. After what had happened with Jooyoung none of us could stand to stay in that house but at the same time we couldn’t destroy it. We all came to America together after the last tape was received but the airport was as far as we got together before we all went our separate ways. To be honest I don’t really know where they have been or what they have been doing but I’ve heard through the grape vine that none of it has been good.

I can’t say that I’ve been up to much good myself. I know from secret messages and phone calls that we have all been burying ourselves in our work, one way or the other. Our work has expanded into human trafficking, not something I ever really wanted to be involved in but Kris wanted it, and I don’t care enough to say no. He’s been testing out the product, some of the others have as well but again, I have no room to judge. We’ve all done bad things in this darkness we’ve sunken into.

“Suho,” My uncle snaps, “I’m not giving you guys an option anymore. Things are getting out of control back in Korea, you have to go home and deal with these things, all of you do.”

I throw the tickets on to his desk, “I always have an option.”

“Not anymore. I let you boys take full control of the company and the family business after your father died but only because I thought you all could handle it but I guess I was wrong. I can take back control and cut you all off completely. I will mark you as traitors in the eyes of EXO and kick you out on to the streets if you are not on that plane.” He grabs the tickets and forces them back in my hand before storming over to the door. “Your brothers are waiting for you down the hall, all of you have to be on that plane for this to work.” With that he slams the door and storms down the hall, leaving me alone.

I bury my face in my hands for a moment as I try to build up the motivation to even try to convince my brothers that going home won’t make us hurt more than we already are. But all I can do is picture Jooyoung crying for us to save her. I force the image out of my head as I stand up and head to the door. I step into the hall and find the door the hides my brothers a few meters away. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen most of them, I can barely get myself to open the door to face them. There was more than one reason we avoid each other, other than for our own time to grieve none of us could face the others. We were all stricken with guilt yet blamed the others for her death. We couldn’t even spend more than a few minutes in a room together without a fight, even less without an argument.

“Hyung?” Sehun’s voice seems deeper, he has gotten taller, his face has matured slightly and he’s blond. The skinny boy stands when I enter and so do a few others. They are sitting quietly in the private parlor, a few scattered on the three couches, others standing against the wall. Xiumin is staring out the window, his eyes are lifeless and his face is pale as if he has been locked inside for this whole year. No one is looking at each other, either focused on their phones or completely zoned out on something in the room.

“I see that all of you are still alive,” I greet them with a bitter smile.

“Not all of us really chose to be,” Kai answers back with an empty smile. The three youngest share a look that I choose to ignore. I had heard the news a few months back that the three had tried to kill themselves, more than once. Stupid boys.

“What are we all here for?” Chen asks, already tired of everything going on.

“We are going home,” I say not wanting to beat around the bush.

“Home?” Tao echoes.

Baekhyun shakes his head, “I’m not going that house.”

“We don’t have an option, it’s either we go home, or we get disowned.”

“You don’t honestly expect us to go back into that house, do you?” Sehun gulps.

“We could find some place else, the only rules is that we live together. But it would take time to find a place with the same security and then we have to add on a dungeon, it will be a lot of work.”

“And while all of this is going on we’re supposed to stay in that house where all we will be able to think about is how my baby died on our watch, no thank you,” Kris snaps and charges toward the door that I’m blocking.

I hold my hand out and stop him, “Kris hyung, please.”

“Please what?” The taller roars. “I’m not going to go back to that place to lay in that bed that I lied in with her and pretend that I don’t think about how we failed her. Some of the last words we heard from her beaten little body was her calling for us to save her and we couldn’t do it! We dragged her into this world and we couldn’t even keep her safe.”

“I’m done with this,” Chanyeol raises to his feet as well.

“Me too,” Baekhyun is quick to follow, soon I’m surrounded by most of my taller brothers.

“We are going.” The words surprised everyone in the room. We all look to Xiumin who doesn’t seemed to have moved and we begin to think maybe we just imagined it. But he sighs and looks our way, eyes still blank. “We are going back to Korea and to that house. There is something I want to look into. I’m guessing you all have heard it too, about Jiyong and that girl.”

“The copy he made?” Lay finally speaks looking to our older brother.

Xiumin nods, “I want to see her.”

“Hyung, she’s just a copy, she isn’t our Jooyoung,” I tell him, a bit worried about where he could be going with this.

“I know she isn’t her. I just want to see her.”

“I do too,” Sehun says just above a whisper. “I want to apologize.”

“Sehun,” I prepare to repeat myself but he cuts me off.

“I know it isn’t her but maybe just saying it to someone who looks like her might be enough to get rid of some of the guilt.”

Kai hums in agreement, “I want to see how identical she is.”

“How is it that even in death our sweet baby is making us bend backwards just to see her sweet face?” Luhan says with an annoyed chuckle.

“Welcome back!” Our cousin, Taemin, yells happily. He quickly hugs us all, hugging the three youngest a little longer than necessary but no one says anything. I notice a pretty young girl standing next to Taemin. She has tan skin and features that obvious belong to a foreigner but mixed with Korean. Our eyes lock and she gives me a small smile that I can’t get myself to return but she doesn’t seem to mind. Her attention switches to Lay who gives her a tight hug.

“How have you been?” She asks my younger brother casually.

“I’ve been better,” Lay offers.

“Everyone this is Haneul, my girlfriend, she’s already friends with Lay hopefully you will all get to know her as well,” Taemin wraps his arm around her possessively.

“I’m not in the mood for introductions,” Kris sighs, irritation obvious on his face. “I want to go home.”

Taemin’s face reflects the same irritation at such a cold brush off to obviously such an important person to him. I watch amused as the girl, Haneul, places a hand on his shoulder and gives him a small smile.

“It’s fine Princess,” She coos, “they’ve had a long flight. You can take them home. I have a mommy daughter date with a certain little girl. You boys go rest, it was nice meeting you.” She gives us a too sweet smile.

“Mommy daughter date?” Lay questions cocking his head to the side.

Haneul and Taemin share a look but she just brushes it off, “I’ll tell you later, now isn’t the time.” With that she turns on her heel and rushes off.

Lay looks to our cousin, “Hyung?”

“She basically adopted a girl who is still a bit new to our world. They’ve gotten really close, a mother daughter relationship probably fits it best. You’ll be meeting her soon at the party next week. Though I would suggest you avoid her, her boyfriend isn’t someone you are a fan of.”

“Can we talk about this in the car? I’m tired of standing here,” Tao whines. Taemin nods and leads us to the van waiting outside. After we are all loaded up and on our way to our home Lay’s curiosity continues.

“Who will this girl be with? They can’t be that bad if you let Haneul noona hang out with her.”

Taemin laughs, “You make it sound as if she would listen if I said she couldn’t. At first I didn’t want her to go anywhere near that girl but you know Haneul, she does what she wants. The girl is dating your bestest friend, Kwon Jiyong.”

That earns everyone’s attention, even Kris is no longer annoyed, “You are letting your girlfriend interact with that bastard?”

“We never really interact with him. He is just usually in her shadow, watching her.”

“She is the copy I’ve been hearing about right?” Xiumin questions.

Taemin nods, “Poor girl got ripped from her life and got put under the knife to look exactly like Jiyong’s last girl, the one who was kidnapped and murdered.”

The van goes eerily quiet for a moment. Jiyong’s girl. My blood boils at those two words. She wasn’t his. She was ours! She was my baby! That bastard ruined all of this and took her from us. He exposed her to our world and got her killed. How dare he try to replace her with a plastic remake!

“What does he call her?” I wonder out loud.

“Jooyoung. Sick bastard even took her name away,” Taemin snickers. “I know you guys have some big problem with Jiyong but don’t take it out on this girl, she didn’t really even have an option in this. She’s really sweet, I mean she can be kind of sassy but she’s harmless. Trust me, when you meet her, you are going to understand what I mean.”

Xiumin just nods and gives him a small smile, “Can’t wait to see her.”

Down For This

Someone come throw a bible at me

Prompt: There really wasn’t none oops–
Group: Shinee
Member: Lee Taemin/Taemin
Rating: NC-17 honestly
Word Count: 6,354

Warnings: NSFW and some very bad porn I’m so rry

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Being stressed was not in your vocab you thought to yourself, watching your students go home. You packed up, phone in hand to head home and relax. Tomorrow was your samba classes and you were going to need everything in your power to not be upset about teaching these dancers by yourself. You were soon in your car blasting the latest jam music while you drove back to your flat.

You hope to all the gods and back that you’ll be blessed with a helper soon.

Or you were going to go crazy.

Which would be bad because who has bail money for your crazy ass?

You made it home soon to do the normal. Feed yourself then watch a bit of tv. Make sure your friend didn’t visit and steal some outfits. Feed the occasional stray cat then take your slow bath with relaxing candles and the love of your life (a glass of wine). You felt that you relaxed more tonight. Some sudden unknown peace and calm filling you from the balls of your feet to the nerves in your scalp. Tomorrow is going to be a good day you think to yourself as you tuck yourself in. You just knew that it was for some reason and fell asleep. Constant blurs of colors moving in synchronization are your dreams of this night rather than the black nothing that consists of a stressful day.

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anonymous asked:

So, regarding cold war era ontae... do you think that it was like taemin being a rebellious teenager (maybe late blooming since he was already 18) and jinki was practically raising him so he took out his frustrations on the leader? I'm rambling. What do you think? Do you know what happened?

Disclaimer:  all of this is just my opinion built on my own observations…

Short answer:  No, I don’t think it was Taemin being a rebellious teenager or taking his frustrations out on Jinki.  

Explanation:  During this time all of the members seemed to distance themselves from Jinki, there was visible tension within the group and lots of different rumors circulated about it.  I think maybe it was more noticeable between Jinki and Taemin because of their interactions leading up to this time and the tension between them seemed a bit more obvious than with the others.

I don’t know what happened, nobody but Shinee themselves do.  It could be any number of things.  (which I won’t go into because it’s all just speculation)  We can just be thankful now that whatever it was they seemed to have moved past it.  And by the time Dream Girl promotions came around their dynamic was back to normal and they seemed even closer than before.  

Drama isn’t something I really like to focus on and I really do hate to think about a time when they were struggling or having a hard time.  I tend to remember the notably happier times.  So I’m probably not the best person in the end to get information about this from…sorry…this probably didn’t help much  :/

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I love Tarzan au😄😄 i want to read more about it but i don't know what should i ask about😣

!!!!! Tarzan au is precious and beautiful and angsty and cute

so just imagine little ten-year-old Taemin: he’s been in school for a couple years now, he’s more comfortable around people, and most of his classmates don’t even know about the whole “he used to live with apes” thing. He’s just like any other little boy, except his dads aren’t married, they’re friends, and they’re leading a study based on Taemin. Taemin thinks it’s so cool that he’s the main subject of an entire study, but he also doesn’t really know what that means entirely, he just knows that once a week he goes to the university his dads work for and sometimes he plays games, sometimes he answers questions, sometimes he just hangs out with Kibum and Jinki until it’s time to go home.

Sometimes, when Taemin either doesn’t have school for whatever reason or he’s not feeling well and can’t go, Jinki or Kibum will bring him to whatever class they’re teaching that quarter and he’ll sit in the front row of the lecture hall and work on homework. Jinki goes into the lecture hall one day with Taemin trailing behind him because he had a half-day, and Jinki has him sit in the front row and tells him to start working on his homework.

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Group: SHINee

Pairing: Taemin x Reader (Noona)

Genre: Smut

“That guy has been staring at you all night” Taemin commented. He took a sip from his fresh drink, his eyes never leaving the man, and placed it down on the table beside him. You looked in the same direction and noticed a nice looking man smiling at you. Taemin didn’t like going to house parties. Correction: Taemin HATED bringing you to house parties. The only reason that you were at this one was to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

He was obviously annoyed that the man was staring at you. Normally he wasn’t a very jealous person but there was just something about pissy-drunk men trying to get close to his woman. He hated that you seemed so nonchalant about the stares and the invitations that some guys gave you. “So what? I’m here with my boyfriend” you said, brushing it off. Taemin looked away from the man and down at you. Ignoring his stare, you reached across his body and took a sip of his fresh drink, immediately regretting it. Alcohol was always strong to you.

“And if you weren’t here with me…?” Taemin asked. You puckered your lips to him and he reluctantly accepted your invitation, pressing his lips to yours. He relaxed a little but that didn’t stop his eyes from going back to the man. You sighed and laced your fingers through Taemin’s, putting his drink back.

“I want to dance” you said, smiling. Seeing what you were doing, Taemin just got up and let you lead him to the dance floor. You pulled him closer to the middle, getting the man from earlier out of his view. Taemin rocked side to side, not really wanting to dance. You raised an eyebrow at him and he couldn’t help but to smile. “What?” he said over the music.

“Are you really going to let some guy ruin your night with me?” you asked, folding your arms. The smile didn’t leave his face as he uncrossed your arms. He puckered his lips, as you did earlier, and you stood on the tips of your toes to kiss him. You grinned and Taemin really started to dance. He pulled you to him and moved to the music. You pushed against him and he smiled, bringing his mouth to your ear. He bit the top of your ear and you grinned, pressing yourself into him harder. Taemin’s chest shook as he laughed at your little game. He had to admit that you were turning him on, which was obviously your plan from the beginning. You just wanted to stop him from obsessing over the man from earlier.

The song must have switched at least 3 or 4 times but neither of you noticed, ending up with your lips pressed together. Taemin pulled away with a smile and lead you back to your seats from earlier. “I’ll be right back” he said into your ear. You nodded and rocked in your seat to the music. You watched as he walked to the bathroom and then reached over to his abandoned drink from earlier. Instead of a sip you took a gulp and again regretted it. As you placed the cup down, the man from earlier approached and you cursed under your breath. This wasn’t going to be good.

“Hey” he said with a smile on his face. You really didn’t want to play this game with this man. “You know I have a boyfriend” you said without hesitation.

“I know that?” he said.

“Yes. You were watching me for a while and then you waited until he left before you came over here” you responded immediately. He didn’t know what to say. But really, what could he say? You’d already caught him in a lie and you obviously weren’t interested.

The man opened his mouth just as you noticed Taemin walking back to you. Seeing the irritated look on his face, you gathered your coat and quickly walked to him. You grabbed his arm and started toward the door. You could hear the obscenities that he shouted back at the man, thanks to the music cutting off at the perfect time. People were staring as you pulled an angry Taemin from the house. You were glad, however, that he wasn’t putting up much of a fight. He was letting you pull him out, without any effort.

He hadn’t stopped yelling by the time you reached the car. You pushed him back against it and placed a finger over his lips, shushing him. “You’re telling me to hush!? I can’t leave you for 2 minutes without some little bit-”

You pressed your finger harder against his lips, making his words come out as mumbles. “___, stop” he said, pushing your hand away. You smiled and put your hand down, happy that he’d stopped yelling.

“Why are you always so quick to quiet me down? I have a right to be mad” Taemin said. He wouldn’t yell at you, but you knew that he was still angry.

“You do have a right to be mad but it doesn’t have to escalate to a fight. I came with you because I wanted to have fun not because I wanted to nurse bloody knuckles all night” you said. Taemin started to walk away from you but you grabbed his shirt. The two of you had a ‘never walk away angry’ policy and a kiss sealed the deal. “What?”

“I want a kiss” you said, seriously. He gave you a quick peck and tried to walk away. Again, you grabbed his shirt, not letting him move. He smiled against his will and it looked like he was about to throw a mini tantrum. “Ah, I’m going crazy” he said under his breath.

“That was a fake kiss” you complained. You puckered your lips out to him and closed your eyes. Taemin looked around before picking you up and placing your back against the hood of the car. Your eyes widened in surprise as Taemin laid on top of you. Your knees were pressed to his hips as he nestled his body in between your legs. “Taemin! What are you-”

He silenced you by pushing his lips onto yours. You didn’t have the mental ability to protest as his tongue slid into your mouth. You weren’t sure how long he kissed you for. All you were sure of was how hard his penis became. You bit down onto his tongue and Taemin shivered. He pulled away and cleared his throat. He didn’t say anything as he helped you down from the hood.  

By the time you were in your seat belt, Taemin was starting the car. The silence in the car was ridiculously nerve-wracking and you didn’t understand why. Taemin obviously had some sort of anger left over from the party but you figured that it would be gone by now. He was definitely hard before he got off of you so how could he still be acting like he was upset? Taemin stopped at a red light and you unbuckled your seat belt. Although he heard the click, Taemin didn’t acknowledge it.

You leaned over and began kissing his neck. He sighed and his grip loosened on the steering wheel. “Noona…stop. I’m not in the mood” he said halfheartedly. ‘Not in the mood?’ you snorted in your mind. You ran your hands along his thigh and stopped when you found his penis, reminding him of his erection. You rubbed him over his pants and without looking, you could tell that his eyes were closed. His breathing gradually became heavier and you lightly pinched his skin between your teeth.

You rubbed him a bit harder and groaned. A car behind you honked and Taemin jumped in surprise. You moved back into your seat as he began driving again. You looked at the clock and checked your surroundings. It would probably be another 10 or 15 minutes before you got to the house. You looked over and barely saw the outline of Taemin’s penis in the darkness of the car. You pulled up the armrest that separated you two and unzipped his jeans. “Noona, I’m driving” he said, looking down at you wide-eyed. You ignored him, digging his member out of his pants. 

As he continued driving, you placed his penis against your lips. “Noona, this is dangerous” he moaned as you sucked the head into your mouth. It was dangerous but you weren’t really thinking rationally at the moment.The only thing you cared about was making him cum. 

You ran your tongue along his plump mushroom head, stopping every so often to suck him back into your mouth. With your right hand, you easily guided him in and out of your warm mouth, drawing out moans of sheer pleasure from Taemin. You lightly raked your nails over over his shaft and balls and he shuddered. You felt him pull over the car and you smiled inwardly. His chair fell back some and you took his full length into your mouth. 

Taemin palmed the back your head as you began to move your head up and down, keeping a tight suction on his penis. His fingers pressed into the back of your head as he groaned loudly, letting you know that he was close. His hips bucked upward and he came, his juices squirting into the back of your throat. 

You pulled your mouth away and looked out the window. He’d pulled over, literally, right next to the parking lot of your apartment building. You looked over at his face just as he was opening his eyes. His head was leaned back against the headrest and he turned to look at you.

“Noona, you are in so much trouble when we get inside” he smiled. 

He lifted his chair up and drove the car into the parking lot. 


SHINee’s Tell Me What To Do MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the videos, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the MV from the SMTOWN Youtube channel. All English lyrics translated by @stanningotps. As well, I think it got kind of long, but please bear with me. It’s only long because I think there are a lot of important things to notice.

Lost Boys: Though this video is in no way a purposeful allusion to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, I think that keeping the story in mind will aid in understanding the video. Let’s take a look at what we’re presented with: five boys and a girl living in an isolated place. They live without a real home, in grungy settings, and amuse themselves with guns and throwing boxes off balconies. They never leave that building, that parking lot. They never leave this area. They can never leave this place. What did Peter Pan do to the Lost Boys when they grew up? He killed them. This is the same line of reasoning that Taemin follows when Minho attempts to leave this place they’ve constructed for themselves.

The isolated setting is a metaphor for the environment that destructive friendship creates. In this world they live in, they are completely alone. There’s no outside influence. It shows the deep intimacy of their friendship. But it also highlights that this friendship ultimately isolates them from necessary contact with others, namely in rules and moral matters. In friendships like this, so tightly knit, they begin to look only to each other for guidance. It creates a climate where there are no rules or responsibilities. Anything goes. It is this climate that leads to the warped morality that Taemin begins to exhibit and eventually acts upon in killing Minho and the girl. The extremely close knit relationship among them also explains Taemin’s motivations for the murder. It is not simply that he’s jealous and it’s not simply that they’re leaving, it’s that Minho and the girl have irrevocably altered the dynamics of this friendship–the thing that forms their entire world. They changed in a way that they were not supposed to. When they leave, they threaten to shatter their constructed world all together.

I will be making my case for this in the body of the analysis.

Narrative: This video also features some compelling narrative techniques. The plot is not linear. We’re pretty much given he entirety of the video within the first fifteen seconds. We get fire and gasoline dripping from the bottom of the car and a broken window and Minho and that girl together. They give everything away and yet we don’t understand until the moment it happens. The narrative is constructed in such a way to simultaneously conceal and reveal, creating an ambiguity. We see but do not understand. In hindsight we understand, but even so there’s still ambiguity as there are several different interpretations of the video are floating around. This ambiguity and uncertainty tie well into tell me what to do, as they’re asking questions, unsure of themselves and of what the right answer is.

Jonghyun and Onew also act as narrators throughout the video. Neither of them are active participants in the video, only present and watching. They also have the most singing shots, making it appear as if they’re narrating the events they observed around them. As well, the way they sing in these shots is indicative, as they look troubled. Their eyes are knowing. They already know the outcome of the story as they begin to tell it. I’ll be pointing out these instances in the body of the analysis, as well.

Lyrics: I don’t think the lyrics are absolutely necessary in order to understand the MV, but they do provide interesting insights. The interpretation of these lyrics leads to a metaphorical application of the MV’s plot to apply to romantic relationships.

These days I don’t know, I don’t know you
[Your] eyes seem to have given up much
But I hear the silent shout, tell me what to do

The first line speaks of when a lover (or a friend) has changed in an unexpected way. You don’t know them anyway. You feel a bit betrayed. You can see in their eyes that they’re tired and they’re looking for help, but you don’t know what to do. This parallels the video in that the reason Minho and the girl die is because they changed in a way that Taemin did not want or expect, leading to a deep sense of betrayal. They look for a way out–trying to leave. And Taemin kills him. In a metaphorical interpretation of the video, this would signify that he broke off the relationship before he could be the one hurt.

Is this what time does to lovers without even a dramatic beginning?
Even without ending it, it’s already done, tell me what to do

The line I want to pay special attention to is the second one. “Even without ending, it’s already done.” Even though they have not come to the end of the relationship, it lacks the intimacy and the love that it previously had possessed. Though they have not broken up yet, they know the end is inevitably coming. Still in the middle, and yet seeing the end. I think that this connects to the video in that the plot line is not narrative. We see hints of the accident, and Onew and Jonghyun as narrators show that they know the conclusion of the story. Even though they’re in the middle of it, the conclusion is inescapable.

The song is titled, “Tell Me What To Do.” For as long as the song plays, we’re asked this question of what to do and how to process the end we know is coming. We’re in the middle, seeing the end, and still not knowing what to do. The lyrics don’t come to the conclusion of what to do. The relationship is never actually resolved, just this perpetual wondering. I think this application can be carried to the music video. Though we know that Minho and the girl die, we don’t see the aftermath in their friendship. We don’t see them being grieved. There’s no real resolution. We’re still asking what to do at the end. This is why the narrative cannot be linear. Because linear things have ends, and this video offers no real conclusion.

It’s just an eternal state of pain and not understanding.

If only it could be erased, if only it could

This is connected to my previous point. I think it’s very important to clarify that this song and video are not about regret. Regret requires understanding. Regret requires that it be over, and it has not ended yet. You cannot regret the relationship because it has not ended. And they cannot regret what has happened because they are still trying to process it. They’re reliving it, narrating this story. It’s still happening and they keep asking themselves what they’re going to do.

It’s not exactly that the song and video lack things like regret. I just don’t think regret is the right word for this. I think connotatively, regret expresses not just a sadness or a disappointment in something that’s happened, but a deep, innate, consuming desire to go back and change what happened. But if you look at the expressions they wear throughout the video, I don’t think this is communicated. It’s a more simplistic pain. Not “I want to change what happened,” but “erase.” Not to take back the action, but to erase the things that caused them trouble. To erase their pain. I think the difference is in that regret implies a will to act–even if the action is impossible. But here, I think they are more resigned to the pain. More accepting of it. They know it can never be changed. “If only it could…” It’s more more mournful than regret, and less anxious.

Am I the one for you / From when we trapped each other,
I, who said you changed so much, had changed the most
the one for me / I don’t know but we keep returning to that promise,
Time keeps hovering but our time keeps disappearing

These lyrics reflect themes of being trapped in relationships, just as Minho and the girl come to be trapped in the constructs of their friend group. It also speaks of changes. It’s like, what should I do? Do I end the relationship? Should I stay? But if you stay you’re trapped, and if you leave you’re destroyed. Just like Minho.

The video begins with the title and the image of fire. As I previously mentioned, this is a way of revealing the climax of the video. In the very first instant, we’re already semi-aware of the ending, even if we only think it symbolic at this point.

Note the cross. When the teasers first started getting released, I thought the + in SH1+1Nee looked a bit like a cross, but I wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not. Now I know. Throughout the video, there are many crosses–almost always in association with the girl. In one respect, the cross is a funerary thing, being both that Jesus died on the cross and that tombstones are often in the shape of crosses or marked with them. It’s a form of foreshadowing the deaths later in the video, but I also think there’s additional symbolism that I’ll discuss later.

A shot of the inside of the car. The window is broken.  Another hint at future destruction. There’s also a siren in the car, like a warning. If we’re to take the siren as less of a symbol and more of a literal feature, then it would add to the characterization of these youths as being troublemakers. They’re obviously not in law enforcement, which means they have the siren simply for the purpose of screwing around.

They stand in the pattern of a cross–another reference. And Taemin is at its center. The camera zooms in on him, emphasizing the fact that this video revolves around Taemin first and foremost. The story that is told is his.

As well, even at :09, we already have Minho and the girl paired together.

Liquid drips from the bottom of the car. We assume it’s a gas leak. Again, we’re told before it happens. I think instances like this could say something about things that go wrong in relationships. Warning signs pop up all the time. Clear indicators, though it’s hard to see them for what they are until you’re in that moment thinking, we might break up.

This little flash of the leak also is nestled between two Taemin-centric scenes. Throughout the video, these scenes are linked to him.

Taemin has the first few lines in the song. This is one of the only shots we have of him singing. Here, and then two more times it briefly flashes to him singing a line. This is in contrast to the large amount of shots we have of Onew, Jonghyun, and even Key singing. It’s for this reason that Onew and Jonghyun appear to be narrators. But then it calls into question why, if Taemin is the main character, isn’t he narrating his own story? It creates a separation–isolating him, in a way. It hints at later dangerous behavior that he exhibits.

As well, it’s raining outside. Very important in sad-time videos.

They’re all gathered in this room. There’s not any real furniture. Posters are haphazardly placed on the walls. There are tons of mismatch things. It’s just grungy and uninhabitable. And yet, this is the only home we see. This is the environment they have chosen, and in a way, constructed for themselves.

Another prominent feature of this room is the sheer amount of beer bottles and spray paint. Other delinquent things. And Jonghyun is spray-painting a bottle. In another context, this could look like a restless or bored thing to do. But if you watch his expression, I think it’s clear that he’s neither of these things. It’s just a thing that he’s doing, albeit a pointless thing. All they do in this world is pointless. Because the environment they have created for themselves lacks responsibility, pointless things are all that is left. So they spray-paint beer bottles and drive around in circles for hours. They’re not restless, just content to be with one another. Until Minho wants to leave.

We see a lot of shots of Taemin like this. He’s at the edge. It reveals his mental and moral state as it teeters on the edge of danger.

Here is an instance of narrative singing shots. Onew looks into the camera. He looks sad and knowing and yet resigned.

As well, you can see the gun on the bed, which is later revealed in the video. I think there’s significance to this, but I’ll discuss it at the actual moment of the reveal.

We see the girl drawing crosses on the tiles, and eventually between the tiles.

We see a shot of an empty hallway. There are puddles of water and water drips down from the ceiling. The dripping liquid parallels the dripping of the gasoline from the car. This parallel is especially strong as this is the room in which Minho’s lines are performed.

We zoom out and it’s revealed that this room is actually an image on a screen. It hints at the constructed nature of this place. It also reminds us that the music video is a story being told. Although you obviously can’t see it in the screenshot, the water drop is actually moving backwards. Just as the video is this perpetual state of attempting to deal with pain, and it’s perpetually telling this story, the drop moving backwards kind of shows a rewind like on a video tape. You have to rewind back to get to the beginning, to tell the story.

Key squats down to look at his reflection in the mirror. Outside of Taemin and Minho, who are the main characters, Key is the most involved in the video. He serves more than a narrative function, unlike Jonghyun and Onew. He attempts to act as a mediator between Minho and Taemin, but ultimately fails. In a way, he blames himself for Minho’s and the girl’s deaths, because he could not stop the conflict that led to it. Looking to the mirror represents looking inward, and placing the blame on himself.

Taemin is sitting on the roof of the car. The girl is also visible. We also know that in the next instant, Key is in the driver’s seat. This is then a foreshadowing of the ending shot. We get the end in the middle. And we have a flash of red, like foreboding.

You can also see her cross earrings in the bottom right shot.

Even though Minho and the girl die in the car, and Taemin is the one to do it, none of them are as closely related with the car as Key is. He sits in the car here. In most of, if not all of, his singing shots, he’s with the car. This shows how deeply the incident has affected Key. He cared so much. He tried to stop it. He failed. He’s responsible, in his own mind, so he latches onto the car–the symbol of what destroyed their friendship.

This is the first time we see the car on fire.

As I mentioned before, Jonghyun and Onew have the most singing shots. Many of these shots are in a setting like this: with the blue lights. Only Jonghyun, Onew, and on occasion Key, are shown in this setting. Not only does this reflect their role as narrators, but it sets them apart from Taemin and Minho. Taemin and Minho can actually affect what happens in the course of the video. Jonghyun and Onew only watch. Even though Key tries to interfere, he is unable.

And then we see them in the car. The girl is in the backseat between Minho and Taemin. They’re driving around in circles, but there’s a rush. It’s an image of friendship and genuine enjoyment. But even in the midst of it, the love triangle is foreshadowed.

Now the girl is in the right-side seat. You can see a cross on her necklace if you look closely.

And now Onew is in the seat where she was before. I point this out for two reasons. First, and more simply, it means that this game they play where they drive in circles is something they’ve done more than once. Either over time, or they’ve changed positions and went one time after another. Again, this is a pointless activity, but they look perfectly happy. It’s so much fun for them to do nothing. It’s not event destructive behaviors for the sake of being destructive (like the spray paint or tossing the box over the balcony). It’s just meaningless. It’s fun. It’s not restless or anxious. Even though these behaviors can be conceived as destructive, within the context of their social environment, these pronouncements don’t need to be made. Contrast this driving in circles to Minho and the girl as they try to leave. Not driving in circles, but going somewhere. They were going to ruin it. They were going to break from the pattern of meaningless pastimes.

Second, the fact that the girl’s position in the car moves around is important because it shows that she plays no specific role in the group. She’s not just there to be torn between Minho and Taemin. She’s not there for any specific reason other than that she is one of them. She’s not just tacked on. She’s her own agent in the group. She’s not simply “the love interest.” She belongs equally to all of them, as they all belong to each other. This is, at least, probably Taemin’s mindset. He wants her. We know he does. But we don’t see him actively try to pursue her. He can’t. By the rules of the world they formed, she belongs to all of them, and none of them. If he tried to make her his, it would shatter the dynamics of their friendship. He would not let himself have her. And then Minho violated this.

These are the two things Minho did to incur Taemin’s wrath.

The box they throw off the balcony never hits the ground. We don’t get to see it break. We don’t see the resolution of it. This mirrors that the video and the song themselves never really resolve.

I think the shots like this are a really, really compelling narrative technique. This is not them in any one particular instant of the story, but their character as a whole. It’s not Minho before or after his death: it’s both. He is just a symbol of himself. They are all symbols of themselves. I think it’s incredibly striking to see them posed like this, like characters out of a movie poster, in contrast to the actual events of the story. You can see in Onew’s eyes that he knows, and Minho stands like a hero. They’re all aware of their fates yet they exist outside of fate because the storytelling removes them from time, almost. I don’t even know how to effectively communicate what I’m thinking, but I just think this is really striking scene. Hopefully you can kind of grasp what I’m trying to say.

I’ve seen a few people who think the explosion was an accident, or that Taemin didn’t do it. His characterization in these next few scenes make it really hard to argue that. They’re all drinking, but he’s the only one depicted as drunk. In the first screenshot, you can see a rather aggressive lip bite, and he reaches to take the girl’s hand. It happens very quickly, but he jerks her hand around. He seems unaware of her actual preferences. And then there’s a blurry, inverted flash. It happens very quickly, but I find it kind of unsettling. It reveals that even though he makes no explicit move on her, he still thinks of her as his. This is important when you want to understand why he was petty enough to kill them. Because she belonged to him in his warped morality and logic.

She leans her head on his shoulder and he drinks more. She’s close to him. It contributes to his delusion that she’s his, even if she never said she was.

The screen blurs. Taemin looks completely out of it. He’s the only one presented in this light. It doesn’t exactly help characterize him in a positive light.

And finally, we get the reveal that he likes her. It’s a flashback to the car ride. He looks at her longingly and she is unaware. I also find it mildly unsettling that we find out that he likes her in the middle of this drunken haze. We see him jerk her around and we see him incoherently drunk, and then we see that he likes her. Love, something usually understood as a positive thing, is being associated with these negatives. It shows that his love is more possessiveness than love.

And we also know that he liked her first. We see him liking her before she gets together with Minho. It’s almost like it was very important to him that we know that he liked her first. It’s like a plea that injustice was done to them.

Another huge indicator that Taemin’s character has a really warped sense of morality is this infamous meme. They’re laughing and having a good time, then Taemin pulls a gun. And no one seems particularly alarmed by that. Again, here, anything goes. We’ve escalated from throwing boxes over balconies to pulling guns on your friends. Before it was destructive, but now we’re beginning to see threats of bodily harm. And Taemin is the only one that leans toward that.

Just another example of how sad and tired and knowing Onew looks. Also note that this is just before Minho and the girl get together, as if in reaction to that.

And here, we see Taemin with a lighter. The lighter is important as it ties him to the car explosion. Also, there’s a stain on his left knee. It could totally just be that the ground behind him is wet and the stain happened while filming. But it could also be a clue that he kneeled in the gasoline as he rigged the car to explode.

And Taemin has this lighter literally a second before Minho leans in to kiss the girl. The lighter and the explosion and this moment are all connected.

Taemin watches Minho and the girl as they become a couple. Note, that they are not drunk. Contrast this to Taemin’s romantic scene founded in drunkenness.

Taemin looks right in camera.

The girl has a lit match in her mouth. Minho looks at it before looking back into the camera. He has no reaction to it. He sees the match, the danger it presents as it’s only going to get closer and closer to her, and yet his expression remains largely unchanged as he looks into the camera. It’s not as if he’s unaware–there’s definite understanding in his eyes. It’s just that it’s irrelevant. Nothing will change the way the story goes.

The match in her mouth also labels her as the reason for this accident. She gets in between Minho and Taemin. She’s like a fuse to Taemin.

Taemin has the lighter again. He lights it, and drops it. It’s hard to see from the screenshot, but the lighter is still lit when he dropped it. It’s not as if he was letting go of his bitterness or anger, or letting go of anything really. Because when you drop a lit lighter, it’s with full knowledge that something is going to be burned.

After Taemin drops the lighter, Onew looks especially pained. We’re closing in on the climax.

And finally, the gun is revealed. It was there on the bed next to Onew the whole time, but we couldn’t see it. It symbolizes an underlying danger. It was there the whole time and we didn’t really notice. This parallels the underlying danger of the world they’ve created. The whole time, Taemin had this potential for murder. And if they hadn’t tried to leave, they would have kept on being content in that group, totally unaware that Taemin was willing to end them if they ever did something to piss him off.

We return to the beginning. Gas drips from the car. The lighter that Taemin dropped sets it ablaze.

Taemin stands with his arms out like a cross. A bunch of guns are all pointed at him. He looks ready and willing to die. I think this can be interpreted a few ways. He feels guilty, he’s committing suicide, etc. I personally think that this reflects he was willing to die in order to do this. He’s willing to be damned so long as he can exact justice. And he makes the form of the cross, as if to specifically reference her, as if to say, all for you.

I think this screenshot perfectly sums up the fight. The girl cowering behind Minho, and him defending her. Taemin confronting Minho, and Key between them–more conflicted and desperate than any of them.

This is the moment that Minho decides that they need to leave. He sees what their relationship has done to the group, and what their reaction is doing to her. For her sake, he decides they should leave. So he pulls her along, and they get in the car. They’re going to drive away–not in circles. They’re going to break free from the group. They’re going to leave their own private world.

Minho turns the key in the ignition.

And we see her eyes. Really see them up close for the first time in the entire video, just a moment before she dies. She doesn’t look scared.

The lighter hits the ground.

Then the explosion. The lighter does not literally start the fire. Minho turning the key in the ignition does. But the lighter ties Taemin to the accident. It shows that he rigged the car to explode. He knew that she would pick Minho over him. He knew they were going to shatter the isolated intimacy that they had structured around themselves and this place. It’s not even simple jealousy. It’s possessiveness. He didn’t want them to change. He didn’t want them to break his perfect world. He didn’t want them to leave–but if they were going to anyway, it would be on his terms.

The four of them rush toward the burning car. I’ve seen multiple people use this scene as evidence that Taemin either didn’t kill them or didn’t mean to. I have a few problems with this. First, the car just exploded. There was no rescuing them. Taemin running closer doesn’t need to be an effort to rescue, but just coming closer to the accident. Second, he could be checking to make sure they’re dead. Third, he could be remorseful and desiring to save them. My point is, there are many explanations for this and it doesn’t necessarily follow that because he ran toward them that he wasn’t the cause.

As well, they aren’t wearing the clothes from the fight. This fire happened right after the fight, and they aren’t wearing the same clothes. I think this indicates that they are not literally running toward the burning car, but in retelling the story they’re attempting to come close to it, to understand the story better.

Key begins to get out of the car.

Then we cut to this shot of Taemin, again spreading his arms in the shape of a cross. Again, she has a deep association with the cross: she drew it on walls, and she had cross earrings, and necklaces. Jesus died for the sins of the world, so that in him, everyone could be justified. This could reveal that in her death, like Jesus’ death, Taemin realized his own need for salvation. He realized his own warped morality. Or, we can interpret it to mean that because she died, he could be saved. In his warped mind, her death was necessary for him to feel peace in regards to this story. So, really, I think which you want to believe is based off of how messed up you think Taemin is.

Key fully gets out of the car and leans against the door. Taemin is on the roof, and the girl is beside him. This is the full image of the ones we saw earlier. The video was leading toward this point. This is a very similar scene to the one where the girl had the match in her mouth in that this is a representation of them as a whole, both before and after the events. This is them as symbols of themselves. Everyone is present, and the car is whole again. But we remember what happened. And they do, too. This is just one cycle in the narrative. Just one telling of the story they tell over and over. And why would they do that?

That smile comes to me brighter, the cold hands warmer,
The lonely souls meet / Not lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
I’ll peer into you again, I’ll treasure your breath,
Even if other than us, everything changes

Because in this narrative, this is the place where lonely souls can meet.

Ganster AU (I still suck at titles)

Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:4377
Warning: Nothing detailed but you know random people being killed.

Hey look iloveleejinki123I wrote something else of that ganster AU. I have to admit that it got a lot more serious and angsty than I thought but I mean there’s a blowjob so there’s that lol btw this is highly unbetaed

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Pure (Taemin)

Loosely based off of Press Your Number


Summary: Innocence is a pretty good act to cover up the bad in us all. But even the baddest of men will crumble when it comes down to the ones they love.

You were always well behaved, the good girl, overly friendly. You didn’t just have your beauty to keep you in the eyes of many, including him. The typical drop out, naughty boy, your old neighbor. He had maybe 5 years on you if lucky. You were preparing to graduate high school life ahead of you, boring workload you were knowing you would have once the days of teenhood were over were short of scaring you.

But you played if off pretty well.

You walked into the convenience store looking around quietly before looking at the young cashier “where is the bathroom?” you asked. She simply pointed towards a door before you thanked her and walked into the bathroom. And downhill it went.

When you walked out of the bathroom you saw him. He looked different than before. He and you made eye contact as you began walking towards the exit knowing no good could come from you staying. You stopped at the door when you noticed the group of boys sitting in a car waiting for who you would guess would be him. You tuned slowly to look at him. As you stood still you watched him pull something out from behind his back. 

Him holding up a gun wasn’t what you were planing on seeing. Your eyes opened wide as he aimed it at the cashier. Filling up a bag full of the money in the register before he turned to face you. You knew his name and all about him. Lee Taemin. 

You locked eyes once more before you opened the door watching him walk outside. Following behind him you stood there watching him again. When he looked back at you he saw the look of being unimpressed with his actions like you saw that coming.

After school one day you sat listening to the radio in your car, the recent robbery came on. You were a witness but you ended up contradicting all the lady behind the counter leading them away from Taemin. For some reason you didn’t want him getting caught. 

A light knock onto the passenger side window jolted you from the silent moment you were having with yourself. The car door opened slowly and before long came to a close as the seat was now occupied by someone. The description of the young male filled the air. 

Dark brown almost black hair, light green eyes, sorter stature, Caucasian traits went on and on. You were more shocked they believed you so much. “Why did you cover for me?” you turned slowly glancing at Taemin “it doesn’t matter” you say back. “Do you think I owe you something now? That I should be thanking you or something” he asks back. “You do and you should. I didn’t rat you out Taemin” you spoke back calmly. “What would you want me to do?” he asked “stop being an idiot and actually be responsible for once” you tell him.You two made heavy eye contact “I never want something like that happening again. Someone could have got hurt or much worse” you tell him honestly. “I know. If it matters at all the gun wasn’t loaded it was for show” he tells you as he looks out the window. “I never want to be the reason someone dies” he continues “that’s good to know” you smile.

Leaving home right after you graduated with him. It didn’t take much for him to go with you. You two indulged in each other, taking advantage of the fact you could go anywhere. You went where ever you pleased to go. But that all changed quickly. Getting a home, jobs, marriage, ext. 

Taemin filled the tank up of the car before he looked over at you “we seem so boring now you know” he spoke “why’s that because you aren’t getting chased around by the cops?” you joke. “We seem like everyone else” he mumbled “I like not having to worry about you being something bad” you say. He sighed as he climbed into the car “I know” he says as he readjusts the mirror meeting the eyes of a smaller pair of identical eyes with a feminine gleam were clear. He smiled lightly looking back at the little girl in the backseat who gave him a toothless smile when their eyes met again. He had a good reason to stay out of trouble these days. Even if some days he wanted to be bad revert back to the old him. He had two people he wasn’t going to risk losing.

You and I.

taekai | domestic au, romance, fluff, unedited | ♫ listen. | pg (profanity) | wc 1,400~

Taemin’s voice is soft when he whispers, plush lips like velvet against Jongin’s ear. “Wake up,” he says, breath warm, and the sensation has goose bumps pushing up on Jongin’s bare flesh, a trail running down his arm along with Taemin’s dancing fingertips. They wrap around his wrist, picking up his hand and pressing a sweet kiss against his palm. “Jonginnie, you gotta wake up.”

Jongin’s tired eyes peel open, bleary and unfocused in the dark room. He can see the streams of pink sunlight escaping between the shutters of the closed blinds, signaling that dawn had finally begun, and Jongin rolls onto his back.

The sheets are cool against his skin, and when he looks up all he can see is the dark silhouette of Taemin hovering over him. He can see the outline of a kind smile and those gorgeous, twinkling eyes. No one can resist those eyes, least of all Jongin, and his own smile cracks across his face as the beginning traces of sleep begin to seep out of his tired bones.

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Marriage and a Funeral

Title: Marriage and a Funeral

Pairing: Jongtae

Rating: R

Warnings: mentions of character death, blood, slight gore, ghosts, homophobia

Summary: Neither of them knew that they were dressed for their wedding and their funeral. 

Notes: So when the new shinee teasers came out, i went a little ballistic over the picture of jongtae sitting on the couch covered in bones, so this was born *thumbs up*

It hadn’t really hurt. Dying, that is. Really, getting a cavity filled at the dentist’s office had hurt more than the shot to his head. There was a split second where he was present enough to think to look for his partner. They had just been married. Had just been leaning in to kiss each other in the living room of his parent’s house while they had been away on a day trip.

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