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Lauren: We have a great story for how [Lotor’s generals] were named. … There were a few names, Narti was the only one we kept. We have some weird name weirdness where we’re just like, “This one’s okay. This one sounds too much like this. This one weirds us out.”

Joaquim: It would drive the writers absolutely insane. …

Lauren: So Narti we liked, so Narti stuck. So we’re like okay, we’ve got that name, now we need three more. And so they came up with—It was Esor, Ythorod, and Aihpos. And we went with those for awhile until, literally Studio Mir—Korean studio with Korean speaking people—told us, “Hey, these are all old lady names backwards.”

Joaquim: Backwards, yea. So we were like, “Is this— ? These are the Golden Girls!”

Lauren: And they’re like, “Yes. Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia.” ….

Joaquim: [The Voltron writers] were pulling a fast one on us. And we fancy ourselves, you know, 80s enthusiasts. So when we didn’t catch it, we were like, “Double jerks. You guys really got it past us.”

Lauren: We were just mad because we felt like idiots.

Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos discuss naming Ezor, Zethrid, and Acxa

  • [Camila while stuck on an island writing in her diary]
  • Day 1: Alone, doing well. Mentally sound. Met a crab.
  • Day 2: I have married the crab.
  • Day 3: I have eaten my wife.
  • [Meanwhile the girls driving home from the beach]
  • Lauren: Ally could we stop by a gasoline station, It's been 3 hours and I really need to pee!
  • Ally: Sure, just wake up the rest of the girls to ask if they need to use the bathroom too.
  • Lauren: Wait, where's Camila?
  • [Ally forcefully stepping on brakes]
The most perfectly heart-wrenching aspect of Flint and Silver’s dynamic this episode is how hurt each one is by the other’s actions — even though each man is only being himself. Neither Flint nor Silver should be surprised by the other’s betrayal, but they’ve gotten to a place where each thought the other was better than that.
—  Lauren Sarner’s Ep8 review

SDCC 2017 Voltron Showrunners

Things we learned from this video

  • Both Lauren and Joaquim drove to the con
  • Both had pretty good drives free from most traffic
  • Lotor is not just a “liar”; there is genuine element of honesty to him
  • Zarkon is very much about Galra bloodlines
  • Lotor is much more about who is best for the job even if that means they’re not “brute strength”
  • Lotor’s generals are referred to as half breeds
  • Female (full!) Galra do exist and are generals! They just! Never showed them! (Arrrggh whyy)
  • A, imo, leading question by the interviewer that Keith’s emotionality over losing Shiro could be “his galra side” coming out which they do partially concede to (IMO it doesn’t sit well with me to link very understandable human emotions such as anger as being because he’s galra, and that the galra are just this blood thirsty inherently violent race)(I can understand his emotionality triggering galra abilities though)
  • Keith & Lance have a “natural arc” of coming to “kind of respect each other”
  • Joaquim reiterates that all ships are valid
  • but they make everything before fandom and apart from fandom
  • “Even if….we couldn’t go back to change the story and be like ‘and now they’re in love!’““We arent trying to cater or bait anyone””We’re just trying to do what’s right for the story”)
  • They don’t know how spaced out future releases of episodes will be
  • Are mum on whether or not Shiro will be seen
  • The seven episodes were not a “planned” season but a place in the story with a natural cut; this season won’t end with the same kind of finale we saw in S1 and S2
  • EDIT: How could I forget the brown lion? Yes, its a poop joke. 
and you drive me wild

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PART FOUR: Takin’ this ride by the wheel

It was ten o’clock that Saturday morning when Alexander and Lafayette pulled into the Laurens’ Family Ford Dealership, Laf driving Martha’s Subaru after asking to borrow it for errands. Martha being Martha, and Laf being Laf, didn’t even ask what errands the boys were running. Lafayette wondered what she would think of this plan, but Alex didn’t care. His mind was too clouded by the mystery of the car commercial boy.

Alex looked Lafayette over for what had to be the tenth time that morning. “Are you sure you wearing all of that is a good idea?”

Lafayette winked at Alex. “Of course, mon ami! It shows I am very patriotic.”

Lafayette was wearing a long sleeved shirt that was designed to look like the American flag, the upper part, which mostly consisted of his arm, was the stars, the rest of him the stripes. He had a flag bandana on over his puffy curls, and his jeans, which looked deceivingly normal from the front, were studded in the back, right on his butt. In glittery fake jewels it read Made in America, which Alex often pointed out was a lie, since Laf had been made in France, to which Laf would respond but my soul is American, mon ami.

So, with Laf dressed as a walking personification of America, the two boys strode into the dealership. Lafayette had instructed Alex to look confident and let him do the talking. Lafayette was going to pose as a wealthy twenty-year-old out car shopping with his younger brother. Alex had originally protested this plan, but Laf was quick to point out that nobody would really believe that Alex was old enough to buy a car on his own and Alexander had been forced to accept that.

“Besides,” Laf had told him. “You need to be your age so it’s not creepy of you to, how you say, track down, this boy.” He winked at Alex.

“I’m just… worried,” Alex had muttered, looking down at the ground as a blush rose to his cheeks.

Laf sincerely doubted that it was only worry that had brought him and Alex to the dealership so early on a Saturday, but it had gotten him there and that was what mattered.

Lafayette sauntered up to the front desk. Alex nearly shrieked when he realized the girl sitting behind it was the older of the two girls in the commercial. Lafayette must have noticed, too, because he went into total flirt mode.

“Bonjour, mademoiselle,” he said, French accent perfect, face angelic despite his awful fashion.

The girl, who appeared to be only a year or so younger than the two boys, giggled. “Hello, sir,” she said. “How can I help you today?”

“I am in search of a new car,” Laf began. “When I saw your advertisement on the television I was very pleased to find such a magnifique dealership so close by. So patriotic,” he said with a wink.

The girl blushed and giggled again. “I’ll get a salesman,” she told them. She giggled once more and then slipped into the back of the store. When she emerged, the man with her was no other than the guy with a bad hair dye job, who the two boys assumed was her father.

“Henry Laurens,” the man said as he stuck his hand out to Lafayette, a grin on his face.

“Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette,” he rattled off as he shook the man’s hand. “But you may call me Lafayette.”

“Wow,” the girl behind the counter said. “What a lovely name.” There were practically hearts in her eyes.

Alex tried not to laugh.

“That’s my second oldest, Martha,” Henry Laurens said with an indulgent smile.

“Oh, oui! Now I know where I recognize your pretty face from! You are on the television, non?” Laf asked smoothly.

Alexander swore the poor girl was about to actually swoon.

Henry chuckled and answered for her. “Yes, all of my children are in my commercials with me since this is a family business.” The pride in his eyes was almost endearing.

“You have a lovely bunch,” Laf said. “How many are there?”

“Five, three boys, two girls,” Henry said, clearly loving a chance to brag about his kids. “Martha here is top of her class, and so is Henry.”

“Ah, your eldest?” Laf asked.

Alex’s heart fluttered. Henry, he thought.

“No, Henry is my middle boy. You’re thinking of John.” A strange look passed over the man’s face at the mention of his oldest child. “But anyway, you didn’t come here to hear me brag about my children! Let’s look at some cars. Now what sort of model are you interested in?”

Alex’s heart was pounding. John. John Laurens. He knew what he looked like, and now he had a name. All that was left to do was find the boy.


MARILYN: Hello? BETTY: Lets go out. MARILYN: Okay. hold on, i’m on the other line with Lauren. BETTY: Don’t invite Lauren, she’s driving me nuts. MARILYN: Hold on. BETTY: Ok, hurry up. MARILYN: It’s Betty, she wants to hang out with me tonight but she told me not to tell you. LAUREN: Do not hang out with her. MARILYN: Why? LAUREN: You don’t want me to tell you. MARILYN: Ugh, you can tell me, hold on… MARILYN: Oh my God she’s so annoying. LAUREN: Who is? MARILYN: Who’s this? LAUREN: Lauren. MARILYN: Right, hold on… MARILYN: Oh my God, she’s so annoying. BETTY: I know, just get rid of her. MARILYN: Ok, what is it? LAUREN: Betty says everyone hates you because your such a slut. MARILYN: She said that? LAUREN: You didn’t hear it from me. RITA: Little harsh Lauren! Lauren: Ugh, whatever, she has a right to know.

[Ally about to drive a big truck]

: Ooh this thing is big and intimidating. I don’t know if I should drive it.

Ally: [yelling out the window at a guy on crutches] HEY! JENNIFER SLOWPEZ! GET THE HELL OFF THE ROAD!

Lauren: My God, Ally.

Ally: What?

Lauren: What’s gotten into you?

Ally: I don’t know. This truck just makes me feel so powerful. I think I’m okay now.

[hits the horn, yells]