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all aboard (the love train) | magnus x alec | oneshot | 15.1k 

“Mm, train delays are awful, but I can’t complain much, not when I have such a splendid view.”

or. Alec gets flirted on by Magnus on a train. They inevitably fall in love. 

read on ao3

for jule @blushyalec, i love you so much my bub, i wish you the bestest of days because it’s what you deserve.

Five OTP Songs

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This was kind of hard for me tbh but here are 5 songs for Kaidan and Jules:


Hello tout le monde !

C'est avec plaisir que je partage mon film de fin d'études réalisé à Gobelins. J'ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec mes incroyables camarades Eléna Dupressoir, Ines Scheiber, Viviane Guimaraes et Julien Becquer.

J'espère que le film vous plaira !

Bon visionnage :)



My Graduation film is finally released! I worked with my good classmates, Elena Dupressoir, Ines Scheiber, Viviane Guimaraes and Julien Becquer!

Hope you will like it! :)