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Something About a Dream

First off, thank you to the many comments I’ve received about the series so far. It makes me feel amazing, and keeps me wanting to post, so thank you again. Second off, I already know where I am going with them, but, if you want, let me know what more you want to see as they grow. x

You can find the past parts here.

To put it simply, Harry was distraught.

He imagined the first time seeing you naked to be some life changing experience, and for the most part he was right, but he envisioned it to be more on the romantic side, with his naked form hovering above you as he reaches into his bedside table for a condom, not when he scampers into his bedroom to find a pair a socks, only to be met with your naked figure bent over to retrieve the towel that had fallen to a heap at your feet – but nothing ever goes the way he wants them to.


For all the times he’s spent his mornings with a hand wrapped around his cock envisioning you rocking greedily against him, back arched and your nails digging into his thigh, he realizes you’re just as flawless as he daydreamed, even if he only got a few second glimpses before he stumbled out of the doorway, not even a peep leaving his lips.

Now, he was expected to share breakfast with the image of your bare arse forever etched in his head.

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He was a professor, and you were his favourite.

During your first year of university you found Mr Kim to be quite the English teacher, you always anticipated his class every Thursday and Friday afternoon and it seemed your hard work didn’t go unnoticed either. Late night extra credit classes soon became a place for your deepest and dirtiest desires.

warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, rough sex, squirting, strong language 

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Lauren isn’t expecting much from her twenty second birthday. All the important milestones had already passed, all of them leaving her empty handed. No Hogwarts letter had arrived on her eleventh birthday, no mermaid tail had appeared on her thirteenth. The enormously prophetic sixteenth year – the year famously known for having destinies foretold, for being kidnapped by gods, for falling into a ridiculous love triangle – had come and gone with nothing of note. The most magical part of her twenty first birthday had been that’d she’d manage to consume that amount of alcohol without dying

No grand epics begin on the day of someone’s twenty second birthday.

This is because of those unlucky enough to be chosen at this tender age – most don’t ever make it back.

Dead men tell no tales, after all.


(Dead women do. The bones and bubbling corpses of hundreds of daring, unfortunate women are screaming warnings and fury at the next girl to join their ranks of the lost and forgotten.

But no one listens to a woman’s screaming.

No one will listen to your screaming either.

Sorry, dear. )


She wakes up and goes to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

This is a hasty decision, of course, although she does not know it at the time.

This may be her last morning. If she’d known, maybe she would have savored it. Snuggled into her warm sheets, pressed her face into the softness of her pillow, pulled the comforter about her bare shoulders, the most instinctual and simple of comforts.

But then again. Maybe not.

There is also an instinctual, twisted pleasure in ripping off the bandaid.

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Pairing: Taehyung / Reader.

Genre: Angst, fluff, Smut.

Summary: Taehyung’s Aunt had always taught him to see the joy in the world, unveiling every crevice to show the blossoms of beauty that hid there. And even when she was gone, and her loss burned heavy in his chest he tried to return to the light that had always been taught to him- but, eventually, even the brightest stars must eventually fall low.

Word count: 23,208

Note: So this is the second part to the beautiful words series, and so far I’m really into this. I think I should probably warn that some of these might be real angsty, just because it fits the theme I’m going for- so you’ve been warned. If you want a song to listen to while reading this I would recommend ‘Heavy Weather’ by Billie Marten because I think it fits the story really well. Enjoy!

Jungkook| Taehyung| Jimin| Namjoon| Hoseok| Yoongi| Seokjin




  1. One who believes in the eternity of the soul

Taehyung had always loved the sky. It was mesmerising to him, be it cloudy or clear he found difficulty in tearing his eyes away above him, small puffs of amazement leaving his lips as he traced each colour like a brush does paint. More often than not whenever he was feeling sad or lonely, especially the latter during his harder years at college, he would find himself instinctively tilting his head up; studying the patches of colour like clockwork until he felt the tension drip from his body. One of the first things that he could remember was the sky, a vast wash of blue with strung out clouds that surrounded a watery sun that dangled from a thin line, staring for so long that he had found himself blinking rapidly for a while to chase away the sunspots that crept on his vision like a fringe of lashes. While his mother had always scolded him for doing it, tapping the tip of his nose and complaining that he was “going to go blind”; his Aunt had always patted his head and nodded in understanding.

It had been something of a silent agreement between his Aunt and himself, every imaginative thought he had was always encouraged by the woman, a smile crinkling into the corners of her eyes as she watched from the porch of her country house as he had ran around as a child, fighting phantom enemies and kneeling to draw in the dust. Due to the amount of time his parents had to work at the summer, Taehyung would often find himself tripping around with his Aunt to help with her farm, or marching through the nearby forests with the other kids from doors down to occupy the time that the holidays provided. His childhood was made up of moments like this, the harsh cityscape of his home city flying far from his mind whenever his parent’s car would pull up along the dirt path and he could look up too see the sheet of blue that draped languidly above; the blur of grey concrete bleeding like ink away to show the tangle of green undergrowth and beige hills of wheat as he pressed the side of his face into the cool glass.

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I want to remember...

Summary: What if you wake up and can remember enough of what happened the night before to know that everything has changed, but still don’t know who made the first move? (just a little friends to lovers sexy times for your Saturday) AO3

She wakes up to the usual sounds of squealing brakes followed by impatient horn blasts, security gates rattling in their journey upwards, murmurs of cell phone calls and the occasional bark of a too small dog. The noises of the city around her never seem to change, even on a morning that feels like it should be different. She presses at the base of her neck to see if the skin there is raised, fingertips tracing the same pattern as his lips, his tongue, the coarse hairs of his chin. Scrunching her eyes ever more tightly closed, she tries to add clarity to images threatening to disappear as consciousness fights with the fog of drunken mistakes.

Was it a mistake the way his mouth felt against hers, the weight of his hands on her skin or the possessive feel of his fingers anchored in her hair. Did he not mean the words he breathed between her lips between soul deep kisses?

“Finally…I’ve always wanted…Emma…”

She knows the truth of hers.

“Me too…”

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Title: With a Little Help From My Friends

Summary: You’re bitter and angry after Cas once again leaves on the Kelly Kline case. Except here’s the real kicker. He left with her. Dean is just as upset as you which leads to a rather unfortunate accident.

Pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Castiel

Warnings: just some rough smut, y’all

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           You’ve seen red maybe a handful of times in your life, but this time takes the cake. Castiel, the angel you’ve been in love with since day one, the angel you thought loved you back, ran off into the sunset with Kelly Kline and her monster baby. He left you. Again. And you’re fucking pissed.

           Dean’s in about the same frame of mind if his stomping around the bunker like an overgrown toddler is any indication. The two of you fall into a sort of pattern together. He’ll glare, you’ll mutter, he’ll stomp around, you’ll throw things. Usually things you can find in Cas’s room. Like that framed photograph of the two of you at the beach a couple of summers back. The sight of it is enough to have you flinging it across his bedroom with enough force Dean comes running in.

           “Heard a loud crash,” he says. “Thought you were hurt.”

           “Hurt?” Your laugh is bitter even to your own ears. “Why would I be hurt? Because Castiel ran off with a pretty, smart, kind woman to go play house for a little while? Because he abandoned me- us- yet again? Why would I be hurt about any of that?”

           Dean looks you over a couple times. “Because she has something you’ll never get?”

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #112 - The Prince of Egypt

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Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) The head of Jeffrey Katzenberg, the head of Dreamworks animation at the time and one of the former big wigs at Disney, had been pitching an adaptation of Moses’ story from Exodus to Disney far before he started Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg. During an early meeting of Dreamworks Katzenberg recalls that Spielberg looked at him during the meeting and said, “You ought to do The Ten Commandments.”

2) I think the opening disclaimer is a nice touch.

“The motion picture you are about to see is an adaptation of the Exodus story. While artistic and historical license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Moses can be found in the book of Exodus.”

3) Music plays an incredibly important role in this film, mostly for setting its grand storytelling and dark tone. This is clearly apparent from the opening song “Deliver Us” which depicts the suffering of the Hebrew people in Egypt and also the hope of Moses.

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4) This film also does an excellent job of immediately establishing the brotherly relationship between Moses and Ramses. It’s fun and honest, which makes the following events all the more heartbreaking.

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5) Val Kilmer is quite effective in the role of Moses, being able to provide a healthy balance of his youthful joviality and privilege early on and the wisdom that would come to define the character later.

6) This film has three noteworthy actors who have very little lines. The first two of these are Patrick Stewart as Pharaoh Seti and Helen Mirren as The Queen.

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Neither of them sing, so their lines are few and unfortunately Mirren feels wasted in the part (less of a comment on her acting, which is top notch as usual, and more from the lack of screen time). Stewart, however, gives Seti some depth. We see him as father and ruler, both roles where he cares about his people, but also murderer of Hebrew babies which gives him a sinister feel.

7) Moses could have been painted as a spoiled brat while acting as prince of Egypt, but he takes responsibility for his actions and mistakes while also trying to shield Ramses from some of their father’s heavy expectations.

8) Tzipporah is established as fierce as heck from the get go.

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Kept as a foreign slave in her first scene, she still fights back with great vigor despite being in a room who don’t care if she dies by the hands of the pharaoh. Michelle Pfeiffer imparts some of the strength she brought to Catwoman into the part and it’s a wonderful take on the biblical figure.

9) Sandra Bullock may have more lines than Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, and (later) Danny Glover, but for some reason I’m always wanting more of her and her character Miriam by the time the film ends. I like what I see, I just wish there were more of her in the film (I think).

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10) For some reason I don’t feel the way about her brother Aaron, who is voiced wonderfully by Jeff Goldblum. That may be because we see Aaron develop from non-believer to believer over the course of the film (wheres Miriam is consistently good and believing in Moses) and Jeff Goldblum plays both the doubter and the supporter well.

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11) Continuing with the excellent music in this film, “All I Ever Wanted,” carries with it that sense of grandeur as well as the heartbreak of Moses denying his true heritage.

12) Moses’ nightmare is one of the most memorable non-musical sequences out of the film (not THE most memorable but one of them), and this is done both through the unique hieroglyphic art style and the lack of dialogue. It is true visual storytelling.

13) Remember how I said Tzipporah is fierce as heck? Well, that continues throughout the film when she decides to drop Moses into a well as a bit of payback for being a prince of Egypt (although she does help him out because he helped her escape the palace).

14) Danny Glover is the third actor who doesn’t have enough lines. He plays the role of Jethro, a character with about ten spoken lines (more or less) and then the rest of his role is in song. And Danny Glover doesn’t sing the song.

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In the little dialogue Glover does give though, he is able to establish Jethro as a man who’s heart is as big as his stature. I just wish we’d heard more of him.

15) I mentioned in The Road to El Dorado the effectiveness of using a song to cover large gaps of time. This film is no different, initial with Jethro’s song “Through Heavens Eyes.” It’s a rousing and hopeful number which talks of the Hebrew god and how we can only know our worth when trying to look through (one guess what I’m going to say next) heaven’s eyes. In that time we cover Moses learning what a free life is from these people, his growing humility, and his blossoming relationship with Tzipporah (and eventual marriage).

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16) The Burning Bush.

Val Kilmer provides the voice of god in this film, although that wasn’t the initial plan. Originally all the actors in the film were going to voice god at the same time, and were told to whisper so they wouldn’t overpower each other. When the time came to record Kilmer’s lines, they realized someone had to speak louder. It was a happy realization, as the filmmakers later noted that god usually speaks to us as the little voice in our own heads. And it parallels the Cecil B. Demille version of The Ten Commandments where it is said (although I don’t think confirmed) that Charlton Heston also provided the voice of god while also playing Moses.

17) Moses telling Tzipporah about his encounter with the burning bush is another fine example of how filmmaking is primarily a VISUAL medium. We don’t hear a word they saw to each other, but we see him talking and we see her reaction and we know EXACTLY what is happening.

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18) Ralph Fiennes performance as Ramses is at its best when Ramses becomes villainous and conceited. Hmm, Ralph Fiennes playing a villainous and conceited villain. Sounds familiar…

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19) Playing with the Big Boys is the only real villain song in this film.

Performed by the evil lackeys Hotep and Huy (who are voiced wonderfully by Steve Martin and Martin Short respectively), the song shows off just how dark things in the Egypt really are and how tricky these two “magicians” are. Martin and Short breathe wonderful life and evil fun into the song, and even recorded their dialogue together. And the scenes uses wonderful use of darkness and shadows to make us feel like Moses is in over his head. Which in a way, he is. But the film wouldn’t be interesting if things were easy for the protagonist.

20) The growing conflict between Moses and Ramses is heartbreaking and I give credit to all those involved in this film for that. The directors, the writers, the animators, Val Kilmer & Ralph Fiennes, everyone. We see them go from the best of friends to archenemies and neither of them wants to be in that position. But they are, and they each think they’re doing what is best for their people. It hurts a lot to watch.

21) “The Plagues” is also a great example of how this film condenses what could have been a massive chunk of time into a little two-and-a-half minute song.

It also does not make light of the plagues either. The plagues were horrible. True wrath of god type stuff that ruined people’s lives. And this song is an epic but dark representation of just what those were like while also developing the conflict between Moses and Ramses.

22) I’m not as familiar with my biblical readings as maybe I should be, but I like that this film depicts Moses reaching out to Ramses one last time before he releases the final plague. It is one final reminder that they are or, more appropriately, were brothers. And they almost seem to understand each other, to make peace. But they don’t. Meaning the final and most awful plague is released.

23) I don’t want to get into my own theological beliefs or philosophies, but I am always sickened about the death of the first borns of Egypt.

The scene is animated beautifully but the entire thing is heartbreaking. The idea of a god who will take away the lives of children just to get what he wants, even though he later claims that we are all his children, just never sits right with me. I just…it sickens me. That’s all I can say. It sickens me.

24) “When You Believe” is probably THE song from this film. It won the Oscar for best original song that year, beating out “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. It is the perfect representation of the power of hope and belief which is the central theme of this film. Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky (along with the film’s chorus) do an excellent job performing the song written by Stephen Schwartz, but the pop version performed by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey is just as good.

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25) I think the most memorable part of this film has to be the parting of the Red Seas. And it could just be for this image alone:

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That is such a powerful image which really gets across the wonder of what we’re seeing. A representation of the scene which few if any adaptations of the Exodus story have ever lived up to and which I think only animation can bring to life so wonderfully.

26) After the Red Sea crashes down and Ramses is washed away, we see Moses looking off in the distance and hear Ramses screaming, “MOSES!” The filmmakers have suggested that this may be in Moses’ head and that Ramses might actually be dead. I like that idea. It shows Moses still has hope for his brother.

27) And since this is an adaptation of Exodus, of course it has to involve the Ten Commandments in some way. I’m just glad that it’s the last shot of the film. A nice way of ending the story.

It makes sense to end a family film there, as opposed to Moses finding his people worshipping a false idol (a golden cow, I think) and smashing the tablet before God destroys the idol and forces his people to wander the desert for 40 years to kill off the rebellious generation. Oh, and Moses didn’t get to go into the promised land.

(GIF originally posted by @rocktheholygrail)

What’s not family friendly about that?

The Prince of Egypt is a great animated film who’s popularity has unfortunately lost steam in recent years. It represents its story well without beating you over the head with the religion, the animation and music are gorgeous, and the voice acting is top notch (if a little wasted at times). I highly recommend you see it.

GENESIS — Spencer Reid Imagine

A.N; hi! i love angst, spencer, and the song genesis by dua lipa (which this imagine is based off of) so i just had to write this. enjoy!


WARNINGS; slight mentions of unsub/killing. nothing super graphic or vivid.

     In the beginning god created Heaven and Earth. For what it’s worth, I think he might’ve created you first.

    TRUE LOVE is something humans do, not a feeling we get. However, too often are people blinded by a false sense of love — lust, and are tricked into thinking they love a person when they merely love the idea of them.

    Love was a tricky thing in the BAU and many failed at it countless times, but when people like Derek and Savannah succeeded, it was a blessing. Everyone wanted to experience the feeling of love, and everyone wanted a companion they could come home to after seeing the worst of evil in the world. A small fraction of people were like Alvez, and were simply fine with having a cute dog to greet them when they walked through the front door.

    At first you completely cut the idea of having a relationship from your mind. Combined with your busy work schedule and your inability to let your walls down for the people who cared most about you, a relationship just wouldn’t work. Being in the BAU required the ability to not allow yourself to be vulnerable on the field. You constantly had to keep an invisible shield up in your mind to block out the evil things thrown your way. If this shield would to be broken, you would be just as weak as the unsub you were going after.

    You and Spencer had a strange relationship as many would tell you. When you first joined the team, you were reserved and over-compensated to help yourself feel like you fit in. Strangely, after a few months of being apart of Prentis’s team, you had Spencer had hit it off. Initially there was no sexual desires that played part in your relationship, it was just you and Spencer and your ever-growing friendship that some felt envious of. You made great relationships with the other members, but there was something different you and Spencer had with each other.

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My North Star (pt 8)

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A/N: AH so I got around to typing this part out! I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! Do you want a part 9? I won’t write one if no one lets me know haha 

Length: 2076 words

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart? 

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

I love her

Jin started to panic. I love her? No, I can’t. I can’t feel that way…. Jin felt like he couldn’t breathe all of a sudden as the realization hit him. All this time, he saw you as his best friend, and he loved you very much. Only now was he beginning to realize that he loved you more than anyone else. After all the years you spent together, he realized that you were what people called a soulmate. The one person that understood everything about him. The one who loved all his virtues and even loved all his vices. And he loved everything about you too. And that was why it was so important that he couldn’t lose you.

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168: Single father.

Harry: He continues running his hands over his face, pacing the hospital corridors. Every time the double doors swing open, his eyes shoot up in the hope it’s a doctor giving him some good news, but it’s not. Instead, he sees other couples leaving happily with their newborn babies in their arms and he would give anything right now for that to be the both of you. “Harry, why don’t you hold her” Gemma whispers softly, approaching her brother gently and encouraging him to take his little girl from her arms. Harry shakes his head. “I can’t” he murmurs softly. “Not right now, Gem.” Gemma sighs softly and gives the newborn baby girl a smile. “But she wants her daddy” Gemma tells him. “Not. Now!” Harry seethes through gritted teeth. “Honey” Anne coos from behind him, resting a gentle hand on his back. “Why don’t you come and sit down. Have a drink, something to eat. You need to keep your strength up” she suggests. Harry shakes his head, tears threatening to spill over. “Why haven’t they come out?!” he exclaims, trying to peer through the windows of the swinging doors. “Why aren’t they telling me anything?!” Anne sighs, placing her hand on the small of Harry’s back and guiding him to the grey plastic chairs. She looks around at the various family and friends who have come to show their support. Louis shifts uncomfortably in the chair, not knowing what to do or say, whilst Liam’s knee is bouncing as he nervously bites his lip. Harry bows his head, rubbing his hands through his hair as he has flashbacks to your beautiful baby girl being born. It was such a happy moment and it was snatched away from you both within seconds. Your body had gone limp and there was excessive bleeding, and the doctors had ripped you away from him, and were literally pushing him out the room. When the routine checks were completed on your baby girl, the nurse had tried to hand her to Harry, but he had refused, screaming and crying for you instead. It snaps him out of his thoughts when Anne takes your baby girl off of Gemma, and rocks the infant in her own arms. “Harry?” she questions calmly. “It will help, it will your take your mind off everything.” Harry nods, swallowing the lump forming in his throat. His mum always knew the right things to say and do, something that all mums should be able to do, and he knows that you’ll be exactly the same. Taking his baby girl, he can no longer refrain the strangled cry from leaving his lips. “Hey darling. I’m your daddy” he murmurs stroking her cheek. “Mummy’s trying to give us a bit of a scare at the moment” he whispers softly. “Mummy likes to worry me lots and I’m sure you’re going to be just the same. You have her eyes, baby girl” his bottom lip quivers, but he stays calm. “I’m going to look after you. I’m going to scare away the monsters under the bed and I’m going to chase away the boys until you’re at least twenty. And I’m going to teach you how to ride a bike and play football like a pro, but don’t tell mummy. I don’t think she’d want you to play for United.” The atmosphere in the room changes just slightly, everyone having a slight grin as Harry talks to the little bundle of joy cradled in his arms, a few tears escaping Anne and Gemma’s eyes. Suddenly, the double doors swing open and all heads in the corridor turn. Harry quickly stands up, his baby girl still held in his arms. Anne stands behind him, placing a gentle hand on his back. The doctor coughs uncomfortably, grasping the clipboard. “Mr Styles” he starts, his eyes shifting to the floor. “I really am, truly sorry. We tried everything we could” he begins. Harry shakes his head vigorously. “No” he whispers, his heart shattering, surely breaking into millions of tiny pieces, and then some more. “No no no no. Not my wife. Not my (Y/N)! No!” he exclaims. Anne rubs his back gently, but nobody can say anything that will make this any better. Harry’s a single father now, and nothing will bring you back to him or your baby girl.

Liam: He can’t quite comprehend that it’s you standing in front of him after two years. “(Y/N)” he gasps out in shock. You smile but as expected, his expression doesn’t mirror yours. He grabs your upper arm, his grip tightening as he drags you down the driveway. “Why the hell have you come back?!” he spits out through gritted teeth. “I came to see my son” you whisper softly, looking at the house in the distance, staring at the window and only hoping your two year old doesn’t see the commotion occurring outside. “Your son? Your son?!” he scoffs. “He stopped being your son the day you walked out and left him! He needed his mummy and you abandoned him!” Liam hisses. You lower your head in shame. “I was ill, Liam” you murmur. His demeanour changes slightly for a few seconds. “I know that. But there were a lot of people around you to help you, (Y/N). Plenty of new mums suffer post-natal depression. They learn to cope with it. You ran away from your problems” he spits harshly, anger returning once again, his hold tightening on you once more. “That’s not true, Liam. I left because I didn’t think I could look after him. I couldn’t be a good mum” you cry. Liam shakes his head. “You already were a good mum. The moment we took that pregnancy test and you were the one reassuring me that nothing would change between us and that we’d always be there for each other.” Silence engulfs the night air and he turns away from you,  running his hands through his hair and over his face, before placing them on his hips. You sigh before speaking again. “I saw a picture of him the other week. The paps got pretty close. He looks just like you” you smile. Once again, he scoffs and turns to face you again. “Good! Because life would be too fucking cruel if I had to look at a miniature version of you every day!” He pauses, gathering his thoughts. “Dammit (Y/N)!” he yells, his fist making contact with the wall beside you. “Two years, two fucking years I waited for you! You left me with him when he was two months old! He screamed and screamed and screamed and I could never do anything right or know what he wanted. I gave him milk, changed him, gave him cuddles but the reality was, he just wanted his mummy. I got no phone call, no letter to tell me you were safe! I just had to assume you were alive! A part of me had wished you were dead because at least it meant you didn’t choose to leave me!” You cower, his knuckles red and grazed from where they had made contact with the brick, tears pooling in your eyes as you realise the extent of his anger. Liam quickly backs away, holding out his hands. “I’m sorry. I would never hurt you. You know that.” You nod, swallowing the lump forming in your throat and staring at the ground, but you mentally question his statement. You don’t know Liam anymore. You lost the right to know him when you left him holding your baby. “What, what is he like, Liam?” you dare to ask with a shaky breath. Liam smiles proudly, but hurt is evident in his eyes. “He’s, oh God, he’s so, so perfect. He’s so amazing. He’s kind and caring and happy and funny. He sings, you know?” he quickly scoffs. “Of course you don’t know. And his favourite uncle is Louis because they sing together. His favourite food is alphabet spaghetti and he can spell his name almost by himself. He hates broccoli because it looks like a tree. He’s scared of cats because he got scratched by one a few months ago, but his favourite animals are monkeys at the zoo” he reels of the facts about his son, causing your heart to physically shatter into millions of tiny pieces. “And I’m not letting you come back here to fuck it all up, (Y/N)! You missed everything! You missed him say his first words, you missed him take his first steps. You weren’t the one up all night with him when he was in hospital with an infection. You weren’t the one taking him to the doctors when he had chickenpox. I’ve been a single father for two years, (Y/N)!” He pauses, running a hand over his face once more. Looking up at you, your expression breaks his heart. Relief washes over him that regardless of being distraught in front of him, you’re healthy, and alive, at least. “Why did you come back, (Y/N)?” he asks calmly. You sniff, wiping away the tears from your cheeks with the back of your hand. “Because I want a second chance. I want to try again. I want to raise my son, with you.”

Louis: “You’ll look after them both when I’m gone, won’t you Louis?” you ask him softly. His thumb skims your hand as you lay, bodies entwined, together in bed. He presses a kiss to you forehead. “Don’t talk like that, darling. We have plenty of time to do this, it doesn’t have to be now” he tells you, his hold on your waist tightening as he pulls you closer. He squeezes his eyes shut quickly, almost as if to remove the awful and harrowing image from his mind. It doesn’t work. “But we do, Louis. We do have to talk about this. I haven’t got much time left. I can feel it” you whisper softly. He gulps, swallowing the lump formed in his throat. “Don’t” he warns gently. “Please. This isn’t going to help anyone” he murmurs softly as tears pool in his eyes. You shake your head and raise your body slightly, leaning on one arm. You caress his cheek gently, skimming your thumb along his jawline. Giving him a sympathetic look, you sigh heavily. He mirrors your expression as he observes your features. The circles under your eyes are darker, and your lips are dryer, and in general, you look weaker. You had been fighting the cancer from the moment you were diagnosed, with chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, and when they didn’t work, you had various surgeries. After those failures, Louis had researched every recommended doctor, paying for any available treatments from abroad as well to give you the best chance of survival. Of course, nothing had worked and your illness was confirmed to be terminal.  “I’m worried about you, Louis. You’re in denial. We’ve had second and third opinions! I’m dying and as horrible as this disease is, Louis, we both have to accept it. You’re going to be a single father and I want and need you to be ready for our babies. I know the boys will look out for you all, as will both my family and your family. But our babies! You’ll need to learn how to do their hair, you have to make sure you cut the crusts off their sandwiches, and you have to make sure they sleep with the right teddy bears. And you, Louis. What are you going to do? You’ll have to find someone else who can make you happy and be a good mum for them” you whimper. Louis scoffs although gives you a small smile. “Honestly (Y/N), only you could be laying here, literally dy-” he pauses, not sure how to continue, because saying the word out loud would only cause more heartache. You nod encouragingly, and in understanding. He quickly shakes his head to erase the thoughts. “Stop worrying about me” he whispers softly, stroking a strand of hair behind your ear. “And as for finding someone else who makes me happy? That will never happen! Nobody could ever make me happy like you do, darling. There is nobody else for me. You are my soulmate, my best friend, my wife and the mother of my children. Nobody else even comes close, sweetheart” he whispers softly. “But please don’t worry. I’m not going to lie and say it will be easy, it’s going to be so, so hard, baby girl. But I have our babies to look after and I am going to be there for them every step of the way” he reassures you. “And I promise, darling, I’ll see someone to get some help and support, yeah?” he whispers and you give him a small smile. “I love you, Louis. So much! And I am scared of leaving you all. But I’m not worried about you being a single father. You will do an amazing job, Louis. I know you will. And if you do move on and find someone who makes you happy, please don’t feel guilty. I need you to be happy and learn to love again. And I promise you, I won’t haunt you” you joke. And while Louis gives you a small smile, the sadness in his eyes is at the forefront and he presses a kiss to your forehead. “I love you, darling. I really do.”

Niall: “Thanks” Niall murmurs softly as Harry places the mug of hot tea in front of him at the table. Harry gives Niall a small smile and nods. “Can I hold her?” he asks. Niall nods and hands him the baby girl. “Watch her head” he warns gently and Harry chuckles at his protectiveness of the little human now in his own arms. “Niall, she’s beautiful.” Niall smiles proudly, but his eyes still display sadness. “How are you coping?” Harry asks. Niall is silent, giving Harry a quick nod in answer, before his true emotions show and chokes back a sob. “Oh Ni” Harry murmurs, placing a hand on his best friend’s back, the baby girl easily held in one arm. “She didn’t have to leave me, H. It didn’t have to be like this. There were so many people around her that wanted to help her and I tried so, so hard” he sobs. Harry nods in understanding. “She had post-natal depression, Niall. I know it’s hard but it’s important to remember that it’s not because she didn’t want to be a part of your life. She just felt she couldn’t cope. She spoke to therapists, to you, to me and the boys, to El. It’s a dreadful thing but she loves you and she loves your baby girl so much” Harry reassures him. Niall shrugs. “I don’t even know where she is. I came home from the studio and she’d gone. She’d packed a few things and left. She didn’t even leave me a letter. I have nothing left of her” he sobs. “You have her” Harry whispers softly, referring to the little bundle in his arms. Niall nods and gives a small smile at the sight of his baby. “Yeah. She’s so perfect, Harry. But I can’t do this on my own. She needs her mummy too. I just want her back, Harry. I need to find her and get her home to us. I’m not angry, I’m not cross with her. I’m just upset that she didn’t feel she could talk to me before leaving.” Harry nods in understanding once again. “What about her family? Have you contacted them?” he asks. Niall nods. “They haven’t seen her. She’s officially classed as a missing person. But you know what she’s like, Harry. If she’s missing, it means she doesn’t want to be found. Remember the time we had an argument and she was gone for days?!” he chuckles, but the situation is far from lighthearted. “I can’t say she even chose to leave me. It was the depression that made her leave. This would have at least been easier if she chose to leave us because she doesn’t love us. But she does, but she’s scared that can’t cope. She’s not herself, Harry, and that’s scary. She’s out in the world all alone. What if she’s hurt? What if someone hurts her? She can’t look after herself in her state! And what if she hurts herself?” he gulps. “What if” he pauses, lowering his head in his hands. “What if she’s already dead, H? What if she’s killed herself?” Harry rubs his hand on Niall’s back. “Ni, mate” he begins, before carefully taking the baby girl and quickly placing her in the bouncy chair. “There you go princess” Harry whispers softly. When he returns, he pulls his best friend into a hug. “You can’t think like that, Niall. People are out looking for her. The police are doing everything they can and when they find her, they’re going to get her the help she needs, ok? And then she’ll be back to you both. But you have to stay positive, yeah?” Niall nods, chewing his lip and quickly swatting away the tears streaming down his face with his fingertips. “She’s stronger than you give her credit for, mate. She’s been through so much in her life and you have both had to cope with so much together. And she’s always been the strong one. Hell, if I had ever been through what she has, I don’t think I’d be as strong as her, Ni.” Niall sighs. “You’re right” he murmurs, but he’s quickly disturbed when he feels the vibration in his pocket. Ripping his phone out, his stomach lurches as he considers all sorts. If it’s the police, it means they could have found you, dead or alive. He takes a look at the caller ID and your name flashes. He quickly punches at the answer button. “(Y/N)” he breathes a sigh of relief when your breath hitches down the other end of the phone. “Babe, oh baby, where are you? Tell me where you are darling” he cries down the phone as he grabs his car keys. Taking a look at Harry, he quickly mouths “go” and he knows his baby girl will be safe with his best friend. Once you reveal your destination, he breaks every speed limit possible to get to you. Relief washes over him as he realises that maybe, he’s no longer a single father, and that you’ll be a family once more.

Zayn: “Hey angel!” he exclaims as his five year old daughter runs out of the school and into his arms. Liam watches on with a huge smile, having offered to spend the afternoon with Zayn and his little girl. The boys had been great at keeping Zayn company and helping him to bring up his pride and joy, something you had made clear that you wanted when you were diagnosed with your terminal illness. “Look after them” you had told the boys. Normally, the happy little girl would be smiling and laughing when her daddy picks her up and tickles her, and normally she’ll race to tell him all about her day and what she played with and what she has learnt. But today, something was different, and when he set his little girl down, he noticed she had been crying. Wiping the tears away from her face, he’s quick to reassure her. “Baby girl, what’s wrong? What’s happened? Why are you crying?” he asks, his voice full of concern. She sobs harder as she tries to tell him about the day’s events. “All my friends got to make a Mother’s day card today and my teacher told me I couldn’t make one because I don’t have a mummy!” she hiccups throughout the sentence. “Come here, sweetheart” he pulls her into a cuddle, wrapping his arms around her protectively. His emotions are clear to Liam, who has known Zayn well for years, and he knows that whilst he’s upset at the mention of the loss of his wife, and upset for his daughter, anger is at the forefront at the teacher who told his little girl she was excluded from the activity. “Zayn” Liam whispers softly. “Let’s go. You can write a letter of complaint, yeah? Let’s not cause a scene” he murmurs softly. Zayn nods, knowing that Liam is right. Going into the school and having his much needed rant will only satisfy him slightly, but it could scare his little girl, and he didn’t want that. Within minutes, Zayn and Liam had both arrived at the park allowing your daughter to play whilst the boys took a seat on the bench. “Zayn!” Liam exclaims as he pulls a packet out of his pocket. Zayn shrugs as he lights the cigarette and takes a drag from it. “I need it when I’m stressed” he murmurs. Liam lets out a breathy, sarcastic laugh. “So your wife died of terminal cancer and here you are, prepared to give yourself lung cancer?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. Zayn sighs deeply, before quickly stubbing out the killing machine. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I’m just so fucked off, man. Who does this teacher think she is? She has a mum just like everyone else. We still go and see her” he tells Liam, gesturing to your daughter and referring to your grave. Zayn runs a hand through his hair, sighing deeply, and allows the silence to take over, with Liam giving him time to think and reflect. Soon enough, your little girl comes running over to Zayn, demanding that they go home and have dinner “because it’s nearly five o’clock.” Waving a quick goodbye to Liam, Zayn takes his little girl home. There’s a comfortable silence throughout dinner before Zayn pipes up, suggesting an idea he had thought of. “Baby girl, I know you said about this teacher today, but she’s wrong to say that. You have a mummy just like all of your friends, ok?” he asks, and she nods in response. Zayn smiles. “So how about, we do something even better and make mummy a card home here? We’ll get some paint and some glitter and we’ll do some drawing. And then on Sunday, Mother’s Day, we’ll take the card with us and put it on mummy’s grave. What do you say, darling? ” The little girl nods her head excitedly. “I want to use yellow paint, it was mummy’s favourite colour. And I want to draw flowers because mummy loved flowers too. And maybe we should take her some flowers” she adds, and whilst a smile dances on her lips, there is a sadness in her eyes. Because whilst Zayn may be a fantastic dad, he’s a single father and coping as well as he can isn’t going to bring you back. Your little girl will grow up without her mummy, and Zayn will do everything in his power to keep the memory of you alive.

Blood Relations Part 12

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 - Extra, Part 11 , Part 12, Part 13

A/N: after a long time away… I’m finally updating!!! So this part has a lot of shocking things happening in it prepare for smut and I can’t wait for you to read it!! I hope it’s worth your time!

Words: 6214

Pairing: Jaebum/Reader

Warning!: slight smut xD

Summary: another vision troubles your sleep, making you seek out for answers but not getting the ones you were expecting…

Previous Part: Part 11

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Just A Little Crush

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requested by my fam @joohoneymoney! i hope you like it <3

pairing: jooheon x [y/n]

word count: 1764

a/n: this scenario is actually inspired by this gif ! tehee, i hope you guys like it <3 i apologize for any grammatical errors. 

Luck was on your side for the first time and here you are, sitting in your seat with so much anticipation. Gripping on your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with your right hand, you clutched onto your chest, trying to calm your beating heart. 

It’s finally the last fan meet. The first and last fan meet that you’ll attend and there’s nothing more that you could ever wish for but just to see the boys’ face to face. It has always been one of your bucket lists ever since you’ve came to Seoul. 

The whispers of other lucky fans sounded like bees buzzing around a flower. Suddenly, with the lights slightly dimmed, the whispers died down as soon as seven figures came in with such grace. Each and every one of them had different vibes and there was one that has already caught your attention. 

And it’s no other than Lee Jooheon

The rapper that had captured your heart for his passion and talent, not to mention his big heart. Despite the fact that a couple of people told you that he was scary, you didn’t care. You didn’t care since behind that image was a soft, ball of aegyo.

Somewhere deep inside of him, you knew that he was someone that has a beautiful and fiery heart, filled with passion and love. Standing just a couple of meters away from you, you couldn’t help but gaze at him with so much affection. 

A couple of shutters snapped you out from your thoughts and brought your camera up to your eyes, looking through the eye piece, fingers turning the focus ring until it finally focuses on his smiling face. 


Another, and another. He was smiling brightly at different cameras pointed at them. Eyes transferring from lens to lens until it finally lands on yours. Jooheon’s eyes have widened slightly but he quickly regained his composure, he flashed you the brightest smile that he ever has and you didn’t waste any time to capture such moment. 

Thinking that he was going to look at another lens, you were about to bring your camera down when he flashed you a finger heart, totally catching you off guard. However, you were quick and you were able to capture it before he brought his hand down and looked away with his cheeks flushed. 

Nice shot, [y/n]! you couldn’t help but gaze down at your camera, totally admiring how the shot came out and you started to think of ways to tweak it a bit to make it more beautiful. Losing yourself in your own world, a pair of eyes would constantly glance towards your way – eyes filled with stars. 

Jooheon couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of you being cute and beautiful at the same time. Never has he ever felt like this. When his eyes landed on your lens, he couldn’t help but keep his eyes on you until he saw your face. You had a different glow than the rest. 

Noticing a pair of eyes boring into the back of his head, he quickly turns around only to see a teasing smile from Hyungwon, who has been responding to Minhyuk and Changkyun’s question in such model-like manner. 

“What are you giggling about?” Hyungwon asks, slinging an arm around the younger. “Hehehehe, it’s a secret.” Jooheon sheepishly smiled at Hyungwon, making Hyungwon shake him a little bit on the shoulders, making Jooheon burst out laughing before leaning in to his ears, whispering the words that he’s never expected to say. 

“I think I have a little crush on one of our fans.” 

Pulling away to give the younger lad a teasing smile, Hyungwon could help but burst out into fits of giggles along with Jooheon. This was something that the two of them always liked to talk about. It was impossible for them to not have a little crush on one of their fans, but it was something that they’ve never expected Jooheon to experience. 

“Are you serious?” Hyungwon squeaked as he tried his best to calm his beating heart. Man, he was more excited that Jooheon. Jooheon’s frivolous grin was enough for Hyungwon to believe. Giving Jooheon a slight punch on the shoulder, Hyungwon couldn’t help but pull Jooheon back to the table, retreating with flushed cheeks. 

“Which one your little crush?” Hyungwon casually asked, finally regaining his composure. “The one with a cream cardigan with a loose white shirt paired with a light washed jeans and a black and white vans old skool skate shoes.” 

With Hyungwon’s eyes searching for the right match, Jooheon couldn’t help but let out a fruity laugh. “Found her.” In just seconds, Hyungwon’s twinkling eyes finally found its way to yours, only to burst into a smile when he saw your surprised, yet shy reaction when you caught him staring at you. 

“She’s pretty.”

([of/n] – other fan’s name) 

“Ne~ Thank you for coming to see us, [of/n]!” Jooheon beamed as he waved his hand at the red haired girl. Looking around at the venue, his eyes started to search for you but you weren’t there in your seat. Jooheon’s eyebrows furrowed as he strains his head to be able to have a view of those places that has been covered by a couple of things. 

This continued for a couple of minutes until he didn’t notice the person who was sitting right in front of him. 

“Jooheon oppa.” 

A small yet melodic voice called out to him, snapping him back to reality when in the end, the person whom he was looking for was finally right in front of him. His heart skipping really fast that Jooheon couldn’t help but flash her a shy grin. 

“O-oh, I’m sorry for spacing out a little bit… I was looking for you…” The last part came out as a whisper but it was loud enough for you to hear, your pale cheeks starting to heat up from the sudden confession. “I-it’s okay, I’m here now.” You stammered while looking away with your free hand fanning your flushed cheeks. 

It was now Jooheon’s turn to turn bright red. Jooheon was like in a glass box filled with emotions that he doesn’t seem to understand. Flashing you another shy grin, Jooheon looks down and takes a hold of your album and opens it on the page where you placed a bookmark for him. 

“What’s your name?” 

“[y/n]. It’s finally nice to meet you in person, Oppa.” You gazed up at him with your chin resting on your hands, watching his fingers move while writing down your name and his message on the page. His eyes would constantly trail upwards to meet yours, only to look away shyly with his cheeks flushed with a shade darker than before. 

So, [y/n], who’s your bias?” He casually asked with his hands open right in front of you, waiting for you to intertwine yours with his. Your eyes couldn’t help but stare at how his soft, slender fingers before finally intertwining it with his, giving it a light squeeze before winking at him teasingly. 

“You’re my bias.” 

Badump. First warning

Chuckling at how adorkable you are, Jooheon squeezes your hand in return with a follow up question. “Do you have a boyfriend?” You couldn’t help but pause for a moment, thinking if this was something an idol would usually ask. Shrugging your shoulders, you decided to just go with the flow without removing the smile that’s been on your face ever since you sat right in front of him. 

“I do not have a boyfriend since my heart is only for you~” 

Badump. Second warning

Totally taken a back from your reply, Jooheon couldn’t help but let out an embarrassed laugh. His hands untangles itself from yours before it reaches to cover his face. It was hard to deny that you were definitely something. 

Giggling at his reaction, you gently took hold of his wrists and pulled his hands down with a pout, “Don’t cover your face, Jooheony~ If you cover your face then I wouldn’t be able to see that beautiful smile of yours.” 

Badump. Final warning

It seemed like the tables were turned. It should’ve been Jooheon throwing all those smooth replies but because of his jittery heart, he was too embarrassed to do so. Just the sight of your beautiful smile was enough for him to go crazy.

 “Hajima~” he cutely cooed, only to burst out into another laugh, making you laugh along with him. “Jooheon, stop hogging our fan!” Kihyun whined, making you look at him with a smile. Pouting at his hyung, Jooheon sadly slumped his shoulders and sighed. 

“Our time’s finally up, huh? I have to give you to this hamster…” 

“Please, don’t…” you pouted your lips and knew that this was just another fan service. But this wasn’t just a fan service, this also had Jooheon’s sincere feelings. “I wish I could keep you in my pockets but Kihyun would get mad at me for hogging over you… Oh well, it was really nice talking to you.” 

His hands reach over to caress your soft cheeks. “It was nice talking to you too, Oppa.” You muttered while accepting the signed album, only to be stopped by Jooheon’s hand. 

“Don’t forget to check my message later, alright?” Nodding your head in response, you waved goodbye to him and proceeded to Kihyun, then to the remaining members. Everything was too fast for you but when you were in front of Jooheon, it felt like hours but in reality it was only for three minutes.

Heaving out a sad sigh, you opened your signed album and decided to look at their messages. It was filled with such sweet messages filled with sincerity and concern. Flipping through the pages, your hands stopped right on the page where Jooheon has signed moments ago. 

Jooheon’s message was nothing compared to the others. A long and hearty message was written and you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell with happiness. Each and every word was just as beautiful as he is. Trailing your eyes on the bottom, you couldn’t help but gasp at what was written below. 

And, [y/n], I think I have a little crush on you. I hope we can talk again or even better, meet each other again next time! I know this isn’t allowed but here’s my number, +82 ** **** ****. I really hope that we can hang out sometime or something… hehe… Anyways, have a beautiful day with Monsta X ♡

Love lots, 

Lee Jooheon ♡ ♡ ”

Girl (Seth Rollins x Reader)

Context: All Seth wants and all Seth needs is you to be safe.

**A/N: ** Song choice is “Girl” by The Internet featuring KAYTRANADA.  Seth Rollins feels, that is all. This was supposed to be written a long time ago but the version I previously had wasn’t that good to me. 

**S/B: *** This was overdue, sorry y’all.

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If they don’t know your worth,

Tell ‘em you’re my girl,

And anything you want is yours…

        Seth woke up on the couch to the Netflix documentary still quietly playing in front of him. Looking down to his left was an empty space: one of where your sleeping body usually laid on the weekends, wrapped so comfortably in his arms: safe and relaxed; finally at peace after a long work day. He would wrap a strand of your short brown curls playfully around his finger and could smell the remnants of the conditioner left in your hair from a wash three days prior; very fruity. Maybe it was green apple (his personal favorite) but Seth always made a mental note to ask later.

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All That Remains of Lance McClain Part 3

hey all, sorry i wasn’t as active recently, I had to study for an exam that i really really needed to pass! Anyway, here’s part 3 of my what remains of edith finch au 

i had some trouble coming up with a way to connect lance to the game in a way that would make sense, considering how the game actually plays out in the end and i think i’ve come up with a good alternative?? anyway, please enjoy! I did cut it off at a cliff hanger, bc i felt like it was getting a bit too long. I will be continuing it soon, so don’t worry abt that!


Keith looked up to see Hunk rooting through several cassettes before pulling one labeled ‘McClain House and family history, by Alexa McClain for Lance McClain.’ Pidge, who’s eye had been caught by an innocuous looking cassette player, grabbed it and handed it to Hunk, who put the cassette into it.

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Beautiful Goodbye

Author’s Note: So I’ve heard from a few people on Twitter who wished the goodbye scene was longer/explained more about why Abby chose to take off the necklace with Jake’s ring. Since I agreed, I decided to write a short (well okay, close to 4,000-word) thing about it from Marcus’ perspective. So basically, this is my interpretation of how the goodbye scene could have gone down if the writers hadn’t chosen to cut away after the kiss.

Rating: M-ish? I’m TRASH and hyped up on The Scene, so of course there’s sexytimes.

It was dark in the tower, save for the flickering of a few candles aligned at the sides of the hallways: hardly enough to fend off the blackness of night. Striding through the empty corridors, Marcus mused on the iciness of the streets below. The danger that lurked in every shadow, the hatred hidden in glares and deciphered through threats. His chest ached, remembering the ambassador’s hatred of Skaikru, his refusal to choose diplomacy over violence. A stab of pain so intense that it might have been he, not the Ice King, who’d been shot.

How deftly Marcus had tried.

How decisively he’d failed.

There has to be another way, he’d thought, urging Roan to delay his battle in favor of negotiations. And he’d been so sure he could do it – so confident they would see his side, cherish life over bloodshed – that the ambassador’s refusal had knocked the breath from his lungs like a punch to the gut. Diplomacy, he knew, was far from an exact science. There were no guarantees. But to have failed now, at such a crucial time…he could hardly offer himself forgiveness when regret was the only emotion available.

Octavia had barely looked at him after that; instead of remaining with him, she’d chosen to seek out Indra. Since midday, he hadn’t so much as glimpsed her. Marcus thought he’d seen something pitying in her gaze – something that spoke more than her words ever could, something that implied she blamed grounder politics and not him for his shortcomings – and as small a gesture as it was, he appreciated it. If nothing else, at least she’d been willing to give peace a chance.

A soft breeze blew through an open door, and Marcus breathed out a soft sigh as the coolness of the night wind washed over him. As loath as he was to admit it, there was nothing more to be done. He would have to accept whatever came in the morning, swallow the bitterness of self-loathing that had burbled again inside him when the boy mentioned what the chip had forced him to do. Focusing on what came next was easy when hope was abundant, but in its absence his mind turned back to territory it had explored a thousand times before, terrain he and his people had mapped out so well.

It was a land of remorse.

Dwelling on the past did him little good, but in times like these it became harder to construct a dam strong enough to hold back their tide. A few more seconds, and he could have taken Bellamy’s life. Had ALIE’s hold over him not been broken in time, had his hands not relaxed and his composure returned, his story might have been an echo of the young grounder’s. Their hatred for Skaikru might have been pronounced, but the boy had no inclination of how alike they really were. The shame they shared.

If he’d told him what he’d been forced to do, a member of Skaikru equally torn by his actions under the influence, would it have helped? Could it have saved whatever fractured bond they might have with the grounders? More importantly, could he even trust his own voice to recite so sensitive a memory?

He could still feel it; the sickening agony of looking down and seeing the eldest Blake sibling on the dusty throne room floor, gasping for air, his face bruised and bloody. The look in Bellamy’s eyes shone forgiveness mixed with fatigue while his own blurred with tears, appalled with himself for what he’d been forced to do. What his hands and legs and arms had done without his consent, all because of a woman in a red dress and a computer chip.

He remembered something else then, drifting back to him through the listless fog of misery. A gun pointed to Abby’s head. She’s still here, he reminded himself. Bellamy’s still here, Clarke’s still here, Octavia’s still here. There is still hope.

And hope, as he’d come to know from the woman who held his heart in her hands, her smile, her sigh, was everything.

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Prompt: So after some talk in a chat room an angsty prompt came into the light. It can be read here Personally I’d go into this blind. That’s my recommendation. 

Warnings: Sickness, Angst

Pairing: Bones/Reader (Predetermined)

A/N: This is part one of a multipart series. I’m gonna make it hurt. PART 2

Word Count:1211

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Ride With Me (Part 3)

PAIRING: readerxbucky au


WARNINGS: swearing and slight angst, only slightly. And a sprinkling of some good old sexual tension

I’m not sure why but EVERYWHERE I GO, I am hyperaware of motorbikes. Honestly this fic has ruined my whole existence in the best way possible!  

Part 2


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It was well and truly into the night now, Hawkeyes defiantly drew in a mixed crowd when the night fell over the city. You and Wanda were rushed taking drink orders as Clint talked to his clientele and re-stocked the bar on numerous occasions. You had to admit you were impressed with yourself for keeping focus. Especially when the walking talking sex god kept looking at you constantly during your shift. You were hyperaware of the glances Bucky would throw you, he and the rest of his crew had allocated themselves a secluded booth in direct eye line to the bar counter. You had to wonder if this was do one purpose, so Bucky could keep an eye on you. You quickly dismissed that idea, why in the hell would I guy like that be interested in keeping tabs on you. You greeted the new arrivals with a smile as you took their order, taking a peek over at Bucky you were shocked, he was looking straight at you smirking over the rim of his whisky glass as Steve talked animatedly to him. Watching as Bucky’s face cracked into a large grin as he laughed at whatever Steve has just told him. You exhaled sharply out of your nose, suddenly finding yourself praying for the end of your shift.

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Play With Me (Vernon/Hansol Smut)

Summary: It’s not your fault that he was just so pretty. And that he begged so prettily. And that he looked so damn pretty with a piece of leather wrapped around his throat. Why did being Seventeen’s stylist mean he was off limits? And to think, this all started on a boring night with a gifted bottle of wine a pile of jenga blocks. Smut.

(A/N: I must say that I got a little carried away. The original request from @ciels-parents did not entail anywhere near as much shit as this. But I’m pleased with the outcome. I guess the reason I added all the other stuff is because one of my favourite things about dom/sub relationships is all the pretty things, like the toys and the lingerie and shit. I could be a little just for that. But that’s waaay off topic. There’s so many warnings here; anal play, rimming mention, noona kink, sex toy(s), collaring, lingerie, subspace, praise kink, if that even counts as a warning?? but okay this is ten thousand words of impure filth so please back down if you’re not ready. I would also like to put forth now that I’m not responsible for any of the after effects of this fic, and happy valentine’s day, this is my present to you. -Tanisha<3)

You were, at best, a glorified babysitter. It was the only way to describe the current state of your job without leaving out any of the details. Somehow, you had started out as what you fully intended to be - a stylist. Straight out of high school you jumped head first into a fashion program, gaining all the sewing, finance, pattern making, fabric skills and whatever else you could have ever dreamed of.

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Stiles Stilinski ~ Bakery

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1866

Warnings: None

Request: I don’t want give it away ;))

A/N: Few things!
1. What should I do for my 2k special?
2. I’ll get to the others soon !!

Extra: FBI!STILES !!

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Not so quick, but still dirty nebula painting based on @kaijuslayer‘s q&d nebula tutorial. (Which you should read before reading this).

In essence, this is the same process, except that it is a mix of my three attempts at learning Jake’s technique. Which brought a few tweaks

All three attempts were slightly different.

  • The first was a “I’ll follow the manual” thing :
  • The second was a variation with another colour than black as a background, or more accurately, making a nebula without any background colour. This used a drybrush technique :
  • The third came back to the text book, albeit with a desire to have colours blend more. To that end it used a wetting-the-paint-on-the-model method.

Flyers are great, they have a lot of surface to play with to really give this wet technique the room to shine. On smaller models though, the results do not achieve the impression of deepness of this Voidraven, but it is still worth the effort, at least if you look at the model from a playing distance.


The models I’m painting at the moment do not leave any black deep-space areas. They were undercoated with Mephiston Red spray paint, which I still deeply regret.

I would like to emphasis the fact that these techniques will crush your spirit until the last phase, where everything comes together and no matter how shitty it looked during the process, it will in fact, turn out great. I remember almost crying out of frustration on my first attempt.

STEP 1 : Getting started and doubting

Like with Jake’s tutorial, haphazardly paint your models with two base colours. Deposit the paint on a palette, take a lot of water on the brush, drop it on the palette, mix a little, put the blob of paint on the model. Really wet it, but not as much as it would immediately run. Aim for that “round drop of water on a surface” as a limit, running is desired, but not just yet.

Switch to colour 2, do the same, you might not need as much water this time, you’ll have to be the judge of that. Here your bubbles will connect and the paint from blob one will move around, dilute, blend a little but never really mix into another colour.

You don’t want them to become another colour, at least not too much, here a little bit of purple-ish blue or red in a very limited area can be acceptable, but if it turns outright purple, just wipe it away from the brush/model.

Play with the water : go take some with your brush and drop it on the model if it doesn’t feel like fun/risky to do. Let it go where it wants, or not, try turning the model around or up/down to achieve desired effects.

Let dry thoroughly before next step.

STEP 2 : feels like you did nothing of importance

Same than step one, but with layer colours, be a bit more precise with what you do, but you still have room for happy mistakes. As explained in Jake’s tutorial, you do not want to just paint over the deep blue, you want it to overlap a bit, be a bit smaller as to give the paint the idea of gradient, definitely use less water, but still, have a really wet brush.

You should totally have a nebula image from nasa or w/e as a model while doing this when you first try it out, it helps a lot. At least until you become familiar with nebula techniques.

STEP 3 : feels like improvement, or ruining the model?

Keep at it, go for even more lighter colours. In my case I didn’t use more than two red colours (Khorne and Evil Suns) but did use 3 or 4 colours for the blue (Kantor, Caledor, Lothern, and White if you want to count that in)

Keep going smaller (or not actually, in some places it can achieve nice effects) if you are perfectionist to the point of painting a replica of a nebula picture to the letter, these aren’t considerations that will bother you.

(sorry no picture)

STEP 4 : feels like it might come together eventually.

Fun part, take a bit of one of your base colours in a small recipient (I use icecube-making moulds) with the brush add a lot of water. Mix and apply all over the area. See Jake’s tutorial for an image and explanation it’s the exact same step.

STEP 5 : stars and shit

I’ve gotten lazy (that’s my trait in painting because I really don’t enjoy painting, if I could get to my end result without having to pick up a brush, I’d be so happy).

On the voidraven, I did every star one by one. It was okay, its a big model it needs to look good. On my bikes and this batch, I’ve used a destroyed brush to do like ten little spots at once, but they of course don’t look as good if your aim is to have nice round and small stars. What I did looks different, but not necessarily bad.

I added little parts where I almost dried-brush the lighter blue, other parts I used a wet brush, you have to test it out to see what works best for you. Most of the time I don’t know what I am doing and hope it’ll come out okay.


By now the model looks okay, but it can look even better if you just use a big brush containing a lot of ink (shade) in it. It will give the whole thing deepness and brilliance, as well as a certain fading, as if it was a real paintjob made by the space elves, rather than feeling like it’s a paintjob from a hobbyist nerdzor. 

I used an ink coulour that is not of the same hue as the earlier wash. In this case, I had washed with Khorne Red, so I opted for Drakenhof Nightshade as a finishing touch.

A lot of variations of these techniques will work. It is fun to try different things everytime or to have to find ways to adapt what you did on a 10cm x 5cm flyer hull to a 1,5cm x 1cm cape.

Just go for it :D get dirty!