is that impossible

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At first I screamed in pain when hannie cut his hair shorter but then in the mv and everything he looks so good. Like the curls he's rocking it. King of hairstyles. Punch me in the face jeonghan.

he can rock ANY HAIRSTYLES. LIKE SRRLY. KILLIN IT. HOW? IDK. He can do the impossible. wo w.

he look really really good with short hair and curlY AND BLONDE OMGGG

i want to cry 


let’s appreciate this walking art piece and cry together. 

huuuuuuuu TTTTT


So I was thinking how silly Ashi’s hair was. Then when she cleaned up and her hair was down I still thought it was silly it drifted off to one side.

I thought to myself “Her hair couldn’t naturally sweep like that… It would take some product to get it like that.” Then I step out of the shower and blow dry my hair and went “oh…” My hair actually naturally swoops to one side, my left likes to curl and sweep out where as my right likes to curl into my head. I guess it is possible.

I know everyone remembers Alix as the reckless angry one who’s always ready to fight, and she is, but like… she’s also, in canon, really dorky and sweet?? Like how excited she is to get the pocket watch as her birthday present after seeing how cool it is, and reassuring her dad that she’s not gonna ditch him, and waving at Marinette’s parents, and just… look at this sweet happy child

And at the end of the episode when she thanks Ladybug for fixing her watch and says she’ll take better care of it next time and will try not to be irresponsible, it’s so Pure and Humble, she’s just such a Good

And Christmas episode??? Where she’s so happy to get sweets??? And happy to see Adrien’s okay??? And just generally so adorable and happy??? I’m love this child so much???


In conclusion: Alix is an adorable precious bean in addition to being a terrifying little monster, this has been a PSA

The Dregs | Six of Crows

Well here they are all together. It was a little trickier that I thought to group them up cohesively so I hope it looks alright. I knew I was gonna have them framed by crow wings but it kind of took a byzantine turn… I’m not entirely sure how that happened but I just decided to run with it. The words around them sum them up but at the same time kind of tell a five word story about their growth as characters. To see the individual portraits in better detail go here


Happy Birthday, Harry Shum Jr - 35 years old.

When it comes to acting, you really have to create movement which in some ways is dancing. And dancing, I feel is very important to act as well. I wouldn’t put one over the other.