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okay so far Yuri On Ice has provided us with a lip kiss, a skate kiss and a knuckle kiss but we’re still missing *checks list* forehead kisses, top of the head kisses, tummy kisses, neck kisses, wrist kisses, palm kisses, cheek kisses, nose kisses,, 

Like okay maybe I know nothing here but the whole “lost love” is a classic backstory for numerous male villains often whom do genuinely reprehensible things and this is painted as such a heartbreaking tragic thing, they’re such good people, it’s so sad, but Pearl is the one who needs to get over her lover even though in many ways she does make serious effort towards that and has shown a lot of promising signs, it’s reprehensible because she once considered trying to take Steven’s gem out having lost Rose literally months ago and stopped herself, without external input, before she did anything to so much as make him uncomfortable at the time and is able to later (current timeline) own up to it and acknowledge it was a bad thing.

Like, just, to put a specific example down, Sonic series: you know I have literally never heard anyone say Shadow needs to get the hell over Maria even though he literally tried to blow the planet up over it, this is, in fact, not only something forgiven but an element of his backstory almost no one even takes into consideration or so much as talks about, it doesn’t count because he turned around and helped save everyone before Real Damage Was Done.

(and then almost killed everyone again in his solo game)

Like I guess if you’re a guy dealing with the traumatic loss of a sibling figure you can almost cause the apocalypse and that’s fine but if you’re a lesbian dealing with the tragic loss of your lover, 90% of trying your hardest to be there and supportive for the child left behind and having nothing but deepest guilt for the 10% of legitimately endangering stuff you have done is totally unacceptable and you need to Get Over It.


You must eat. For me.

why-am-i-such-a-coward  asked:

Can you do the RFA + V and Unknown reacting to finding out MC is genophobic?

For those who don’t know, genophobic is the fear of sexual actions.


- he’s not completely surprised

- he was afraid of forming close relationships with anyone before he met you

- so while he didn’t expect it, he’s understanding

- he’d never do anything to make you uncomfortable

- he tries so hard to not pressure you

- including asking if he can kiss you

- he does ask if this fear developed because of a bad experience

- if so he suggests seeing a therapist so you can find mental closure, if you’re still genophobic afterwards though he of course doesn’t mind, he just wants you as happy as possible

- and if there isn’t a specific reason he’s glad, he’d rather that than you having been through something traumatic

- if anyone brings up questions about you two having children he changes the subject quickly


- he’s confused at first

- but then feels awful for all his comments about his beast

- apologizes a lot

- is very careful after that

- sometimes it’s a little hard for him but he never pushes you to do anything

- if you two ever do go any farther than kissing (that you agreed to of course), it’s because you initiated it

- he’s very supportive

- sometimes his fans make comments about your intimacy with each other and he makes it very clear that he does not appreciate that and wants them to stop


- he’s pretty nervous about that kind of thing so it’s a while before it even comes up

- when it does he starts apologizing nonstop

- hardly even hugs you for a few days after

- he’s really nervous about making you uncomfortable

- after the third day of little to no contact you sit down with him and go over what you’re comfortable with so he doesn’t have to worry about going too far

- cuddles are increased to over 9000


you’re just friends so it’s never a problem. JK I couldn’t resist that joke sorry please enjoy

- she backs off instantly

- asks you to go over what you’re comfortable with

- she sticks to that like the law

- it is the law, the law of your body

- never questions you besides one time where she asked if you went through a bad experience

- she has the same responses as Jumin to your answer


didn’t realize this one would be so short but I don’t think it needs anything else

- he smiles and never brings it up again

- very rarely initiates anything more than a hug or kiss on the cheek

- he’d do anything to keep you happy so this is nothing


- he’s afraid of getting close to anyone in any way so he understands

- sometimes, if he’s feeling insecure, he’ll wonder if it’s because of how he looks or something but quickly reminds himself that no, it’s your fear, it’s not a personal thing

- he’s not really comfortable with intimate stuff himself, so he usually doesn’t even need to stop himself or anything

- if anyone says anything even slightly suggestive he’ll get so pissed at them and will fight them if someone doesn’t stop him

- super protective and supportive of you


- he doesn’t care what happens or what you two do together

- as long as you’re happy it doesn’t matter

- and this is such a simple thing to do

- so obviously he never pressures you and never makes fun of you

so i got way too excited about various things while watching this movie

Newt Scamander, to Jacob: …so, this is your occamy…

me, in the fourth row: My occamy? MY OCCAMY? Yes. Yes! I will love him and pet him and name him Quetzalcoatl-

Newt: …also, don’t pet them. Too many people try to steal their eggs. They will bite your fricking hand off.

me: …oh.

I made a bawson edit and it’s A+++++  but I’m not posting it til y’all tell me to, cause I’m sick of working hard on posts and shit, and getting like 5 notes like nahhhh 


Remember that time I had wifi in a cave and tried to live blog it but posting pictures over cave wifi through VPN was not working out

Anyway here’s some of the pictures I tried to post back then.

so I maybe… won the Falsettos lotto for tomorrow and snagged front row center seats again for me and my friend who saw it with me the 2nd time and loved it, and I’m so fucking excited and it’s been a really long, awful week, so this is really really amazing, and I’m so lucky to have this opportunity, and I also feel kind of guilty, like, I know there are people who haven’t gotten tickets yet who have been trying, and probably a bunch of people who are dying to sit in the front row who haven’t yet (though I did offer my other ticket to a few of people who were in those two groups first, and they were busy)


I love my life and I love this city and I love this show with all my heart

not to toot my own horn or anything but I don’t think I had that terrible of an ita phase. yeah, my first couple coords were pretty unfortunate but imo I still had some damn cute coords in my early days. hell, one of my earliest coords is still among my top ten coords of all time. even so, because I started out fairly strongly, I don’t think I’ve improved all that much. it doesn’t help that I’ve fallen into a sort of pattern for all my coords

it’s not exactly a new years resolution, it’s a little too early for that, but moving forward, I think I’m going to work on breaking away from that pattern. I’m allowed to wear lolita to work so I have numerous opportunities to wear it. more opportunities to wear lolita means more coords so with this new job I’d say now is the perfect time to make this change


Enjoy photos of me being a lil dork about my school’s lepak festival and the holi powder thrown at me.

I have such a bad headache n I’m sad but I love my friends u are the best people who was I without all of u honestly