is that i'm the only one

RFA meeting
  • V:okay, I guess that's it for today.
  • V:do you guys have any other question, suggestion or request?
  • MC:*raises hand slowly* I have a request...
  • V:yes, what is it?
  • MC:It's for seven actually *blushes*
  • 707:oooohhhh... What is it? What is it?
  • MC:can you maybe redesign the app? It's getting annoying how you try to press the back button and ends up opening Jumin's profile...
  • MC:...if it's alright with you... and Jumin *blushes*
  • ZEN:*whispers* someone finally freakin said it.
  • Everyone:*looks at Jumin*
  • Jumin:i have no say in the matter.
  • 707:...ok

Sterek September

29. Sterek Actors AU Aesthetic for @westpharaoh

The thing I like a lot about acting is I’ll never learn enough. I’ll never know it inside and out. ~ Dylan O’Brien

HI or HEY dear 5SOSFAM & 5SOS!

Since our fave boys still didn’t sit down in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke car I thought it would be fun to do some kind of petition to show them how much the fandom would love to see them and James singing their hearts out to some of our/his/their fave songs. I mean, imagine our gentle giants rocking to She Looks So Perfect as loud as they can, or making our hearts melt while singing an a capella version of Amnesia in this great car acoustic. Doesn’t this sound awesome?

So if you would love to see 5SOS in Jame’s car, as much as i do, please reblog & like this post and tag it with “5sos” (of course) “5sos carpool karaoke please” or “james corden 5sos karaoke” & who knows, maybe we can get them to see it, which would be totally awesome! 


Thank you for taking part - LY ♥

P.S. I’m not affiliated with the boys or James, I just thought this would be fun and a chance to show them how much we would love them to do this!

Headcanons about Mairin’s future (I kinda hinted to some of these things in my newest fic):

Brief version: after the TF incident Mairin spends a couple of years taking care of his little brother, then travels around the world (Hoenn, Kanto and Johto) until she’s 16 and ready to return back to Kalos.

The long version (which I do recommend reading bc it clarifies some things):

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anonymous asked:

SENPAIIII are you into any other obscure fandoms because obviously I'm not suffering enough lololol

Technically Idk which fandoms are obscured unless I start drawing for it tbh but here are some fandoms that I think need more love:

- Kyoukai no Kanata

- Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love

- Boku no Hero Academia

- Toriko

- Aichuu (it’s a rhyme game lmao I’m super into it but the fandom is small af)

- Is Magi popular or not I seriously dunno

- Kiznaiver

- Nanatsu no Taizai

- Servamp

Reflecting on myself a bit today, I think I’m becoming more of an extrovert?? Like I know I’m mostly introverted, but lately I’ve really really enjoyed being around people. And when I’m not around people for a while I start getting in this slump again.

I’m not really sure if I’m becoming more extroverted or if I’ve just been so lonely for so long that I’ve developed this like thirst to interact with people. Even if it’s just being in their presence and not saying anything.

So I Just Remembered That Now The Wedding’s Over And Everyone’s Gone Home I Can Put Things Up On My Walls Again So

Houses as Tiny Turn Ons
  • Gryffindors:People who lean back against walls with one shoulder while they talk.
  • Hufflepuffs:Hugs that linger just a bit because neither of you really want to let go.
  • Ravenclaws:Someone leaning towards you from their desk to help you with a question/problem.
  • Slytherin:That 'accidental' slip of their gaze from your eyes to your lips as you're talking.
what’s your favorite kind of seb’s smile?

that smile when he’s being a completly dork

that smile when he’s with anthony mackie

that smile when he’s laughing too hard

that smile when he’s a being a fluffy angel

that smile when he’s with chris evans

that smile when he blushes 

that smile that it’s like hOLY MOTHER OF GOD

that smile that makes him hot and then a puppy

that smile that make you think ‘protect him at all costs’

there’s a million 

of types

but only


can make 

your whole day