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Dating Sirius Black would include...

Anonymous said: Ooooh! I love headcanons! Could you please do dating a Sirius would include?

  • you probably being a gryffindor or a slytherin
  • was sirius your boyfriend? was he james’ boyfriend? was he remus’ boyfriend? nobody knew
  • lots of “baaaaaaaaaaaabe”
  • him turning into his animagus form to cuddle with you whenever you were sad
  • him licking your face even when not in his animagus form
  • lots of swearing
  • you always stealing his leather jackets
  • going shopping together
  • him wearing your crop tops
  • him asking you to teach him how to paint nails properly
  • like he had a spell for it, but one of your parents was a muggle, and he wanted you to teach him the muggle way
  • him not caring about masculinity and going around wearing the crop tops and nail polish he stole for you
  • but him still being the most badass guy in hogwarts
  • “i like my coffee like your name. black.”
  • “i like my make up like i like my girls. on my face.”
  • the two of you literally being hogwarts most badass couple
  • (james and lily were jealous)
  • Lance: *went shopping with lotor*
  • Keith: Where did you go???
  • Lance: I just went shopping...
  • Keith: WITH WHOOO????
  • Lance: With Lotor... Okay, but our taste in fashion just rhymes so much and I bought everyone stuff. I even got you a shir-
  • Lance: You can insult me but don't bring our cow into this! KALTENECKER DOESN'T DESERVE THIS HORRID TREATMENT!!!
  • Kaltenecker: *cow noises*
  • Lance: OMG. Kaltenecker heard us...
  • Keith: who cares?? YOU WENT SHOPPING WITH LOTOR!!!
  • Lance: who cares??? No cow should live in this kind of environment. NO COW DESERVES TO BE DISOWNED AND DISHONORED.
  • Kaltenecker: *sad cow noises*
  • Lance: look, can we continue this some other time? Because unlike someone, I actually care about our cow.
Get To Know Me: Music Library
  • 1. What are your 5 most played songs?
  • 2. How many albums do you have?
  • 3. Which artist do you have the most songs for?
  • 4. What your first song in alphabetical order? Last?
  • 5. How many songs do you have with the letter O? Z? K?
  • 6. How many songs do you have?
  • 7. Spell out your name with songs that you have.
  • 8. What's your least played song?
  • 9. A song you always skip.
  • 10. 3 songs you have with a name in the title.
  • 11. What song makes you cry every time?
  • 12. What song means so much to you?
  • 13. What song gets you pumped the most?
  • 14. 3 songs you have with cities in the name.
  • 15. What album will you always listen to all the way through?
  • 16. What song do you have on repeat right now?
  • 17. Make a story with 6 song titles.
  • 18. Do you have a rainy day playlist? What songs are on it?
  • 19. Using one song, tell me how your life is going.
  • 20. Do you make playlists?
  • 21. What's your favorite playlists?
  • 22. Do you have any songs with colors in the title?
  • 23. Put your phone on shuffle, what song comes up first? Do you know every word to this song?
  • 24. How many artists do you have?
  • 25. How many songs do you have?
  • 26. 3 songs you listen to when you're feeling kinda down.
  • 27. 3 songs you listen to when you're feeling hopeless.
  • 28. 3 songs you listen to when you wanna dance.
  • 29. 3 songs you blast out the car speakers, with the top down in the summer.
  • 30. A song you're ashamed to have in your library.
  • 31. Do you have any movie soundtracks?
  • 32. What's the oldest song you have?
  • 33. Pick a song and tell a story with it.
  • 34. What song reminds you of yourself?
  • 35. A song you have that you have because you heard it on a commercial and liked it.
AU prompts
  • “We both take the metro (or train/shuttle/bus) often and see each other there all the time, we keep staring at each other but have never actually talked, and it’s getting weird” au
  • “Whenever I get coffee at your Starbucks you spell my name wrong and it’s turned into a challenge to see how wrong you can get it” au
  • “Your mail keeps coming to my address which is really weird since they’re nothing alike, but it turns out our mutual friend who wants to set us up keeps switching the mail on purpose” au
  • “We’re watching my favourite movie in class and this asshole keeps talkin- woah hello, you’re really cute, what was I saying??” au
  • “Your cat and my dog are totally in love, and I think it’s so cute until I realise that it’s your pet, because we kind of hate each other” au
  • “Who the fuck keeps buying all of my favourite junk food from the local super market” au
  • “Cute and talkative taxi driver” au
  • “You’re always the most spirited person during Spirit Week and I really want to beat you this year” au
  • “Why is the love of my life wearing that ridiculous costume to school, it’s not even Halloween, what the actual fuck” au
  • “I always see you at my sporting events cheering really loudly and you don’t know this but the entire team loves you for it” au
  • “It’s exam seasons and I just found you trying to drown yourself in a bowl of ramen noodles” au
  • “We’re camp counsellors at a really cool camp, but the rivalry between our cabins is sort of famous, and now we might get fired because the manager caught us racing toddlers” au
  • “I’m a waiter/waitress and you always sit in my section. I really like you and i thought you liked me back until you walked in here with a date, w h o o p s would you look at that I keep spilling stuff on them” au
  • Another waiter/waitress one: “You always come to this place and never talk much, but now these two assholes are harassing me and you step in and defend me” au
  • “You’re really passionate about Harry Potter and I tell you I’ve never even watched the movies so now we’re going back to your house for a movie marathon and you’re on a rant and I don’t know what I said” au
Just some fun modern AU’s to imagine your OTP in

• ‘I just whistled for and called for a taxi and you misheard and thought I wolf whistled at you and shouted “Sexy!” so now you’re very pissed and I’m very confused’ au

• ‘You just dissed one of your friends super bad and I burst out laughing (because damn that was clever) and now you all think I’m a creep’ au
• ‘A few assholes are giving you shit so I’m pretending to be your friend in hopes that the creeps will leave you alone’ au
• ‘You just dropped what you were doing in a crowded subway and shouted “STOP, WAIT A MINUTE” and I’m the only one who shouted “FILL MY CUP, PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT” in return’ au
• ‘I’m a barista at Starbucks and I can never spell your name right, how about you write it down for me and also maybe give me your number?’ au
• ‘We both had our eyes set on the last Kit Kat bar in the convenience  store but you decided to be a decent person and let me have it but I’m a better person then you so I decided we should share it’ au
• ‘I’m forced to sit in your lap because this bus is ridiculously crowded anD CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SMELLING MY NECK, I KNOW I SMELL GOOD BUT YOU’RE STARTING TO FREAK ME OUT’ au
• ‘I just heard my neighbor slip and fall in the shower and now I have to go and check if they’re all right (I also might want to see them naked because hot damn they’re gorgeous but that’s not the point)’ au
• ‘You’re bilingual and I just witnessed you screaming bloody murder at your friend, constantly switching between four different languages while yelling, and now I’m both terrified and impressed with your powers’ au
• ‘You decided to learn a second language for extra credit and the one you choose to learn coincidentally turns out to be my mother language, how about I end your suffering and offer to teach it to you?’ au
• ‘Our teacher called on you during class today except you weren’t paying attention so you just responded with the most inhuman shriek ever, and now I can’t stop laughing’ au

I don’t like saying this just as much as you don’t like hearing it, but we’re back here again.

I just read this quote on twitter today by SM and I’m going off. Bear with me.

Did SM really say “[…] we decided to help them” to Super Junior? 

Are you kidding me? What exactly did you do? I’m seriously asking. What did you do to help them? You can’t even spell their album name right.  

You were the first ones to believe they would fail. That’s why you put them in that stupid ‘graduate the group’ system until you realized how popular they were getting and eliminated that strategy. Why have a strategy like that in the first place? Because you wanted to get rid of them. With each member “graduating” you could get rid of them faster, tell them you kept your promise to debut them, and after that they would no longer be your responsibility. 

However, when they starting attracting a lot of fans, you actually gave them some attention. That whole “stardom to asia” was real but I doubt you actually believed in it. That was probably a promotional strategy. But then when they actually started being the stars of asia, you started taking it seriously because you realized holy shit these guys are gaining popularity every day. The only time and reason you started giving a shit about them in between somewhere was because they started having a huge fanbase that would bring you a lot of money. ELF actually had to buy shares in your company so that you would treat Super Junior fairly, and you’re telling me that you helped them? 

Aside from what you HAD to do as a entertainment company (with a contract) how exactly did you help them? It’s not “helping” when you have a trade off through a contract. This way you’re “helping” EACH OTHER. You make them idols. They bring you money. A trade off (which you initially benefited from more than them because of your unfair treatment). 

You had one of their members wear a mask when performing (and yeah sure there were legal and contract issues) but how did you HELP him after when everything was settled? What counselling did you provide him with after he went through all that shit and became insecure and lost his confidence? Nothing. Instead, you continued to treat him unfairly and so he left. Moreover, what counselling did you provide Leeteuk when he was dealing with depression and became suicidal? You did not do shit. You told him to deal with it and get over it because it was none of your business that he was depressed and suicidal. The military suggested that he discharge early because of the illness but you said no, he had to stay (so if he died there then so be it). How did you help them?

Leeteuk is your biggest potential for a future national MC and you are always up his ass about working hard to be a good MC because you know he has that potential, but you don’t even give a shit about his mental health. He is fighting through it thanks to group activities and talking to the rest of the members. That experience damaged him so much that he has dedicated some of himself to helping other idols and people deal with depression and suicide. But no, you tell me how you help them?

You didn’t “help” them by making them debut, giving them comebacks, albums, and etc. I am very thankful that you did because I would not be here today if you had not debuted them and given them comebacks. But, those are thing you HAD to do as a company who already had a contract with them. 

They are EXPECTED. 

I bet the reason you gave SJ a label of their own is mainly to tie them down to you so they wouldn’t leave in the future, like Shinhwa did. Maybe I’m wrong and you really did give them a label because you care about them but with the way things have been in the past you can’t blame me for being skeptical. 

You want to help Super Junior? Start by treating them fairly. You want to help them? Invest at least some of the money they earned for you back into them instead of everyone else EXCEPT them. They are one of the top 2-3 groups that earn you the most money and you can’t even give them a proper album cover or reasonable time for promotions. But you can’t do that because like the high school teacher and professor everyone hates, you play favourites. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Super Junior is your most neglected group despite their huge success.

SM, you’ve done for Super Junior what you were obligated to do as a entertainment company and based on a contract. Nothing more. You’ve treated them more unfairly than fair. Do you not notice that when they often thank us, ELF, before they thank you? But, by all means, tell me how you helped them? 

I’m not ungrateful towards SM for all the good that they HAVE done for Super Junior. I sincerely thank them for it. But to say you helped them must be a joke because I’m still laughing.


This is how Chapter 2 went right

This is so fucking stupid

My Pain to Yours

A curse made for those who knowingly or unknowingly hurt you and continue to do so.

Time: Preferably at night


  • A representation of your target (I recommend a poppet with the target’s name or signature baked inside)
  • A candle

Preparation: Wait until night and make sure your work space is in a dim space. The candle should provide enough light to work by.


  • If you typically cast a circle, cast one now. 
  • Light the candle and take a deep breath, focus. 
  • Reflect how you feel. Experience every bit of pain you feel and have been made to feel by the target. Know that you do not deserve this pain-they, however, deserve to hurt as you do. (note: you need to have malicious intent. This curse will hurt the target and you need to truly believe they deserve this.). 
  • As you say the words below to the representation, push the pain and bitterness into it. 

“What I have been made to feel

Shall henceforth be given to you.

This pain given tenfold shall not heal.

No cure can be made nor friend can aid,

Save for me, for I alone may break this curse.

As my pain continues, your debt will be paid.

For I am no longer a fool as you are.”

  • If you are familiar with energy manipulation, amplify the negative energy you have pushed into the representation (I am more than willing to answer any questions about this part).
  • You should feel satisfaction now. Take pleasure in knowing that the target will soon be experiencing the pain they have given you-tenfold. 

When the candle goes out, the curse will be released in the smoke. If you need to put out the flame before it burns out itself, know that the curse will still be released. 


  • Keep an eye on the candle until it goes out.
  • Get a snack and rest. 

Should you wish to break this curse for any reason, please message me for the only way to do so. There is extensive energy work behind this that cannot be broken any way but the one I programmed in.

this is @pelagaios‘ character from our D&D campaign! his name is Lyric and he is a moon elf bard who performs in bars with a beautiful mermaid motif!!! he plays the hand harp and his go-to spell is Vicious Mockery which he often fails, resulting in enemies slamming him with ruthless comebacks a la 

Lyric: *casts vicious mockery* Hey bandit, how does it feel to be the ugly one in your party??

Bandit: *passes the saving throw* I think you know exactly how it feels to be the ugly one in your party.

Why Mike Zacharias is better than everyone: a real and canon list
  • is the literal erwin smith protection squad
  • was humanity’s strongest before Levi arrived and can actually keep up with a lot of his moves
  • can make good and accurate judgements of character based off of a persons scent 
  • can smell titans from a distance and can accurately predict how many + how far they are
  • instead of intimidating his squad members or scaring them into becoming alcoholics, he supports and motivates them
  • he literally fucking died because he was distracting the titans from getting to the baby squad members and if that doesn’t make you cry then you are wrong bYE

the hl english exam consists of two papers: a blind commentary and a compare/contrast essay of two works previously studied. the foundation of these two essays will always go back to the thesis, essentially the focus of your papers. in developing a thesis statement, there are 5 basic elements to include that will help you fashion the most effective thesis statement that is central to your exam papers. 

step 1: write down the title of the work

underline the title if it is a novel (which it will most likely be) or put it in quotations if the piece is a short story/poem

step 2: add the author’s name

you would be surprised by how many people forget this seemingly obvious step. make sure to spell the author’s name correctly. at this point, your thesis could look something like this:

  • in The Road by Cormac McCarthy

step 3: concisely describe what is literally occurring

use a short phrase to summarize the plot, straightforwardly describe what is happening to the characters. the following is an example:

  • a man and his son struggle to survive in post-apocalyptic United States

step 4: suggest an underlying meaning

in this step, you are looking to incorporate what the author is trying to convey to the reader in their work. it could be a political commentary, an allusion to societal problems, or perhaps a statement on the influence of religion. often, this is the hardest part of crafting the perfect thesis statement. it is the part of the thesis that you will continually refer back to throughout your essay, as you argue how the author imparts this message through the novel. in The Road, it could be any of these: 

  • importance of family in the face of disaster 
  • youth as a symbol of hope for the future
  • loss of compassion and morality
  • role reversal of father and son/passing of torch to next generation

step 5: include an overarching literary device

to support the presence of the underlying meaning you chose from step 4, you need to determine what literary device enables the author to subtly address said topic. it should be a feature that permeates the entire novel. it might be an obvious aspect, such as the author’s use of juxtaposition but it could also be a device that’s not so easily observed, such as the use of time or incorporation of flower imagery. examples from The Road include:

  • archetypal journey
  • symbolism
  • imagery
  • diction 

finally: put it all together

arrange all the 5 pieces together to form a coherent sentence. this will serve as a basis for your essay, from which you will stem your main points

  • In The Road by Cormac McCarthy, symbolism is used to illustrate the passing of the torch to the younger generation through the journey of a man and his son struggling to survive in post-apocalyptic United States.
  • In The Road, author Cormac McCarthy utilized diction to emphasize youth as a symbol of hope for the future in his description of a man and his son struggling to survive in post-apocalyptic United States.

additional examples:

  • In “Antaeus” by Seamus Heaney, the paradox of one’s elevation being one’s downfall is highlighted by direct references to the Greek myth of Antaeus and Hercules, which carry political undertones relating to Irish nationalism in the face of British imperialism. 
  • In “A Hazel Stick for Catherine Ann” by Seamus Heaney, autobiographical references to Heaney’s daughter emphasize the passing of the torch to the next generation through the description of the speaker trimming a hazel stick for a child.

hopefully this helps you in some way, whether it’s on your ioc or on papers 1&2! let me know if you have any questions!

Witch Tip: Mirror Magic

If you’re having a situation that is pretty tough or know someone is is going through it, get your mirror ready.

I prefer to use a poppet, however ypu can use anything that represents that person or write their name on a peice of paper and place face it to the mirror. Visualize or recite any incantation you need in order to change your spell up to your desire.

Meanwhile, the mirror is to influence a person to live in their truth and see their errors.

While there are other ways to it, with a poppet, you can make a person see theirselves for exactly what you’d want them to see. You can reflect their karma back to them. There are many ways to mirror magic and how to use it to your gain.

If you’d rather do mirror magic of yourself, create a poppet of you and place it in the mirror to help you aith self love, beauty, to see the truth in situations, etc.

Let me know how your spells work!

-The Black Witch