is that how you spell his name idek

I’m sorry but do the writers really expect me to believe that Paula Agard is the one for Harvey and that he’s perfectly happy with her after everything we’ve seen with him and Donna?

After he paid her salary out of his own pocket for years because he needed her to come to the firm with him

When he was going to take a job at another form and told her I got us an offer because of course if he’s going to work with someone else she’s going with him leaving her behind is simply unfathomable

“I can’t be me without you”

“You just made partner” “We made partner”

Let’s not even talk about the thought of you going to prison makes me want to drop to my knees. Like Harvey literally spent an entire episode telling everyone how much he cares about Donna. He let them get away with murder for her and said himself that he’d do it again.

“How is this different from all the times you’ve risked me?” “Because she’s different”

He told her that he can handle anyone else losing faith in him but not her because again with her it’s different

He started having fucking panic attacks when she left him

He had sex dreams about her

He values her opinion so much and actually listens to her which we clearly see after he fixes things with his mother because she told him to and the damn line because someone very special to me convinced me to when his mother asked why

Also the entire scene where he asks her for help to hang the painting because they look so fucking married there I can never get over it

He punched Stephen Huntley because he made her cry

Let’s talk about when he found her with runny mascara and tear stained cheeks after Louis found out about Mike’s secret and immediately comforted her telling her that it’s not her fault and he never wants to hear her say that again

And in regards to Mike’s secret Donna was the only person who knew from the start because he trusts her so much

During Mike’s trial when he was a mess it was at Donna’s house he showed up at letting her see him when he was at one of his most vulnerable moments (his voice cracking when he said it’s my goddamn fault never ceases to fuck me up)

“I didn’t know you were a Shakespeare fan” “I’m a Donna fan”

“Of course Donna I’d do anything for you”

The whole scene where Donna asks him if he wants to be alone after jessica left and he says no because it’s her and takes her hand when she offers it accepting her comfort

Also can we talk about the way he simply looks at her?? Harvey Specter has been making heart eyes at Donna Paulsen since he met her and you mean to tell me that it means nothing ??

This is just not realistic and honestly fuck Aaron korsch idek how to spell his name I don’t give one fuck I’m bitter and pissed