is that how you abbreviate baby

Different types of SHINee tags

Type A (the emotionally invested type): #Is X not beautiful?, #do you see how X shines so bright, #X can light up a city with that smile, #this makes me smile, #look how cute this is??, #have you ever seen something this pure?

Type B (we’re basically married/related type): #love of my life, #my hubby, #my sun and stars, #my son, #my baby, #the reason why I’m alive

Type C (the meme): #posts a random pun about X member in their tags, #uses a lot of abbreviations, #turns every photo into a joke, #notices the most random things

Type D (the CAPSLOCK): #has too many feels and therefore has to express themselves with CAPSLOCK, #A LOT OF AGJAJFAJJ!!!!!, #often incoherent babbling in their tags

Type E (the analyst): #every post invites them to express their deepest thoughts about X member, #every gesture gets interpreted, #a text post? let’s make a statement about their sexuality/childhood/background/career/fears…

Type F (the shippers): #OTP is in the same room? Do you see how they look at each other?, #every post a reason to ramble about their favorite ships, #they are basically married, #reblogs a lot of older photos with their nostalgic shipping feels in the tags

Type G (the professional): #era: X, #member: X, #date: X, #music program: X, #concert: X, #face/body/specific characteristic: X

Type H (the I don’t tag posts): Doesn’t use tags, sometimes believed to be tumblr bots without any feelings, if a tag is used it’s usually just the name of a member

Type I (the mess): #switches between the different types of tag types, because they can, #type of tag depends highly on the level of feels said post or photo evokes in them

Let’s make a baby part 4 D|H

A/N : This is part 4 of the LMAB series (omg that abbreviation looks like lamb uhmm I feel like we should not use this) This is a super fluffy and cute part. It’s like the calm before the storm. (yes, I have some drama planned) 

(pt1, pt2, pt3

I remember how Adrian walked into our room while Dan was already downstairs. “Good morning” he said, his voice much deeper than it was when I first met him. “Morning” I said back and smiled.

“So… you are pregnant ?” he asked grinning. I nodded proudly. “Once the baby is born, can I be the godfather ?” he said and his faces glowed with excitement. “Maybe, who knows” I answered and shoved that thought to the back of my head so I would remember it for later. “I hope the little thing will not look like Dan. I saw some baby pictures and believe me he was not one of those cute squishes but more like a drooling monster.” he laughed. “I was cute though” he added. I couldn’t hold back loud laughters although I felt a bit bad for laughing at my boyfriend. “So, if you are pregnant does that mean that you and my brother have a lot of sex ?” the teenager boy smirked at me mischievously while I still tried to calm down.  “Okay that’s enough!” Dan, who had just walked in, said sternly.

It’s been two months since I’m pregnant now, the flat was full with pregnancy books and Dan had read every pregnancy page on the internet that existed. “When should we tell my viewers ?” he asked at the breakfast table. With him being famous there were some additional obligations. “It’s way to early. After our second ultrasound maybe and we haven’t even been to our first. By the way it’s been now 10 days since I should have gotten my period.” I said more excitingly than I should have. “Other exciting news are that me and Phil are doing the radio show today.” he informed me. I took a bite from my toast and nodded. “What is today’s hashtag ?” I wanted to know since they are always hilarious.”Well, Phil is going to talk about how he -” that’s all I could understand before I was too busy with concentrating on my stomach that felt like it was filled with stones. I felt some warm semi solid food rising up my throat and to Dan’s surprise I jumped from my seat and sprinted to the bathroom. I made it right in time. As soon as I knelt down in front of the toilet I opened my mouth and started puking. It was honestly disgusting. Dan rushed after me and although he hated vomit nearly as much as moths and the dark he knelt behind me and held my hair back. His warm hands stroked my back as drops of sweat appeared on my forehead. My throat made that awful sound as I pressed my hands against the white tiles. It was way too early for throwing up,but after my breakfast and some stomach acid had left my stomach I felt better. I was left with a burning and sore throat and a bitter taste in my mouth. After I cleaned my face off I sat down on the sofa in the living room and Dan jogged to the kitchen and got me something to drink.

“Here you go, baby” he said as he handed me a glass of strawberry juice. “It looks like you do have some 5 weeks pregnancy symptoms.” he said with a half smile. I felt mixed emotions about that, I mean throwing up was definitely bad but since the cause of it was something so good I was sure that I could get through this. Dan sat down beside me and I leaned against his chest. “Thank you for being such a supportive boyfriend” I whispered while I played with his huge left hand. “Anything for my two babies” he said proudly. Since I felt like I hadn’t slept all night I decided to rest a bit while Dan prepared some stuff for the radio show. At around 7 pm he slowly opened our bedroom door to find me still half asleep in the bed. “Sorry to interrupt, darling” he said and turned the light on. He walked over to his wooden closet and got the black thermal shirt out that he had recently bought. I watched him as he took off the t shirt he was currently wearing and although he would never believe me I thought that his body was actually really fit. To be honest shirtless Dan was such a weakness of mine. “Your so hot, baby.” I whispered as loudly as possible. He grinned. “If I weren’t that tired, I would definitely get up and you know” I said with heavy eyelids. “Sweetie are you alright ?” Dan suddenly said and walked over to the bed. I nodded. “Yeah, I’m just tired.” I reassured him. “Those symptoms seem to hit you hard, darling” he said, pitying me. “I feel bad for leaving you alone. I could call in and have Phil do the show on his own ?” he suggested while he softly kissed my forehead. “Wouldn’t you also feel bad for leaving Phil alone ?” I asked and smiled. “Well, he is not to one who is pregnant.” Dan explained. I laughed and shook my head slightly. “Go and help Phil, I’ll be alright.” I spoke completely sure. But he was still not convinced. “Are you-” he started but I cut him off. “Just go to work, Daniel” I laughed and he pressed a last kiss on my lips and headed to the radio station. 

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hi! im extremely sorry that I may be bothering you but I'm thinking of learning korean since I have become interested in korean culture and basicall everything else ^^~ do you have any tips, books, websites or even videos which would be even better that I can learn from. Oh and I've picked up a few phrases from watching k-dramas too!

good beginner websites/video (korean alphabet):

some personal tips:

  • don’t expect to magically learn the language overnight. it’s going to take a really long time and a lot of effort…. not to mention frustration and the overwhelming feeling of calling it quits a couple of weeks or months into teaching yourself. but don’t give up!!!! baby steps create the path to a worthwhile end result!
  • read, write, and speak every single day, even if it’s for a mere 20 minutes. studying from text books can only do so much, so you’ve got to engage yourself while learning a new language.
  • learn slang/abbreviation korean later. i think it’s important to get your formal korean up to par before you start shortening words and phrases…
  • try to pick up on context clues if you’re having trouble understanding how a sentence has been strung together. in most cases, you will be right!

some k-dramas/movies that may be fun to watch and learn korean from:

good luck!!!!!!!

I just came up with this theory that all language is going to reduce to how we abbreviate via text. Like it used to be “what art thou doing”, then it was “ what are you doing?” And “what’re you doing” until FINALLY “ wyd”. WHICH WHEN SAID ALLOWED WOULD SOUND LIKE “WEEYUDD”. SO IF ALL OF OUR CONJUNCTIONS BECOME THAT REDUCED?! It would mean we would say “wyd, wru, wyru etc” Which pronounces would sound like “WEEYUDD waru, WAYRYWEW” Which sounds like The way aliens speak.WHICH CAN ONLY MEAN 1 THING. WE ARE THE ALIENS, WE ARE BABY PROGRESSING ALIENS!!!!

Info from one of the loading screens from the FFXV demo

Baby Noct couldn’t pronounce ‘Lunafreya’ and that’s how ‘Luna’ came to be.

Not sure if new info but super cute


Its hard to make out but you can just about make out

’unable to pronounce her name in full’

’called her ‘Luna’ and the abbreviation stuck.’

pic courtesy of @15snake

Teacher Gilinsky– Part XVII

Teacher Gilinsky– Part XVII

Song of the chapter: Avalanche by: Nick Jonas ft. Demi Lovato

His hands traveled from my thighs to my lower abdomen, his thumbs rubbing gently.

“You mean.. My baby is in there?” He questioned. I nodded slowly, his hands holding my stomach, thumbs and index fingers making a heart around my belly button.

“Yeah.” I whispered. His lips brushed my neck and my shoulder, just resting there. His cool breath caused goosebumps to rise on my skin, even under the warm water.

“I have never loved you, more than I do now, in this moment. The only time that I have been this happy is when I found out that Leah was pregnant with Jas.” His voice was croaky, his warm tears hitting the back of my neck. He choked in a sob, his chest heaving as he cried into my shoulder.

“You don’t understand.. You are my life now. Y-you,” He cried, his desperate heaves for air interrupting his speech.

“It’s okay peach.. Take your time.” I sat facing him, still between his legs. My hands rested on both sides of his face, gently brushing his tears away.

“You, Jasmine, and this baby are the only reasons I am still on this earth.” He whispered, his eyes filled with joy; but also sadness. Have you ever felt the monster overwhelming feeling that you want to hug someone? Where you’re so generally happy that things are going in order and you want to hug someone? Smile till your lips crack off? Till your cheeks ache? This was one of those moments. Jack grabbed my hips and pulled me into him, our lips clashing. My hands slipped from his face to his neck, to his shoulders, shoulders to his abs.

3rd Person’s Pov ~

“So you just threw her out?” Y/N’s dad, Y/D/N, yelled.

“Sh-She’s turned into a harlot! She is pregnant, James, with her teacher’s baby. Do you not get that?” Y/M/N spat back.

“Our daughter is not a harlot, Y/M/N. She is our little girl, who has made some bad choices. You were 15 when you got pregnant with Jake. She is 17, almost out of high school. You’re being a bit of a hypocrite, /abbreviation of Y/M/N/.” James spoke calmly, as if he were speaking to a child.

“I just— I just don’t want her to make the same mistakes as us, Y/D/N.”

“Do you remember who I am? How we met? I was your psychics teacher for fucks sake!” Y/D/N yelled so viciously, spit flew into the air and onto his shirt.

“You were a goddamn sophomore in high school, an innocent little girl and I corrupted you. You’re damn lucky your parents didn’t kick you out when you were pregnant, so why the hell would you do this to her? You are not the woman I fell in love with.” Y/D/N yelled, before grabbing his car keys and slamming their front door.

Y/N’s Point Of View ~

After the bath, and some other stuff, we laid in his bed and drank delicious coffee from his Keurig. We cuddled and watched What To Expect When You’re Expecting, one of my all time favorites. Once the movie ended, Jack and I were in his kitchen, making cupcakes. My phone started to buzz against the granite of his counter top.

“Who’s calling you babe?” Jack asked.

“U-Um, my dad.” I whispered. He pecked my cheek and sauntered into the other room.

“Hello?” I whispered once again, feebly.

“/Your Nickname/?” My dad called out.

“Yeah,” I paused and took a deep breath. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, so did he.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry about your mother. I just want you to know that no matter what happens, you will always be my little girl. I support you and every decision you make. Now where are you?” He asked me. I gave him the address of Jack’s house, and now he’s on his way here.

“So what did your dad say?” He asked, walking back into the kitchen.

“That he loves me.. and that he’s on his way here.” I whispered. Jack’s eyes widened, as he dropped an unfrosted cupcake onto the floor.

“Uh… Is he gonna kill me? Should I hide?” He asked, not an ounce of humor on his face.

“I don’t think so. He sounded pretty calm and understanding on the phone.” I said, grabbing his hand.

There was a swift knock at the door, Jack’s eyes bulging once again, his chest heaving with the heavy breaths he took.

“It’ll be okay.” I whispered, pecked his cheek, and answered the door.

“There’s my girl.” My dad smiled and pulled me into a hug. Once the embrace was over, the air was thick.

“Dad, um.. This is Jack.” I introduced them. Jack held his hand out politely, but my dad ignored it, and went straight in for the hug.

“So nice to meet you again, Jack.” My dad smiled as he stepped back and patted Jack’s upper arm.

“You too, Mr. Y/L/N.” Jack smiled, a smile that erupted a thousand butterflies in my stomach.

“Please, Call me Y/D/N.” My dad smiled. We sat in the living room and talked. Talked for hours, it seemed like.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry about what your mother said. It was extremely hypocritical, and I just wanted you to know, that I love you no matter what.” My dad whispered in my ear as we hugged goodbye, I nodded in response.

“I love you too, dad.” I smiled. It’s nice having your parents support you; or should I say, parent.

We talked in the living room for hours, Jack and I. Talked about life, talked about this baby, talked about Jasmine. Next thing I knew, I was pinned against the couch with my shirt off, jacks bare abdomen creating friction as he basically dry-humped on me, his lips nipping at my neck.

In the process of taking my bra off, the little hook thing on the clasp got caught on my ring.

“Just take the ring off, baby.” Jack practically moaned in my ear. I nodded and slipped it off, sitting up momentarily to set my ring on the small glass table next to the couch. As I was turning back to Jack, something caught my eye. I looked back at the table to see one diamond earring sitting next to the lamp.

“Who’s earring is that?” I asked him, looking back at his face, which was now pale.