is that how u spell stunning


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request by @dylanlover24: fluff where its like at an award showcan it have a few parts to with other idols reaction to it and can it be where im part of blackpink please?

otp(s): jackson wang x reader

word count: 1,578

genre: fluff

sypnosis: jackson discovers how strong love can be.

author’s note: using a new format, but if u guys don’t like it i can change it, np!


the only term that penetrated jackson wang’s mind as he watched her/im, gliding and maneuvering along the stage, so beautifully deep in the spell of the music. 

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omg so i just had an idea... a boggart finds it's way into reader's closet or something and you've been teaching Credence about magic but haven't talked to him about boggarts yet... do u have headcanons about how that would play out? would it be mary lou or something else?

i can come up with some, babe :-)

  • it would either be mary lou or grindel!graves, the woman who tormented him for much of his life or the man who betrayed him
  • if it’s mary lou, i imagine he would have a breakdown–just kind of crying and apologizing
  • because he killed her, and he doesn’t know what the punishment for that will be
  • you have to cast the Riddikulus spell so that she wears a silly hat, which stuns credence for a moment as you shut her back into the closet
  • you spend a long time calming him down, telling him that it was a boggart and that she wasn’t real and can’t hurt him anymore
  • you haven’t lied to him before, so he believes you but you can tell he’s still shaken by the experience–it’s not often you literally have to face the ghosts in your closet
  • it takes him a while to go back to your room where the boggart was though because he wants absolutely nothing to do with seeing her ever again
  • and you can’t really blame him
  • if it’s grindel!graves, i imagine he gets suddenly very pissed off and loses a little bit of control of his obscurus
  • it takes him back to that moment when he was betrayed and left alone, and though he fears the man and his betrayal, ultimately his reaction is angry
  • you have to duck behind the bed to hide a little bit as his obscurus hurtles from him and kind of slithers across the room
  • you talk to him from there, telling him about boggarts and the magic they involve and eventually your voice soothes him down
  • he’s still angry because he doesn’t like remembering how he was betrayed, but he also knows he has started a new chapter of his life
  • one where his friends don’t betray him–and where his friends are actually his friends