is that how u abbreviate it

Please don’t mind me, I’m just being a nerd, as @sunshinekillua​ said… but lol Victor is contradicting himself here u lil shit.

I was trying to decipher the judges detail from this screenshot…

(I spent 2 hours figuring how can 65.83 turns into 65.02 but considering they put Victor’s nation as CHN and forgot to add x in the 3A, I think we can ignore that… SORT OF? ??)

Compared to Victor’s (I assumed) SP in GPF, Yuuri’s on the other hand…

(Son, why don’t you have Quad Salchow in your program… well, to be fair, zero deduction means he didn’t fall on his butt… Also, I’m crying, he’s the first to perform in SP AND in FS. THE STRESS.)

So, I got thinking, can Yuuri surpasses Victor’s with his one-quad program… IF he skate clean with GOE +3 in 7 elements, it’ll be like this:

Added with perfect PCS (which is 50), you got 105.90

So, no, Victor, it’s impossible to win with one quad even if you got perfect PCS. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR OPPONENT USES 4Lz + 3T and 4F and skates perfectly everytime, you fucking monster :”)

Ur fanfiction is gr8 friend

Think ur hetalia fanfic has too many abbreviations? That is how old man America talks ok
Think ur xmen power is unoriginal? So is having t w o whole telepaths ok
Think Dean or Sam or Cas aren’t badass enough? Even the coolest bros have soft sides ok
Think Sherlock is ooc? Sherlock has had fanfic for years it’s not new frend ok

Ur fanfiction is gr8 and so r u


anonymous asked:

I don't know if someone has already asked this but what do you use to learn your Korean ?? Love the account by the way !!! <3

i just woke up and saw this!!!

ok there are a lot of sites where you can learn korean, but i mostly rely on (its got written lessons bc they work for me, but if u want more dynamic lessons it may not be for you) and occasionally talktomeinkorean (this one is more dynamic)
i also use pdfs too! go to /tagged/ref on my blog and you can find some pdfs and resources ive downloaded and used!!!

srry for answering late i hope u see this!!

EDIT: i also follow lots of ppl on twitter who speak korean and that helps u understand how ppl talk on social media bc they too use abbreviations and spell things weirdly so its good to know those things!
Overwatch ladies + texting
  • D.Va: Barely texts because that would mean exiting out of this game she's playing on her phone and she might lose her progress. When she does it's in all lowercase with perfect spelling. Can type a 1000 word essay in under 5 minutes on a touch screen.
  • Mercy: Capitalizes random words, is often autocorrected but doesn't notice until someone points it out, sends a text and doesn't look at the reply for 5 hours, uses too many emojis.
  • Tracer: Also uses too many emojis, makes a lot of typos but doesn't care, turned off autocorrect and suggestions, abbreviates everything until her texts are completely illegible.
  • Zarya: Types in all caps. Enjoys memes but doesn't completely understand how to use them in context, is funny anyway. Loves to send 2am texts.
  • Mei: Types slowly but always replies, likes ^_^ and ^u^ a little too much, sometimes clarifies her own abbreviations, completely missing the point of abbreviating things.
  • Pharah: Very short replies, sometimes mentally types a text but forgets she didn't actually send it. Never uses emojis. Frequently that person who just sends 'K.' to a long text.
  • Symmetra: Perfect grammar, doesn't use emojis and doesn't always fully understand their context. Likes to send <3s, though.
  • Widowmaker: Doesn't text. She has no friends--only targets.
WOY Mains Texting
  • Wander: has good grammar and spelling most of the time but also uses a ton of near indecipherable emojis, puts a smiley face after everything, has a million group chats he's in and often sends messages to Hater or Peepers that he meant to send to Sylvia, sends random pictures of things he thinks are cool all the time,
  • Sylvia: only messages like three people, mostly Wander and sometimes Peepers to complain, uses tons of abbreviation and doesn't punctuate or capitalize, isn't sure how Peepers and Hater got into her contacts,
  • Peepers: that one person who has perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation, never uses emojis or slang, doesn't understand what acronyms mean, will correct your grammar or spelling until he decides you're hopeless and gives up on you, angrily texts Hater to demand where he is and what exactly he thinks he's doing, pointedly doesn't use the Watchdogs' group chat, has given up on correcting Sylvia's grammar and complains to her frequently, has a personalized ring tone for Hater, input his ring tone as 🎶Commander Peepers🎶 on Hater's phone,
  • Hater: uses caps lock when angry which is most of the time, doesn't capitalize the rest of the time, emojis for dramatic effect, makes frequent typos which he corrects angrily on his own but will get mad at Peepers for correcting them, can't figure out how to delete Wander and Sylvia from his contacts, tries to argue with Wander when he messages him which usually escalates to him calling so he can yell,
fuk joshua home

wtf is it w/ josh and long song titles like ur band name is long e-uckin-nough but no we gotta abbreviate everythin like

vampyre of time & yknow

millionaire i mean that whole title is useless

fu ckin ocean



hand model

shitin fun machine


mule, rope, lost art, monsters, better living, feel good, killer scene, slow goodbye, sick, tail, plaid,.

im makin this list im so MAD u all know what these songs r WHY DO U HAVE TO MAKE THEM SO LONG JOSHUA MICHAEL