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Can you please draw Switzerland and Liechtenstein in your art style?

Liechtenstein: Brother, it seems someone has called us…!

(adm: Aaah I don’t think I made justice to Liechtenstein’s cuteness, but still, I hope you like it! ;w; <3)

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Hey, is anything about Todoroki's mom mention in the bnha archive?

Well you’re lucky anon there was whole section for Todoroki’s family so I translated the whole thing while I was at it lol 

I kinda ruined the layout of this page but let’s not stop at insignifiant details lol

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If Shuichi, Kaede and Kiibo got all their names localised, they'd be... Kaede Akamatsu = Katie Arrington Shuichi Saihara = Sheridan Sahara Kiibo = Keebo (already localised) More poorly localised names coming soon

Nice to meet you, I’m Katie Arrington, this crazy story’s protagonist.

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What do you think about Satsuki entrusting Ryuuko with Bakuzan at the end of the Raid trip? She didn't know Ryuuko was just going to hand it back to her right then and there, and she needed Bakuzan to enact vengeance upon Ragyou during the Great Sports and Culture Festival. Do you see it as Satsuki finally acknowledging Ryuuko as an equal (and not at the moment when she confessed her shortcomings on the Naked Sol) and entrusting Ryuuko in coming to her aid later? (1/2)

That is, she gives Ryuuko her sword, creating an unspoken honorable bond between them. From what she knows, only life fibers can kill life fibers, and Bakuzan is currently the only life fiber weapon she has besides Junketsu, which showed a very limited range of transformative use as a lance. Did she expect Ryuuko to hand back Bakuzan and fight beside her as equals once she backstabbed Ragyou? Or for Ryuuko to attack Ragyou and Satsuki backstabs her (Ragyou) while she was distracted? (2/2)

Satsuki: As long as there is breath left in me, Satsuki Kiryuin has a chance at victory!

The way I see it, Satsuki is a character who has devoted her entire life to stopping Ragyo—and this shows. Satsuki’s plans have none of the impulsive, spur-of-the-moment, let’s-see-how-reckless-we-can-be qualities that her sister’s do, because unlike Ryuko, Satsuki is immensely thoughtful and methodical, and she takes care to consider every possibility.

And it is good to be well-prepared, of course, but Satsuki takes her strategizing to such an extreme that it makes her cold. While Ryuko is ultimately able to fight Satsuki to a draw at the end of the Raid Trip because she puts her complete and utter faith in Senketsu—even without having a clue about what he intends to do!—prior to the reveal that Ryuko is her sister, I struggle to see Satsuki make a similar choice. There is nothing sensible about wholeheartedly trusting someone as Ryuko does, and up until Satsuki’s change of heart later in the series, her priority is to behave in ways that make sense to reach her objective—even if making sense can be harsh, detached, distancing, and, as she puts it herself, even if it makes her a villain.

So, when it comes to relying on and believing in others, Satsuki is highly lacking—in fact, it’s her greatest flaw, and what she herself acknowledges as her greatest flaw in her confession on the Naked Sol in episode 22. While she certainly expects people to help her in her goals, Satsuki is careful to never particularly count on it at first, because to count on somebody else would be to trust them… and that’s dangerous. Unknown. Illogical. Reckless.

Satsuki: If you [Ryuko] won’t like my way, I will fight you afterward.

And while Satsuki’s hesitance to trust can be seen in how she treats her Elite Four (and particularly Uzu, who blinds himself due to her horrible manipulation), this quality is probably most obvious and overt in her behavior towards Ryuko. Not only is it her poor treatment of Ryuko that pushes Satsuki to reconsider her actions, but Satsuki also blatantly never counts on Ryuko to fight for her cause, which she even notes directly: if Ryuko doesn’t want to help, Satsuki’ll just fight her, too. Satsuki may urge Ryuko to be on her side because she acknowledges that Ryuko’s aid would be useful, but she never, ever lets herself especially rely on Ryuko as an ally—well, before her big realization, anyway!

Satsuki: I shall leave Bakuzan in your [Ryuko’s] care. To mark today’s battle.

Ryuko (tossing Bakuzan back to Satsuki): Kiryuin.

Satsuki: What?

So, when Satsuki entrusts Ryuko with Bakuzan at the end of the Raid Trip (episode 15), I would argue that Satsuki is absolutely not holding out on the hope that Ryuko would use the sword to help her out later. She’d like Ryuko to lend a hand, but she’s not going to count on it.

Satsuki’s inability to trust Ryuko at this point is only furthered by her shocked reaction when Ryuko tosses Bakuzan back to her. The return is something Satsuki absolutely did not expect from Ryuko, because doing so is a sign of trust—exactly what Satsuki can’t do. The English dub especially pushes this idea, with Ryuko justifying her action by saying, “You seriously think I don’t trust you?”

But what’s interesting about this scene is how, well, nonsensically Satsuki behaves. Here I’ve been yapping about how sensible Satsuki is, but there’s really nothing sensible about leaving your weapon with your enemy—and definitely not when, as you pointed out, that weapon is pretty crucial to your goals!

While I wouldn’t say that Satsuki sees Ryuko as an equal yet (as Satsuki still doesn’t trust her), I would say that the act of giving up Bakuzan is a sign of honor and respect. Satsuki may be manipulative, deceitful, and tyrannical at this point in the story, but she won’t play dirty—even if it makes things a whole heck of a lot harder on herself. No matter what, Satsuki will be true to her word, and more than that, she’ll treat her “enemies” humanely.

And while I don’t think Satsuki giving Ryuko Bakuzan totally destroys her plans—remember, she has some Bakuzan toenails, so she clearly considered that she’d lose her sword along the way, and as pictured at the top of this post, she’ll do whatever it takes to stop Ragyo as long as she still lives—this moment at the end of the Raid Trip is a good one for her character because it emphasizes that Satsuki is not her mother. 

Though Satsuki utilizes similar methods as Ragyo to get what she wants, Ragyo would never display the kind of respect and honor that Satsuki does here. All Ragyo cares about is her own goal, and while Satsuki may even think she’s the same, she’s not. Satsuki has humanity, she cares about human life, and as she shows later, she’s willing to change—and willing to embrace the nonsensical that she would once only dare show shades of.


Confession time: that’s not all that surprising on Seraph’s end.  xD  If she’s a Porter import, which she is, she was already revealed to be bisexual after a curiosity question by Andrei in France.

I didn’t mention it because I thought it was pointless.  xD  It still kind of is.

What’s mostly surprising to me is that Meera’s into women.

I don’t know if that’s always been the case or not, because her first role was an NPC where sexuality is largely irrelevant.


Unsure if would fap.

Sana Theory

Hey everyone! Okay so this is kind of building off of a theory I posted yesterday about Evak but I feel like we’ve seen three reoccurring influences in Sana’s life.  

We have the girl squad, the balloon squad, and the boy squad (or more specifically Evak). Each of these groups represent something Sana can’t be (well chooses not to, but you know what I mean) 

 The girl squad amongst everything else represents partying. Its all they talk about in the group chat and what they do with the balloon squad. We saw Sana at the party the girls went to and she was obviously uncomfortable and excluded. 

The balloon squad (or maybe more specifically Elias, we don’t really know too much about this group to theorize) represents a lot of the discrimination Sana faces daily as a female. Elias was about to do Russ but he doesn’t want Sana to because he knows she’ll get hate for it just based on her gender. Even though the two siblings are of the same religion, Elias is still able to get away in society with doing things that people would come after Sana for doing. 

 Lastly, this is what I posted before, but I honestly think Evak is a sort of sex icon in this season. While the girl squad represents partying and casual hookups, Evak shows a committed, obviously sexual relationship that Sana really can’t have without getting married. Julie has really made a point with the shirtless guys that Sana is tempted by sex, and so Evak kind of represents a world she’s also excluded from.

 This is of course a theory and pls let me know if I said anything unintentionally offensive or contradictory, sometimes I mess up my words and say things I in no way mean