is that her name


I am having so many feels from @kadi219 ’s caps of the preview for White Lies Part 1.

My ponysona - Pentip .  👌👀 🎉

Her name is combined with two words – ‘Pen’ and ‘Tip’.
I ain’t really good at coming up with a name, I know. 😂💦
PT loves writing Chinese so that’s how she gets her cutie mark.

I won’t draw her frequently since I’m not that into OC stuff.
Still, feel free to ask me things about her or me. I’ll answer as long as the questions are not inappropriate or too personal. 8′D


這幾天設計好原創馬(我的小馬化 👌👀)「 筆芯 」了!! 🎉

超不會命名小馬 😂 不過想想算了反正我應該不會常畫她 😂😂
但還是提醒一下,筆芯的英文是 pencil lead ( 或者直接寫 lead ),而不是 Pentip 喔!( ※pen是「筆」;tip是「尖端」的意思,英文本身也沒有pentip這字,我自己亂合在一起的XD )
我本人真的超愛寫字,到現在還常手抄筆記或寄傳統明信片給朋友,所以天賦設定就是愛寫中文字 ✏ ✨   

如果對她很好奇,歡迎中/英文發問互動。合理範圍的問題都會儘量回答 👌