is that guy in white a bodyguard

Which Karasuno you should fight

  • Daichi: oh, god, are you sure? y’know you’re not really going to fight, right? like, you can try, but all he’ll do is tell you that fighting is bad. that you should never ever fight. he’ll lecture you. and if you don’t stop, he’ll fucking call your mom. for your own sake, do not fight daichi.
  • Suga: you can fight suga, but do not look at his face. do not spare a single glance at his face. why? because he’s beautiful. he has the face of an angel and while you’re too busy staring at his beauty he’ll hit you with the taser he’s always carrying in his bag. i warned you.
  • Asahi: you want to fight asahi, but asahi doesn’t want to fight you. w-why are you l-looking at him? n-no, please don’t. j-jesus? n-no, he’s not jesus. why are you kneeling? his name is asahi, it’s okay, he forgives you for pushing him, please, stand up.
  • Tanaka: fight tanaka. he’ll try to intimidate you with creepy faces, and by shouting, and cursing at you. you’ll find out that he’s not all barks and no bite, because tanaka does really bite. and he pulls hair too, he’ll do anything to win. you’ll be covered with bite marks, bruises, and maybe you’ll get a chewed gum in your hair. definitely fight tanaka, it’s a good experience, and a good story to tell others.
  • Nishinoya: you shouldn’t fight him because if an officer passes by and sees you, he’ll fucking put you in jail for assaulting a high schooler, but does he have a pottymouth despite his tiny figure. anyway, abort mission, abort. 
  • Tsukishima: annihilate him before he has the time to open his mouth. this guy can sass you to death. be careful while you’re fighting him.
  • Yamaguchi: you can fight yamaguchi, but then you’ll feel bad about it. i mean, he’s so precious. just look at his freckles. they’re so pure. he’s so pure. it’d be like punching a kitten. worse, punching a kitten that just wanted to be pet. don’t fight yamaguchi.
  • Kageyama: why would you want to fight him? but, hey, try, sure, go ahead. but, i’m telling you kageyama will just argue with you and insist that you were wrong. he’ll be so confident of it that you’ll be convinced that he’s right, and you’ll be the one apologising. look, don’t waste your time. don’t fight kageyama.
  • Hinata: you know that there is always someone looking after him from afar, don’t you? fight him, but then be prepared to get your ass kicked by all the bodyguards he himself did not even know he had. and they’re all almost 2m tall, and they’re scary. especially the menacing white hair guy with no eyebrows. let it go. just. just, let it go.
  • Yachi: what? you want to fight yachi? really? well, you’re a disgusting person. how can you even think about hurting this scared snowball? be ashamed of yourself.
  • Kiyoko: we both know you’re not really trying to fight her, but just leave an impression on her. she’s so hot. i want to marry her too.
Joker x Reader

Fandom: DC

Character: The Joker

Request: Could you write a full imagine about the reader and the Joker meeting for the first time please???

Requested by: @keya168

Word Count: 813

xx imagine oneshot is based on xx


    The booming music coming from the club rattled your ears. Your bodyguards opened the limo door and you immediately stepped out. You stared at the club which belonged to the Joker himself. The man you were here to do business with. You had never met him before, but considering what everyone said about him he seemed…interesting.

    You walked up to the entrance where there were two buff security guys staring you down. “ Y/N L/N. I’m here to talk to your boss.” You stated and they both whispered to each other before letting you in. Your bodyguards followed you inside as one of Joker’s security guards escorted you to a semi private booth. You sat down on the white leather couch and took in the stench of alcohol mixed with sweaty bodies. You weren’t very fond of clubs or the activities that partook in them. But you were here on official business, so you had no right to complain.

    You waited for another ten minutes impatiently before a tall man with sleek green hair sat in front of you. He stared at you intrigued. He didn’t expect Falcone to send a woman to do his negotiations.

    “ You must be the Joker. Is there something on my face or am I just that interesting to stare at?” You spoke up first and questioned him. You were a bit annoyed at his lack of professionalism. You wanted to get this deal done and over with so you could leave. You didn’t want to waste time with his staring. Although you had been doing your share of staring as well. You couldn’t help it. This man intrigued you. He was undeniably good looking, but the look in his eyes was pure insanity. And this should have scared you, but instead it only made you more attracted to him.

    “ Ah, where are my manners? I just wasn’t expecting Falcone to send such a beautiful lady to do his business.” He complimented you as he placed his hands on top of his cane. “ Well I am the only one who can get the job done. All the men working for Falcone are useless. Also considering the fact that you keep killing the men he sends and I’m not as easy to kill.” You stated confidently. He smiled at your response,” Finally he sent me someone worthy enough to negotiate with.” He then extended his hand towards you. You stared at it,” I don’t do handshakes.” You simply replied and he smirked retracting his hand. “ Funny, neither do I.” He responded and you shook your head slightly at his contradictory actions. This man was something else.

     “ Anyway, back to what I came here for. Falcone wants to distribute his product on this side of Gotham. He can’t do that without your approval. So he’s willing to make a deal.” You explained to him. Joker’s smile fell and he suddenly became serious. A simple action that brought chills down your spine. “ And why would I agree to that?” He asked through gritted teeth. You motioned towards one of your bodyguards who handed you a suitcase filled with millions of dollars. You grabbed it and opened it showing the contents to Joker who just stared at it with cold eyes.

    “ You’ll agree because it would greatly benefit you and Falcone to close this deal. This money is only a slight fraction compared to all the money you two will make. Because let’s face it. He needs new customers and barely anyone trusts you. With Falcone’s credibility and your territory profits would boom for the both of you. So what do you say?” You asked him hoping to close the deal. He stared at you interested and then leaned back in his seat breathing in deeply,” And who would run the business on this side?” He asked you. You smirked,” As a matter of fact I would.” He grinned widely at your response before slamming his hands on the case. “ Then that settles it! Welcome to the business…” he trailed off excitedly waiting for your response. “ Y/N. Y/N L/N.” You replied. “ Y/N.” the mere sound of your name rolling of of his lips made you feel something. He held out his hand a second time for a handshake and this time you took it.

    Joker was captivated by you. He had never met someone so fearless of him. You weren’t intimidated by him in any way and he liked that. Something about you just attracted him to you.

    “ I’ll see you around.” Joker said while waving goodbye. You rolled your eyes,” Mhmm, we’ll see about that.” You replied sending a little wave his way. Part of you wanted to see him again, but a bigger part of you knew to stay away.

Little did you know that wouldn’t be the last time you would see him …


hope you liked it! :)


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The wolves| Drummer!Theo AU

Hey guys, so this is a thing that I’ve had in mind for along time. Tell me if you like it and if you want a part two, also requests are open so fill my inbox. Love you xx.

Warnings: drinking, implied smut.

part2, part 3, part 4


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You weren’t like all of the normal teenagers. You were more mature, you were already an adult and they were still kids. You always kept for yourself, not wanting the teen drama to reach you. That’s why your best friend Allison always dragged you everywhere. She insisted that you were wasting your last years as a teen, so you weren’t surprised when you agreed to this. You couldn’t resist her puppy eyes.

You shifted uncomfortably on your seat as Allison took the last sip of her drink. She looked at you and smiled. Allison could read your mind sometimes, and when she saw your glare she understood that you were uncomfortable. Allison grabbed your hand and you two walked towards the stage just as the band walked on the stage.
“Hello, we are The Wolves and we are here to enjoy this beautiful night, I hope you do too.”
You looked at the three boys on the stage, almost analysing them. They were really cute, you had to admit that, but you still weren’t sure about their music.
You were really picky about your music and weren’t scared to say what you think.
“If they suck I’m gonna complain for the whole journey,” you say, Allison looking at you not surprised.
“I know, that’s why I brought you here, because they are great.”
You laugh at her, watching her excitement as the band started to play the first song.

The concert had come to an end and you smiled looking at the three guys on the stage.
‘They are good.’
As they waved at the crowd you felt yourself being pushed towards the stage until you were smashed against the bodyguards.
The drummer lowered his eyes towards you and looked at you for a little while, then he leaned towards the bodyguard, whispering something in his ear. The man nodded and then turned towards you.
“Lady, follow me.”
He grabbed your arm and walked you towards the back of the stage. You kept walking until you entered in a white room full with clothes and guitars. You turned around, confused, but the man was already gone. Laughter came from one of the corridors in front of you. Three boys walked in the room.
The drummer lifted his head and smiled at you.
“Hi, I’m Theo, this is Scott and this is Isaac. Sorry for this but you looked a little lost outside.”
You looked at the guy in front of you, your eyes thin lines.
“Is this how you hook up with girls? Because you might want you change it, it’s  not working.”
The other two bursted in an hysterical laugh and you smirked, proud of yourself.
“I told Steve to take you here because I wanted to know you, but if you wanna hook up for me it’s fine.”
You rolled your eyes, shaking your head, but secretly hiding the smile that started to grow on your face.
“I’ll give you a chance but only if you bring here my friend too, we come in one package.”

You turned your head and saw Allison shamelessly flirting with the lead singer, Scott, him blushing furiously at every word she said.
“So what?” Theo raised an eyebrow at you, a smirk always on his lips.
“What what?”
“Do you wanna come in my room?- as he looked at your glare he clarified- Just to talk.”
You bit your lip and took a big breath. You turned your head towards Allison again, she looked at you now.
She nodded towards you slowly and nodded toward a her. Theo looked at you hopeful.
“Okay, let’s go.”

You opened your eyes, multiple rays of sunshine hitting your face. As you groaned, you heard a really deep giggle.
“Why the fuck do you look like a model in the morning?”
Theo shook his head and looked at you as he put on a shirt.
“I bet you would look like a model too without all that smeared make up”
You groaned again, grabbing your clothes and putting them on fastly.
Theo pointed at his bathroom and you sneaked in, trying hard not to look at yourself in the mirror.

“Give me your number.”
You giggled and shook your head.
“You have to earn it, plus I don’t give my number to strangers.”
Theo leaned in and kisses softly your lips.
You breathed in his scent the last time and then walked away.

You ran in your school’s corridors, your music sheets pressed to your chest.
‘I am so late.’
You slammed the door of the music class and looked up from the ground.
‘Oh my god’


i understand prince rat / bodyguard hog aus but also like… roadhog is a junkertown enforcer… he owns a bike… he’s presumably got a high rank in society… and junkrat… is a white guy living in an RV that likes to blow things up


Thanks for the support guys! Here you have a lil’ batch, soon I’ll publish the others too! I got ill (again! Universe, WTF) and my head is so dizzy I can’t find something clever to say ><’’’ Hope you’ll enjoy, if you have questions, feel free to ask <3

“But Arrow doesn’t follow the comics!” - Oh, really?!

1. Oliver’s origin story is an island (GA year 1) (pilot)

2. Oliver stops illegal dealings on the island (GA year 1) (4x01/4x23)

3. Oliver learns to fight/survive on the island (GA year 1) (1x15)

4. Oliver finds a female friend on the island and helps her out (GA year 1) (s4 tiana)

5. Oliver has a younger half-sister (new52/ rebirth) (thea)

6. The sinking of the Gambit was not an accident (new52) (s1)

7. Oliver has a connection with Shado (vol 1) (s1)

8. Shado’s dragon tattoo. (Vol 2? Mike Grell) (s1)

9. Oliver watches his mother die (vol 3 or new52) (2x20)

10. Oliver has absolutely no interest in being a CEO (vol 3 + new52) (pilot)

11. Oliver has cheated on Dinah Laurel (vol 1) (pilot)

12. Oliver and Dinah have an on/off relationship (vol 1) (pilot)

13. Oliver proposes to the love of his life (outside) (vol 3 #75) (4x09)

14. The Undertaking = Amsterdam Disaster (vol 3) (1x23)

15. Felicity Smoak – tech expert, CEO (firestorm) (4x12)

16. Cupid being obsessed with Oliver (ga/bc) (3x07)

17. Cupid/Arrow fight (ga/bc) (3x07)

18. Oliver is Roy’s mentor (all the volumes) (2x12)

19. Oliver has a biological son he didn’t know about (vol 1) (4x08)

20. Boxing glove arrow (3x06)

21. Oliver is mayor (vol 3) (4x23)

22. Oliver works with a team (new 52) (ota)

23. Oliver fights slade. Oliver wins (vol 3) (2x23)

24. Merlyn is the dark archer (vol 3 ga/bc) (1x21)

25. Merlyn is Oliver’s #1 adversary (vol 3) (1x23)

26. Count vertigo v green arrow (vol 3) (3x01 – 2x07)

27. Oliver dying (quiver) (3x09)

28. Oliver being brought from the dead  (quiver) (3x10)

29. 2 green arrows (ga/bc vol 3) (legends 1x06, diggle/roy in the suit)

30. Star city (4x01)

31. GA suit (4x01)

32. Arsenal, Speedy, Black Canary on Team Arrow (vol 3) (4x12)

33. Oliver soul searching (vol 1) (3x23)

34. Oliver returning to the island (vol 3) (2x01)

35. BC is a legacy title (bop vol 1) (3x11; 4x19)

36. Roy harper went through several titles (vol 3) (2x12, 3x06 4x12)

37. Canary can beat Oliver’s ass (vol 3) (Sara Lance in the Arrow comics tie-in)

38. Canary goes into the pit (bop vol 1) (4x03)

39.  Speedy kills (vol 3) (4x21)

40. Dinah Laurel and Dinah Drake are estranged (bop vol 1) (s1)

41. Canary takes care of Sin (bc 2007) (2x04, 2x05, 2x17)

42. Oliver vs China White (ga year 1) (1x03)

43. Ted Grant trained Laurel (bc 2007/bop) (3x06)

44. Oliver and Barry being friends (quiver) (3x08)

45. Oliver fighting for the little guy / being anti-corporations (vol 3) (s1)

46. Playboy billionaire oliver queen (vol 1) (pilot)

47. Canary is trained by an international assassin (bop vol 1) (3x19) (Sara in the League)

48. Doesn’t play well with others (ga/bc) (4x08)

49. Moved out of Star City (vol 1) (4x01)

50. Roy has a fight with Oliver and leaves (vol 1) (2x19)

51. Oliver has a bodyguard (vol 3) (2x02)

52. Speedy leaves Team arrow (vol 3) (4x23)

53. The mother of Oliver’s son appeals to him to save him (ga/bc) (4x15)

54. Oliver goes on a mission to rescue his son (ga/bc) (4x15)

55. Speedy spars with Oliver (vol 3) (this is your overlord felicity smoak)

56. Canary knows Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter (bop vol 1) (sara/ra’s)

57. Nuclear attack on Star City (vol 3) (4x20)

58. Oliver does jobs for the government (vol 1 – eddie fyers) (s4 s3)

59. Brick (vol 3) (3x12, 4x22)

60. Black Arrow  (vol 2) (s5)

61. Oliver being an outlaw/wanted by the police (vol 2 #79) (s1, s2, s3)

62. GA/Hunterss Team up (vol 2 #83) (1x17)

63. Oliver fights Hawkman (vol 3) (4x08)

64. Oliver is trained by assassins (vol 3) (3x21)

65. Oliver fights Solomon Grundy aka Cyrus Gold (vol 3) (2x09)

66. GA vs Anarky (vol 3 51) (4x02)

67. Oliver/GA inspires the city to fight against a threat (vol 3 38) (3x12 4x23)

68. Oliver fights supernatural beings (demons, mirakuru soldiers) (vol 3) (2x23, 4x04)

69. Isabel Rochev taking over Queen Industries (brightest day #1) (2x02, 2x18)

70. Isabel being obsessed with the Queens (s2) (brightest day #1)

71. WALTER STEELE (brightest day #1) (pilot)

72.   Walt holding a key position in QC (brightest day #1) (pilot)

73. Isabel knowing the mayor (brightest day #1) (2x22)

74. Isabel having a history with Robert and hating Oliver (brightest day #2) (2x19)

75.   “Explosion that levelled the heart of the city) (brightest day #2) (4x23)

76.   Oliver choosing GA over Oliver (brightest day #2) (3x01)

77.   Oliver living by himself/in isolation (brightest day #2) (s2; 4x20)

78.   Oliver being “stubborn” (brightest day #2) (SA on Conan)

79.   “I should have died on that island” (brightest day #3)

80.   Robert being a shit husband to Moira (brightest day #3 / new52)

81.   Robert being a shit dad to oliver (brightest day)

82.   Oliver focusing only on his failures (brightest day)

83.   Oliver and Barry bromance (vol 3 Quiver) (literally every crossover ever)

84.   Oliver not liking guns (brightest day) (3x03)

85.   Oliver being brought back to life by a miracle (brightest day) (3x10 – penicillin tea yea right)

86.   Oliver watched his father die (brightest day) (pilot)

87.   Oliver using makeshift arrows (brightest day (3x03)]

88.   Oliver storming his company to face Isabel (brightest day) (2x22)

89.   Oliver failing at being a CEO (brightest day) (s2)

90.   Oliver not knowing about his dad and Isabel (brightest day) (2x19)

91.   Star city has poor/rich/gangs (brightest day) (s5)

92.   Oliver’s trick arrows

93.   Ghosts of oliver’s loved ones giving him strength to fight (brightest day) (2x09 / 4x20 / 5x08)

94.   Mr Terrific is in the GA comics (brightest day) (s5)

95.   Oliver has a son (connor, Robert, v3, v2) (William)

96.   Moira knows Oliver’s the Arrow (new52 #25) (2x21)

97.  Oliver hallucinates his loved ones when all hope is gone (brightest day #7) (2x09)

98.   GA’s Rogues Gallery: China White, Count Vertigo, Deathstroke, Merlyn, Cupid, Brick, Mafia, evil corporations,

99. Oliver works alongside Dinah Drake (rebirth) (5x11)

100. Metahuman Black Canary (rebirth / vol 3) (5x10/5x11)

101. Oliver thinking of the woman he loves before he dies (injustice, Dinah) (3x09 Felicity)

 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to be continued.

I just love T’Challa’s bodyguards so much!

Okay, so you know what I want to see in the Black Panther movie?

  • Natasha sparring with one or multiple of T’Challa’s bodyguards.
  • Bad guys keep trying to get T’Challa when he’s on diplomatic trips, but the bad guys keep getting punched in the throat by his bodyguards.
    • This happens multiple times. The scene will cut from T’Challa trying to stay awake during a meeting about embargos or something, to his bodyguards brawling in the parking lot.
    • T’Challa doesn’t even know there are bad guys half of the time because that’s how efficient and brutal his entourage is.
  • I want at least one Wakandan to watch the news, shake their head, and say, “What is up with these white people?” But then T’Challa gives them a really stern look, because he is a righteous and progressive king. I want the Wakandan to kind of blush and correct themselves with, “Excuse me, I meant people of European descent.”
  • Bonus points if this is one of his bodyguards, after seeing Spiderman doing literally anything.
  • I want a flashback to Civil War, where T’Challa’s team of bodyguards are losing their minds. “How do you lose an entire king?!” And the oldest, wisest, most-done-with-this-shit bodyguard (let’s call her Aunika) just puts on a pair of shades, and goes, “Where’s the Panther suit? Wow, it’s missing? What a coincidence.”
  • She is so done with his shit, she puts a tracking chip under T’Challa’s skin like he’s a pet labradoodle. And then she puts a tracker on the suit. And then she puts a tracker on the backup suit he doesn’t think she knows about. She is too damn old to be running all over the globe trying to protect this meatball.
  • And traditionally, the bodyguards aren’t supposed to talk to anyone except each other and their king, and Aunika is old enough that she still won’t say anything to the other Avengers. But she will absolutely drag T’Challa’s ass when they’re alone.
  • But in, like, a mom way.
  • T’Challa gets pretty, very young bodyguards, sent from all over Wakanda, and he’s like, “They’re so smol and precious.” And Aunika is like, “You’re all literally the same age. Nakia has six inches and thirty pounds on you.” And T’Challa looks her dead in the face, “So smol. So precious.”
  • Okay, when Aunika is talking to T’Challa, she is 100% polite. All the time. But she pulls some wild shit. Like she has new recruits for the Dora Milaje program prove they can bench press his bodyweight. And they have to get it right, so he obviously has to be there to get bench pressed. New recruits have to be able to run a half mile with him in a fireman’s carry, and in a bridal carry. “Aunika, you never had to do any of this when my father hired you.” “My king! Are you implying I am just making up new requirements? To what end? To embarrass you?”
  • T’Challa goes on an Avenger’s mission and it goes pear-shaped basically immediately. His bodyguards swoop in, crack the Hydra base open like an egg, do some quick reconnaissance, pick up the information the Avengers were supposed to get, and then they wait around. And poor Nakia is like, “Let’s just grab him and go!” But Aunika is like, “If we rescue him, it’ll hurt his feelings. We just have to wait for him to get out himself and then we can act like we just got here, and then we can go.” But Nakia is still like, “Then why did you tie me to this metal chair?” And Aunika is like, “So he can ‘save’ you.”
  • Nakia: “Is this because I failed the flight simulator? I can retake it tomorrow!”
  • Aunika: “I can’t hear you over the sound of our king performing a daring rescue. Hello T’Challa. It’s been so long I forgot what you looked like.”
  • (That is a dramatic lie. It’s been 24 hours, tops.)
  • I want Aunika to try to adopt Sam Wilson, to save this sweet summer child from these white savages. “I mean, these savages of European Descent.”
  • Basically, I want 80% of Black Panther to be Serious Plot, and the other 20% to be his bodyguards dealing with his life decisions.

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thank you for requesting! i had originally planned for this to be funny but instead you get bodyguard!jungkook *wiggles eyebrows*

-토끼 언니

6| “Oh no, it wasn’t inconvenient at all. Please, set fire to another hotel.”

word count: 489

drabble game.

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Royal Butler!Joshua

Dt: @jisooscat this isn’t a scenario but I thought of you when I was writing it

  • Such a gentleman, honestly
  • Looks really good in the black suits and always styles his hair up and casually kills all the servants (both male and female) with his good looks
  • Is totally unaware of the affect his good-looks has on the servants
  • In the summer (or just days when it’s too hot) he just wears a simple white button-down and some black pants and the servants STILL swoon because he just looks really good in everything
  • A very loyal butler that cares deeply for you
  • Will go out of his way to make sure you’re happy
  • Once went down to the kitchen and literally BEGGED the cooks to make your favorite dish because you had been feeling sad that day
  • When he brought you the dish, he was so happy because the way your face lit up was so magical and it just made him feel all warm inside
  • When you asked why the cooks made you your favorite dish, Joshua just shrugged, saying that the cooks just wanted you to be happy
  • Doesn’t ever take credit for those kinds of things
  • Always remembers your favorite things and sometimes reminds you of the fact that he pays attention to you
  • Like, he will be accompanying you in the village and he’ll spot a flower shop and just be like “hey, look, it’s your favorite flower!”
  • Or he’ll be like “Hey, Mingyu just made you a new dress. I had him make it in your favorite color btw no big deal”
  • Or even “Here’s that candy you like” and you’ll be like “Joshua, this is amazing, thank you! How did you get this?? It’s only sold in a certain kingdom!” and he’ll be a little shy like “oh, it was no problem”
  • But he’s lying. It was a big problem. He had to travel BY HIMSELF all the way to that faraway kingdom just to get your favorite candy. He pedaled his tiny little bike all the way, and threw up at the entrance of the shop
  • But it was all worth it because it made you happy
  • If you’re happy, Jisoo is happy
  • Whenever officials from other kingdoms come over to visit, at least one of them always comments on how great of a butler Joshua is and that he’s so good-looking and how they mistook him for a prince a.k.a your future husband
  • You don’t ever tell Joshua about these comments but he somehow finds out about them
  • By “somehow finds out” I mean that Seungcheol, your royal advisor, told him everything
  • Joshua had been waiting for you to finish your daily lesson with royal tutor! Jihoon and Seungcheol just kind of slid next to Joshua, eyebrow-wiggling, elbow-nudging, smirky-smirking like “I heard the good news~congratulations~”
  • And Jisoo is just like “what???” and Seungcheol goes “All the visiting officials are talking about it! They’re saying that you two are engaged!”
  • And Jisoo is just like “w h a t ? ? ?”
  • Seungcheol goes “yUP! They seem to think you’re a prince or something”
  • Jisoo gets so flustered because him??? a prince?? and you two??? engaged???
  • Is a little awkward around you after finding out what the officials say and you’re just like Joshua…why are you all the way over here? Come stand next to me! but Joshua is just like !! no!! it’s okay!! I !! will stand!! at a!! safe!! distance!!
  • Basically doesn’t get close to you for two weeks and he only goes back to normal because being 15ft. away from you all the time makes it hard to serve your food (he had to push it to you with a really long stick while huddled in a corner)
  • When you have to go to other kingdoms for meetings with officials, he sits with you in the carriage and makes small-talk so that you’re not bored
  • Also, I would just like to say that Joshua finds himself jealous of other guys sometimes. Like…
  • You go inside the castle of some ally prince and there are all these portraits of him everywhere
  • You make a small, passing comment about the prince like “hey, he’s kind of cute” and on the outside Joshua just nods, but on the inside he’s like cute???that guy???
  • The prince makes his way into the room and is super charming like he smiles brightly at you with great pearly whites, takes you hand and kisses it, winks, and Joshua is just standing behind you with a smile but he’s internally screaming like what!!even!!is!!this!!guy!!
  • Joshua wants to take your hand and kiss it like the prince does but he knows he can’t because he’s too shy and also he’s not entirely sure it’s appropriate (even though royal advisor Seungcheol and bodyguard Jun do skinship with you all the time and NO ONE says anything about it)
  • When you guys go back home Joshua is listing all these reasons as to why you shouldn’t visit that prince again and never talk to him ever ever ever
  • “The state of their castle wasn’t in the best condition, which means they’re not financially stable. Their food wasn’t very good, and that’s isn’t a good sign because you like food and they have bad food, which is very bad. Also, that prince smelled funny.”
  • You’re just wondering why he’s acting the way he is, and when you ask if he’s jealous, Jisoo gets real red real fast like n-no! of course not! w-w-why would I be jealous of him?
  • But then Joshua IS kind of jealous because that was a handsome prince and the probability of you marrying a prince instead of a butler is very high
  • Of course, he never tells anyone about his worries because he doesn’t want to bother anyone with them
  • Hangs out with Jeonghan the gardener whenever he isn’t working
  • Jeonghan once made Jisoo a wreath of leaves and Jisoo wore it for the entire day
  • You complimented it in passing like “cute” and Joshua got really embarrassed and shyly reached up to touch the wreath like “really? you think I’m cute?” and then you got embarrassed because you were saying that the wreath looked cute, not Joshua, but he looks so happy and now that you get a good look at him, Joshua actually is really cute so you’re just like “yeah, you’re cute”
  • And then Joshua basically has this wide smile for the entire day because !!you!!think!!he’s!!cute!!
  • Along with being really caring, Joshua is also really protective of you
  • When you had a meeting with an official who was super old, the guy started acting really creepy and pervy and was invading your personal space and you were in such distress like no, stop, what are you doing??!!
  • And Joshua was panicking because you were in distress and he wanted to help you but he wasn’t sure if he should do something like what if he does something and the official gets mad and it hurts your reputation??
  • But then the guy doesn’t stop touching you so Joshua just swallowed his nervousness and shyness and stepped in and grabbed the old man’s wrist and stared at him with these cold eyes like “this is an official meeting, do try to act appropriately”
  • And when you thanked him for it later on, he got really embarrassed like “no, it’s my job to make sure you’re okay and happy”
  • And then Jun your bodyguard is just like “bro, you’re so obviously in love with them”
  • And Joshua is just like “no I’m not…Wait, where were you when that old man was being a perv?? Isn’t it your job to protect them???”
  • An official was being really mean to you once, and you ran out into the gardens crying
  • Joshua hadn’t been with you in the meeting because it was a private meeting, but when he heard about what happened he immediately ran outside and it look him less than a minute to find you crying by the rose bushes
  • Although he’s usually shy with skinship, you’re sad and it pains him to see you cry so he gets down on his knees and scoops you up into his arms and you automatically bury your face in his neck
  • You’re trying to explain what happened through your sobs but it’s useless, and Joshua is just rubbing your back and trying to soothe you
  • He finally pulls away from the hug and takes your chin in his fingers and tilts your head up so that you’re looking at him
  • “Don’t cry, everything will be alright. I’m here now, just look at me.”
  • And seeing Joshua act like this makes you a bit shy like Jisoo…since when were you like this…?
  • Butler!Joshua is an easily-flustered cutie who gets embarrassed when you compliment him, doesn’t want you to meet really handsome princes, and will go to great lengths just to make you happy.


Royal Dog-Sitter! The8

Royal Servant! Dino

anonymous asked:

can i ask for a jikook hc where jungkook is part of the mafia and jimin's an innocent normal person please? thank you! i love your headcanons!!!!!

Jikook mafia hm? :) I know who’s gonna love this and thank god she helped some @confidenceatitsfinest Enjoy anon~

+ Park Jimin is a simple office worker who happened to work overtime one particular evening

+ He figured that since his life was fairly uneventful, that it would be okay to work into the hours of the night

+ Unfortunately, he ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, when walking home on his usual route down an alleyway which was a shortcut to his house

+ Jeon Jungkook is the heir to an empire who had a negotiation scheduled in that alleyway with a rival gang. Unfortunately for Jimin, he was walking through right as the rival gang arrived.

+ The gang thinks that Jimin is Jungkook’s representative and Jimin knew he was in deep trouble the second he saw the guns in their pockets. “Are you here for Jeon Jungkook, kid?”

+ A couple of the men hold him captive, and he desperately tries to explain the misunderstanding as he struggles to escape. That is, until a man arrives with two body guards. He must be the Jeon guy.

+ Even if this situation, Jimin notices how he doesn’t look like those mafia bosses in the movies he watches because he’s dressed in an all white suit. Jimin thinks that he looks like the embodiment of an angel. @confidenceatitsfinest

+ Jungkook sees Jimin struggling and has his bodyguards take him from the men restraining him. “You’re business is with me,” he says at the leader with a biting tone. Jimin could immediately sense his overwhelming presence.

+ Jungkook has Jimin taken to his car while he deals with the business before he hops in a few minutes later telling the driver get out of there.

+ Jungkook asks what Jimin was doing there and Jimin tells him, “I was just coming home from work when they grabbed me.” He seemed a bit shaken up and Jungkook took pity.

+ He places a light hand on Jimin’s knee. “I’ll take you to your home.” And he didn’t go back on his word. Still captivated by the other man, Jimin reluctantly leaves the car as they arrive at his home. “Thank you…really.”

+ The angel smirks. “I don’t expect to be seeing you around. But if we meet again, it would be a pleasure.”

+ It has been a couple days since the weird encounter and Jimin goes to the grocery store one night to restock on food. But he has a creeping feeling that someone is watching him. When he gets to his car, a pair of arms grab him and throw him into a vehicle driving off

+ Jungkook gets a message from one of his rival gangs that they had his friend and that his head was on the line if he didn’t give them the weapons they wanted. Jungkook was confused because he didn’t have any friends really.

+ It all became clear when they sent him a photo of the man he helped a couple days ago tied up. Jungkook, although he barely knew him, knew he had to help.

+ Jungkook, luckily enough, has connections and has dirt on this rival gang and their shady business. He has one of his men leave an anonymous tip to the police and within the same night, the gang’s headquarters was raided and Jimin was freed @confidenceatitsfinest

+ Jungkook knows that the other gangs now know that Jimin has some kind of value to Jungkook except they don’t know to what degree, and he doesn’t want Jimin’s life to be harmed.

+ He shows up at Jimin’s place unannounced the next day. Jimin opens the door, astonished. “Y-you’re—” “Jeon Jungkook, I’m aware.” Jungkook ends up explaining the situation to Jimin. The older is surprised to hear what he has to say next. “Park Jimin, let me protect you.”

+ Jimin was reluctant to accept the protection, but he couldn’t say no to this angel.

+ Jimin has body guards constantly when he goes to work. Jungkook sometimes takes him out to nice lunches (definitely not dates). He’s very gentleman like actually. @confidenceatitsfinest

+ Jungkook decides it’s safer for Jimin to move in with him since Jimin’s home has been compromised. Jimin, while living with him, finds out that he’s just a big cute meme. @confidenceatitsfinest

+ Jungkook may be a mafia heir, but it’s the soft silly side that Jimin ends up falling in love with. And maybe Jungkook falls for Jimin as well ♡

tomgiggleston  asked:

Could you tell us how bodyguard Derek responds to First Son Stiles Stilinksi's first panic attack under his charge

(RE: x)

Stiles was eight when he had his first panic attack, on the day his mother died. It didn’t happen in the hospital, when the ECG machine started emitting its monotone, her grip on his hand falling away, nurses rushing in to usher him out of the room. It happened hours later, at night, when he woke from a fretful sleep which had been dreamless except for the vague sense that some huge black shape was looming in the doorway, waiting, biding its time, every now and then whispering Ssstilesss. He woke up with his heart pounding and the ice-cold realization that his mom wasn’t around to comfort him, wouldn’t ever be there to stroke his hair after a bad dream anymore, and suddenly he couldn’t breathe.

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PR teams are a pain: part 2

Part 1 / Part 3

Request: “It’s 3am. Wanna go get some pizza?” with Michael + part 2 of PR teams are a pain
Summary: you go on the strangest of dates


Of course, Michael is late. He shows up to the meeting spot ten minutes after the agreed time, trailing a body guard behind him, a leather jacket thrown over a ripped tee shirt and a snapback barely hiding how messy his hair is.

You greet him with a scoff.

“Is this how you dress for dates? No wonder you’re endlessly single.”

He scowls right back at you.

“Not everyone is as superficial as you.”

“Why couldn’t this whole thing have been with Luke?” You sigh, long-suffering.

“You like Luke?” Michael asks, disbelief mixed with disgust and something else you can’t quite place dripping from his voice.

“At least he dresses well. Where’s your YSL clothes?”

“He’s got a contract with them. It’s not like he chooses the clothes.”

“Right. And of course I’m stuck with the one who’s not important enough to have contracts with designer brands.”

Michael looks like he’s about 0.2 seconds from attacking you, and thinking of the paparazzi due to take pictures any minute now, you send him a disarming smile.

“Anyway love, I think we should get a move on. The restaurant’s this way,” you say brightly, and blinks at you half in horror, half in confusion before following your lead silently.

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Amber Scenario - ‘I’ll keep you safe’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Sherlock  (Just a side not but I know this is sad but I got really excited at the idea of Amber calling me oppa.)

“Get down!”

With those words, everyone followed without hesitation, whilst I rushed to get the rest of the girls into the car.


Recognizing the voice all too well, my head towards the direction of the scream, I saw an armed man holding Amber by her waist, gun aimed at everyone, then briefly at her, “Put the gun down- don’t do anything stupid”, I said, trying my best to keep my voice steady, despite feeling my heart nearly escaping my chest being overwhelming.

“Why should I do that huh”, he said confidently, aiming it directly at my head, “Not even doing your job correctly huh”, he laughed, making it extremely difficult not to just jump at-

“Oppa don’t do anything- don’t let anyone get hurt”, she yelled, trying to be brave as well.

Hearing her voice snapped my senses back, slightly calming down when I remembered I had trained to do this.

Approaching him slowly, he continued to point the gun straight at me, a bit hesitant.

I grabbed the gun swiftly, “Don’t!” I heard, trying to ignore it, but it caught me by surprise.

I successfully took the gun from me, but felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, but I managed to stop myself from crying out in pain by gritting my teeth tightly.

Using the strength I still had in me, I pointed the gun at him, using the arm that hadn’t been shot to aim at him, “Put her down now” I ordered, making him let her go and run towards me, yet was stopped by a kick in his groin.

The other bodyguards finally intercepted, arriving once again after dropping the rest of the girls somewhere safer.

Feeling relieved, I took the bullets out of the gun quickly, before suddenly dropping everything, feeling myself go along with them, feeling everything go black.

“Please don’t leave me oppa, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”, I heard a voice say, and suddenly I was able to open my eyes again.


“Oh my god- you’re okay–! Guys he’s okay!” she exclaimed, her tear stained cheeks suddenly glow when she started to smile.

“Mr. (Y/N)”, a man in a white coat said, approaching the bed, making me realize I was in the hospital, “I am glad to say your surgery was a success, luckily the man managed to just barely miss a major artery.”

I was shocked, in all of my years of training and experience, I never managed to be shot by anything, “I’m sorry oppa, if only I didn’t call out to you, you would have never gotten shot.”

I smiled, turning back to face Amber, slowly reaching to stroke her cheek with my healthy hand and arm, “Don’t blame yourself, I was just doing my job- I shouldn’t have gotten my feelings involved- I got cocky and acted prematurely.”

She let her head slightly drop into my hand, “I’m still sorry… I was really nervous but you were so cool back there.”

I smiled, “I was too, I just had to fake it- I didn’t want anyone to hurt or take you.”

She sighed in relief, “I love you oppa.”

I caressed her cheek, “I love you too, Amber.”

Manhattan Madness

Originally posted by breathlessley

  A/N: Soooo I’m back! And this is a new little mini series that I’m posting for my friend Megan. It’s more for her, but if you guys like it too, lmk and that would be great! Hope you like it :)

I walked out of the black van and as soon as the heels of my designer shoes hit the New York pavement the stream of flashes start in front of me. My bodyguards push them away as much as they can and I keep my head down with my sunglasses protecting my eyes from the harsh white lights. I know my boyfriend has now gotten out of the van as well because I can hear the paparazzi shouting his name now instead of mine. I quickly sign and take a few pictures with fans, they thank me, and then I’m safely inside my apartment building. The place I call home ever since 2 years ago when I moved here with Dylan, The Kimberley. I look back to see Dylan still taking selfies with a few fans, he was always so nice to all of his friends. After his accident, he learned to sort out his real fans from the fake ones, and they learned that he isn’t going to talk to them if they are going to be invasive towards his life. We had just gotten back from the wrap party for the final season of Teen Wolf, and it was around 11 PM. He made his way inside the hotel and we walked into the elevator together with his arm around me I squeezed him close into a quick side hug and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He was quiet that night after the party, he was really upset the past few days, he realized that a big chapter of his life had just ended. Just as we were going up the elevator quietly, I got a text from Megan. I just remembered that she had a date tonight with a new guy that she had high hopes about. Her text said,

“OMG, so done with boys rn, all they do is want to do is hook up anymore! Like seriously? On the first date? Unbelievable!”

Guessing by her text, I assumed her date did not go well. I texted her back,

“Ugh, sorry Megan :(, thought you had a good feeling about this one?”

She responded,

“Idk anymore dude, can you come up to my room tn so we can eat ice cream?”

I was still in the elevator, I looked over at Dylan who looked really sad, I couldn’t leave him like this he was an emotional wreck, but I also couldn’t leave Megan alone after her awful date. I then got an idea,

“Look, I can’t leave Dyl tonight, he’s a mess, can you maybe come down to my room tonight so we can all watch a movie together? Room service on meeee :)”
“You know if you give me food, I’ll be there. See ya in 15”

I was happy Megan understood that Dylan was upset too. We got in our apartment and we both got changed into pajamas. I looked over at Dylan and saw that he put on “the sweatpants”, he got them they day we met. A couple years back I was doing a cover shoot for Teen Vogue, and I was requested for wardrobe since I was a celebrity personal stylist. I found out I was dressing Dylan O’Brien, I was completely shocked. I had always been a secret Teen Wolf fan, I freaked out which was unusual for me and struggled to find a rack of selection clothes for the shoot. I was so stressed out I bought a $700 pair of Givenchy sweatpants, don’t ask me how I found them. When he came in to meet me and see the clothing selection he thought it was the funniest thing in the world that I would buy such high-end sweatpants, I told him he didn’t understand because he obviously didn’t have a sense of fashion. We clicked from there and I secretly let him keep the sweatpants from the shoot, and here we are 3 years later. We settled on the couch and talked a bit before Megan came over,

“Megan’s date was shit tonight, she’s gonna come over in a few, ok? Nice sweatpants by the way…”

“Thanks” he laughed pulling me close, “Yeah that’s fine, I need just a night to be around you and Megan you guys always know how to cheer me up. I just can’t believe how these years have flown by I feel like it was yesterday Tyler and I were in that audition room still 19 years old”

“I know babe, it’s so sad to see it all end, but hey, you have so many new projects coming up!”

“It just won’t be the same, and I feel bad for leaving Tyler in LA right now because of his bad break up with Bella. She was such a bitch to him, he deserves so much better than her.”
“He really does…”

Just then Megan rang the doorbell, it made a lightbulb go off in my head. I got up to the door and let her in hugging her. We all sat in our lounge area and turned on The Proposal while we decided what we would order from room service. When all of our ice cream came, we were so happy, the hotel made homemade ice cream every day in the kitchen. Megan and Dylan fell asleep I texted Tyler,

“I think I have the perfect new girlfriend for you”

Hope you guys liked it!


“I was a ranch hand in Montana during the summer of 1992. My daily routine consisted of milking cows, chasing bears on horseback and mending miles of fence.

It was also my duty to hammer a nail high into a cottonwood tree, hang a 10-year-old Prince William by his shorts from said nail, and then spray him with a hose. All in a day’s work.

To be fair, he was asking for it, and by that I mean he actually asked me to do it. He was getting to be a bit of a good-natured smart aleck, and I warned him that if he didn’t watch it, well then, he’d get his.

When he asked what sort of retribution I had in mind, I looked around and came up with “I’ll hang you in that tree by your shorts and hit you with the hose.” He said he thought that sounded refreshing. So, the prince got the hose and an epic arboreal wedgie. He loved every minute of it.

And that’s the point of the story I have to tell, one that I and many others have kept secret for nearly 20 years.

That summer, Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage was falling apart. Every excruciating moment was playing out in the glare of the paparazzi’s camera flashes.

In a plot to get him as far away as possible from the media circus, Diana arranged for William to take a secret vacation to the E Bar L ranch near Missoula, Mont.

I was 21 years old at the time, and on break from Yale before my senior year, I was spending my second summer working at the E Bar L. I loved the place for the people, the land and the effect that long hours of hard work had on me: no time or energy left to worry about what I was going to do with my life after college.

Suffice it to say, the marital woes of Britain’s royal family were the furthest things from my mind when William was successfully slipped out of England, bound for Big Sky country.

Just a day or two before he arrived at the E Bar L, the ranch staff had been called together for a meeting, where we were stunned to learn that the incoming “special guest” was Prince William.

He’s coming, we were told, for privacy and for the very same reasons anyone else comes to the ranch: to ride, to fish, to shoot, to dance, to make friends and enjoy the beauty of this place. So just act natural.

Right! Act natural with the heir to the British throne. No problem! Well, we’d do our best, whatever that meant.

For the first day or so, William was polite but shy. Understandable enough. He was thousands of miles from home, surrounded by strangers at a terribly difficult moment in his young life. He kept his baseball hat down low.

But the E Bar L’s breathtaking landscape began to work its magic on William. Within a day or two, he came out of his shell and dove into daily life at the ranch. The baseball cap was replaced by a cowboy hat, which he wore tipped back on his forehead, just like the rest of us.

He rode. He shot (he excelled at both, by the way). He eagerly competed in the ranch’s old-timey contests, such as plunging his face in water before trying to gobble crackers – using only his mouth, no hands allowed – off a table covered in flour. He danced, he sang, he made friends.

As far as the ranch staff and the other guests were concerned, he was just a boy, just William. Not Your Majesty, not Your Highness. William, or even just Will.

A few days into his visit, William and his bodyguards (two warm, terrifically friendly and funny guys), decided to host the first and quite possibly the only cricket match ever played in Montana.

They showed us how to lay out the pitch, which I helped mow into the outfield of the lawn where guests and staff normally played softball in the evenings. Two cricket bats were whittled – that’s right, whittled – in preparation.

The bodyguards served as referees, dressed in white suits, black ties and straw hats, while William instructed us in proper batting and bowling form. Then, it was game on. I raced William back and forth between the wickets, trading taunts about American versus British athletic ability that can’t be repeated here.

Afterward, William helped serve guests and the staff tea and cucumber sandwiches. The ranch didn’t normally have cucumbers on hand, so someone made an extra 50-mile grocery run.

It was later that same day that I hung the dusty, tired, happy young heir to the British throne in the tree and sprayed him with the hose. At his request, remember.

While William’s visit to the E Bar L was of course something very special for all of us who were there, the reason it was such a success was because we all acted as if it were nothing special at all. We treated him like what he was: a regular 10-year-old boy who needed a safe place to let down his guard and just be a boy.

Nearly 20 years later, I thought that maybe revealing this hidden episode could serve as a reminder that while he is, of course, the future king, he is also just a man and he was once just a little boy.

I don’t want to overstate my own significance to William during his visit to the ranch – no doubt he connected with a lot of the staff and thought of them as friends. But part of me can’t help but hope he remembers exactly who hung him up in the tree and blasted him with ice-cold Montana spring water, and that he still smiles about it. I do.”

– Paul Beban


I currently don’t have any access to the Cintiq in order to continue with my digital painting series for Bronycon, so I decided to break out some of my traditional paints and get started on one of my painting series: a bunch of headshots of several canon characters. Debating on calling it either the Bronycon Portrait Collection (BPC), or just Portrait Series. The point of the paintings is to do as many headshots as I can so I can sell them at Bronycon exclusively, and while they will all be of canon characters (and sometimes even famous fan characters if I’m asked enough), there will be a variety of how the characters are depicted: my headcanon, my AUs, show accurate, or maybe even just in a different painting style. Either way… these are the first two of the series! ^.^

Goddess Celestia and Goddess Luna from my Bodyguard!AU, where the sisters are literal goddesses instead of pseudo deities like they are in my headcanon. I really enjoy these designs though, so much so that I often find myself considering just headcanoning them, but I often just go “neh.” Anyway, I really enjoyed painting these: they both took about 2 hours each, and are painted with Watercolors and white acrylic for the highlights and stars. :3

Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. And I hope you guys like them! ^.^


鏡の中のプリンセス Love palace
Princess in the Mirror - Love Palace
New Voltage Inc Social App Available for download on iTunes

ルカ サヴィーニ = Luca Sabini (red coat)* - oresama do-s
ファリス ラッセン Farris Lassen (blue coat) - idol-like
ホーク = Hawke (brown coat) - mood maker
ジョゼフレミ = Joseph Remi (green coat)* - quiet & sweet

There is the butler シミアン = Simian (grey coat) - gentle & humorous

The tutorヴィンセント = Vincent Casper (dark red vest)* - cool & spartan

The knight/ bodyguard ゼル = Zell - earnest

Your personal maids. Flora and Mary

And a guy called Noin (white haired) whose role is yet to be revealed.

*available characters as of May 26, 2015

(Prologue summary under the cut)

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We all are CRAZY - IDK what title i should put -


Hey! Could you do an imagine where you meet the joker and all he wants to do is protect you, unlike how he’s felt with any other woman before. (You’re just as crazy as him which obviously also attracts him). Could the scenario be that you’re a student in School and he’s there to kill one of the teachers because he owes him money, so one of the henchmen take you hostage but the Joker gets angry and doesn’t want you to feel scared or sad and you go off with him? ~ Reqeusted by alicewonderlandblog

Of course Kitten~

Plot: You were a student that is just as crazy as Joker and Harley Quinn mix, one day Joker went to your school to kill one of the teachers that owe him, The king of Gotham A.K.A Joker…

|| I write for fun and im not paid to do this! so if there is grammar mistakes i am very sorry! ||

Pairing: Joker x Reader ( YOU )

Words: 606

Warning: Idk.. well read at your own risk

Character: Joker, You and more…

|| Let’s START! ||

You were not just some ordinary student or girl, you were bipolar, crazy and you did not fit in with other people because your constant change of behavior that scared everyone. Even if you were bipolar and etc… you still are a mere human and there is times where you fell depressed..

Now there is where Joker comes.. 

The Calcite University, English Class 

11:00 AM

You were at the corner at of the class, just sitting down and doodling not really listening to the teacher.. when you heard a loud bang which sounds like someone just know the door open harshly.. not caring and just being yourself you just sat there ignoring the world around you and you certainly did not notice that students and teachers run around in panic while some unknown guy that you don’t even bother to bat your eyes on was threatening the english teacher..

You were still on your little world until you did not hear any single thing so snapping your head up slowly when you saw a shadow covering your own shadow.. and then you saw that guy that barge in to your classroom and the one that made people panic..

The appearance of him does not bother you nor dazed you in any point, you merely just look at him and shrug and went back to doodle on your english book.

The unknown guy laugh maniacally rather loudly that it rang through out the hallway and the class.

“heh, it seems like this little kitten is lost~” The unknown guy says while touching you cheeks and obviously that move annoyed you the most and you do the stupidest thing - well to normal people not to you as you are crazy and bipolar just like Joker - that is slap him in the face hardly. That was how annoyed you were…

The unknown man looks very annoyed and mad and shouted to his bodyguard or whatever that tall thing is.. i know that thing is a human but anyway the unknown guy shouted to the guy that was guarding the door to take me as hostage?

After that unknown man with green hair and pale skin shouted at his “henchmen” because duh.. that tall guy or thing or robot followed this unknown man.. i was taken to a white van and was tied down with a chain so i can’t move well shit…

then the so called henchman that just put me on the white van closes the door and locked it.. after waiting for 30 minutes. The door was opened by the same unknown guy i saw. The green haired and pale skin with a lot of tattoo.

“Well well well, what do we get here?” He said while caressing my right cheek with a pocket knife, really that’s lame i was looking forward for a torture or something..

I just laugh at him, “Really? a pocket knife.. no whip or something fun?” I said to him crazily while licking and bitting my bottom lip.

He stared at me wide eyed then snap back to reality and smirks then laugh loudly. “I like you! I like you~” He told me while smiling manically.

“Well, baby doll why don’t you join me and my pumpkin pie that’s waiting for me at home~” He said, in interest “Of course but you never really told me your name yet” I said in a childish tone.

He took off the chain that holding me, “My name is Joker, The King Of Gotham and you may call me Mr.J or Puddin my sweet sweet little girl” He said while chuckling loudly.

“You don’t think i’m weird?” I said confused, letting go off my wall that i built.

“Of course not! doll face~ You are special” He said while tapping at my cheeks.

My eyes widen for a second then i nodded my head, “I would love to be with you puddin~” I said purring loudly.

“Good girl~ now let’s go~” He said then he screamed at his henchmen to start the car and went to Mr.J place.

And that’s done! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! i am very sorry if this one is very bad.. i have term 1 exam in 4 more weeks and ICAS ( competition ) if i am not wrong tomorrow and dance competition next month and i am practising literally everyday and going home at 4 a clock and plus i have homework SO I AM VERY SORRY IF I AM SUPER DUPER LATE!

BUT thanks for the support! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!
i will try to complete the story as soon as possible!