is that going to be my tag

i made another #relatable enamel pin set haha

i’m titling it the “art student starter pack” 

my favorite is the offbrand micron

Reading a super fluff fanfiction

Can be either super fluff you cringe or super fluff you died.


“Its a swell day for a good battle, AND BEGIN!!!”

Soooo guess who playing what? XD
Yeap, been stuck playing that game for few days now. holly, the rage is real ahaha but it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Also drawing this too. Love the style so much, i just had to try drawing my sona using it XD.


Owari No Seraph: Favourite Friendship: YuuNoa 

Favourite Scene:

“ This is…what you want, right?  

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Happy Birthday @spicyburg !
I have only known you for about a year now, but already you’ve had such a great impact on my life, you always know how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down, and you’ve always been a shoulder for others to cry on. I hope you have an incredible birthday, and I hope the years to come are just as spectacular! I love ya dude.

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best blog for each character route? for Eldarya and MCL if you can ;w;

(i know some ppl already received a similar ask so i’ll probably recommend the same ones ;;)

ED :


… I dont really know for Nathaniel, Lysander and Kentin im so sorry o(-(

Omg I’m such a dipshit. I’ve been in such a feminist rage this evening that I totally spaced on the fact that exactly one week from this exact minute I will be in Atlanta, probably having drinks with my fucking faves @carol-on and @faith5by5-1013 (and missing the actual fuck out of @alannastara, why world why).

I am like:

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10 facts about me

tagged by @blumiin!!! thank u for tagging me <3 this took a while cos idk 10 facts abt myself im s rY

1. I say im yoongi biased but im rlly a hoe for all of them asdkdnsajkdnskn Namjoon has rlly been creeping into my heart recently dont @ me 

2. I have a cat named Ziggy n he’s the love of my life even if he bites me

3. I sleep with a stuffed sheep toy i bought from france called Hublot

4. I still have a poster up in my room from  the 2009 miley cyrus wonderworld tour ((it was such a good concert fucking fight me))

5. When I was younger I was super fucking obsessed with Robbie Williams, I grew up to the song Angels basically ((Would recommend the album Escapology, its such a GOOD ALBUM))

6. Although i read and loved Harry Potter, my favourite childhood books were the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman, and the Sally Lockhart Quartet also by Pullman 

7. I have no piercings, like i dont even have my ears pierced.

8. Im gluten intolerant?? sknsfdjkfnsjdfn I found out a couple summers ago after being in and out of a&e with the most insane stomach cramps ((that my gp dismissed as period pain, fuck that guy))

9. I’ve been horse riding for over 10 years now :) 

10. I used to take ballroom and latin dance lessons but i stopped because horseriding took priority but… I kinda miss it sdbfsdjfbksdj

these were all over the place BUT OH WELL THE MORE YOU KNOW AMRIGHT 

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Once you get this it would be cool if you posted ten facts about yourself and then passed this along to your ten favorite followers :)

1.  My family didn’t have tv growing up so I was raised on old movies & tv shows and whatnot, and sometimes I’ll say something about a thing and people are always like ‘how do you know about that???’ Me: How do you know about anything that happened before you were born?? you encounter it, you’re interested, you pursue it, duh. (anyway, I am making up for the lack of relevant tv at the time now, mostly by rewatching Black Sails a lot)

2. I’ve had blue/green hair for most of this year and I don’t regret it at all.

3. I love Bob Dylan. I’ve seen him many times in concert and I’m going to see him on one week from today for my birthday :D 

4. I rarely wear makeup. I like how it looks, but I don’t really like how it feels on my skin. (This often contributes to people thinking I’m younger than I am. *shrugs*)

5.  I took ballet for a few years even though I never made it to pointe *sighs* and I still remember plenty of the positions but as they’re all in French, I can never spell them correctly.

6. Right after taking ballet I did horseback riding, and it was difficult cause in ballet everything is turned out, and in riding, you’re supposed to keep everything turned in, lol.

7. I love maps. Fantasy maps, treasure maps, historical maps, nautical maps, all the maps. (My sister used to draw maps for stories she told me when I was little and they were great.)

8. I hate talking on the phone, even with people I love. I just hate it.

9.  I’m a Scorpio

10. This year is my golden birthday as I’m turning 31 on the 31st.