is that for the whole night

So it was July 14 and I was minding my business.

But I thought, “No way, man — this is going to be over soon.” So I tuned in to watch the boys on GMA on August 4.

I was feeling great when I settled in with my snacks to enjoy a night of OTRA concert videos on October 21.

But it’s all OK … I was so happy to see pap pics of Harry arriving in LA on January 20!

After a whole year of shit with the awful Jungwirths and Clarks, and Danielle’s dreadful pageant smile and purse-swinging, we finally got the good news that Douis was over on January 19!!

Oh. Hi, Eleanor.

sex with Jimin

- wow
- Jimin is sexy in general, but in the sheets is a whole different story
- he could go all night with you
- dom and sub
- the biggest tease EVER
- he’ll tease you until you truly can’t take it anymore
- he’d do your body so right without even trying
- sex in any and every room
- has a thing for you calling him “baby”
- a GOD with his tongue
- his hands may be little but they can work wonders on your body
- loves talking dirty to you
- “baby, i’m gonna make you come so hard” “you’re so wet for me already”
- he loves fucking you in every position known to man
- VERY vocal
- loves leaving hickeys
- he can be very sweet, but most of the time he’s rough and he goes hard
- his confidence in bed would completely disappear afterwards
- a smol baby after sex, loves cuddling up with you afterwards, no matter how sweaty you both are
- 90% of the time he’ll fall asleep after
- will brag about how good the sex is to the members so be prepared for some teasing from them


This whole #SwedenIncident got better: A casual Sunday in Sweden

(To put this whole thing in context: During a rally on Saturday, Trump attacked European refugee policies by quoting a terrorist attack that happened in Sweden - according to him, at least. “You look at what happened last night in Sweden, who would believe this?” Literally nobody. Cause nothing happened last night in Sweden)

I mean if Magnus is so in awe of Alec giving him a gift what else can Alec do that hasn’t happened to Magnus in a long time? Let’s say making a meal.

They had plans to go out one night but an emergency happens in Spain that leads to Magnus spending pretty much his whole day there and texts Alec that he’s too tired to go out, rain check?
When he eventually portals home after an exhausting day he smells something wonderful wafting through the loft and finds the table set up complete with candles and a small bouquet and Alec in the kitchen just finishing up making their plates.
Magnus just stands there in wonderment and Alec smiles when he sees him, gives him a hello kiss and tells Magnus to go freshen up.
Magnus doesn’t remember or even if anyone has ever made him a meal like this and after receiving that gift he’s falling even more for this Shadowhunter and wonders who he should thank to have this angel in his life.

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Can I ask for keyword: Vampire AU?

Ooo interesting~

Keyword Requests

  • Victor as a ridiculously old vampire - we’re talking centuries old - who has reached a point in life where he’s giving up on finding things to interest him. (If this is an au where there’s a difference between like born vampires and turned vampires, Victor would definitely be a full blood born vampire).
  • Yuuri as a new vampire, who is still new to the vampire thing and pretty much terrified of himself and the whole blood drinking thing. 
  • Yuuri avoids actively drinking blood, and so when he gets super hungry his inner eros vampire comes out and basically takes control and he’s hot af okay? Okay. 
  • They meet by accident during one of the nights Yuuri has given in to his other side and Victor came across him drinking the blood of some woman in an alley (he smelt blood and Yuuri’s a messy eater). 
  • Eros Yuuri sort of teases Victor a lot, gets him all excited, and then flits away before morning and Victor is left to realise the bastard took his heart. (Not literally). 
  • Yuuri not remembering any of it in the morning. 
  • Victor tracks down Yuuri and basically tries to court him, but realises Yuuri doesn’t remember and doesn’t turn into Eros Yuuri very often (since he puts off drinking blood). 
  • Victor instead trying to court Yuuri properly, and helps him accept himself. 
  • Victor allowing Yuuri to drink from him whenever he’s about to lose control whilst Yuuri is still hesitant to drink from humans. 
  • Basically probably a lot of kinkier blood drinking happens too..

The volcano Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is driven by a hotspot, much like Hawaii, It regularly erupts hot, basaltic lava in fire-fountain eruptions and the whole island is constructed out of eruptions like this. It had some spectacular eruptions in 2016, and here’s its first awakening for 2017. Some really good fire fountaining combined with glowing lava flows at night.

plot twist: after the LMD arc resolves, the third arc of the season is actually just a bunch of chill domestic episodes where we see Daisy visit Lincoln’s grave/Name plaque/whatever he had and it’s a bit of nice closure, Fitzsimmons moving into their apartment and being really stupid cute and kissing a lot and happy and kissing a lot and cooking in their new kitchen and reading on the sofa together and kissing even moooore, Mackelena talking on the phone and then Elena shows up on his doorstep and they kiss and have a marathon movie night (no robo-sci-fi movies… it’s too soon), Philinda goes on a nice proper date and talk about the good old days and what lies ahead for them and they kiss too, then just… Game Night with the whole Playground Fam and lots of snacks and laughing.

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Instants of dan hinting at being single: the last video. Who plays a dating sim like that if they are seeing someone?? Phil saying he (dan) plays it in bed at night?? Dan basically saying "relatable" after someone mentions not being able to find good looking bc they're too busy. It IS lowkey hinting. And no I'm not an anti nor am I straight. I'm just a cynical person who sees all sides of the coin. There is things that do contradict this whole thing but still again I'm just a cynical person.

i’m seeing someone and personally i would play a dating sim like that just for the lols, which is the reason they played it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ phil was mostly joking about dan playing the game in bed at night, and dan was also most likely joking/exaggerating or trying to be relatable with the audience when he made the comment about not being able to find any good looking guys. who knows. you’re not wrong because it’s always a good idea to look at things from different perspectives, but i don’t think they’re actually trying to hint at or disprove anything through a weird furry boyfriend simulator

The One With the T-shirt

so I attempted to write an Irish accent in this one? It was…different and a little bit of a nightmare. I just want to say thanks for all your kind words on my last imagine, yall are great. and also this is another break up au

Finn Balor x Reader

“we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like an cocky asshole the whole time so I stalked off to only realize I’m wearing your shirt”

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For the promp thing. Kylo to Hux "Who were you with?" or "I don't love you". Ok, it's hard because you amazing and "you love me, right?" gosh

(Oh man, you’ve given me such good choices! So I’m setting this in my Shive the Whole Night Through Fox!Hux AU as a companion to this prompt from @cosleia (probably you should read that one first) because I thought of the perfect thing from your request!!)

Something is amiss, Ren can tell, the moment he opens the door of the cabin to let his fox inside. The expression on Hux’s face is so different, drawn a bit, his lips thin and pale, his eyes searching Ren’s face like there is a secret message he must decipher. Something something something–

“Who were you with?” Hux asks.

Ren genuinely isn’t sure exactly what he means. “With–?”

The look in Hux’s eyes is not dangerous, exactly, but something near it.

“Your scent is different.”

“I found….myself in someone else’s territory.”

Hux narrows his eyes. “How did that happen?”

“The grounds of the hotel. The place where my company sent me. I didn’t know there was–someone like you living in those woods.”

Hux touches Ren’s arms, runs his finger down until he reaches the palm of Ren’s hand, like he’s giving some kind of strange medical examination. “No contact.”

“No,” Ren agrees. “He–tried. But I said–”

He pauses because it all seems so much like a dream now, but it wasn’t, the fox approached him and he had said–

“I’m claimed.”

Hux climbs, so soft and easy and fluid, right into Ren’s lap, his face softening, he looks almost sweet. “What a beautiful word,” he murmurs. “Such a lovely word.”


Hux kisses Ren’s nose.

“Are there lots of you, Hux?”

Hux shrugs, it’s not in a dismissive way, he genuinely doesn’t seem to know. “I have only met–a few.”

“Where do they come from?”

Hux pulls Ren close, so close he can hear the gentle steady thrum of Hux’s heart as he answers, only he doesn’t really answer at all: “So many questions. Such a good–good hunter–”

It’s morning before Ren realizes how much the question was evaded.

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I'm usually a Mercy main (117 hours) but last night in quick play I found another with even more (135 hours), and so I went tank the whole game and did my damn best to protect her and thank her for every heal. She was so surprised she got all the teams votes despite being drunk at the time. I don't know if she follows this blog but just in case, thanks for a fun few games Kat


Glitz: “Cream Monarch–”

Cream: “Oh my goodness!”

Glitz: “From the moment I met you, it feels as though the world has stopped spinning on its axis. It’s like time has stood still these past few days or like time has stopped being a thing altogether. I think about how I’ve only known you for a little over 72 hours and it just doesn’t make sense. Because in a way, it feels like I’ve always known you. Maybe you’ve been there in my dreams when I sleep at night, but I wake and forget. In my heart, I feel that I’ve known you my whole life. And the world would not make sense without you by my side for all the journeys and adventures that I have left in this world.”