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when would be a good time to take a leopard gecko in to the vet for not eating? she last ate about two weeks ago , and is just looking a little slimmer. is it possible she's still ovulating?

She’s probably ovulating - as long as she’s not losing a whole lot of weight, two weeks isn’t that much. For comparison, Flan hasn’t eaten in about three months. The only reason I haven’t taken her to the vet yet is because she hasn’t lost all that much weight and she did the exact same thing last year. Sorbet on the other hand usually goes off food for one or two weeks at the time at regular intervals. Just keep offering food and she’ll probably eat at some point, keep an eye of her weight and if she starts losing 10% or more/month it’s time for a vet visit


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Pompompurin loves cream caramel pudding, and the word “purin” is Japanese for pudding! ∪・ω・∪ 💕 He also has a pudding shaped body, so what would be a better way to decorate a pudding than with Pompompurin’s cute features? 🍮💖 Check out the tutorial for the pudding here, and make the super cute pudding this weekend ►

“Beaches of Bagrule”

Titled by our puntastic DM @vulpesfluxus  who’s promised us a Beach Episode as a reward for completing the next story arc (EXCITED!!)