is that eyeliner

i’d like to dedicate this post to the whole month I spent staring at sparrow genji in the overwatch menu screen as the squad and I queued for games, whispering quietly to myself “how do you do your eyeliner genji??? it’s so nice. pls tell me your secrets”


I’ve been wondering of what would Tokoyami look like with a human head so yeah here’s my own version! :V

And yes he’s wearing eyeliner BECAUSE WHY NOT? XD

Also I JUST REALIZED TOKOYAMI’S BIRTHDAY (Oct. 30) IS TODAY ACCORDING TO MY TIMELINE! XD Happy birthday to our precious edgy birb son~

“Accursed Ones”

Lance here is based on @hardlynotnever’s cursed Lance design. I liked it so much I had to draw him and paint a Keef to accompany him. Lance was given feline features with an Egyptian flair in the original design, and @vulpes–vulpes suggested Keith be given heron-like features (another sacred animal in ancient Egypt).

Happy Halloween!