is that even posible

BTS meeting their girlfriend’s parents

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Rap Monster: 

RM: Hello, I am - oh sorry for that vase, let me help you - oh sorry for that jar too - let me - oh, my goodness, just put it under Kim Nam Joon..

(Y/D): Please! Just sit son! Don’t touch anything and just sit!

I think that he would be kind of nervous and awkward at first, maybe break some stuff out of his nervousness even (being the God of Destruction that he is of course), but he would try his best to make the best impression he can.


(Y/M): How do you like the food Jin?

J: Oh, it’s great Mrs. (Y/L/N/).

(Y/M): Oh please, call me (Y/M/N).

I think that Jin would be the perfect boyfriend material that every parent loves. With that cute face, he would steal your parent heart (especially your mums) the moment they lie their eyes on him.


S: Oh, your dad is the one who prepared supper?

(Y/D): Yes, I love to cook, and one of my favorite utensils is this ten-inch bread knife with the serrated blade.

In my opinion, at first sight he would be the kind of guy that your parents wouldn’t really favorite at first and maybe your dad would try to scare him a bit at first but once they realize what a nice guy he is and how much he loves you, they would adore him.


JH: Hello, mother and father! I am Jung Ho Seok. (Y/N) has told me a lot about you! Thanks for giving birth to this beauty!

I think that the moment he walks in and opens his mouth, your parents will adore him! Of course he will be nervous, but he won’t show it. He will small talk through the whole night, trying to look as calm as posible, maybe even sweet-talking the parents. 


(Y/D): So you are Park Jimin?


At first I think he will be quiet(not talk a lot) and nervous, speaking a bit too loudly because of how nervous he is.Trying not to say something stupid and maybe making a few mistakes here and there. After a while though, when the ice is broken he would go back to his funny and cute self. 


V: Hi there! *gif*

I don’t think he would be really nervous. He would just being his normal weird self, worrying your parents at first but not for long because the moment they realize how much he cares about you and loves you, how can they not love him and his cute uniqueness?


JK: *what do I do? how should i breathe? what if they don’t like the way I breathe?* H-hi.

I can imagine this golden maknae being all nervous and stuff not knowing what to do. I think that your parents would find him adorable and try to break the ice and make him feel comfortable.

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Jughead Jones | Punk Babe (part two)

Count of words: 435

Warnings: short and stupid, maybe a curse word or something

A/N: very short cause due to some very unfortunate events close to my house I had all my focus on that today plus I was very uninspired ♥♥ hope you like it ♥




Part One

anonymous asked:

Y/N and I became close and closer by the day. We became inseparable. We would always be with one another in school and then we would walk to Pop’s together, where I would help her with some of her homework and she would help me with my novel or the articles for the blue and gold. So, right now it was a free period for me and the gang but Y/N was in algebra class. “I pretty sure she is cursing me under her breath right now cause she has algebra and I have a free period,” I chuckled and Archie looked at me with disbelief. “What?” I question and he just nodded his head no. “It’s nothing really. But, can you just stop pretending like you don’t like her,” he said. “We all know she likes you too,” Veronica intruded the conversation. “I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me, ok?!” I responded to my friends and they laughed. “Yes, that’s why whenever she is not around you talk about her, that’s why you look at like she is some kind of precious diamond to you, tha-” “That’s why you even let her correct your writing at times, even if you still keep what you originally wrote,” Archie interupted. It took me a second to process but they were right. Maybe I did have feelings for her.

Even when you are undeniably in love with someone, it’s always going to be hard to admit to your feelings in fear of rejection. But, in the small town we live in, where danger and fear has been ruling us all, the more you wait the harder it gets, and, as applied to everything in life, ‘later’ could be ‘too late’ in just a matter of seconds. So, even if it was hard, it was indeed time to act up to my feelings ‘and ask the damn girl out’.

I was thinking about my friends’ words all night, not being able to sleep. The feelings I had for her were not something I could explain. They were nothing I’ve ever felt before, and it scared me. When the morning came around and I was once again forced to go to school, my mind was buzzing, hair messy and bags underneath my eyes. I was in a deep confusion, not knowing what to do. Maybe it was the fear of rejection of the fear of losing her, even scaring her away was a posibility. Hell, I was scared out of my mind, wouldn’t she? So, I did what seemed like the smartest thing I could do; or the most douchebagish one, you choose. I begun to ignore her. 

I really didn’t know why I started to ignore it. I couldn’t understand why I thought it was a good idea. The girl was constantly trying to communicate with me but I was shutting her out. Smart Jughead. The first person you actually fit in with and you shut her down. It was hard and addmittingly stupid but I kept my walls up, never letting her close to me, thinking that this way she would go away and so would my feelings. But my feelings were strong, not to mention stubborn. They would be very porminent until I admitted to them. 

It had been days that I hadn’t spoken to her, that I didn’t see her. It was around 2 am when the pressure of my feelings was to much to handle. I could not stop thinking about her, not having a good explaination as to why I pushed her away, rather than my selfishness. So I did the only logical thing a tired and sleeping-awake human being could do; I walked my way to her house and climped up her window. I knocked a couple of times and sleepingly she opened it. Not giving her a second to process what happend I kissed, hard, with all the love and passion I had for her making their appearence, finally. 

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Yuri loves to make Otabek hard in every posible situation he can, and likes it even better when they get home 😚

Yuri is an absolute TEASE, there’s no way around it. He gets his jollies by riling up the stoic male in the most awkward of places. Whether it be by pressing up against him covertly while grocery shopping or just sexually suckling on something innocent like a sucker while they are on a movie date. The boy lives for the redness that colors Otabek’s cheeks, the dangerous flash of his dark hues as the elder bites back the urge to say something. It’s maddening–

Oh, but his favorite is always getting him while they are at home–because Otabek isn’t holding back. He doesn’t hesitate to grab his kitten up and pen him over every surface of their flat, working him open on his tongue, on his fingers, and preferably on his cock. Yuri’s whole body covered in bite marks, bruises left in the wake of his grip–his lips parted and screaming for more. Otabek driving him to the edge of his sanity, stopping and then starting all over again. 

He’s a mess by the time the elder gets through, a quivering, breathless heap against their bed with his beloved wrapped around him, peppering kisses up his marked up neck. The afterglow is always the best, feeling calloused fingertips tracing the purpled bruises littering his hips proudly, whispered ‘I love yous’ hot on Otabek’s tongue. Yuri is spoiled, he knows it…but that’s how it should be.

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I've been coming out to my friends and family recently and they've been very supportive so far. Something I've noticed is that some of my friends reacted to my bisexuality questioning their own sexuality. I think they never even thought about the posibility of not being heterosexual because well, heteronormativity. My point is, I never thought my coming out process would help others figure themselves out but I'm glad it did! I understand now more than ever why visibility is so important.

That’s a lovely story!!! It’s great that your friends/familly have reacted positively and even taken your coming out as an opportunity to reevaluate themselves!!!


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Is it possible that my mum is a good person despite being abusive? Is it posible that she doesnt even know she's abusive? Is it wrong for me to hate her even tho she's given her life for me before and she's been a good parent (but still abused me without knowing it is abuse)? I'm sorry if this is too much but I feel so wrong, I don't know what to do

People definitely are not black and white, good and bad. Abuse is definitely horrible, but she might not know how she’s affecting you. It happens a lot, sometimes parents just don’t understand how what they’re doing affects their children. Parents have been abusive and continue to be abusive with the idea that they’re actually helping their children. The feelings you have are a natural response to abuse, no matter the circumstances. Just because you hate her doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it means you’re a person that’s been hurt by a parent and your feelings reflect that hurt. It’s not too many questions! It’s completely okay, this is kind of why I wanted to run this blog. If you haven’t already, and you know this is safe, talking to her about the abuse and how it makes you feel. Don’t tell her she’s abusive though because she’ll just get defensive, but focusing on how you feel and how the things she does upset you, then she might be able to understand and try to change. I wish you luck and I hope this helped 💜

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Does a T letter expire, like if i was going to therapy but couldn't afford to keep on going long term but just enough to get a T letter with out the intent of starting right away would that letter still be ok to use to get T even after a year or more? Is it even posible to get a T letter before even planing to start T?

Kii says:

Most doctors will want an updated letter if yours is more than a few months old, so I would recommend asking your therapist what solutions they can suggest.

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What if Enomoto is really in love with Reisi but thinking he doesn't have the most tiny posibility resign himself to something very platonic, he even writes letters for Reisi (specially in Reisi's tough times) but never send them. But one day someone (actually Fuse, and don't being mean, he actually thinks his friend's feelings deserve a chance) send them. Enomoto is very surprised when Reisi ask him for a date and makes very clear that it's not pity, he is taking Eno's feelings dead serious.

Poor Enomoto, like imagine him having this crush on Munakata but also very resigned to not being loved back. After all, Enomoto is aware that he’s considered fairly plain and unremarkable, like maybe part of what draws him to Munakata is how that person is so singular, Munakata is someone who shines so brightly he’s impossible to overlook and everyone who meets him has to be captivated by him, the absolute opposite of how Enomoto thinks he himself is. Fuse’s the only one who knows about Enomoto’s crush, at first he was kinda boggling because, well, it’s Munakata, but he also wants Enomoto to be happy and is being all supportive and trying to help Enomoto get up the courage to say something. Eno thinks that would be too embarrassing though, to admit his feelings to Munakata and be let down or pitied, he’d rather work quietly and hold his crush a secret. He does end up writing letters though, like maybe he watches an anime where the main character is always writing letters to her crush and sending them anonymously and Enomoto thinks that’s so beautiful. He starts writing Munakata letters but he’s too nervous to send them even anonymously, like Captain will definitely know it’s me somehow. He keeps all the letters in a box under his bed and the only one he’s ever showed is Fuse.

Then one day Munakata calls Enomoto into his office and Eno immediately gets nervous when he sees the box of letters there on the desk. Maybe Fuse didn’t even send them (he’d worry for Enomoto’s heart I think) but instead someone else was like sweeping or doing a room inspection, found all these letters addressed to Munakata and decided to give them to him thinking they were doing Enomoto a favor. Eno’s worst fears seem to have been realized when Munakata mentions that he read them all and Enomoto starts to apologize when Munakata asks when Enomoto would like to have their date. Eno’s like wait what and Munakata looks thoughtful as he begins suggesting places. He notes that the emotion in Enomoto’s letters was clear and believes it would be beneficial for them both to get to know each other better. Enomoto is sure he’s being pitied, like he’s too plain for someone like Munakata, but Munakata gives him a serious look as he says he recruited Enomoto because he is well aware of Enomoto’s true potential, and that being the case he believes that feelings such as those in these letters deserve a chance to make themselves known and should not be taken lightly.

the signs as 00s disney channel shows

aries: hannah montana
taurus: the proud family
gemini: the suite life of zack & cody
cancer: the replacements
leo: that’s so raven
virgo: lizzie mcguire
libra: even stevens
scorpio: wizards of waverly place
sagittarius: kim possible
capricorn: american dragon: jake long
aquarius: phil of the future
pisces: phineas and ferb

@zadhkielvalk replied to your photo “Do you know what’s funny about this picture? Even if I put A LOT of…”

como es posible que pongas DELETE LATER?! how dare you!Los humanos merecemos ver cosas hermosas de vez en cuando QmQ

Oh you, Stop it! ♥♥♥

Well, lo borraré mañana a la noche seguramente. No me siento cómoda dejando mi cara por aquí. Además mi idea no es subir fotos mías a mi blog, el internet ya tiene demasiado de mi cara egocéntrica con Facebook e Instagram, no necesito ni debo arrastrar ese asunto a tumblr también. 

Sólo me urgió mostrar que no miento y sí tengo pecas, que aunque trate de ocultarlas tras el maquillaje siguen visibles x//D 

Repost, not reblog! Tag 6 muns you would like to get to know better when done!

Name: Dana
Nickname: Baby Burgh, Burghlett, Luigi hecker, the list goes on (my tumblr friends are real weird)
Age: 16 
Faceclaim: I don’t really have one yet but I’m considering a few options, including Corporal Paraplonk or Fawful from Mario and Luigi RPG or posibly Mest Gryder from Fairy Tail or even my favourite pokemon Leavanny!
Pronouns: she/her or they/them (still trying to work out my gender eh)
Height: 5′2″
Birthday: May 14th 
Aesthetic: My aesthetics include space (Super Mario Galaxy is responsible for this one), forest, big cities (especially old Italian cities like Rome, Florence or Venice.) and old video game stuff. 

Last song you listened to: Good Egg Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written:
Well, I’ve only ever written for 2 muses. Maxie from Pokemon and Ralph and out of the 2 Ralph is my favourite.

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):
Wreck-it Ralph has always been my favourite Disney movie since I saw it way back in 2012. It’s really special to me and I hold Ralph very close to my heart! I recently went hunting for content after watching the movie again and couldn’t find any new stuff! I started up a sideblog and met @chocolingthroughthepixelands and they encouraged me to take up Ralph as a muse, since any Ralphs that had previously existed were long dead.

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse:
I love Ralph because he’s big and soft and gentle! He might seem intimidating at first but once you get to know him he’s a sweetheart! I also realised how much Ralph and I have in common from watching the movie over and over. I relate to him a lot.

(Ralph is also one of the only well written introverts I know, bless.)

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:
Mostly my inspiration comes from the fact that Ralph’s world is so vast, there are limitless options as to the types of characters he can interact with because of the universe he lives in! It’s so cool!

Favourite types of threads:
I don’t really have a favourite, but anything where Ralph gets to be goofy and clumsy is a win for me.

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:
I am very busy with school and often too tired/not feeling well enough to write. And when I do have energy I am often preoccupied by my other hyperfixations (currently super mario and pokemon) or my other hobbies, which include cross stitch, drawing and gaming (obviously).

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Imagine being questioned by the Winchester after they find you in one of Abaddon’s lairs

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“We are on the same side, you know?” The one with longer hair says, doing the whole I-can-be-your-friend-if-you-let-me thing. 

“Pfff…” You roll your eyes.  “If that’s so, then how come I’m the only one tied up to a chair, huh. Samson?” 

He stands up, clearly annoyed, he’s tall like almost 7 ft tall. Yeah, like that’s gonna scare you! 

He walks to the other man and they both chuckle at your stubborness It’s obvious that you’r not gonna talk.

And that’s when blondie steps in “Come on sweetheart,” He bends forward, his pretty face close to yours.  “If you tell us something, anything we can reward you!”

There’s a few moments of silence before he speaks again. “Where is she? Where did Abaddon go?”

You don’t say anything. They’re not gonna get it so easily.

“Look ,if you don’t cooperate there’ll be punishment.” He shrugs unapologetically.

“Ooh I’m so scared!” You sass back and bite your bottom lip, pretending to be shaking. “Is daddy gonna spank me?”

“If that’s what it takes for you to open your mouth, then I will!” He licks his plump lips in a suggestive way lifting his eyebows at you.

 You can’t help but laugh, you find it so comical. They look at each other and then back at you, clearly surprised by your bahavior and defiant attitude 

What they don’t know is that you’d been tortured in any way posible and what they’re  proposing as ‘punishment’ doesn’t even comes close to what Abaddon did with you. She used you, your vessel, to do stuff she couldn’t. 

After a long minute you finally gather yourself up and stare back at your new captors. “Ok big boy,” You smirk to Male-Model Dean. “I’m not gonna open my mouth unless you work for it.So, what you waiting for?” 


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Can I request a gif reaction of how BTS would fuck GOT7? Love ur blog <3

Omg, i don’t think that’s even posible to make it only with gifs (believe me, i tried) so i’m going to write too. Also how you guys come up with this requests? LMAO

Warning: Sexual content. 

A/N: I have paired them throught the age order on their groups, this is not influenced by my own ships or anything like that.

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Akechi was still trying to figure out where he was. He didn’t really have much luck, really. He’s been able to figure out that most the people of this area, zone 2, if he recalls correctly, seemed to lack a spine, though that was probably a bit of a harsh thing to think.

However, it seems that his luck had gotten better! He saw a peson. He actually might be able to get information! 

“Excuse me.” He asked politely, hoping to be able to get some information- any at all. “Where exactly am I? This…Doesn’t seem like home.” Was it even posible for him to go back? He had high doubts.

preciousbabybluepearl  asked:

"Pearl, catch me!" Blue yelled, then jumped from the second floor of the house.


To be honest, she wasn’t really in danger, but Pear didn’t wanted to risk even the slightest posibility. What if her gem cracked? It was possible.

So there went another of Steven’s mugs: to the floor. As for Blue? Pearl catched her masterfully, of course.

“This is not funny. Don’t do this again!”

anonymous asked:

Insider anon here! This is gonna be a mess bc I jump from different topics a lot I think and some are more rumours than known facts for her. There’s also more than I’ve written here. This is just about bg. She talked about Harry and Louis as well and I might write you about that later? Some of it feels too professional and based off of her experience with the type of situation rather than actual truth though so I’m not sure about it. But you can publish all of the following! 1/?

I’m gonna say right off the bat that this is only what I got out of her. Also, I’m a social studies student and have no music industry type of education, so all I know I’ve learned from this fandom therefore I might not be the best person to give you this message, though she doesn’t want to risk getting caught with something like this so I’m on my own pretty much. It wouldn’t be good for her reputation whatsoever during these times. 

 First of all, little background to this. We’ve been friends for a long time and my trust is mainly based off of that (and so is her trust for me I assume), but also her position. I can’t say much about it and of course she’s not some freaking head of Syco or whatever, but she’s not some intern at a magazine either. And what she’s heard is based off of both rumours, overheard conversations and real chaos with meetings and the lots. Which is important to take into consideration. 

 There are lots of legal difficulties and 1 party are willing to risk everything to get every last drop of their contract. They want to set them up for disaster pretty much. And there’s like a battle of control, that’s for sure. Which isn’t new. I think it’s a lot more complicated than we can imagine at this point and it’s difficult to tell who’s behind what. Like sometimes someone genuinely messes up and sometimes it’s on purpose to make people question it. It’s a dangerous game. 

And IF someone genuinely messes up they usually try to fix it, like a sign that it’s a purposeful mess up is that it’s not corrected when fans point out flaws (unless fans don’t get the message). Both sides are watching fans’ reactions and we’re pretty much giving both sides what they want at some point whether we like it or not. They want us to react a certain way and sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. And we can speculate all we want but separating the two can be very difficult. 

[THIS PARTICULAR MESSAGE IS MOSTLY RUMOURS] Also, this wasn’t supposed to happen, at least not from what most people know right now. The second party had prepared for it, yes, but they were definitely not thinking it would actually happen. It could be planned of course, but not everyone knew about it and it’s considered a big fuck up. It created quite a bit of chaos, even though the second party knows how to handle it correctly. It’s just a setback in the original plan. 

(it’s starting to be lenghty so it’s under the cut)

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