is that even how the song goes

“how are all these rookie groups skipping their what-were-their-stylists-even-thinking phases” buddy u know what it is. it’s them nct boys, absorbing every possible embarrassing look with every comeback and unit debut they have like sponges of suffering. all the grease-dreads and tin foil monkey suits the other rookies should’ve had to experience? nct really took that bullet for your faves. nct, kings of taking one for the team,, kings of making everyone else look good

The Jukebox Musical Challenge

So. I’m proposing a new challenge for those who are game enough to try. It might completely fail, because it does require some effort. But, we shall see…

Here’s how it goes:

1. Shuffle your music

2. Write down the first five songs that pop up

3. Create a premise for a musical in 2-3 sentences

4. Show how Song #1 fits into your musical

5. Explain what happens in between the songs (briefly)

6. Repeat all the way until you’re finished with Song #5

7. There you have it. You have successfully outlined your very own musical. Look at you, creator! Maybe it will even go to Broadway!! (With a bit more work, of course)

Some notes: It’s probably best not to use songs that are already musical theatre songs, as you already have context for this. So, skip those.

Tag your friends to do this, if you want. Or, do it on your own free accord. I’m sure there are plenty of people with interesting imaginations. 

It’s probably best to reblog from this post, so they know the rules.

Now, go forth and conquer, ye playwrights!!!

Your girl, Eleanor

I know it’s easy to keep stereotyping Yoongi as cold/lazy/cut off kind of person but sometimes i think it gets to a point where it’s wrong and hurtful in the fandom. And so here’s a list of reasons Min Yoongi is a warm, hard working individual with a personality that is multi-faceted and beautiful.

  • was a member of the student council when he was in school and was always helping people who approached him and writing them encouraging messages, contrary to popular ‘bad boy’ image belief.
  • works into late hours of the night, even goes without sleeping when he’s concentrating on composing a new song/lyrics and spends hours on end in the studio
  • on that note, it is said he recorded the way he said ‘bulteorune’ about 200 times before he was satisfied with how it sounded
  • despite not being the lead dancer, is almost never criticized for his dance skills because he clearly works hard on it, whether or not he’s the best
  • again, a side note that he spent his birthday with hoseok practicing dance that hoseok taught him
  • his stage presence is full of energy and he even kneeled down and bowed for a good minute of stage when he knew his parents were in the crowd, and otherwise also displays emotions on stage, including crying
  • gets shy and touched when members throw him a surprise birthday party
  • extremely considerate of what fans think/feel, unlike a lot of other idols. he’s responsible enough to know the effect his words have on fans and therefore constantly promotes a healthy body image, saying he doesn’t have ideal an outfit/weight/height/personality type
  • that time he spent his own money to buy personal gifts/write different messages for 300+ fans on his birthday, and then did it again the next year too
  • branching off to the time when he got asked on a radio interview what he’d do with the royalties of the songs he produced (jump/tomorrow) and he replied that he’d take the band and stuff out for lunch with his own money
  • that time he bought all the kids in bts ice cream without asking and won them toys in AHL and they were so happy about it
  • that time hoseok wasn’t eating because he lost and yoongi said he couldn’t eat if his dongsaegs weren’t eating and that he was full just watching him eat, giving him his share of food
  • doesn’t care that he’s not a good singer and sings loudly and shamelessly when he’s in the mood
  • the new years day yoongi didn’t spend with own family just because hoseok was lonely in the dorms
  • that one time jungkook jumped on yoongi and hugged him and yoongi looked like he might just die from happiness
  • when he laughs when something is too funny and no noise comes out and he claps around like a seal and it’s so so adorable
  • said he likes smart girls who he could have long conversations with/hear her stories and she was good with computers
  • actually gets super flattered and smug when people find his sass funny
  • that time they were on running man and had to run for boxes and ran so fast he was far ahead of even jungkook
  • that time namjoon was supposed to perform on stage and yoongi was deadpan the whole performance until it was namjoon’s turn, and then he has laughing and singing and screaming and being super supportive
  • once when the members were just annoying jungkook a little and yoongi sensed jungkook felt a little sad so he wordlessly reached out to him and petted him and said ‘I think he’s adorable’
  • on that note, always sensing the members discomfort/sadness and being a silent supporter and saying encouraging things to make them feel better
  • never holds back of compliments. ever.
  • he is a wonderful, multi-faceted man with emotions other than being ‘dead inside’ and loves the people around him so much and is full of appreciation and support for them and endlessly a source of strength for them.
Moana Easter Egg

So, you know how the whole big thing in Aladdin is that Aladdin himself is “a diamond in the rough”?

Well, the directors of Aladdin- Jon Musker and Ron Clements- are ALSO the directors of Moana…

In the Moana song, Shiny, there is one lyric that goes- “Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough”. 

Tamatoa’s body even has the color scheme that is present throughout the entirety of the Aladdin film (the gold, purple, and blue) AND his lair is much like the Cave of Wonders.

Finally listening to all these demos on the Moana soundtrack, and can I just say I am so glad they cut “More,” even though it’s a gorgeous song. 

With any “young protag goes on a hero’s journey” story, there has to be some level of dissatisfaction with their home, but I really appreciated how Moana avoided presenting Motunui in a bad light. It would’ve been too easy to make Motunui into this ~primitive~ place that’s inherently unsatisfying to a ~modern-minded~ protag. And that’s what “More” would’ve done:

They do the same thing every day
They work, they eat, they sleep, they pray

Yeah, let’s not make Polynesian culture seem completely boring and pointless.

Instead, “Where You Are” and “How Far I’ll Go” show Moana’s genuine love for Motunui, which isn’t diminished by her desire to explore. That love lends some complexity to pretty much all of the conflicts in the movie, and it also just shows more respect for the culture:

I know everybody on this island seems so happy, on this island
Everything is by design

The implication is still that this life isn’t quite enough for Moana, but not that it’s an unfulfilling life.

NCT 127 reaction when your playlist which is mostly kpop suddenly switches to a metal song

Taeyong: gets a wild idea that you love tough guys, disappears for 15 min and returns wearing the most ‘’metal’’ thing he could find and casually slips ‘’How do I look?’’ into the conversation about takeaway dinner

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Taeil: is confused as fuck but is sheepishly laughing and waiting for some sort of explanation for the sudden change, fails at an awkward headbanging attempt, goes back to waiting 

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Yuta: enjoyed the show while you were dancing to ‘’Sorry Sorry’’, enjoys the show even now…with all his ‘’Cute!’’ shouts someone would think someone would think you’re doing the cutest performance ever seen on television

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Jaehyun: after that he keeps telling everyone how much fun he had that day but refuses to tell the reason…when in reality he spent a few hours on chasing you around the apartment every few seconds because ‘’I find that gap cute, ok? Can you PLEASE stop moving so I can kiss you?’’

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WinWin: gets genuinely scared by the sudden transition, gets embarrassed because of it and spends the rest of the song desperately trying to make you forget about that, using drastic measures like pulling you up to dance and you’re like, ‘’Um..why are we in the position for waltz?’’

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Mark: you may not see it on his face but he’s is suddenly questioning life and the whole universe, ‘’Should I suggest a darker concept next time? Yeah, black suits me…it totally suits me!’’

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Haechan: will require a formal apology after the sudden change startles him

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Can we talk about Yuri’s performance and how he keeps rambling to himself and nails all the jumps somehow and think “oh it went better than I thought” and keeps going. How at the end he says “I want to be stronger!” and then goes and do that freaking jump and he DOES IT. Adding the song, this is so emotional to me!
That’s what anxiety does! You think you can’t do it and don’t even want to try, the fear for failure paralyses you. But then you realise that… it’s not that bad. Maybe you can do it, maybe you can believe in yourself a little bit and be stronger, be a better version of yourself, because you don’t want to settle for less. You want to live, be proud of what you do and be happy.
Seriously, I never thought a sport anime could get me so emotional…

I’m honestly in tears because this song goes to show how hurt Namjoon still is even after all these years. Even after all these awards, fans, and accomplishments. Depression still hurts after a long time.

He mentioned on fancafe how we wrote this a year ago and he doesnt feel the same, but the fact that he felt this low a year ago hurts me.

I can tell that this song was talking about his trainee days and even after debut.

 This song literally made me realize Namjoon was suicidal and I wanna hold him so badly. Guys…we could of lost Kim Namjoon. My absolute favourite human being in the entire world who saved my life.

 He is a human being who does not deserve such pain but I am so proud he endured it so well and look how far he came. 

One of my favourite verses “I live for the sake of understanding this world, but why hasnt the world tried to understand me atleast once”

Its a really vague phrase which is why I like it. WORLD could mean destiny, fate, life, even parents. 

He tries so hard to accept his life, to understand his parents wishes, sacrificing his own happiness yet fate decides to only give him the worst.

“Dad please listen to me” “dead dad, your dead to me,” Talking about how his dad wouldn’t let him rap. I remember him mentioning that his dad once told him all that education he worked hard for was for nothing and I can’t imagine how sad Namjoon felt in that moment.

“I would tell god if I ever meet him, i would hold him by the collar and tell him this life is like a coffee I never ordered”

A pretty sad and a bit confusing verse, maybe leading to why Namjoon eventually became an atheist. Namjoon was in so much pain he didnt want to be born.

 "I wished I was dead…… I wished
Someone would kill me" No Namjoon never utter such words.

My joonie mini I hope you are better and hopeful now, look at how far you came, your so successful and loved, and you made your family proud.
Dont ever doubt yourself and even think about death, just keep living happily and moving forward.

He honestly felt lost in this point of his life and still continues to feel lost. Namjoon you have such in important role and your existence was destined. You were born for a reason. You were born to change lives.

This goes to show that depression still affects life even in the long term and I want all the pain Namjoon has inside to drift away. 


Huh… is Smokey holding back? I mean I get that their strength lies more in versatility and flexibility than actual power but still.

OH WOW never mind they are actually almost as strong as Garnet.

That’s… neat.

Awww ):

Smokey is gonna end up feeling horrible because of this. Not looking forward to that.

“Maybe you’re strong… in a different way.”


“No seriously who’s Jorge, did you kidnap an actual human for this fucked up experiment you got going on?”

Ohhh I guess the flame spitting thing counts as their combined power.

Dunno how that works but I’ll roll with it.

I am so appreciative of this movie for this particular moment.  Marianne is finally getting to explore the Dark Forest and, though it is still dangerous, Bog shows her how to experience it safely.  Once she’s figured it out, she starts having a blast and gets real into it by jumping and flipping around.

But then she slips.

I love that even though she’s changed so much and is now a badass Tough Girl, she’s still Marianne: the sweet, klutzy dork we saw at the beginning of the film underneath it all.  

And what’s even better about this moment is how Bog reacts.  When he saves her, he doesn’t freak out or make fun of her or scold her for being reckless (unlike Roland).  He doesn’t even say anything.  He just smiles, helps her get back on her feet, and goes right back to their flight.  He knows she’s fine.

Then Marianne starts to sing their love song, because I think she realized that too.  She’s finally met someone that doesn’t judge nor ciriticize her for her quirks, but instead really likes them.  Really loves them, in fact.

This is the precise moment that Marianne’s prophetic words came true!

“…If I find a guy out there who takes my hand and looks me in the eye, and I don’t wanna hit him, I’ll consider it…”

After The Song of Achilles
  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: I just can't get over how much Patroclus and Achilles loved each other like they were just so loyal to one another throughout their entire lives and Achilles would always look to Patroclus for guidance and advice even though this was frowned upon by his mother and most of society and then Patroclus goes into freaking battle to save Achilles' honor even though he's not a trained warrior but then Hector kills him and the last thing on Patroclus' mind is not even thoughts of himself, but rather that he wishes Hector wouldn't kill him because he knows then it will mean the death of Achilles and then Achilles' dying wish is to have his ashes spread alongside Patroclus' and it takes so long for anyone to honor this wish like Patroclus' spirit can't go to rest because he's being refused a proper burial and then finally they get to be together in the Underworld and wow just patrochilles for life.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Liveblogging Sentence Starters
Feel free to change pronouns. Warning: Some may be NSFW/offensive

“Local Man goes through midlife crisis and almost ruins everyone’s lives.”

“He has a fucking weird kink. You know its bad if I think its weird. ”

“He called him Daddy…. does everyone have a daddy kink now?”

“This… this is just too many fucking songs.”

“Didn’t you just finish singing a song? Now you’re singing a solo???”

“Who the fuck has a crisis in a cemetery? Respect the dead fucktard.”

“Stalking someone you love is STILL STALKING.”

“HOW ARE YOU IN LOVE? Have you guys even talked before this?”

“Real question: why are his legs so long?”

“I’d sleep with him, but hear me out before you judge me.”

“Fuck that guy in Kentucky I guess?”

“Let me just start whining about no one understanding me meanwhile I told everyone to fuck off. GREAT STRATEGY.”


“Can we talk about how she could have murdered him?”

“I hate these inpatient assholes.”


“Well at least he knows he’s useless.”

“Someone adoring and caring about you so much that they worry for you? Sounds fake…”

“I don’t know how long you lived there, but I’m pretty sure you should have noticed that FUCKING WEIRD DOOR.”


“This can’t be improv. It had to be practiced and that’s sad.”

“Is no one is concerned that SATAN lives in your town?”

“OH GOD. A CLOWN? Oh fuck this town.”

“Do you not have anything to do besides being stalking him? What are you a 12 year old?”

“Who invited you, Satan?”

“My present is ugly??? Have you seen your face? Fucking rude. Who even asked for your opinion?”


“He got lost in the woods for like days and comes back saying some crazy shit. In my day, we’d burn someone at the stake for that.”

“Lying to get what you want is the DEFINITION of manipulation you dramatic fuck.”

“You can’t be dark and mysterious while going through a midlife crisis!”

“Poisoned? You look like you have a hangover.”

“Reading one book doesn’t make you a professional.”

“This stuff is all stolen. You didn’t make that. Don’t lie to me.”

“You’d understand that reaction if you were A SCIENTIST! Not some random asshole doing experiments in their basement! That’s how Breaking Bad started!”

“Credit where it’s due: she’s dedicated to getting some dick.”

“I can’t believe you gave him a present and just ran away. This isn’t a manga!”



“You’re worried about him, but have you tried actually asking if he’s okay?”

“All you did was say ‘I don’t understand, fuck it though I do what I want.’ And that’s not science.”

“Why are you giving the most important job to children?”

“They practically worship Satan and you tell them not to involve him. It’s really your fault for trusting them.”

“See… usually… smart people don’t shout out their plans for kidnapping in public.”

“All these plans for 'kidnapping’ will literally end up in death. Just needed to call you out on this.”

“This whole problem could have been avoided with an ol’ fashion blowjob.”

"He should be working, but instead he’s looking for a girlfriend. Amazing.”

“Sabotaging the love of your life so he doesn’t make a fool of himself… true love.”

“Oh god. That cat could have fleas. Don’t pet it!”

“Why did you touch it! IT WAS IN THE GARBAGE!”

“Your whole problem is you couldn’t tell him you wanted to sleep with him.”

“This song was literally me in high school. Lonely, but still fucking thirsty.”

“I know he’s gross and evil, but I love him.”

“Side note: look at his ass! THICCCC.”  

“This whole plan revolved around him having a fetish that you’re not entirely sure he has.”

“I don’t care how goth you are, don’t ever give me a skull for Christmas OR Halloween.”

“He even falls unconscious dramatically. Why is he like this?”

“How can you love someone so dramatic and whiny, [Insert Name]?”

“Nobody understands… okay, but you lied, manipulated, and almost got everyone killed.”

“You have Satan and the Boogie Man in your town… how is anyone surprised that bad things happen. You knew what you were getting yourself into moving there.”

“You went on an entire quest just because you were bored.”

“He just replaced her and no one gave a fuck!”

“Dearest friend? When have you EVER hung out before this shit show started?”

“Stop kissing in the snow! You guys are going to get hypothermia or some shit.”

I just can’t understand it.

 How is it possible that a group like Topp Dogg, with nine beautiful, talented and charming guys get’s not the attention the deserve. They never did something wrong. They are charming, gentle, cute, nice. They make fantastic music and are super talented. They produce their songs one their own, they sing and rap and even do their own choreographies. 
So I’m asking every korean person that has something to do with music. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE NICE TO THEM ?
My mother told me: What goes around, comes around. But when I look at Topp Dogg and how they are and how everybody else is to them I lose my believe in mankind.
Why can’t Topp Dogg be on Weekly Idol or on ASC ? They were on ASC like 3 years ago ! Three ! Let them join variety shows and show their charms. Let them show their talent and give them a reason to be an idol, ‘cause if I would be an idol like Topp Dogg, I would’ve quit ages ago !

I’m not  responsible for any  misspellings or  grammatical errors.



  • MC had never really thought about his singing voice
  • He offers to sing MC a lullaby when they can’t sleep
  • His voice is so calming?
  • He isn’t trained to sing so his voice cracks sometime but it’s still so soothing
  • Really blushy but when MC asks him to keep singing he goes entirely res


  • MC heard her sing along to Zen and wow
  • It’s such a gentle and regal voice??
  • Genuinely sounds like a queen singing
  • Asks Jaehee to sing to them when they’re drinking coffee in the evening
  • Jaehee is so embarrassed but MC aks! for! more!
  • Jaehee starts humming more because MC constantly tells them how nice she sounds


  • Claim that he sings better when with MC
  • Sometimes he’ll start improvising little love songs for MC
  • He has taken singing classes and boy did they pay off
  • Every word he sings sounds like it holds so much emotions and passion
  • His voice is legit like a drug


  • It took MC pleading like a kitty to get him to sing
  • His voice was so… deep and sensual
  • Like he could be saying “taxes” and make it sound hot
  • And to top it off it’s so full of love for MC??
  • If he wanted he could be a singer MC is sure
  • only ever sings for MC and Elizabeth 3rd


  • sings to MC because they dared him to
  • MC expected him to be all silly but NO
  • He sings in such a melancholic voice…….. so full of emotions and yet so melodious
  • And it was such an experience
  • like the only response MC could have was to hug him so hard he couldn’t breathe

The Doctor takes you to the park and you have lunch at the swings.

Gerard takes you to the train station and you guys take a train to the next town over and have dinner there. You then go stargazing and take the train home.

External image

Mikey takes you to a nice restaurant but you guys get swarmed with reporters. He apologizes for ruining your night but you make him come home with you and you guys play video games and talk all night.

Brendon comes over to your house to hang out and ends up meeting your parents. Your parents find him to be sweet and charming, and let him hang out with you for hours. You and Brendon eat chips and write songs. He goes home after dinner and Skypes with you for another several hours.

Frank takes you with him onto the set of “Welcome To The Black Parade” and talks with you, showing you cool stuff and even teaching you how to play guitar. 

Ray takes you to a historic building that he’s been to before and shows you around. You guys go to Starbucks and hang out drinking coffee and then he takes you home but ends up spending the night because you refuse to let him leave.

Andy takes you to a concert and you both sneak backstage and meet the performers.

Ryan takes you thrift shopping and you have a lot of fun trying on weird clothes and awesome hats. 

anonymous asked:

Why does key call his fans lil freaks I thought we were called locks/lockets

The name locket isn’t official but made up by shawols (well known in the fandom tho) Some when in the past Key simply started to call fans ‘his lil freaks’ and since they didn’t mind and even cheered for it he went on. There was a time (around 2012) where he was a fan of Lady Gaga and she calls her fans little monster so it was maybe inspired by this and one of the lines in the lyrics of her song Hair goes ‘I’m not a freak’. I read he started to call fans lil freaks shortly after his cover of said song during swc 2. Also, during a toheart fansign he explained to a fan that lil means something a long the lines of ‘how a son will always be little to his dad’.

just thoughts on the limitless album based on melon’s 1-minute previews!

presenting: me being the illiterate fangirl that i truly am and the broke young bean who can’t get permission to get a streaming pass and shiz yet !

  2. good thing. — melon won’t even allow me to listen to the new parts of the song i h8 BUT YES THIS SONG IS A GOOD THING it’s the best thing it’s the most wonderful invention in human history
  3. back 2 u. (AM 01:27) — oh wow the piano intro OH WOW THE BEATS THAT JUST CAME IN HOLY SHIT IS THAT DOYOUNG’S ANGELIC VOICE I’M HEARING WOW OHMYGOD MARK NO COME BACK the synth(?) thingies that randomly come in remind me of paradise’s beats for some reason and this song really sounds like smth i’d listen to at 01:27 a.m. i absolutely love it I’M IN LOVE WITH IT I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR THE FULL SONG
  4. heartbreaker. — DONGHYUCK’S VOICE GAVE THIS SONG SUCH A CUTE START I LOVE oh oh this was the song in doyoung’s teaser!!! and johnny’s or am i mistaken? THE CHORUS WASN’T EVEN FINISHED YET MELON WHY JUST LET ME LIVE FOR ONCE
  5. baby don’t like it. — OH OH DONGHYUCK’S TEASER KAJHFDFKSDL MARK MARK MAKR MKAR MRKA you’re the one who’s doing smth to me and making me feel things can you pls WAIT DOES HE HAVE A WHOLE VERSE WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IT’S SO LONG OR AM I JUST MISTAKEN BUT BUT THIS IS HIS VOICE RIGHT bcs i am so in love mark just basically rapped about how i feel about him THE BOY KNOWS HE’S DANGEROUS I’M ok let me listen to that one more time
  6. angel. i thought of exo’s angel and now i’m sad WAIT WHICH TEASER WAS THIS IN AGAIN OH TAEYONG’S yeah the weird one BUT YES TAEYONG I AGREE I GOTTA BE YOURS oh wow this song is so chill I LOVE IT it’s like smth you can listen to in a café or while walking down the street at dusk or while it’s raining ok you can tell i love these vibes i really do