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Parallel time-lines

I’ve been talking yesterday with @steffid101 and @septicfallen about comparing Anti’s story to Undertale… But @amycampbell00 ‘s post just made everything work.

We know Jack loves comparing his story to Undertale. He’s the one throwing references at us after all… 

So I tried comparing them. 

If we assume the stories are similar it actually solves a lot- 

Anti can time travel (like Frisk/Chara/Flowey), he can start over and over, repeat this story until he’s satisfied. He can repeat his life again and again, going in circles… But it’s that repeating that makes everything lose its meaning… he’s been through it so many times it’s all pointless now.

He’s sick of it.

That also could explain this idea - It seems that everything has been flipped lately. Jackieboy’s mask, the signature green eye switched places to the left, the upside-down “RUN”, and the flipped JAꞰ… 

Everything is the same but… different. As though we’re in a different time-line. A different route. A different game save.

But not only that… 

Anti’s appearances have been annoying me for a while now… They are way too different. They are barely few months apart from each other but it seems that Anti changes too much in between… And not just his appearance and his mood, it looks as if his goals have been changing. As though years, even lifetimes has passed in between.

(HD version on desktop)

Almost like those are different people… almost like those are different lives. 

What if every appearance was on a different time-line? A different game save? A different route?


One where it was all a game for him, one where he was thrown aside by us, one where he was already sick of us, one where we was happy because he’s so close to his goal…

That’s all for now…

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The Cape

Summary: In which you wrap yourself up in Thor’s cape, unbeknownst to you because it looks like a damn blanket and you’re freezing.

Pairing: Thor x Reader

A/N: Here’s a little Thor for all you lovely people. I love him with my entire heart and I’m really wondering why he’s not real????? (Even though I love Chris with all my heart. Let’s be honest - they’re the same person). Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in any future work I put out there. Xx.

The temperature in the tower was much colder than you had liked. The tower’s heater wouldn’t work due to some mishap in the electrical grid, and Tony couldn’t get it up and running. 

“It’ll be all better by tomorrow morning,” he announced, running from the electric room. “We just gotta use some blankets or put on more layers.” 

You grumbled. “Thanks, Tony,” you said in a sarcastic tone. 

“Oh come on,” Sam said. He turned around and watched you walk towards the couch. “It’s not even that cold, you big baby.” 

You huffed and crossed your arms. “As someone who enjoys warm weather over cold, it’s very cold to me. This time of the year is the best for being cozy indoors and feeling warm. I already have a sweatshirt and a long sleeve on.” 

“I think all the blankets are taken, too,” Natasha said. “We only have so many.” You groaned again. 

“Steve, do you have another long sleeve I could borrow, or something?” you asked as he passed you. 

Steve shook his head. “Sorry, Y/N. They’re all in the wash after somebody didn’t do the load like they promise,” he said, hinting at Bucky, who put his arms up. 

“Hey, missions called and I forgot. Next time, pal.” Steve rolled his eyes and took a sip of his coffee as he sat on the couch next to Sam. 

You walked over to the washing room to see if anymore blankets were stored in there or had been washed. You mentally high-fived yourself when you saw a red blanket in the dryer, warm. You wrapped the thick fabric around yourself and grinned, holding it tight as you walked outside. 

“Okay, I found a blanket and I’m a happy person now,” you announced as you walked in. 

“Uh, Y/N?” said Bucky as you sat down. 

“What’s up?” you asked, yawning. 

“I don’t think -” 

“Is that my cape?” Thor asked as he walked into the living room, looking at you with a puzzled expression. 

It seems as if you were too tired to notice when you picked it up from the drying machine. For a split second, your eyes widened and you looked at yourself wrapped in the blanket before standing up, apologising to Thor for using his cape as a blanket. 

“Oh dear,” you began to say, “I didn’t realise this was your cape.” You unwrapped it from your body and handed it to Thor. “Here. I’ll even wash it for you again. I’m really sorry.” 

Thor laughed and shook his head, unwrapping the blanket and putting it around your shoulders again. “It’s not a problem, m’lady. If it keeps you warm, then it makes me happy.” You blushed and Thor led you to the couch where he sat. “Come sit by me and I’ll keep you warm.” 

The rest of your teammates got the hint and left the room as you began to feel more comfortable sitting next to Thor. 

“You’re really warm,” you said as you let your eyes close. Thor laughed and you could feel his body move. 

“You’re just as warm. Sleep, you’ve had a long day.” 

And you swore you’ve never slept better in your entire life.

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Anti-ReySky people are reaching a lot

Look what @happilyshanghaied wrote while replying a Rey Skywalker post:

“Rey is important regardless of who her parents are. I find it really weird and sexist how obsessed people are about her being Luke’s daughter. She can be a rock star on her own. She can be the daughter of another cool rebel fighter whose story they haven’t told yet. She doesn’t need to be a Skywalker to be valid.

This just shows how misunderstood ReySkies are! People are calling us SEXISTS, like, WHAT???

I hate cross-tagging but this time I didn’t have choice. I’m really tired of all of this. Trying to explain things to blind people is the worst thing, and I’m not blind. I’ve seen the Rey Kenobi theory, I’ve seen the Rey Palpatine theory, even the Reylo theory. They could perfectly make sense (even the Reylo one if we think about after Ben’s redemption) if it wasn’t too obvious for the storytelling that Rey is a Skywalker and that it’s the best option. I will be really mad if ReySky doesn’t happen, but then I will understand that they are only caring about money and giving the people what they want, not what the story needs.

“Rey is important regardless of who her parents are” “She can be a rock star on her own.”By saying this you’re saying Rey is important and can be herself even if Luke is her father too.

“She doesn’t need to be a Skywalker to be valid.” - You’re right. But we don’t want ReySky to make her valid. She is already valid, she is already the main protagonist. She is already the hero. But we want ReySky:

  • Because the story of The Force Awakens makes it obvious and clear though not confirming it. Making her a random would confuse casual moviegoers (And, c’mon, if new fans still get confused about the order of watching the Star Wars movies, imagine if the main protagonist of the new sequels is not a Skywalker or is not related to other character we’ve seen before). This is only one of the reasons in this topic, but you can search my blog for more.

  • Because the epic fight between Kylo and Rey would have an even deeper meaning. The grandchildren of Anakin would fight for his definitive legacy, Kylo representing Vader Anakin and Rey representing Jedi Anakin. And I believe they will find the balance together, but, despite what Reylos say, they doesn’t need to marry or make babies for that.

  • Because it would be the first time in the whole saga a father had a second chance to “raise” his child, teaching her in the ways of the Force. Just imagine how cute it would be… Tears would legit come from my eyes. But, of course, there will be yet a lot of conflict between Rey and Luke until they heal together.

  • Because she would finally have a family, though dysfunctional, but the most powerful in the galaxy, which is a honor. She can even not accept it. She could fight for her side of the legacy not actually caring about it, and that could start the balancing. This is more like a head canon in my mind but all I wanna show you is: There are still the possibility of Rey making her own choices even if she is a Skywalker, and that’s a thing you all need to understand before claiming your theory is the best.

Research about storytelling. Don’t be stuck in parallels or what you think it would be epic. Follow the story. You think Rey would be better being a Kenobi or Palpatine? I respect your opinion, and if ReySky is confirmed (There’s like, 90% of chance of this happening), you can write fanfics, y’know? We have a lot of prequels shipps even if only Anidala is canon. We can find a lot of fanfics and AUs about the original trilogy even if what is canon is canon. You can find a lot of Reylo arts and fanfics just like we can find SkyTwins romantic fics. The creativity must not stop, but please, respect the canon and the storytelling. That’s the only thing I beg you.

Things I’d Appreciate from Future Tumblr Updates:

1. Increased (or even no) follow limit.

2. Increased (or even no) daily post limit.

3. Ability to sort/filter my lists of following and followers e.g. by alphabetical order, by when we last interacted with each other, by when they were last active.

4. Ability to search my notifications for a specific tumblr user e.g. when did @staff last like or reblog one of my things (never, I know, just using that as an example).

5. Better ability to reply to replies

Feel free to reblog, tag staff, and add your own.

anonymous asked:

Could it be autism that I get startled easily? Like if something moves suddenly or a noise, I get startled even if no one else does. And I do this short, weirdish yell (I call it my "defense mechanism") when I get startled, and I jump. All the time. If someone touches me suddenly out of nowhere, I do it. If a bird caws, I do it. If the dog barks suddenly, I do it. Could that be autism? (Please tag with kittykatbella13 if you could? That's me, I'm just using a different account rn)


So after a bit of discussion  it seems we think that it’s most likely due to sensory hypersensitivities or possibly an exaggerated startle response due to trauma.

If it’s the the first, it’s an autism thing, if it’s the second it isn’t though it could be made worse by being autistic.


Where have you been

Chapter seven

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Warnings: sex!

As the next few weeks went by, Justin and I barely spoke. My time was either spent at the dance studio or with Ronnie and I was actually enjoying spending time with him. We had date nights and nights we just stayed in and watched movies. This was something I could get use to.

I felt like I could be myself around him and he never judged me for what I thought or said, how crazy or silly I acted. I felt free with him and I liked it, loved it even. So it was no surprise to me when I felt my heart stirring again for him or how I wanted to around him all the time.

I didn’t tell him I was feeling this way, but I knew I was. It also getting hard to resist his advances. He was always kissing or touching me and I was having a real problem trying to find reasons to stop him. I needed to figure out what I wanted and soon. I couldn’t keep stringing Justin along if I wanted to be with Ronnie.

“Here. Didn’t you hear it ringing?” I caught my phone when he threw at me and looked at the screen. Justin. Again. I set it down and let it ring and went back to watching the television. I noticed him look at me confused before he switched it off.

“Hey!! I was watching that!!”

“What’s going on with you and Justin? That’s like the third time you haven’t answered his calls. Why?”

“I just didn’t want to talk to him and answer his million questions, is all. I’m not up for it right now.” He sat down next to me and just looked at me. “What?”

“I think there’s more that you’re not telling me, beautiful. But…. I won’t pressure you into telling me, yet.” I laughed and shook my head. I reached for the remote but he held it away from me.

“Ronnie. Come on. Give it back.” I sat up on my knees and tried to reach for it and fell straight into his lap. He laughed but helped me up so I was straddling his lap. “Mmmm, come here.” I didn’t hesitate when his lips meant mine or when he slyly slipped his tongue in to mate with mine. I held onto his shoulders and moaned into the kiss.

His hands made their way under my shirt to run his fingers lightly across my back. This was nothing new for us to sit here for a while and make out like we were teenagers again. This time was different, this time I wanted his hands all over me and his mouth. The realization of how far I was willing to go shocked me and I suddenly pulled away from him. I tried to get up but he wouldn’t let me.

“Ronnie. I can’t do this. Regardless of the state of my relationship with Justin, I’m still wearing his ring.” He gripped my hand and pulled the ring off.

“Now you’re not.” I moved my head to the side when he tried to capture my lips again and he just started kissing along my neck.

“Ronnie.” It came out as more of a moan than a protest, as his teeth slowly sank into my neck. I could feel how much I wanted him, my pussy slightly aching for his touch and I knew I needed to put some distance between us.

“Cassie. Let me touch you. I know you want me to. I can just imagine how wet you’re getting. Remember how wet you use to get for me?” He lifted his hips and pushed against me causing me to moan at how hard he already was. His lips moved to my ear, biting the lobe and whispering in my ear. “Come on, baby. I just want to make you feel good, make you cum. Let me feel how wet you are.”

Fuck…. He was driving me crazy with his words and his hot breath in my ear. I wanted to give in so bad, I wanted to cum and I knew he would make me. Fuck it. He’s still my husband. “Ronnie. Touch me.” That’s all I had to say and he lifted me in his arms and took me to the bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and his lips eagerly meant mine. It didn’t take him long to get my shorts unbuttoned and opened far enough to slip his hand in.

I closed my eyes and my mouth hung open as his fingers pressed against my clit, circling slowly. His fingers reached into my folds, running from my opening to my clit over and over. My back slightly arched off the bed and my breath caught in my throat as he moaned. “Fuck…. Ronnie.”

He watched me intently as he slipped two of his thick fingers into me and started moving them achingly slow. “So fucking wet, baby.” He started moving faster against me, watching me as he did. He leaned up and bit my bottom lip, tugging on it before he kissed me again.

I tore my mouth away from his as he hit my spot over and over. This was never an issue with us, he made me feel things no ever has before and I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. “Ronnie!! I’m so close…..” He groaned in my ear and bit my neck.

“Come on, Cass. Cum all over my fingers. Fuck… You feel so goddamn good.” With one last flick of his fingers, my back bowed off the bed and I let go, screaming his name. He rode me through it, telling me what a good girl I was for cumming like he wanted me too.

I opened my eyes and looked into his, smiling as I kissed him, slowly. “I want you, Ronnie.” He nodded as I reached for his pants, helping him pull them down just low enough for him to spring free. I bit my lip as I hastly pulled off the rest of my clothes and felt him move between my legs. He looked at me before he moved any further, silently asking if I was sure I wanted this. I nodded and pulled him down to me, kissing him urgently. I gasped into the kiss as I felt him fill me completely.

He started out with slow, easy strokes, both of us watching the other. He moved down slightly and flicked my nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. Fuck… I haven’t felt this turned on since we were together all those years ago.

He moved back up my body and I wrapped my legs around his waist as I scratched my nails down his back. He hissed in my ear and kissed me savagely as he picked up the pace.

I heard the faint ringing of the doorbell in my ears, but I held him tighter. He looked at me and frowned as he stopped moving. I lifted my hips and he closed his eyes tightly. “Baby. Someone’s here.” I didn’t care, I would die if he stopped.

“Don’t stop, Ronnie.” He looked back at me and nodded. He flipped me onto my stomach and pulled my head back roughly by my hair.

“Listen. I’m gonna get you there fast, baby.” I nodded and screamed as he slammed into me hard, gripping my hips and he fucked me hard and fast. He wasn’t lying, a couple thrusts later, I let go around him again, this time taking him with me.

“I love you.” I choked out as I collapsed on the bed and felt him lean his head against my back, trying to catch his breath as he kissed my back over and over. He turned my head and searched my eyes he started to open his mouth but the bell ringing again stopped him and he slowly pulled out causing me to gasp. He rolled me over and kissed me hard before he got up and made his way out of our room, while trying to pull up his pants.

I laid there with a huge smile on my face. I had just been vigoursly fucked by Ronnie and I couldn’t care less about the consequences. If I wanted to be totally honest with myself, he had been right from the beginning. There was still something there and it wasn’t just because we had sex. It was there when I first saw him again at that meeting, it would always be there.

My smile faded as I heard yelling coming from downstairs. I knew that voice, it was Justin screaming at Ronnie. I got up and threw on my robe, I had to see what was going on. I walked down the stairs and they both looked at me.

“There you are! I’ve been trying to call you for days and you haven’t picked up. I had to make sure you were alright.” He was on me in an instant, trying to kiss me. I saw Ronnie look away and run his hand through his hair. I turned my head as the last minute and Justin’s lips meant my cheek. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… I just….” I needed to tell him I couldn’t marry him. Not after what just happened with Ronnie and I, not after what I just told Ronnie. I saw Justin look at both of us. Me in my robe, Ronnie in just his pants that were zipped up but unbuttoned.

“You’re fucking kidding me!! Did you just get done fucking him?!” I didn’t answer and he knew he was right. “I can’t believe you did this and while still wearing my ring!”

“Actually, I made her take it off first.” I saw the smirk on Ronnie’s face and rolled my eyes.

I walked to the table and picked it up. “Justin, I’m so sorry. But I can’t marry you.” He shook his head and refused the ring that I handed to him.

“You don’t mean that, Cassie. We’re so good together.” He moved to wrap his arms around me when Ronnie stepped in front of him.

“Don’t touch her.” There was so much venom in Ronnie’s voice, it almost scared me.

“Why? Why can’t you marry me? I can overlook this.” He gestured to Ronnie and I. “It was a one time thing, he pressured you. I get it. You love me.”

“He didn’t though. I wanted him to. I don’t love you Justin. I thought I did and I realize now that it was just because I didn’t want to be lonely anymore.” I felt Ronnie swipe his hand down the back of my head as he pulled me closer to his side.

“Cassie. You can’t possibly love him or even want to be with him? What is your father going to think?” I laughed and looked at Ronnie.

“I don’t care what my father thinks. It’s time I did what I wanted. And I do love him, Justin. I never stopped.”

“You’re going to regret this, Cassie. You both will.” He opened the door and stormed out, slamming it behind him.

Ronnie watched out the window as he left and then locked the door. He suddenly turned around and roughly pulled me against him. “Did you mean it, baby, both times?” I knew what he was asking but I decided to play with him a little.

“Mean what?” His eyes narrowed and his jaw went taunt. “That I can’t marry him anymore? Yeah, I did.” He shook his head. “I mean how could I marry him when I still love you.” I saw the slow smile spread across his lips as he lifted me up again.

“There it is. I love you too, beautiful.” He started for the bedroom and slammed the door behind us.

11 Questions

Rules: 1. Post the rules, 2. Answer the questions given to you by the tagger, 3. Write 11 questions of your own, 4. And tag 11 people

I was tagged by @joufancyhuh. I was totally unprepared, but I have to say I love that you have a whole notebook dedicated to questions you love. I think I might have to maybe think about that as well. It certainly sounds fun and useful.

  1. What was the best interaction you’ve ever had with a stranger?
    I think that was the time that I was wearing my N7 gear and walked past someone else decked out in theirs and we didn’t even say anything just kind of winked and gave one another one of those … “yeah, you rock” kind of knowing nods/glances and went about our business. Can’t for the life of me remember why there was no fangirling in that moment, but there was a reason we didn’t scream and coo over one another’s gear.
  2. Do you have the same religious beliefs that you had as a child? If so, why? Is not, how and why did they change?
    No. I was very religious as a child. Quite a devout baptist. For me, that shift came when as I saw/see it the God I loved so much allowed something despicable to happen in his own house. I just … that shifted my views on things, slowly but surely. And each time my life has spun out of control, I find I have less and less faith in some higher being with some grand plan.
  3. What would your perfect room look like?
    Oh gosh. My perfect room would be a suite with its own bathroom. The bathroom would have a huge garden tub that I could stretch my legs out in and it would have a really high overflow valve so that I could just fill it wicked deep (jets would be optional). I’d love to have a TV in the bathroom as well, to facilitate long, luxurious baths. I’d also like it to have a large-ish shower area, nice deep sink with counter space (and cabinet space), and my own potty that I don’t have to share with a dozen people.
    The bedroom would have a king sized bed with a really nice mattress. There would be a cushy headboard that I could comfortably recline against if I chose. Tall nightstands with enough drawers for me to organize my socks. A nice tall dresser with space for my stuff. I’d have a big fluffy chair with an ottoman near a window for reading and sewing and learning to knit. I’d also like there to be a desk, preferably with a Mac–I like the Mac version of scrivener better than the windows version and that computer would be for writing alone. I’d love to have a sound system in there to. But I’d love that … sitting room area to be wholly separate from the bedroom, perhaps with its own door, even. I’d love to line it with floor to ceiling bookshelves as well, where I could keep my books and such. 
  4. A book you love and one you didn’t.
    Well the first two that flew into my mind are both by Austen. I adore Persuasion but hate Emma.
  5. What three events made the biggest impact on who you are today?
    My divorce. Becoming a single mom (the first time). 
  6. What was the weirdest habit you had as a child?
    I can really only come up with the way I sucked my thumb for a very long time.
  7. What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to yet?
    Hmmm. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I could answer for this. I’ve always wanted to skydive. But truth be told I don’t think they make a parachute to keep this big ass badger from plummeting to the ground like a rock, well, boulder (yes, that’s a nice boulder–in best Donkey impression).
  8. What’s something special about the place you grew up?
    The ambiance of New Orleans is wholly unique. There’s something about that place that I still can barely put my finger on. There is a pulse in that city that’s different than any of the ones I’ve lived in–I impart it to the vibrancy of art that is available more freely there, from music to painting and drawing to the food. Art is a part of that place and it’s right there on the surface easy to find. You don’t have to search for it there like you do in some other places.
  9. As the last human left on earth, what would you do?
    Be bored as fuck!!!
  10. What do you use your post-it notes for?
    Oh Shit! Notes, reminders, keeping addresses tacked to my monitors, I also use them for keeping taglists handy for little used blogs, special characters that I often use, and my horde toons’ names, I have character prompts I want to write, ideas, flags in notebooks, I use them as marginalia, I keep extras in my notebooks in case I want to make a note that will need to go into a different notebook. I have and do use them for outlining stories. To leave notes for my kids … I know leaving them on the monitor is the only way they will actually read it.
  11. What’s your favorite quote?
    Oh … um… Fuck! I don’t have a single favorite quote. I mean I’ve found a lot of them that I have liked, truly. But never a favorite single one. I went looking for one and this is the first one that struck my fancy.
    “Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own little idiosyncrasies. Some people call those imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff.” ~Robin Williams

Now, it is my turn. Do not be surprised that these are nowhere near as thought provoking as @joufancyhuh‘s. I’m not that shiny or that inspired this morning.

  1. What is a song that you have completely memorized?
  2. What amazing thing did you do that no one was around to see?
  3. What do you wish you knew more about?
  4. What is your claim to “fame”?
  5. What is the most annoying thing people say to you?
  6. Do you know a limerick that does not involve a man from Nantucket?
  7. If you didn’t need to sleep, what would you do with that extra time?
  8. When was the last time you climbed a tree?
  9. What do you wish your brain was better at doing?
  10. Which of your scars has the best story behind it?
  11. What is the title of this chapter in your life story?

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The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.


That’s right, Pan Week is coming.

Not every pan person feels included in the Bi Week festivities, even though the “bi+” umbrella has been sporadically used. And that’s valid. Pan people do not have to force ourselves to feel represented by a label we haven’t chosen for ourselves, and let’s be real, a label we are often invisible under.

So, Pan Week.

December 3rd - 9th, 2017.

Including the already established Pan Pride Day on December 8th.

On December 8th, there will be a Pan Chat, more info on that to come.

Use the hashtag “#PanWeek” on Twitter.

Use the tag “Pan Week” on Tumblr.

The objective of Pan Week is to spread awareness and positivity for the pan identity and show support and acceptance for pan people. During Pan Week, pan people, and hopefully non-pan people as well, will take part to share and learn about pan topics and issues; such as history, media representation, inclusivity in LGBT+ spaces, treatment from fellow queer people, hate, erasure, etc.

Share your stories, selfies, and art.

Celebrate characters, public figures, and each other.

Be proud. Raise your voice. Let everyone know that you’re here and won’t be silenced or forgotten.

Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 

Let’s talk about what’s happening in this photo.

First, we have Jimin looking off into the distance with a wistful smile (damn that jawline boi)

Next, we have Jin, with his face of ‘Please save me I have regrets’

Taehyung looks like he’s trying really hard not to sneeze

Yoongi’s definitely laughing at Jin - come on, don’t even try to hide it

And Rapmon: Why am I here? Why are any of us here? Where am I? How did I get here?

stop invalidating poc bc theyre not as in touch w their culture as some!!

some people of color dont have ~ethnic~ names. some poc have white last names. some poc are white passing. some poc have white parents or a white family. some poc never got an opportunity to learn the language that belongs to their culture or never had a desire to. some of us dont know all of our cultural dishes or traditions, some of us have never been to our home/family’s/ancestors’ country. some of us dont know who our ancestors are. some of us were forced to assimilate or were robbed of the opportunity to be engaged in a culture(s) we cant quite call our own.

moral of the story please keep that in mind when u automatically assume that all of x ethnicity will look x ethnicity or speak x language etc bc it really can make us assimilated people of color feel kinda shitty and even more disconnected imo so

2018 Reaper76 Week: Dates and Prompts

Hey everyone!

After working through our schedules, here’s what the Reaper76 Week for 2018 is looking like:

Dates: Monday, 15 January 2018 - Sunday, 21 January 2018

Our idea this time was to base our prompts off the talk that Jeff Kaplan gave about the relationship between Gabriel Reyes/Reaper and Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76!  Here are the themes:

Day 1: “War buddies” - war/battles

Day 2: “They loved each other” - love/affection

Day 3: “Thankful” - gratitude/admiration

Day 4: “Defended” - defense/support

Day 5: “Downfall” - falling out/heartache

Day 6: “Questionable actions” - secrets/revelations

Day 7: “Depth of relationship” - shared lifetimes/togetherness/alternate universes

We will be posting a post with expanded themes and suggested ideas, which will be linked here shortly.  We will be updating the blog shortly!

We’re really excited to help support this week, and we’re even more excited to see what ideas you guys will come up with!!  As the dates get closer, we should have more information coming, but for now we will be using the following tags: “reaper76week” and “reaper76week2018″ (no spaces).

i don’t have all my thoughts together on this so its going to be pretty scattered, i just wanna get it out there and maybe come back to it later.

something pretty surreal that happened the other day: in a group of lesbians, a workshop based on intergenerational discussion. young lesbians explaining what its like for them, old lesbians doing the same, you get the idea. at one point one young woman asked her fellow young women to raise their hands if they’d ever disidentified from being a woman, and almost every single young hand in the joint shot up. and it wasn’t just the usual suspects like yours truly, either, i mean, this was regardless of presentation, this was including the femmes… and none of us were surprised, but an AUDIBLE GASP went out from the older lesbians

i dunno. there’s. something happening to lesbians. we’ve always had a pretty fraught relationship to womanhood because cultural images of “Woman” and what she does don’t include us. the difference now is that it makes it so hard to find each other, it takes so much more healing and work before we can even do the real relational healing + generational continuity that is so so necessary for our survival 

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i saw your video with the face reveal and i totally understand what you mean by uncomfortable with 14 year olds crushing on older people and such. ( I even felt uncomfortable when I saw the comments...)

did u mean the bane of my existence

hav u seen such lovely gems as “omg yasss i love gays : ) i ship it!!!” “dont mind me ill just watch from over here owo” “mmmmm yesss my homos…” “i swear im so gay for you (even though im a girl!!!)” “im a fujoshi XD hawt !” “ik ur gay but id be trans for you” ( <- that last one is literally a ! comment ! someone ! wrote ! )

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Please tell us more stories about the corn!!

brief preface: i live in iowa, one of the united states’ largest producers of corn (as in maize for those overseas), and worked at a corn breeding research facility. these guys are in charge of creating new lines of seed for farmers to grow; i took the job because it was the only plant science-related job i could, and it sucked but it wasn’t the worst job ive ever had and i made bank because it sucked and no one wanted to do it. there were two parts to this job: data collection and pollination. i wrote out a huge thing on the details of these and then decided it was too long and rambly so imma just gonna skip that stuff and get to the Weird Liminal Space Corn Stories:

-for data collection, our job was to take plant an ear hights in fields all around iowa, meaning that we would get to work in the morning and they would load us up into transit vans and drive us out to a random small town with a test field for testing. once we got there, we had 16-foot-tall wooden measuring sticks we would unfold and bring into the field with us, and the instructions from there were simple: 2 people on each side of the breeder. you measure the line of corn behind you by sticking ur stick next to an average looking plant and reading off first how far up on the plant the first ear of corn was, then reading off how far the base of the flag leaf was. then, you turn around to face the line of corn behind you, and while youre turning around and sticking your measuring stick into the ground on that side your partner reads there numbers, you read your second line of numbers, your partner reads their second line, and then you walk into the nearest alley and march up two lines of corn while the people on the other side of the breeder go. you read the two data points on one side. your partner reads and u turn around. you read the data points behind you. your partner does. while you are going, your breeder is walking up the field typing in the numbers on a data logger and the other team is walking up two rows. once you reach the end of the field, your breeder stops you, you walk two plots down and turn the other direction. you read off your data points, ect, you do that all the way down the field. you do this for hours until your set is done. all told, once your team of 5 people gets oriented and going, it should sound like this to you:

stick. 65, 102. turn. stick. 68, 104. pick up stick. walk down two rows. stick. 85, 102. turn. stick. 84, 103. pick up stick. walk down two rows. ect. you have to annunciate yourself and not talk to your teamates so the breeder can hear you through the corn. on windy days, you have to shout. you dont have time to stop and talk; you actually barely have time to do anything but focus on the manual task of number, turn, number, walk, number, turn, number, walk. when we were done, we would come out covered in sweat and dirt with our sticks, pile in the transit van, and drive like, the 2-3 hours back. work days were about 9 hours with 5 in the field, meaning that you worked 40 hours a week and could do overtime on weekends doing pollination (which was actually really fun). 

-no headphones. at first i thought that rule was stupid, but like, once you enter a cornfield you realize that this is because 1. if someone is screaming your name you need to be able to hear and 2. corn touches everything; when you’re in the corn, there is always something touching you. we wore special hats with veils, long pants, long shirts, eye protection, and closed toed shoes because the corn leaves are sharp and will cut you up; i have scars from this. your headphones would get ripped out within like, .3 seconds, because like corn just snags and slices up everything. 

-one time, on the hottest day of the summer, we were doing the number-turn-number-walk routine and heard someone yelling for our breeder guy. he stopped us short and called back, and like, this is the scary part about cornfields: like i said in the tags of that one post, corn swallows up sound more than anything. it’s impossible to tell where you are and impossible to hear anything, even if you scream, so its best to stay close to your team unless your doing solo work, and if you’re doing solo work like, for the love of god, keep walking in the direction youre supposed to be walking until you’re finished. trust that theres something on the other side, even if you cant see it. but anyway; hes yelling, and shes yelling, and suddenly she bursts through the corn after searching for us and says that this one kid is having a seizure. queue both of them running out of the corn and we’re just standing there. eventually we hear one of the other breeders yelling “___’s group, where are you?!” and we’re like “over here! we’re over here!” and put our sticks up, and the other breeder comes into the alley and we keep doing data points. we had like, 6 kids go home that day because of how hot it was (over 100 degrees) and we ended up not finishing the field because they decided it wasnt safe for us to work anymore. (also, kid was predisposed to seizures and they took him home, he was fine and came back to work a couple days later)

-i kind of talked about this in the tags of that other post, but i think the scariest day was the day we were in a test field a little ways away from the research center. it was kind of stormy but we were like ok whatever, we’ve gotten rained on before with no problem, queue us starting the data collection for the day. its…..really windy. like. i wish i could recreate that feel in art or something or even film it someday, because 1. when the wind blew, the whole field-which, remember, this is our whole world when we’re in there because you can’t see anything but corn in every direction- moved. like, bended, which is typical of corn because like yeah duh it does that, but its like if you were standing in a hallway and suddenly all the walls bent with the wind and so did the cieling. it was that disorienting; i actually stumbled a few times because the only steady thing was the ground and 2. it was loud, like a weird roar in the background. everything is rustling all around you at once. we had to scream our numbers for the breeder to hear us, and when i moved my measuring stick would catch the wind and drag me back a little. then, we heard thunder in the distance. our breeder was like “okay guys we’re gonna finish this field because we’re only like 4 ranges away from the road” and we’re like ok yeah, 40 plots, we can do this. the wind picked up, we kept moving at like twice the pace to get out of there, and when we reached the end it was really close and our breeder was like “come on we have to go now” and we like, picked up our sticks and ran through the corn bending around us with the thunder and everything, can i say midwestern gothic because ive never experienced midwestern gothic more than 4 teenagers with corn sticks and a dude with a data logger running through a discombobulating corn haze at 11am with thunder rolling in. we get to the edge of the field, scramble over the barbed wire fence because we are not running through the rest of the field. in a hot second more teams emerge from the field at various speeds just as it starts storming. we pack up our sticks. our team of four gets in our breeder’s pickup truck and we drive back in the rain. it was a look guys ngl

-throwback to when i just finished doing solo tagging of the ranges in the corn in a field three hours away from the research center. our breeder said to meet him back at the truck when we were done, so when i reach the end of the field having stapled on tags for around 100 ranges (about ten minutes of walking and stapling alone in a single line; these tags will help orient harvesting in the fall), i turn around and start heading straight back, because like again, when you’re in the corn alone its best to know exactly where you are and the way out is always a straight line. i start following my tagging trail back. about five minutes into walking i hear rustling near me. y’all, i was not ready, started jogging and checking behind me and after a little bit i slow down because i feel like i lost whatever it was. rustling continues like its following me. hellno.jpg, not today, i run out of the corn into the alley on the other side, decide i must have imagined it, and start walking towards the truck. as it turns out it was another one of the guys who didn’t know where to go, saw me from his row, and was following me to find his way out of the corn. almost died that day y’all

-occasionally we would visit fields to do brittle snap count, which is lining up, walking a plot, stopping, and yelling out how many broken stalks of corn we counted in the plot we just walked through, then continuing. the whole thing is that farmers understandably hate it when all their corn breaks and dies. we went to this one field that had been hit by a wind storm; it was a really hot day and we were all like dying. this is where my aforementioned scarring comes in. in cornfields, there exists a thingy called corn rash. this is where the corn hits your skin so much that it makes tiny cuts all over you, and then pollen from said corn gets in the cuts along with sweat. it is the worst time i have ever experienced in my life like literally nope would not recommend. eventually we realized that half this field of test crop was broken. like, we stopped counting the amount of plants with broken stems and instead started counting the amount of plants still standing. i was wearing all the protection i needed/that was required (so was everyone else), but it was so hot that literally all of us had corn rash and i was bleeding, big yikes. eventually our super nice breeder for the day realized that we were Struggling™ and was like ok listen we’re going back this isn’t worth it and all the corn is literally dead inexplicably anyway and then took us to get gas station ice cream after bc she felt bad for us lmao, a blessing

-talked to the breeders a lot and asked a ton of questions. learned that sunflower breeding is a thing that happens and that they’re bred to be larger to bear more seed for like, those bags of sunflower seeds you see at gas stations. the more u know

-zoo corn

-the corn in the pollination fields (the corn being bred into pure, genetically identical lines for testing….*insert Corn Discourse Concerning Loss Of Genetic Diversity Here But Not Gonna Talk About It In This Post Bc Its Already Super Long*) gets really weird mutations that i’ve talked about before

-this post got so long im sorry

tl;dr: corn is a terrifying liminal space

No, reading/creating dark fiction to deal with ptsd or other mental illness is not just re-traumatising selfharm

Apparently not typing this is costing me sleep because I can’t stand people being this aggressively wrong on the internet and actively harming other people’s treatment because they’re a fuck wit who thinks their feelings are more true than medical research and other people’s personal experiences.

1. I’m going to upfront state if someone’s re-traumatising themselves using dark fiction they are DOING IT WRONG.

This is why the variety of warnings exist. This is why tags exist. We’ve created a space in which the viewing experience can be more informed than that of the average book or tv show explicitly to protect people and allow them to inform their viewing experience. Hell we even broke down rape and sexual assault tags to cover multiple varieties of these things to make sure people were as safe as they could get.

While objectively rape, non-con and dub-con  are all rape tags, it’s not about softening that it’s rape, it’s about classifying the type of rape or grade of content so someone can inform their viewing experience. Can you senseless fucks please stop insisting it’s claiming these things aren’t rape. Two seconds of googling the tags would tell you up front they’re all rape, they’re just differentiating the variety of rape so people can inform their viewing experience and not be triggered.

For people who claim to be fighting for victims you sure fucking love actively removing things victims have to protect themselves.

2. Shipping to cope isn’t just exposure therapy. God there’s a million fucking ways people can use fiction in recovery and only like two of those are forms of exposure therapy.

The more common usages are:

  • ‘using fiction to break down the events that happened to you into a manageable set up’ because post abuse for a lot of people the thoughts, memories and understanding of the experience are a big old noodly jumble that gets tangled up and eventually fucks with the ability to move past it. By reading or writing about the experience the feelings and thoughts can be de-tangled and ideally turned into something manageable to process.
  • ‘creating a fictional version of events of how you wish things happened’ which is simply a variety of wish fulfilment that can make the experience in the past less painful or otherwise lessen the effects of the trauma sustained.
  •  Seeing a character you love experience what you went through and come out the other side of it possibly recovering or working towards recovery can help enable seeing yourself eventually doing the same. if you can’t conceptualise recovery or surviving, it’s very difficult to move forward, sometimes seeing a character you love doing it is the push needed to think ‘I could do this.’
  • Alternatively, simply seeing a character experience the same thing can just make you feel less alone.
  • Sometimes fictionalising the experience helps separate the experience from you.
  • Sometimes sexualising the experience makes the event less threatening to reduce the fear of future victimisation or take control of existing experiences. This doesn’t diminish the seriousness of the original event, it’s simply how the person chooses to handle this.
  • If you’re unable to express what personally happened to you, sometimes putting those experiences on a character and vicariously experiencing sympathy through the audience or the story can help.
  • And there’s so many more, this is just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The fact is everyone recovers differently and there’s as many ways of utilising fiction in the process as there are people who’ve experienced some form of sexual assault. As long as they’re not hurting themselves (re-traumatisation), tagging correctly (preventing others from accidentally being triggered), and listening to tags on the fics they read (again preventing re-traumatisation) AND thus not hurting anybody else, it’s legal, it’s safe and it isn’t your business.

3. Not everyone is coping with victimisation. Specifically generalised anxiety disorders and OCD which is also an anxiety disorder are two obvious examples of mental illness that can be treated through fiction.

The biggest thing with an anxiety disorder is that they love to jam random intrusive thoughts into your brain, and it really isn’t as simple as just ignoring them or pretending a douche bag is telling you to do something.

In an anxiety disorder, trying to ignore it will make it worse. Worrying about it will make it worse. Trying not to worry about it, guess what? makes it worse.

Sometimes the only way to ditch a thought is to address it directly.

People who’ve experienced intrusive thoughts about how if they don’t perform the rituals they’ll murder their family, therapists have them write out plans about killing their family to prove that despite what the brain is telling them, they aren’t going to do it. Therapists have handed people knives to prove they can be trusted not to murder people.

With the use of fiction an intrusive thought can be assigned to a characters actions. Fiction can be used as a way to think about an intrusive thought without becoming anxious you might turn the thought into action and by having directly addressed the intrusive thought you can get rid of it.

If you’re anxious about an event, you can write about a character experriencing the worst case scenario to reassure yourself that the thing your scared of is fictional. Or you could write about what you’re worried about going well as supporting evidence you’ll be fine.

Again these are just examples, there are many many more ways people manage mental and physical illness with fiction just as fiction can be used and mental health upkeep after a traumatic event.

And hell, even if you’re not mentally ill and haven’t experienced a traumatic event, if you want to write about a dark scenario, you should. Because not everyone going through these things can write or draw and rely on others to provide content to manage these things.

wlw don’t consume gay content in the same way that straight girls do and I’m tired of people acting like we do, it’s literally just that lesbian and bi women representation is so much rarer than representation of gay men and we’re so fucking desperate to see ourselves and y'all have the audacity to accuse us of fetishizing you because we find comfort in mlm content because it’s just about the only gay content out there and p.s @ mlm please consume and support the rare wlw content that does exist because I’m tired of seeing us have to find ourselves in mlm content meanwhile y'all can’t be bothered to even try to relate to a woman