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Prompt # 151

“What the heck did you just do?!”

“You know, I’m not entirely sure, but I think I might have just summoned a demon?”

 So here’s my first request ! I hope you enjoy it and it’s not too terrible ! I put it under the cut bc it turned out a little longer than expected ???

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- Part 2

Prelude, Part 1

Pairings- Loki Odinson x Reader

Loki takes an apprentice he finds himself getting unusually attached to.

My prelims are finally over! I’ll be continuing this fic and catching up the rest of the fanfics I have to write now, sorry for all the inactivity this week.

This part is a bit of a filler just so that the story can pick up some pace; I’ve got three more parts planned out in advance and I promise, they’re gonna be good.

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okay i am shocked at how many people still think Levi and Mikasa are closely related. just seen some fool say “it was confirmed that Levi is Mikasa’s brother”. saw another person reason “ well, Levi’s in his 30s, he’s probably mikasa’s father”

wathefuh?? Bitch wher?? Isayama is a steel trap nothing like that has been confirmed!! we do know for a fact however that Levi and Mikasa are nowhere close to siblings or even father-daughter, but that they are of the same clan. the notion that rivamika is incest has long been debunked. But ill tell you right now, even if Isayama comes forward tomorrow and says “ya they’re closely related” im still gonna be shipping them!! tbh it would 100% not stop me!

we survived a 4 year damn hiatus and Mikasa was 15 all that time, you think now that she’s of age we’re gonna slow down?? teh fuk? you cant prevent anyone from shipping with your terrible ‘anti-’ logic!! I’m in too damn deep to stop here, get out the rivamika tag w ya hateful bullshit

I was tagged by @reality-to-jacob to stop, drop and take a hit 🌬
Not a lot of my tumblr friends smoke so ill tag a few stoner blogs i follow to smoke with me :) @sex-drugs-scooby-snacks (even if he hates me now lol) @stoned-adventurer @weedandastronomy @niyokieyumyum @stoners-euphoria and i had more but i seriously suck at remembering even my favorite blogs user names 😬

You know, I often think about how nice it’d be to split my main and my fish stuff, and have like a fish side blog and then a seperate main blog. I’m sure my fish followers (? still baffled you exist) would appreciate it. But the two are just so very intertwined here that I don’t think it’d work out.
Especially because I technically DO have a fish blog that I don’t use. (There was a point where I had to decide if all of my fish posts would be from there or just the dexterstank related ones - for whatever reason I picked the latter. Though I’m sure I didn’t realize at the time that I was about to dive head first into the fish community and never truly leave it.)

All of my blogs will be fish blogs in the end.

I can feel you holding me, yet you’re not here.
Read Me for Goodnight

Summary: "Phil reading stories from Dan’s big Winnie the Pooh book to him when Dan’s really sick.“ A prompt from Phanfic 
Genre: Angst
Word count: 600
Beta: theinvisiblephan (As always, a huge thank you for reading it through! ^_^)
Disclaimer: I do not own Dan or Phil and I’m not saying that Phan is real. This piece of phanfiction is also a piece of fiction (stop the press!) and I’m not saying that any of this actually happened.
Warnings: Terminal illness, death of a main character
A/N: It had been tagged as "fluffprompts” but I made it really angsty. Sorry about that.

“He doesn’t have long,” the doctor told Phil who was sitting next to Dan’s bed. “His heart rate is slowing down and he’s having temporary cessations of breathing quite often now.”

“Is he in pain?” Phil asked quietly looking at the fragile form of his boyfriend lying on the hospital bed. 

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anyway have some Chat Noir/Adrien being discovered by Nino and feeling frightened of what he thinks. Enjoy your Tokyo Ghoul x Miraculous Ladybug Crossover. I might even do more with Marinette and Alya as Touka and Yoriko.

  • Me: *calls 20-something year old bias my baby*

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guess i hate trans women, what do i do now?

Listen to/read up on and research what we’ve said in the past/what we are saying (both older and younger transfeminine people) and don’t speak over us (that is really essential to start breaking down transmisogyny step by step).  Uplift our voices.  Be patient.  Don’t coerce us into doing emotional labor for you.  If you need emotional support when you’re sorting through all that shit, go to other people who aren’t camab and trans to work out/process those feelings.  Don’t tell us how to deal with transmisogyny.  Don’t speak down to us.  If you fuck up, own up / apologize and move on.  Signal boost trans women’s survival funds so that we’re not the only ones doing it.  Most trans women are struggling to stay alive.  Donate if you can.  Or support us by hiring us/paying us for different jobs.  Pay attention especially to how transmisogyny overlaps with cissexism and ableism and classism and racism (which is pretty much where this all started) and whorephobia and ageism and religious oppression.  Realize that trans healthcare is life-saving.  Pay attention and bring attention to how our reproductive rights are often violated.  Pay attention and bring attention to the overwhelming medical gatekeeping (in the psychological community as well) that we have to withstand in order to even have a shot at adequate healthcare.