is that even a place

am i dumb or are they dumb

1. why sky ppl even have to fight for the place in the bunker. they like.. FOUND the bunker??? they OPENED IT??? like grounders would just die without them in first place???

2. luna ilian roan and octavia are gonna fight in conclave n only one person is supposed to be alive in the end but like ??? its not gonna happen obv since they wont kill zach and marie’s characters in one ep huh

3. why does clarke wants so badly to save ice nation like … arent they the ones who killed skyppl-kids just because they saw snow and started playing with it

4. how many ppl trikru has. werent they slaughter like… twice. by my man bellamy (bby boy you did good) and by ice nation ???

5. for who does luna fight in conclave… fishes? all her people are dead


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but, like, how did victor kill them with only a punch?


Jk jk
He’s pretty brutal with these guys, we just don’t see it XD
First punch knocks em out!
plus, even if they are still, the place Otabek dumps bodies is probably not life sustaining >w>

AU | Imagine: She wearing his shirt | Tiva / Mote (whatever you want it to be)

I blame Julia ( @aksannyi​ ).

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I just turned 18 and I kinda want to get a tattoo (I've wanted to get a soot sprite from my neighbor Totoro on my hip since I was a spry young weeb of 14 years) but I'm scared that even if it's in a well hidden place (i.e. my hip) a job I work at in the future will find out and fire me. I know that's ridiculous, since tattoos aren't seen as "unprofessional" anymore for the most part... but still. What do you guys think?

Our tattoo policy is a bit outdated and states as long as it can be covered while working. But in practice as long as you don’t have a dick on your arm or curse words we don’t care.


Is anyone else...

Already crushed for Jughead when he finds out that his own Dad was behind the closure/corrupt sell-off of the drive in? His home at the time, the place he fought to save - he really wants to trust FP so much and give him another chance and now he’s going to find out he’s been doing someone else’s dirty work even though it cost his son one place he truly cared about, one place he had happy family memories. Eurgh. Poor Jughead. PROTECT HIM.

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If you had to choose between Wolfstar being canon or James and Sirius even being friends in the first place , which would you choose?

((OOC: NO. RUDE. I choose dare)) 


Beyond the Commander’s door there is a place where women do not go. Not even Serena Joy. What male totems are kept in there? I guess there may be something he wants from me. To want is to have a weakness. That gives me hope. But I can’t stop thinking about that girl in the horror movie who goes into the basement when the light is out. The girl who thinks the boyfriend with the perfect hair is just playing a sexy prank. “Justin, are you down there?” and then she descends with a stupid smile to her bloody end. That girl is a fucking moron.

Please, God. Don’t let me be a fucking moron.

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UF, US and SF skelebrothers reactions to one day when they relaxing their S/O jumps from the air vent above, lands in front of them, then points at them and yells "ARE YOU READY FOR AN ADVENTURE!?!" (Saying yes will result in an adventure with S/O)

Red:  His arms fly up in surprise and he jumps a foot in the air.  “ADKFHADKSFADS!!!”  He almost has a heart attack, which is saying a lot for a skeleton.  He’s not going on an adventure, he needs to sit down for a minute.  Look babe, this is cute and all, but- hey, how did you even get in the vent in the first place?  He knows for a fact that they aren’t made to support the weight of a human.

Edge:  He double takes, brows rising.  Honestly he’s impressed.  You actually managed to get the drop on him.  That is some very impressive stealth!  “… WHAT.  AL… ALRIGHT?”  He is dragged into their adventure, and basically ensures things go wrong in the best possible ways.

Blue:  “YES I AM!!”  Blue is so excited he’s actually vibrating a little.  He’s already up, he’s ready, let’s go, adventure awaits.  He probably has a little kit in his closet at all times for impromptu adventures. 

Honey:  “hey, bud.”  He doesn’t even look phased.  “an adventure, huh…?  ok, where we headed?”

Black:  “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhh….  HUMAN!  DO NOT STARTLE ME LIKE THAT!  I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!  BUT… IT IS A TEMPTING OFFER.  YES, LOVE, I AM READY FOR AN ADVENTURE!!!”  If you tell anybody that he jumped almost as high as Red he’ll get pissy.

Puppy:  When you jump out at him he just flinches a little, startled.  He actually wants to know what he’s getting into before running in head first, asking what kind of adventure you have in mind.  Whatever you answer there’s a fairly good chance he’ll say yes anyway; unless it’s exceedingly dangerous, and even then… well he has an inkling you’ll do it anyway.  Better for him to be with you and plan accordingly.  And yes, there will be a plan.  He’s like an endeared and exasperated old guard dog, plodding after you with a dry but indulgent smile.

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Darling, imagine Jungkook being obsessed with Jimin's curvy figure. Just Imagine!

Imagine they are laying on their sides on the couch watching t.v and Jungkook is slightly running his fingers softly from the bottom of Jimin’s ribs to the middle of Jimin’s thigh. Jimin smiles softly cause it’s so relaxing but it’s also funny cause Jungkook doesnt even realize he is doing it.

Imagine that Jungkook really loves to place his hand on Jimin’s lower back right before the curve of Jimin’s butt just cause he loves how It dips.

It just dawned on me that I finally have everything I’ve needed to get my projects started.

I have my own space with rent I can afford. I had a job that wasn’t super mentally tolling and actually kind of fun, and even though that place closed, I’m going to a place that has a very similar type of environment and focuses around something I’m interested in. I’ve finally found a good subject that covers all the grounds I want to learn in costume making. I’ve found numerous other things I am really excited to draw. I have character designs to do concept art of. I actually know what to do for my portfolio. I have my materials needed for my stuff and know what materials I will need later.

I have…all this stuff. I still have ways to go, in a way, but I finally reached that starting point I’ve been fighting for.


God Oddities - Janus

Janus covers not only literal transitions and doorways (‘janitor’ derives from the Latin for doorkeeper/porter, from 'ianua’ meaning door), but metaphorical. Prayers to the gods invoke him first as he gatekeeps the gods too. Some myths even place him as opening the way for the… er… “Zeus juice” when babies are conceived.

Janus once accompanied a nymph, Cardea, known for leading admirers on and then running away, to a cave. His behind-face saw her escaping, but he caught her, “seduced” her and made her the goddess of hinges.

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if you were to rank the jojo parts on how dark to how lighthearted/not dark they are, how would you rank them? 1 being the darkest and 8 being the most lighthearted

Mmm, that’s a pretty tricky question. They all kind go all over the place–even a relatively upbeat part can have some really fucked up moments, and the parts that are known for being dark and soul crushing have their fair share of comedic scenes as well.

Stone Ocean was the one part that made me feel physically exhausted by the end, so I’ll give it that. It was just a whirlwind of “oh god….Oh God…” and really sells the apocalyptic bent. So it’s probably the darkest part to me, personally.

I can’t really rank the rest of them if I’m being entirely honest. It’s pretty subjective.

Hi! My name is Tanvi and in about a month, I will be a freshman in high school. I’ve been lurking around the community and stalking following studyblrs for a while, but decided to make one about an hour ago, to motivate myself to do better. Here’s some stuff about me: 

1. I’m do the IB program, through their program called MYP. Eventually, I will do the DP. 

2. Originally from the sunny state of California, but moved to the even sunnier place Bangalore, to be closer to my parents’ familes. 

3. I speak 4 languages fluently and am currently learning German and Spanish. I love languages! 


5. I love learning. So much. And good grades. I’m so pasty from all the time I spend inside studying for fun. 

My favorite studyblrs include @rhubarbstudies @julstudies @marias-studyblr @equaticns @wendystudies @obsidianstudy and so many more its unhealthy. 

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Hey don't feel bad about those people getting mad about the way you draw Mei. To be honest the way you draw Mei is probably the closest to Blizzards initial idea of her. And people are too focused on their petty ship wars and standing up for their own personal headcannon, not daring to let anyone else have their own that they dont even realizes you've been placed in one of the worst situation on this site, having your art reposted with out permission only to be unfairly criticize. I'm sorry

Yeah exactly, and if anyone really wanted to comment on anything of mine, they can post on my art but they CANNOT repost anything of mine. Its ridiculous. Not to mention really rude.

at eighteen you knew how to sew yourself into bed at night and rip yourself out of it in the mornings. tell me about the tiny destruction. about how your heart aches for things beyond the ocean. about how you’ve always wanted out but you’ve since lowered your goals to just surviving. about how the walls of your home are teeth.
—  @inkskinned