is that even a cigarette

I had a dream last night that John hid little notes all throughout 221B in places where Sherlock frequented like maybe in a cabinet or in the fridge or even in places he used to hide cigarettes and they were just little notes that said things like “I love you” or “I love your smile” or “You look nice everyday” and all of them had a little smiley face drawn on it and a heart. that ol’ romantic john watson

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👀What's the 'rain' playlist👀

Sad Days Songs

  • All I Want - Kodaline 
  • Asleep - The Smiths 
  • Cherry Wine (Live) - Hozier 
  • Dear Prudence - The Beatles 
  • Dreaming of You - Cigarettes After Sex 
  • Even My Dad Does Sometimes - Ed Sheeran
  • Everything is Embarassing - Sky Ferreira 
  • Fallingforyou - The 1975
  • Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
  • From the Dining Table - Harry Styles
  • If I Could Fly - One Direction 
  • Landslide - Feetwood Mac
  • The Last Song Ever - Secondhand Serenade 
  • Lay Me Down - Sam Smith 
  • Lightning Crashes - LIVE 
  • Make You Feel My Love - Adele 
  • Medicine - Daughter 
  • Medicine - The 1975
  • Pine Trees - Jake Bugg
  • Possibility - Lykke Li
  • Right Now - One Direction 
  • Shirtsleeves - Ed Sheeran
  • Skinny Love - Bon Iver 
  • Smother - Daughter 
  • St. Jude - Florence + The Machine 
  • Turning Page - Sleeping At Last
  • Video Games - Lana Del Rey
  • Wait - M83
  • Work Song - Hozier

Seven Items Your Character Would Have In Their Pockets At All Times:

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Pat Welches:

1. Mint gum or breath mints - He’s kinda paranoid about his breath and he tends to chew way more then necessary. You can smell him coming by the strong mint smell.

2. Cigarettes - he’s a pretty heavy smoker, even more so after trying to cut back on his drinking/Chem use

3. Med x, Stims and other chems - even though he’s attempted to cut back on other Chema Pat still heavily relies on Med-X to help him deal with the pain of old battle injuries

4. Ammo

5. Jerky or a snack of some description - he’s a big guy who likes to snack

6. Matches - Very useful in a lot of different situations

7. A glasses cleaning cloth

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We always think that Victor and Yuuri embarrass Yuri in front of Otabek but Kubo said that Otabek has a bunch of mischevious friends. So I’ve been thinking…what if his friends tease Otabek in front of Yuri?
Like, what if Otabek has a crush on Yuri and he tells them about it. And they all joke around, follow Yuri on all social media, everytime Yuri is mentioned on tv they all just become the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face. And one time, Yuri is visiting Almaty and Otabek invites him to a party where he is going to be DJing. And ofc Yuri is all like yes??? Otabek has a bike AND is a dj???? He is so cool!!! And they come to the party, Otabek does his thing and he comes down in the crowd to meet up with Yuri and Yuri finally meets Otabeks friends. They all immediately start smirking, nudging them towards eachother, always sending just the two of them to get drinks. Some of them even start hitting on Yuri for Otabek. Yuri is slightly confused, but Otabek wants the ground to swallow him whole. He is a red, stuttering mess and he is so thankful that the lights in the club are dim. Now in every friend group theres The Mom Friend™ and they are ready to start some shit. They would probably pull Yuri aside and be like “What are your intentions with my friend?” and Yuri would realise what was happening and he would kinda open up to The Mom Friend™ and tell them that he likes Otabek too. And The Mom Friend™ would all be proud and smiley, but just before they reach the group, they would whisper in Yuri’s ear: “If you hurt him I will hunt you down and hurt you five times more.”

Pete Campbell III: Don, did you see what Arby’s just tweeted at us? We’re getting eaten ALIVE out there, Don!

91 year old Don Draper, head of social media for Wendy’s, eating a pack of cigarettes: what am I even paying you for, Campbell? of course I saw! clap BACK, dammit!!!

sometimes i feel real sad and then i remember:

the first time dean and cas met properly, dean stuck a knife in cas’ chest and then cas proceeded to say ‘i was the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition’ and then they had intense eye sex

the first time sherlock and john met, sherlock winked to make himself look more likable and approachable and then during their second meeting, started cleaning up the flat so john would consider moving in

the first time alec and magnus met, magnus introduced himself and alec fell over his words and started babbling incoherently, and magnus proceeded to also flirt with alec

the first time stiles and derek met, derek was talking to both scott and stiles, during which time stiles was absolutely speechless and his mouth hung open a little

the first time isak and even met, isak stared at even as he emptied the tissues, and then they proceeded to smoke the same cigarette, not to mention isak stared at even before, and was clearly checking him out

the first time harry and draco met properly, draco offered his friendship and harry only refused because he’s loyal quickly and draco was being quite rude

the first time sirius and remus saw each other after thirteen years, snape said “you two fight like a married couple” and remus was immediately on sirius’ side, without questioning anything

and then i feel happy, because even if most of the ships on this list aren’t canon and/or endgame, i will always regard them as canon :)

and if this list made you happy, then that’s a hella rad bonus

“I met him at the company where we worked. We went out dancing. He was kind to me. Things started changing after we got married. I’d rush home from work so I could cook for the whole family. But if the food wasn’t ready on time, he’d get upset. One day his mistress came to the door to tell me about their affair. I was pregnant at the time. He came back from work and found her in the house, and he hit me so hard that he broke my face. I still have the scars. The abuse got worse and worse. I stayed for a long time. At first I thought marriages were supposed to be like that. And by the time I learned otherwise, he wouldn’t let me go. He’d lock me in the house. He’d threaten me by putting a gun to our son’s head. When I finally got a restraining order, I was in such bad shape that I checked into a mental institution. Now I’m alone and it’s the happiest time of my life. I’m able to work. I can eat whatever I want. I can go out whenever I want. Even sitting here and smoking a cigarette is a joy for me.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)

shout out to all the mentally ill people who get urges to smoke even though they’ve never touched a cigarette in their life

shout out to mentally ill people who’s urges for smoking act up when their illness acts up

shout out to mentally ill people who restrain themselves from asking someone they see smoking if they have an extra

shout out to mentally ill people that weren’t able to resist their urges

shout out to mentally ill people that do everything in their power to resist their urges because they’ve seen what smoking does to a person in the long run

BOI let’s talk about Neil “rabbit” Josten and Andrew “never lets his guard down” Minyard and how they inexplicably forget the rest of the world is a thing when they’re together???? Like 

  • everyone knows better than to interrupt their intense eye contact. They’ll stare at each other for minutes at a time and matt’s just standing there off to the side, waiting for their bizarre silent convo to wind down. Neil’s the first to look away. 
    • “Oh, how long have you been there, matt?“ 
    • "Just a few seconds don’t worry" 
  • even when they’re not staring at each other, they’re both completely useless if one is looking. Neil focuses his entire attention on Andrew when the sun hits him just right and Kevin sighs and closes the notebook of exy plays they’d been discussing. Andrew is not-watching Neil staring at him, Neil is probably mentally composing a sonnet about Andrew’s shoulders or arms or pinky finger, and Kevin starts talking about Quebec, potato salad, and cello music because anything he says Neil will never be able to remember 
  • they’re not much for PDA but also when the locker room is empty after a game, they might (always) make out against the lockers and sometimes they don’t remember that one freshman who was getting dressed in the showers and he squeaks in surprise when he walks in on them but they’re too wrapped up in each other to notice (or care) 
  • dan is sure she could blow an air horn next to their ears, but if they’re sharing a cigarette, they wouldn’t even flinch. Nearly every day after practice while they wait for Kevin to finish up, Neil and Andrew share a cigarette in the shade provided by the court’s walls. They stand not quite close enough to touch but the space between them is almost nonexistent, and take turns smoking while gazing meaningfully at each other. Or Andrew will smoke and Neil will steal his cigarette and he’ll steal it back and on and on until the thing is burned down to the filter. 
    • Nicky swears he caught them shotgunning smoke but his phone was "dead” at the time and without visual evidence he couldn’t cash in the prize money.
    •  He’s still bitter about it. 
  • one time they halted an entire game for a full minute because some asswipe had growled “Wesninski” at Neil and Neil got tripped up and twisted his ankle.
    • the combination of panic from hearing his old name and panic about not being able to play kept him on the court floor and Andrew was at his side in an instant. He ignored the rest of the players, the refs, and Coach in favor of kneeling on the ground and pressing his forehead to Neil’s. They whispered to each other for a full half a minute before the panic left Neil’s eyes and Andrew was content to sit back. 
    • Neil at least had the decency to look sheepish when he saw the dozen people crowded around them, staring at him with varying amounts of confusion and annoyance.
    • Andrew did not.
Everyone has an addiction.
It’s not a strange or unusual thing.
Some people have drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, technology, the internet, or even books.
It’s not weird.
Everyone has one.
Mine just happens to be you.
—  Addicted To You
I cannot believe I have to fucking explain this...

Do NOT give your birds cigarettes (even if they are unlit) or alchohol. This should be a no-brainer but apparently some people are too fucking dumb to realize this.

Do not smoke around your bird. Or any other pets for that matter.

Do not leave toddlers or babies alone (unsupervised) with birds. They could injure each other and toddlers will most likely not know to not squeeze a bird (birds lack a diaphragm which means if you put too much pressure on their chest they will suffocate and die.) Your bird could also bite a toddler or baby which could (depending on the size of the bird and how hard they bite) really hurt them.

Do not leave cats or dogs alone with your birds. Even if they get along and play, cat and dog saliva could kill a bird.

Do not leave a bird out of the cage when you are not at home. They could get into mischief and hurt themselves.

Do not give your birds drugs and this includes caffeine.

Feel free to add more.


— 930302

Happy Birthday to Topp Dogg’s main vocalist and ray of sunshine, Yu Sangdo♡


just another Ordinary Day on the death star ( alternatively – orson krennic is Very Paranoid )

wilhuff’s new tactic for dealing with the director – being ~Nice~!

predictably, orson is Extremely Suspicious and the situation Escalates Very Quickly 

and they both lived horribly ever after <3