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Belong (Hamilsquad x Reader)

AN: It’s late and I am definitely not getting enough sleep tonight, but here it is!

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Request: @wonderfullyrandomhamilton - Polyhamilsquad where they find out the reader isn’t eating? I’m in need of comfort/angst/fluff. If you’re cool with that of course.

Warnings: eating disorder related things

Word Count: 1,627


The bedroom was freezing, so you slipped out of bed carefully, not wanting to wake Alex or John up. Laf and Herc both snored obnoxiously loud and were exiled to the guest room that you had to sneak past on your way to the living room. All you wanted was to sit in front of the fireplace, but Laf had insisted on an older home where everything squeaked because he needed the “character.” You were never able to sleep through the boys coming home later from work or midnight snacks or other late night activities. It was a beautiful house, Laf refused anything else, but it had taken you much trial and error to figure out exactly how to move around the house without waking anyone up.

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Part 4 of my fated series is up! Read it below:

Hard to Read (2314 words) by _Melodic_
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Armitage Hux/Kylo Ren, Armitage Hux/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren
Characters: Armitage Hux, Kylo Ren, Ben Solo, Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, Phasma (Star Wars), Dopheld Mitaka
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Bookstores, Alternate Universe - Bookstore, Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Feelings, Fate, POV Hux, Coffee, Sweet, Falling In Love, Crushes, Miscommunication, Jealousy, Humor, Denial of Feelings, Frottage, Semi-Public Sex, Hand Jobs, First Kiss, Making Out, Fluff, Fluff and Humor
Series: Part 4 of Fated Series
Summary: Ben Solo is the bane of bookshop employee Hux’s existence. He moves all the books, doesn’t put them back properly, distracts his fellow employees and never buys a damn thing. Hux has had just about enough of Ben’s ridiculously handsome smile, his stupidly contagious laughter, his obnoxiously mesmerizing eyes. He’s determined to let Ben know just how he feels–that is if Ben doesn’t beat him to the punch with a confession of his own.

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I feel like part of the reason het aces are so loud and obnoxious about their "ace pride uwu" is because unlike LGBT people... they don't have fear associated with their identity. Like a gay man could be proud of his identity but be afraid of homophobia and not be brave enough to be vocal in his pride, while cishet aces have no backlash to fear (besides being called a fucking plant or some shit) and therefore they swallow the pride tag whole.



I had a claw-some Caturday at Megacon!! I was a lone Chat Noir with my buddy Finn the Human…looking for adventures and a Ladybug! I finally found my lady but…where is she now? Can anyone help meowt in identifying my purr-ecious lady, sweet enough to go along with this smitten kitten’s shenanigans? 

OK SO i commissioned my wonderful friend jackie aka matchallama to draw my lone wanderer johanna!!! ♥ 

jackie captured jo perfectly, and just the details and colors and her face! it’s all so perfect!!!! (’: thank you so much, luv!! everyone should definitely commission her next time the chance arises!

“The character can’t die if the book is told in their point of view!!”

Gundam 00 Friendly Reminders

@sapphireswimming​ and I decided to compose this heartwarming list, just in case you weren’t sad enough about 00 already.

Feel free to add more!

  1. Tieria lost everything that had ever mattered to him in the span of two weeks: Veda abandoned him when the GN-Xes appeared on the world stage; Lockon died less than a week later; less than a week after that, Celestial Being was destroyed, and a shattered skeleton of a crew was left to limp back to Krung Thep with next to no hope of their continued survival.
  2. When Setsuna ran into Saji on Proud, it was the first familiar face he’d seen in four years.
  3. Feldt’s parents were 28 when they died, and Feldt was two.
  4. Dr. Moreno and Ian were best friends for decades before the show.
  5. Saji lost both Louise and Kinue within a week.
  6. Tieria and the Trinities were the effective ages of young children, despite their conditioning in Veda and their physical appearances.
  7. Lichty died thinking he saved Chris’ life.
  8. Ian was the only one on board the Ptolemy who had any semblance of a family left.
  9. Allelujah thought he killed Marie when he destroyed the Super Human Institute.
  10. Setsuna said he doesn’t have anyone to write a letter to when Feldt asked, but he’d already left one for Marina.
  11. Sergei never got the chance to formally adopt Soma.
  12. After Fallen Angels, Graham didn’t talk to Billy unless he wanted something modified on his suit.
  13. Lockon was perfectly fine with dying, because he thought he took Ali down with him.
  14. Allelujah spent days alone on the shuttle before he was rescued, surrounded by the bodies of his friends and covered in their blood while Hallelujah laughed.
  15. Sumeragi abandoned Celestial Being after Fallen Angels because she held herself responsible for everyone dead and missing.
  16. Feldt changed her hairstyle after Fallen Angels to honor Chris.
  17. Andrei and Sergei never got a chance to talk through their issues, and Andrei never got a chance to apologize.
  18. Setsuna was drawn to Marina because she reminded him of his mother.
  19. Anew was her own person and honestly loved Lyle, and the two of them probably would have lived happily together had Ribbons not meddled.
  20. Neil was never able to move past the bombing that haunted his every action and every thought until the moment he died.
  21. Despite not seeing each other since they were teenagers, Neil and Lyle ended up with the same mannerisms, the same haircut, the same affinity for cigarettes and old cars—and they both joined up with organizations hell-bent on fixing the government so that no one else’s lives will be torn apart by terrorists.
  22. Allelujah’s mission in episode 5 was to destroy Soma’s suit and kill the pilot, and the only reason he didn’t was because he decided to save the orbital block instead.
  23. Tieria didn’t know he wasn’t human until Regene told him, and struggled with his existence throughout the entirety of season one—which explains his desperate reliance on Veda and the Plan, which was the only direction he got when he was activated.
  24. Louise was a high school student when she watched her entire extended family get blown apart in front of her, and was critically injured in the process—and then, she was barely twenty when she was turned into a tool of war by Ribbons in a plot beyond her control.
  25. Feldt Grace is a codename, and nobody knows what her real name is, anymore.
  26. Tieria’s early reliance on Veda is reminiscent of a young child’s dependence on their mother.
  27. Should Lockon have lived to see it, he would have been impossibly proud of the heroes the rest of the crew had become.
  28. Marie’s only link to the world outside her head was Allelujah, who disappeared one day with no explanation or warning—and never returned.
  29. Lichty, like Lockon, was caught up in a terrorist attack that killed his family—and was severely injured by it, to boot—but he was still a loving, caring person who honestly believed in Celestial Being’s goals, and did not get caught up in revenge and hatred.
  30. Ali killed every member of Lyle’s family, and laughed in his face when confronted about it.

Hey guys, I’ve been quiet for a while on this issue since I know other people have complained, but now I’m starting to get pretty annoyed, so like…

Can you guys get your FUCKING RP blogs out of the general Evillious tags?

I’ve got the tag tracked for fanart and news and other forms of actual content, you guys tagging ALL your RP posts with the general EC tags rather than the RP specific ones is getting really old. It was funny when it was one or three shitposting blogs doing it, but at this point it’s obnoxious and you guys need to fucking stop. We’re not a big fandom, there’s not enough general content to balance out your nonsense, either move it to a different tag or don’t tag it at all.

Stop putting your RP posts in the general tags. “Don’t tag RP posts” is one of the biggest rules of fandom code along with “don’t tag hate”, knock it off. If you want to go RP or get into drama or some shit, fine, but get it out of the main Evillious tags PLEASE.

And get your TERF content out of here too, this is a welcome space for all LGBTQ+ folk and I am not having you guys corrupt an otherwise fine series with your horrific exclusionary rhetoric. Don’t think I didn’t see that awful, awful post.

let’s start with this scaredy cat ass saying “i’m not gonna tag this” @sanjunipero1987

why not? are you afraid we’re gonna call you OUT on your obnoxious personal attacks? i don’t need to see this shit in the tags bc half the fandom dislikes y’all annoying asses and drop this shit right into my inbox bc they wanna see shady people such as urself getting called out

literally we never, ever fucking talk about y’all UNTIL you bring us up or try and “drag us.”

wanna know what the big things joke was about? a literal fucking harry styles tweet copied verbatim. it’s not our fault y’all are OBSESSED with our silly antics enough to play it up on YOUR own fucking blog.

so, yeah next time you’re gonna talk shit. @ me.

second, your reply: “sorry guess I should keep closer tabs on you cause I care oh so much lol”

oh no, i know you don’t care about ME but you and your little squads obsession with hayley is clearly reaching levels beyond fucking normal. stop embarrassing yourself, and tell your space lesbians groupchat i said hello!


Into the Woods (2014) [x]

Sometimes people leave you
Halfway through the wood.
Do not let it grieve you,
No one leaves for good.

The three things that changed about phil when he met Dan 2

Summary: when punk!Phil met his boyfriend pastel!Dan he changed in lots of ways for the good. Here are three changes that happened. PART 2.



Word count: 1383

Tw: mention of drinking, mention of smoking, mention of illegal drugs.

Phil had first started smoking when he moved to high school and joined one of the gangs there. He’d initially not enjoyed the taste but it was quite easy to get used to and it wasn’t about the cigarette anyway, it was about the bonding experience with his friends, right? Or so Phil had thought.

However when Phil had an argument with a ‘friend’ which lead to a fight around the bike sheds, which lead to him winning and having a suspension on his hands. And as a result of those events he bacame the schools ‘to be feared: badboy’. He was left with no bonding experience and a fully fledged addiction.

As someone who’d grown up with policemen and parents telling him how awful cigarettes were, Dan was quite worried when he learnt that Phil smoked. Although he wasn’t so narrow minded that he didn’t try to understand why Phil couldn’t help it. But he vowed to try to help him to quit, or at least do it less.


TWO: Phil tried to smoke less.

'You’re still coming out tonight aren’t you baby? xxx’

Was what Phil texted for probably the fifth time that day. He couldn’t help it, he had to be sure that Dan still wanted to go. Maybe he’d changed his mind? What if he wanted to do something else? What if, in the last hour since he texted Dan, he’d decided that he hated Phil?

Phil was paranoid and clingy. Which is not what you’d expect from a guy who’s 'badass’ and the leader of a gang. But who could blame him when his boyfriend was Dan Howell. In Phil’s eyes Dan was a literal angel. So who could blame him when he couldn’t go a few hours without talking to his Dan.

When Dan heard the faint buzzing of his phone he knew immediately that is was Phil. Phil either text or rang Dan all of the time that they were apart, and honestly, Dan loved it. He quickly typed back:

'Yes of course. Can’t wait to see you, nerd xxx’.

'Nerd’. It was an inside joke between them. Phil was far from being a dorky nerd in school. Dan had just called him that after Phil had gotten really passionate about something to do with Buffy once and it had stuck as a loving nickname. Phil had a fair few pet-names for Dan anyway. The most popular being baby, sweetheart and angel.


Phil arrived at Dan’s house at about 7pm. Their parents thought that they were going on a cute date night, when really they were planning to hang around with the gang and maybe illegally sneek into a few clubs. Dan’s parents had already been hesitant to allow him out so it was a bit risky, but Phil had reassured him that he’d have him home for 11pm.

Phil knocked on the front door loudly and was promptly greeted by his beautiful boyfriend.

He was dressed head to toe in soft pastels. Dan loved the pale shades and has talked to (more just at) Phil about how they are literally his aesthetic. Phil loves how Dan looks in the colours, so it’s great for everyone.

Well maybe not. The members of the gang were not too happy when they saw that Phil had brought pretty pink Dan Howell into their group. Apparently he ruined their look as he didn’t come across as intimidating enough. However Phil soon put them in their place and they haven’t mentioned it since.

Phil stared at Dan, he was wearing a pastel green v neck t-shirt which was quite big on him, reaching mid thigh and showing off his prominent collar bones. His white skinny jeans were extremely fitted. He had actually bought them for Dan when they went on a shopping date together one time. His ass had looked amazing in them. Which is probably why Dan was wearing a big t-shirt that covered it, as he was quite self conscious. Dan also had on some white Dr martens and a matching white flower crown.

“Are you gonna come in then Phil?” Dan questioned after Phil hadn’t moved for about thirty seconds.

“Wha-what? Oh y-ea sorry. You look amazing, sweetheart”. Phil stuttered as his face turned slightly pink. He was only like this in the presence of Dan.

Dan smiled as Phil reached forward and hugged him, lifting him off the floor slightly due to Phil being quite a bit taller. He then proceeded to kiss Dan right on the lips and then his nose, forehead and both of his cheeks.

They walked to Dan’s room which was decorated in all pastels. Phil jumped and lay on Dan’s single bed straight away, his dirty shoes were still on. Dan decided to ignore it as Phil was never brought up with manners and there was no point in making him feel bad now.


“Shall we go then baby?” Phil asked Dan thirty minutes later, who was now sat on his thighs (with a sketchbook laid on Phil’s stomach) drawing. Dan nodded and got off Phil.

To Phil’s dismay he wrapped a pale pink scarf around his neck, covering up the bit of chest and collar bones that were exposed before. He didn’t put on a jacket but Phil supposed that he’d want to borrow his leather one later. Not that he minded, Dan looked tiny and adorable in it.

Dan sighed unnoticeably at Phil lighting a cigarette as soon as they left the house. It was annoying habit that Phil just had to have one as soon as he was outside, like he despised the fresh air.

Dan gives him 'the look’, as Phil calls it. Which means that he doesn’t approve but he’s not going to protest.

Phil sighs and mutters an excuse “it’s been a stressful day”.

Dan knows that Phil doesn’t need another reason to feel stressed so he just smiles and gives him a quick peck on the lips. “It’s okay, but that’s the last kiss you’re getting until you have a mint or something”.

Phil laughs at that then lights his cigarette and puts the other behind his ear.

They continued to walk hand in hand. Phil noticed that Dan’s hands were slightly clammy as they usually were when he was nervous about being in a social situation.


They ended up staying James’ house, the same guy who’d had the party. It wasn’t a party this time though, more of a gathering of sorts.

There were about twenty people there split up into three groups. The people at the kitchen getting drinks. The people in the garden smoking various illegal drugs. And the group that Phil and Dan were in, they were sat in a circle on the expensive looking carpet.

A few people had flirted with Dan earlier as he was definitely the youngest there. But Phil had warned them that Dan was with him. He never left Dan on his own with his friends now, after the time at Dan’s first party where they’d tried to put him through a 'drinking initiation test’.

Phil had his arm firmly wrapped around Dan’s middle. The others were gossiping about something or presumably talking about someone. Dan had lost interest in the conversation an hour ago and had rested his head on Phil’s shoulder. Phil still joined in, laughing along. He honestly liked his friends, they were a real great laugh, even if they were kinda terrible people.

“Hey, Phil, we’re going out for a smoke. Wanna come?” A few of the guys asked.

Phil hesitated, he’d already had two today so he probably shouldn’t. And he didn’t want to disappoint Dan. He looked at the younger.

“No Phil. You know you promised” Dan stated shaking his head hoping that Phil would listen to him.

Phil smiled at Dan trying to cover up his sigh and said “sorry guys, I’m gonna stay here with Dan”. He kissed Dan quickly on his lips.

The people muttered to each other about his little boy-toy having Phil wrapped around his finger, which Phil struggled to ignore until Dan sat directly on his lap and hugged him tightly.

“You know I love you right? The younger said, and then added “and I’m proud of you too!”.


A/N: wtf even was this. This is what happens when I smush a Fic that I’d already half written with an idea of another Fic together. Wow. I hope it was fluffy enough. Shoutout to ofambiguoussexuality who put nice things in the tags when they rebloged the first part. You were my motivation to write this.
Also, fun fact: I literally had to look at a wiki how and reddit to find out vaguely what teenagers do at house parties. Wow. I put more effort into these than my school work.

Thanks ^ω^

Music Tag

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1. Love They Say - Tegan & Sara
embarrassing stuff might come up but im so sick Im unaware xD
2.Heart Heart Head - Meg Myers
3. Nightmusic - Grimes
3. Me & THe Rhythm - Selena Gomez hey shes really one my ultimate guilty pleasures. I seriously love her lmao 
5. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows - Brand New
6. Stinkfist - TOOL
7. A box full of sharp objects - the Used
8. Worth It - Souvenirs
9. Nineteen - Tegan and Sara
10. Drown - bmth 

Love Yourself // Tom Holland (Part 2)

Pairings: Tom Holland + Reader

Description: Reader leans toward her friend and finds comfort in a Starbucks Barista named Tom.

Warnings: Strong language (a few curse words)! This is the second part, there might be about five. I’m not sure (let me know if you want to be tagged in future parts!).

“Why do I hate myself?” I grunted, my back sore from the awkward sleeping position I managed to put myself in last night.

“Please don’t speak.” Ivy pulled the blanket over her head trying to shield the very minimal light that fled through the curtains. I looked around our living room, we must have decided the stairs wouldn’t have been a good idea last night. I held my head and felt it throb under my palm.

“I’m going out for coffee, do you want any?” Ivy groaned in response and waved me out the door.

“Can I get two, uh, large? Yeah, large white chocolate mocha’s? Iced.”

“They’re called Venti’s.”

“Right, yeah,” I nodded at him half-heartedly as I couldn’t help the small smile growing on my face the longer I looked at him.

He smiled at me and nodded his head. “Name?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your name? You know, for the coffees.”

“Oh, yeah,” I felt my face get a little warm from embarrassment, “(Y/N).”

“Cute. Just like you.”

I put my head back down to hide my smile, searching for my debit card as he scribbled my name on the cup. “Cute. Is this how you hope to get more tips?” He looked up suddenly, his eyes as wide as his smile. I smiled back before taking out my debit card, “Tom, is it?” I asked, looking at his nametag then looking up at him catching him nod, “Can you, like, charge me already? I’ve got a major hangover and I’d love to get my coffee sometime this morning.” His face flushed a pale pink before telling me that I could swipe, asking if I wanted the receipt but I waved him off and walked toward the back, waiting for my name to be called.

I got a phone call from Jeff but I declined it while rolling my eyes. Nothing he said could make what he did go away.

“I’ve got two Venti’s for a very cute girl who doesn’t tip very well?”

I kept my eyes on my phone, ignoring the name until it was called a second time, this time with a slight cough at the end. I looked up seeing the guy who took my order smiling at me, holding two cups with my name sprawled messily across it.

“Oh, was that ‘cute girl’ compliment meant for me? You’re adorable.” I said, grabbing them from him, placing them on the counter and grabbing two straws.

“That’s what I was going for.” He winked at me and I smiled in return, grabbing the drinks again and walking out of the coffee shop and to my car.

“Who’s Tom and why does he want me to call him?”

“What?” I walked over to Ivy and sat on her bed.

“Tom wrote his number on this cup along with a ‘use it sometime’. Is he cute?”

“I think that’s my cup. He was the barista at Starbucks.” She looked at me more intently until I rolled my eyes and answered her question, “Yes, he’s cute.” She hummed and handed me her cup while I handed her mine.

“You better use that number.” I snorted as I watched her make her way toward the kitchen. I pulled out my phone, taking the number down, just in case I did decide to use it.

“Hey, I almost forgot to tell you,” Ivy walked back into her room with toast for you both, you gladly accepted it as she sat next to you and put her head on your shoulder, “the market two blocks down is hiring. Since we’re both jobless losers, I thought it’d be great for us.” She saw the hesitation in my face before adding, “You know, considering we’re grown women with actual bills to pay.”

I sighed before nodding, grabbing my computer and printing out an application for each of us to fill out. She gave me a satisfied smile before going back to sipping her coffee and beginning the application. I decided to follow suit.

“So, you ready for this?” I stood outside of Jeff’s apartment. I hadn’t spoken to him since I found out what was happening almost a week and a half ago. I dodged his calls and avoiding anywhere he might be able to find me, but I needed my stuff so I decided I needed to try to be civil.

“As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.”

“That’s the spirit!” She patted me on the back roughly before knocking on the door and obnoxiously ringing the doorbell right after. Jeff answered with an annoyed look but immediately dropped it upon seeing me.

“(Y/N)? I thought I wouldn’t see you again, you’ve been ignoring me.”

“Yeah, well can you blame me?”

“No, you’re right.” He looked down at his feet, the air silent for a while. “(Y/N),” he picked his head up to look at me again, his eyes and smile wide, “I’m so glad you found you way back. I missed you.” He leaned in to hug me but I quickly intercepted, setting my hand on his chest. He looked at me in confusion before slowly setting his arms down, realizing that the reason he thinks I’m back here isn’t the actual reason at all.

“That’s touching, really,” I pushed on his chest lightly to indicate I wanted to pass through, which he allowed Ivy and me access to do so, “but, you cheated on me. So, I really don’t give a shit how you feel, especially if it’s toward me.” He looked at me with sad eyes, but I had already braced myself for this exact reaction so I kept my look hard. “I just came to pick up my stuff.”

“What? You’re moving out?”

“I haven’t been here in almost two weeks, I already have. I’m living with Ivy. She gave me my old room back.”

“Wait, (Y/N), don’t you want to talk about it?”

I rolled my eyes before dragging my feet toward the bedroom that he and I shared, hearing his footsteps close behind me. “What’s there to talk out? You cheated on me. I have no place here, I have no place with you.”

“You’ll always have a place with me, (Y/N).” I looked up at him as he watched me gather around the very minimal clothing I had in his closet, him watching me with the best solemn expression he could manage. It looked so artificial, it made me sick.

I wanted him to hurt without me the way I imagine it’ll hurt me when I finally realize this is over. I want him to beg me not to leave as I stand at the doorframe ready to go. I want to laugh at his poor excuse of a promise to change and I want to tell him that he missed out. I knew I wouldn’t get the chance. I was much more invested in him than he was with me; I was in love with him and he tricked me into thinking he was, too. I then focused on his facial expression again and decided that the expression itself didn’t make me sick, he in general did that to me.

“Ivy? Where’s my suitcase?”

“(Y/N), you’ve been it for me for six years-.”

“No, Jeff,” I stood up to face him fully now. “You’re all I’ve had for six years. You’ve obviously had other company.” He looked down, allowing me to continue stuffing my suitcase with all the things I’ve kept at his apartment for the past year. “You don’t get to play the victim when you’re the one who messed everything up.”

I stood up from my place on the floor in front of his closet and walked toward the bathroom to grab the things I had put in there, I shut the door upon entering to prevent him from following me in. I leaned against the vanity with one arm supporting me as my right hand came up to my mouth in attempts to stifle my cries. They were loud and obnoxious, and I knew I shouldn’t have been crying over this asshole, but I couldn’t help it.

What was wrong with me? I wasn’t good enough, that’s what was wrong. I wasn’t good enough for Jeff, even having been there for six years for this asshole, and I wasn’t good enough at work, another home I had established seven years ago. My left hand flew off of the countertop and I slammed my body on the door, sliding down it as my knees gave out. My hands went to my hair, brushing it out of my face and pulling it back, my obnoxious crying never ceasing, not even with the heavy hits to the door on the other side. Jeff begged me to open the door, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be alone – hell, I was alone.

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more robots being drawn as humans!

  • x-3, sparky’s crew-member from captain sparky. shes cute.
  • flavia from martian makeover. dont talk to me about flavia.
  • x-8.5, x-5′s replacement from bye bye, x-5 … does he look enough like an obnoxious, pretentious anime rival? because hes. definitely that.
(fan)art on tumblr

I’m still baffled by the fact that i get to look at so much art here for free and not only that, I can also choose what kind of art I want on my dash.

The artists of tumblr are amazing, there are so many different styles, there’s water colours, digital art in all its variations, pencil or ink drawings and everything inbetween, there’s photorealistic art (or witchcraft as I like to call it), there are so many colours in your works or none at all, some of you put so much effort into your backgrounds, others convey all the emotions by showing us almost nothing at all, and everytime you put your work on here you have to sit back and hope that at least a few people who look at the finished piece like it enough so they’ll move their cursor to that little heart and click it or even hit reblog. Maybe two or three people leave a nice comment or some cool tags. You can only hope there’s no angry anon who’s pissed because your work shows a ship they don’t like or - god beware - you dared to draw some original characters instead of their favourites. Those anons are obnoxious, wrong and don’t deserve any attention at all.

I can honestly say that I would pay money to see your art displayed the way it deserves. Just imagine a world wide travelling exhibition with art from  @alifetimeaheadtoprovethat, @purrlockholmes, @miesart, @clairedrawsairdraws, @tillieke, @arkarti, @enerjax, @willietheplaidjacket, @rdjlock, @wolfcharm, @hollyashes and @ruiriel to name just a few. I’d be so there!! 

Damn, I wish I had the money to fly you over here to paint my walls. It’d be so amazing to walk into the front door to be greeted by @tillieke‘s life sized John Finnemore modelling a silly hat or to have John and Sherlock watching over you in your favourite reading spot and the Cabin Crew brightening each day when you’re sitting down at the kitchen table. Well, if I ever win the lottery I’ll have to buy some plane tickets.  Until then I will enjoy your art here.

TLDR: Thank you to all artists out there, you’re brilliant!

I hate that tumblr culture that makes you feel, while writing your bio, that you have to list all your mental and/or physical disabilities/illness, where you stand in the lgbt+ alphabet, your triggers and what people are required to tag if you follow them…and if you’re list is complete enough, then you get a say in tumblr policy and you have a change of getting into the community. That’s so toxic and obnoxious, urgh.
I mean, it’s okay to talk about your mental illness, find people who are like you etc, I have nothing against it and it’s great if it helps you getting better. But the whole “you are required to make my experience on here safe for me” is very wrong (I, personally, don’t check the blog of every person who follow me), as well as the “you have to listen to me because I’m part of an oppressed minority” attitude of some people. And it’s getting more and more out of hand. You’re not valid on here if you don’t fit the cases. (And I’m pretty sure many people on here will also dismiss my point unless I start listing all my status, which is exactly the problem here.)