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the real karasuno

a team of dorks, but to the rest of the school they’re perceived as a frightening, hostile bunch. just think about it, you have:

  • asahi: self explanatory
  • tanaka & nishinoya: unruly, obnoxious punks that definitely have gotten into fights with other students before.
  • ennoshita: nice enough, but hangs out with the punks so he’s automatically one of them
  • narita & kinoshita: literally couldn’t give a crap about anyone or anything
  • kageyama: doesn’t know how to socialize, never smiles
  • kiyoko: beautiful and kind, but so intimidating she makes people nearly wet themselves
  • sugawara & daichi: are known to have serious beefs with other sports captains/vice captains, both hold grudges, can make anyone fear for their lives if provoked
  • tsukishima: actively tries to piss everyone off
  • yamaguchi: number one supporter of the bitter, asshole french fry
  • hinata: seems harmless until you actually talk to him
  • yachi: truly compassionate, but gets so flustered she either screams or faints. doesn’t do well with strangers
  • takeda: passionate weirdo, gets way too intense about a lame high school sport
  • ukai: piercings, smokes, dyed blonde hair and works at the convenience store and yells at anyone who makes a ruckus.

no wonder we never see any of them having friends outside the club. it all makes so much sense.

OK SO i commissioned my wonderful friend jackie aka matchallama to draw my lone wanderer johanna!!! ♥ 

jackie captured jo perfectly, and just the details and colors and her face! it’s all so perfect!!!! (’: thank you so much, luv!! everyone should definitely commission her next time the chance arises!

tsukiyama looking out for each other:

Yamaguchi who will watch Tsukishima closely and act as a shield when the press of noisy, pushy people around him gets to be too much and his headphones aren’t enough to block the world out

Tsukishima as a safe fortress from which Yamaguchi can assess new people and new environments before entering them himself

Yamaguchi who won’t let Tsukishima stand still as everything moves past him, unwilling or unable to care. Yama’s there to push and support him through  picking a high school,  joining the volleyball club, going to practice, getting out of bed in the morning; he refuses to let Tsukki be eaten alive by his own apathy.

Tsukishima knowing he isn’t very likable, but feeling like it might be okay because, well, Yamaguchi is still here. He doesn’t need anyone else

Yamaguchi will sometimes break down and ask Do you hate me? Does everyone hate me? Am I even worth the effort? I’m so ugly, I’m so stupid, I’m so useless, I’m so boring–and Tsukishima isn’t really a patient person but he never loses patience with this, calmly and matter-of-factly listing Yamaguchi’s good qualities until the good outweighs the bad

Tsukishima, who will defend Yamaguchi from anything and everything, watching helplessly as Yamaguchi went up against Seijoh by himself and lost, thinking, I should have been able to protect him from this

Yamaguchi can see Tsukki’s potential and it’s honestly killing him, because he could be so much, but Tsukki’s too scared too try because trying means caring and caring means it will hurt you, sooner or later. But Yamaguchi sees that it’s hurting him anyway, and tells him to forget Hinata, forget Akiteru, forget Ushijima, because this is about you, not them. What more motivation do you need than pride?

And Tsukishima, who believes in Yamaguchi more than anyone, watching as Yamaguchi went up against Seijoh by himself and scored 5 points consecutively. Everyone else was surprised, but not him. never him. He was  just proud

Yamaguchi watching the Shiratorizawa match and knowing with chilling certainty that the outcome could either heal Tsukki of his bitterness or break him completely 

Obnoxious shipping behavior
  • Me: I'm not a fan of A/B, but each to their own, I guess.
  • A/B-shipper: You just haven't seen enough of it. Here, let me tag A/B posts with A/C, B/D, D/F, Character C, D, E, F, the actors of said characters and their dogs. Now you can't go anywhere without seeing the awesomeness of this pairing.
  • Me: Okay, so now I hardcore notp A/B with the fire of a thousand suns.

toharu  asked:

Personally, I don't even think needing to understand and empathize with your feelings about your work being tagged as kin and such is even necessary, for those who don't even want to try. I don't understand it at all to be honest. But it all boils down to respecting you as the artist enough to simple accept your feelings and terms and abide by them. If you're feeling bothered by this recently, I hope you feel better soon!

Haha well some ppl actually lash out whenever i speak up about it because they feel i have sth against them being kin with characters and what not when its just i dont want them tagging my art like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Some ppl are very nice abt it tho!

Idk I dont want to upset these ppl but i also literally cant stand these tags that come off so rude and obnoxious at times? whelp


Into the Woods (2014) [x]

Sometimes people leave you
Halfway through the wood.
Do not let it grieve you,
No one leaves for good.

anonymous asked:

literally why are you ignoring my message? that shit is still in the tag. if i made a post about how much tony sucks and tagged it with tony defense squad on purpose you'd probably lose your mind, wouldn't you? it's just common courtesy, my dude. get that shit out of the tag

The post that I tagged as anti, is literally a comment to all of the Anti people who come on my posts. It’s a fact from canon not an attack on your tag. Ross imprisoned the Avengers not Tony, I’m tired of seeing shit about how Tony imprisoned them because it’s obnoxious. 

Also if you brought a valid point about Tony’s character up and put it in the defense squad tag I personally would just ignore you, because people do that shit all the time, maybe offer a counterpoint if the post was worded well enough. 

I wouldn’t lose my shit, if I lost my shit everytime someone tagged Tony defense squad on their anti post, I wouldn’t have time to make my own posts.

The post is directed at y’all so obviously I’m going to tag it Anti TS because I want y’all to remember that Tony is not responsible for throwing the Avengers in under water Guantanamo. 

Sure I was sarcastic as hell in it, but I’m not moving it out of the tag, I wrote it specifically for the people in that tag.

here is the post btw

Character Flaws

Ok it was very nice of @cystemic​ to tag me because I am one of those people who makes crap up while I’m writing and it’s probably good for me to actually think about this for my main OC haha

Bold all that apply to your character: Ailis Vae
easily scared | whiny | repetitive | selfish | arrogant | easily excitable | too silly | stubborn | blank minded | overly cautious | loud | easily bored | untrustworthy | disloyal | manipulative | over-sensitive | possessive | clingy | obnoxious | gullible | annoying | judgmental | tactless | merciless | unlucky | soft-hearted | sarcastic | reckless | paranoid | unsophisticated | pushy | self-critical | smart-ass | solemn | erratic | unsociable | skeptical | egotistical | tongue-tied | temperamental | lazy | sadist | masochist | predictable | too horny for a jedi

OK see this is why I say I’m too nice to my OC’s…I don’t even give them enough character flaws :P

I will tag @greyias @carterashofficial @damnitbioware and @theswtorblog and of course anyone else who wants to do!

Coming across hate in our tags like:


Points out IH moments– master posts of why IH has been intended even since the pilot chapter (with Rukia acting as Ichigo’s wing-man *coughsheshipsitcough*). Gives explicit romantic feelings in the manga to both Orihime and Renji towards Ichigo and Rukia. Orihime is ichigo’s weak-spot, if you want to piss him off all you gotta do is trouble her. Both enemies and allies alike know this. Renji and Rukia are attached to the hip after Ichigo reunites them (seriously, they’re always together). Kubo stating that Rukia and Ichigo had a unique bond, but it wasn’t a romantic one.


“It will never be canon”


“Ichigo only likes her like a sister”


“Renji doesn’t stand a chance! He and Rukia are like brother and sister!”


“He wouldn’t make those ships canon! Majority of the fandom ships IR! So there!”

Alrighty then.

“?????!!!! It came out of nowhere!” 


“Origo’s are delusional, y’all have no reading comprehension *same breath* Kubo only made it canon because he wanted to spite his editors! He truly intended for IR to be canon. He ships it!”

Us and Kubo:

Ryan Lochte is the dumbest bell that ever rang. The 32-year-old swimmer is so landlocked in juvenility that he pulled an all-nighter with guys young enough to call him uncle. His story to NBC’s Billy “what-are-you-wearing” Bush had the quality of a kid exaggerating the size of a fish, and notice how he was the hero of every detail. That was always the most dubious, implausible part.

There is a special category of obnoxious American “bro” that Lochte represents, in his T-shirt and jeans and expensive suede footwear, which he showed off on social media that night at the party along with the price tag. “We’re 6k deep here,” he captioned it. Is there anything worse, in any country, than a bunch of entitled young drunks who break the furniture and pee on a wall? There is no translator needed for that one, no cultural norm that excuses it.


I lost all desire to try the garrus/femshep when hardcore, classless,
and extremely disrespectful Shakarian fans were heartless enough to
invade the Thane tag and other spaces for Thane fans to mock him
for being emotional during the romance scene and to proclaim how
Garrus is so much better.
First, Thane was dying and he had a right to his emotions. That does
NOT make him weak. It actually make him brave for coming to terms
with his mortality. I lost all desire to try the Garrus romance due to
some of that fandom’s obnoxiousness. We get it already. You love
Garrus. Maybe if some of you would stop harping on it over and
over, you’d learn to ACCEPT the fact that not everyone is going to
like what you like and we don’t appreciate having things forced on
it. The experience makes me dread what it will be like when
Andromeda comes out. 


Disregarding the real mature move of blocking me, you could have taken this up with me instead of bringing it into the bughead tag and polluting the fandom with unnecessary drama, but here we are. Please untag this. Have enough balls to have a proper, private conversation with me instead of putting this out there for bonus sympathy points from other people.

Would those be “bonus sympathy points” because you’re an obnoxious troll, hijacking someone else’s properly tagged post and trying to control others? Cause it does seem to me that generates “bonus sympathy” because you fully showed your ass.

Actually, the “proper, private conversation” would’ve fallen to yourself, when you went ahead and publicly hijacked my post. The correct way for you to have handled this would’ve been to have PM’d me or sent me an ask. But instead, YOU made this choice and now I’m calling you on it.      

I won’t be untagging it, because I want everyone to see how entitled, controlling and dickish you are. Your own words hang you. Quit while you’re behind and apologize.



Also, “bitch”? Really? What are you, 5? If you can’t reply to someone without insulting them, then I do believe we have nothing to say to each other.

  No, you simply are a “bitch” and an utter troll. If we have “nothing to say” why are you still here, on MY post?


Also, wrong, I don’t ship Swanfire. You can go to my blog and try searching for that ship and see if you come up with anything. Assumptions, assumptions.

And yet, YOU were the one who brought that up and clearly did a fair amount of stalking my blog….again, your hypocrisy is very, very weird….


And six months later, I’ve at long last finished all the venues I need for my writer’s retreat world. :D I never expected it to take this much time, but now that I’ve decorated and play tested every community lot on Serendipity’s Main Street I finally feel happy enough with my progress to show you guys some pictures. I think I’m going to do a small photo tour sort of deal over the next couple of weeks, queuing up screenshots of one build per day. However, some of the bigger lots will likely involve more than one post, while some of the smaller rabbit holes will consist of just one or two images. Anyway, if you don’t want to see, I plan on tagging it all as “Moonlight Falls” and “Serendipity”. And, as always, if it gets obnoxious and you would like me to add another, more specific tag for easier blocking please let me know and I will gladly do so. :)

Hope y’all are having a nice week! <3

when it comes to the point of people making someone cry because of their obnoxious and condescending opinions of what’s wrong and what’s right on a freaking disney tv show about 12-year-olds, it’s time to raise our voices and say that’s enough.

like legit, what’s the point of coming on someone’s post who wasn’t tagged or literally didn’t call you out directly to make rude and mean statement about the other one for just making a freaking post on their freaking blog?

yes, we are all allowed to say whatever we want, but not when the main reason behind the words is to humiliate someone to make you feel better about yourself.


this is a shoutout to a particular kind of group in the fandom who needs to learn that we don’t care about what they have to say and are not thrilled when they hop on our posts whenever they feel like making a point and then pretending they are sorry (but not sorry at all) for making you feel like shit, yet sorry because you don’t agree with them.

all you are doing is allowing people to say terrible stuff to human beings (WITH FEELINGS) who don’t deserve to be treated as poorly as they are being because YOU think so.

STOP. just stop.

the fandom is already toxic as it is, we don’t need any more shit to make it worst.

ps.: if you wanna say I have an easy life or that I don’t understand the world, so that’s why I can complain about a fandom filled with some of the worst people I’ve ever met, do it. I’m done being nice.

nostalgicphile replied to your post:Imagine if either Gillian or David hosted SNL, and…

Please share two or three of the 50 thousand other things??

Oh, man. Where do I start. 

Well, even just in an SNL context. One thing I want is for Gillian to host (she’s due) and David to be in the audience asking obnoxious questions. And either she has to tersely brush him off, or he’s wearing a fake mustache or something and pretending to be someone else, or pretending to be an X-Files fan (that is a cliche but a reliable one), or, the possibilities are endless. Heck, he could switch out wigs and be a creepy fan of XF, Hannibal, The Fall and her BBC stuff respectively (you know, the Hannibal guy would ask something murdery; the BBC guy you could do some PBS-ish riff about tote bags or something; I don’t know what I’d do for the Fall one, hmm). Or one scenario I have imagined to the last detail in my head considered is, the whole gag is that it’s finally Gillian’s time to host and she’s all doing her thing in the monologue and then David pops onstage and tries to mansplain hosting to her and tell her how it’s done (since he’s done it a couple times) and she gets mad and they get in a big (fake) argument/power struggle about it. This would work much better now that the notion of them not getting along has gone from “actual circumstance that makes everyone sad and uncomfortable” to “hilarious joke that we get the giggles over on a talk show.”

I’m not going to go too deeply into the well of SNL possibilities because I could nerd out all day long. I will say that I DON’T want her/them on the now-apparently-recurring sketch where three people are relating their abduction experiences and for two of them it was beautiful and mysterious and then Kate McKinnon’s is hilariously gross. One, the second installment of that was disappointing and I wish it had been left at just the first one because it was perfect. Two, they are basically out of premises already (they did alien abduction and near-death experience). Three, logically Gillian (or Gillian and David) would go in the straight-man slot where Aidy Bryant is now and that would be boring. Basically, it would be all about Kate McKinnon being hilarious, which is great of course (and generally my favorite thing on SNL these days) but would not be exciting from a GA (or GA/DD) standpoint. 

On the other hand, i would like to see Gillian do the Girlfriends Talk Show sketch with Aidy and Cecily. She could be a mean girl. Or a baby nerd. Or really anything. That would be an example of something that I feel like would let her get funny but not be like, a straight impression or require her to kind of imitate someone else’s character. That’s just one thought. I would also be down to have her parody any/the general vibe of her BBC period stuff. I feel like she has done enough of that stuff that she would nail the fuck out of a spoof of it.

OK, enough SNL. I once posted about stuff I would love to see DD and GA do together outside of XF. All of that still stands – to sum up, my suggestions were basically: gritty drama where they are in an unhealthy/dysfunctional relationship of some kind; modern romcom where they have minor normal-people problems and some kind of familiar relationship like maybe exes; something where they play siblings. 

Basically, what I CRAVE to see them do together is something that has a realism and verité kind of quality. I want them messy, swearing, un-made-up; I want improvised start-and-stop dialogue; I want romantic complications; I want addiction and other difficulty; I want realistic hurt feelings; I want personal failings. I want to see them break out of the XF, as Gillian has taken to tactfully putting it, “formal” model, which not only encompasses CC’s dialogue but also the general mythic-level kind of “hero quest” vibe of that show (which, to clarify, I LOVE, but I want to see them do something that isn’t that). I am DYING to see them do that. When Gillian has a new role, the less campy it is and the more normal-modern-day-human her styling is (and the less they have her playing a stonefaced alpha boss type, which I’m officially tired of yo), the more excited I get. Any kind of precious indie thing that they were in, I would be ecstatic about. (Please no Wes Anderson. Not that kind of indie.) And/or, I kind of want David to write/direct something and cast her in it because I would be fascinated to see what kind of stuff he writes for her/what he sees as her strengths or the kind of character she would be good at playing. So let’s do all of that. 

And like, I would certainly TAKE a sex scene…I’m not saying I WOULDN’T… 👀 👀 👀 but, really I just want to see them act the fuck out of something together that isn’t Mulder and Scully. Just to see how they would do that. As I said in the older post, I think it would be really hard for them (to access their non-XF acting toolkits with each other) and that would be interesting for meeeeeeee. 

Anyway, to get back to the original point of this: It’s not that I DON’T want them to do an I Love Lucy thing, but I don’t personally have a big interest in that show and the general vibe of it is not something I am a particularly huge fan of (confession: I was never a huge lover of that shoot she did that included the Lucy stuff; now it’s everywhere again and I’m like, of all the photoshoots…), so even though I LOVE that she/David/CC are always referencing them as Ricky and Lucy (and I’m dying over “He’s funny, and I’m an idiot”), I like the IDEA of them teaming up to do something push-and-pull/snappy/sparky/funny more than I would be excited about a literal tribute. Also I don’t want David attempting to do a Cuban accent, heh.


omg ok!!! i’ve had this blog for almost 2 years (since the caramoan finale) and for a while i never even realized there were this many people that watched survivor on tumblr!! it’s been so amazing to watch the community grow and i’m so happy to be a part of it. you all mean so much to me <333

and in honor of reaching 1000 followers i’m gonna make a new gifseries called “every survivor. ever.” self explanatory enough?? basically i made a randomized list of all the survivors (460 of them!!) and they’re all gonna get their own gifsets :~) probably starting next week!!! even tho i’ll never finish but shhh BASICALLY I LOVE U ALL & THANK U FOR EXISTING!!!! (special shoutout to survivoraddict​ for being my first follower LOVE U BAY!!!)


Trying not to laugh obnoxiously, Navalli guided Rowan to a place where he could sit down. She settled on snickering at the lord’s aggressive tone, which, while drunk, may have been one of the funniest things she had heard in a long time. Especially with that accent.

“Alright, love, sure. But I don’t think you should drink any more. You’re going to wake up with a killer headache tomorrow as it is,” she chided, trying to push the nearby alcohol away from him.

{continued from here}

Nonsense, lass, ah’ve barely had enough. Look, ah’ll prove it. Ten Septims–” he burped loudly, swaying, “Ten Septims says ah can walk from here all th’ way tae that tree, right over there. Watch. Are ye watchin’? Watch.” He stood up despite every fiber of his body warning him not to, and straightened up in an all-too-sure-of-himself posture, before striding off with a swagger in his step toward his very destination. 

The tree he’d pointed at – a grand total of maybe five feet away, if that, however much he liked to believe it was further – proved too difficult a landmark to reach, to the surprise of no one, and Rowan fell like a sack of useless potatoes to the cobbled ground.

Ass first.

Bloody Hell,” proclaimed the vampire, flailing for a moment with his arms high in the air in an effort to right himself. One could say he looked far more similar to a Horker on ice than a proud leader of the Volkihar. “That wasnae s’posed tae happen!”