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Cookie, draw Arthur and Iggy! It's their birthday today~

The birthday’s ours, but it’s us who will grant you a wish! Have faith in magic, and all your hopes and dreams will come true! 

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Evans air rifle

Manufactured in England c.early 19th century.
~.30 caliber ball, patina’d cast steel ball air tank good for half a dozen shots at effective range.

I love these old air rifles, they never were extremely popular, at least not in the military, because of the fragility of these early air reservoirs. The Austrian army did use the Girardoni air rifle in the late 18th century, but this raised yet another problem of filling the reservoirs back up after usage which was either really long and labor-intensive or required a specialized cart.

Another air rifle with an offset top-mounted brass air tank.


BSA-Howell self-loading SMLE rifle

Short Magazine Lee-Enfield MkIII conversion, manufactured in 1916 by Birmigham Small Arms company, serial number 2.
.303 British, 20 or 10 rounds box magazine, gas operated semi automatic, stamped sheet metal hand and face guards and pistol grip.

Although obviously more reliable than the Chauchat, the Lewis gun was not available in sufficient quantity during WW1 and the British army had to rely on some other ways to provide superior firepower to its soldiers. This was one such unfortunate yet awesome way.

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It’s Irish vs. English over here at @hollywoodreporter on press day for @carriepilbymovie with @colinodonoghue1  and @goodproblemstohave. We can’t tell you who won, but apparently they shoot with one arm in England!  @belpowley @desminborges  #colinodonoghue #braveartfilms #carriepilby #hollywoodreporter @sjohnsonbraveart


Nock pepperbox musket

Manufactured by Henry Nock’s company in London c.~1800 - no serial number.
.44 ball, smoothbore manually indexed six-barrel cluster, self-priming flintlock.

A considerable upgrade on his 1779 seven-barreled volley gun, Nocks uses the revolving technology of American gunsmith Artemus Wheeler and adds to it a self-priming mechanism of his own design, which would later be the basis of Elisha Collier’s famous designs. This firearm would allow its user to fire a shot, lock the barrel cluster into its next position, cock the hammer, lower the frizzen and take another shot, up to six times in a row. It was a considerably faster rate of fire than any musket at the time.

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The 2ps cat-sitting for a day?

2P!America: *cat hisses at him* … *he hisses back*

2P!China: *cuddling the cat* i love you forever you are my sunshine *cat struggling to escape his arms*

2P!England: *ties a pretty pink bow onto the cat’s tail* you are so precious  ≧◡≦

2P!France: *cat meowing at him* fuck off

2P!Russia: i am not fond of all this cat hair on my furniture

2P!Italy: *cat scratches him once* y o u  f u c k i n g  s p a w n  o f  s a t a n

2P!Germany: this is so boring, it doesn’t even play fetch what the heck

2P!Japan: *pets it once* that is all the affection you are being graced with from me today *five minutes later* come back i was not finished with you yet

2P!Canada: *absentmindedly pets it while watching tv*

2P!Romano: *holds it up like simba* fabulous flavi’s taking care of you today !! (▰˘◡˘▰)

2P!Austria: ah yes, a black cat, now all i need is a broomstick

2P!Prussia: “hello, police? i accidentally stepped on my cat’s foot and need to be arrested”


Whitworth target rifle

Designed in 1858, manufactured in Birmingham, United Kingdom c.1863.
.451(bore)/.475(rifling), hexagonal lead bullet, caplock, single shot.

One of the most sough-after long-distance rifle in both side of the American Civil War, one such rifle was used by a Confederate sniper at the battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse to land a hit just below Union Major General John “Uncle John” Sedgwick’s left eye, who himself probably gave us the best last word ever uttered :

“What? Men dodging this way for single bullets? What will you do when they open fire along the whole line? Why are you dodging like this? They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.”

Another Whitworth rifle fitted with a William Malcolm scope.

Because there won’t be a chapter today, let me at least post a little snippet of the next chapter for Paint Me In A Million Dreams.

Harry wished he was drunk.

He was at the bar, music playing loudly behind him. Barbara was off to wherever, and whoever had come from their crew had already left. Paul had come up to him before he had gone, handing him a key card for one of the rooms in the hotel the party was held at. They’d pick him and Louis up in the morning. This way they could enjoy the party without worrying how to get back to their own hotel. Paul had arranged for clothes to be brought over, so Harry had nothing to worry about.

Harry frowned a little deeper, looking into his glass. Nothing to worry about.

For the past five years, he had worried about Chris Lyall. Harry had worried about all the things that bloke had that Harry didn’t. Which mainly had been nothing else but Luke. Now, he had split from Luke, and Harry still wasn’t over his jealousy, and he wasn’t sure why.

Chris and Louis sat at one of the tables, talking with their heads close, lips brushing each other’s skin when they leaned in to make their voices heard over the loud music. Louis had rested his hand on Chris’ thigh, and his posture was open.

Anyone with eyes could see his agenda.

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Needham and Atkinson 1881 rifle

Manufactured by Needham&Sons c.1880′s in England.
.450 Needham centerfire proprietary cartridge, ~16-round tubular magazine, lever action with two-chamber cylinder elevator and automatic extractor on each cycle.

Firing an odd bucket-shaped round, the Needham rifle is one of these equally odd firearms that I live for.
Simply put, it uses a lever action coupled with a cylinder not unlike the one seen on the Landstad 1900 revolver. This flat cylinder allows each cycling of the action to bring up a fresh round and bring down the spent one, ejecting the later, then chambering the former and loading the next cartridge in the lower chamber of the cylinder.
The ejector is a simple arm on the side of the hammer - in effect, each cycling of the action cocks the hammer twice, a first one to then knock the spent cartridge, and a second to make the gun ready to fire.

how about a disney’s tarzan au

where baby castiel gets stranded on an island with his missionary parents who are unfortunately killed by a bloodthirsty leopard :( babies are actually decent with picking up their name so when some friendly apes find him in the treehouse he happily chirps “cas! cas!” at them until they catch on. gabriel becomes his best friend and they run together causing mayhem. I want balthazar to be the skittish neurotic elephant who’s always trying to keep them out of trouble. their leader is raphael whose wife anna was the one who basically mothered cas. raphael never really approved, and cas is always trying to prove himself worthy.

then one day these mostly bald two-legged creatures come to shore in an odd wooden vessel. it’s the strangest thing cas has ever seen! there’s one with dark hair and eyes who clutches a long shiny tube and sports several claws on his belt. they’re not animal claws, cas thinks, the material is different, but that’s the shape anyway. he doesn’t want to touch one. the other two do not carry such items and they are chattering in a way that’s eerily familiar to cas. they seem excited, and they make their way inland a bit to set up… some sort of shelter? a large white thing, must be some kind of animal skin. cas watches the whole thing with utter fascination until he must return to his family. he is particularly interested in the shortest of the three, with the lightest and shortest fur and the loveliest face.

so sam is totally the reason they’re here in the first place but dean’s not going to argue because this way sammy gets to study his science and dean gets to practice his art and their chaperone arthur ketch can just … shoot at stuff or whatever the hell he does. dean does a little wandering farther into the jungle (promptly ditching mister ketch) when he notices some lovely flowers and oh! a monkey! – cut to that scene where tarzan!cas has to literally swoop in and save jane!dean because yes please. – he’s…human? there’s another human on this island? granted he’s a naked and hairy human, but dean’s studied (heh) the human form and this guy’s got it. they do the whole “cas? cas. me dean, you cas.” and pointing thing and dean leads his new friend to their camp. ketch is immediately on edge and sam is over the moon. what an amazing scientific discovery! raphael and some of the others are not pleased. he urges cas to leave the humans alone, only pain will follow. but cas cannot resist. he’s learning so much from his new friends, dean and sam. even the scary one ketch is still teaching him new things.

more humans come, ready to take dean and sam home. cas feels devastated to think of sam leaving and of never seeing dean again. he asks him to stay, at almost the same moment that dean musters the courage to ask cas to come with him. they’re so terribly fond of each other but oh how on earth would this ever work? ketch, overhearing, plotting, convinces cas that dean would certainly stay with him if he knew where the other gorillas lived. he quickly arranges it and for one short minute all is well. but then raphael returns to the nest and attacks. cas protects his human friends and raphael is furious. but that night anna brings cas to the place where she discovered him. she reveals all that she knows and tells cas that she just wants him to be happy. cas puts on james novak’s suit and hugs his mother tightly.

dean is so, so happy to see cas walk towards him on the beach the next morning he can hardly stand it. but the moment they set foot on the larger ship he and sam and cas are locked up. ketch reveals himself to be a bastard and goes to hunt cas’s gorilla family. gabriel and balthazar arrive just in time to help them escape, but they arrive at the nest to see ketch shoot raphael. he and cas battle it out, and in the end ketch doesn’t survive. raphael and cas share a tender moment before he too dies, leaving cas in charge of his family.

and the next day, when the ship sets sail for real this time, dean dramatically throws himself from the boat and into cas’s arms, followed swiftly by sam. who needs england anyway.