is that dean

Happy Thanksgiving

  “Thanks for inviting us to come over, sweetheart,” Dean smiled as he shovelled a fork full of mashed potatoes. You giggled at the sight of him. You had no idea when the last time the boys had a sit down, home cooked meal, let alone a Thanksgiving dinner.

  “Yeah Y/N, thank you. You are an amazing cook,” Sam complimented you.

  “I also have a pumpkin pie in the kitchen. Since it’s just the three of us, I figured Sam and I could have a piece and Dean would eat the rest,” you shrugged. “But thank you guys for coming over. I know you’re busy. I just didn’t want to spend the holiday alone.”

  “We’d do anything for you,” Sam beamed before lifting his fork with a piece of turkey on it. You grabbed your wine glass, bringing up to your lips as the turkey on Sam’s fork fell onto his lap. Both you and Dean noticing instantly. 

  “Sam, where are your table manners?” Dean called him out, laugher erupting through the three of you. You had to place your wine glass on the table before you dropped it. 

  “I’m so sorry!  It just-”

  “I’m so sorry, sweetheart. He isn’t usually this rude,” Dean teased him further. Sam’s face was bright red, even though he knew you knew it was an accident. “Please don’t uninvite us to Christmas!”

  “It’s totally fine,” you chuckled. “Not all of us can get food in our mouths every single time like you can.” Sam’s head ducked down, his long hair falling in his face. 

  “This is going to be something we tell again in five years,” Sam added in, reaching for his glass of wine.