is that cute pie angel

It was an accident I swear!
  • Me: *accidentally starts watching supernatural*
  • Me: *accidentally watches 4 seasons in 4 days*
  • Me: *accidentally thinks the dorky Angel and the pie lover are cute together*
  • Me: *accidentally starts shipping my first ship*
  • Me: *accidentally comes across fluff for new found ship*
  • *weeks go by*:
  • Me: *accidentally stays up until 6 in the morning reading smut*
  • Me: *accidentally dedicates 18484939 fan accounts to Destiel*
  • Me: *accidentally falls off bed in the middle of the night over intense feels*
  • Me: *accidentally makes theorise about how it's canon during math class*
  • Me: *reflects of how deep I am in the Destiel trash pit*
  • Me: nO rAgErTs
Kim Yukwon (U-Kwon) As your boyfriend

Block B as your boyfriend part 4/? **requested by a wonderful and lovely anon~**

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  • Okay but he’d tease you so much first of all
  • He’d call you cutesy nicknames he knows you hate because he loves your reaction
  • even if you liked the names, you pretend to hate them because when you like them he doesn’t use them as often because he’s a little shit sometimes
  • lots of hugs (back hugs, front hugs, side hugs lol)
  • omg even sideways hugs lmao idek just ALL THE HUGS
  • he’d be so cute while cuddling you too
  • *in aegyo voice* “Cutie pie~ You’re so angelic and dorables!!”
  • puffy cheeks as he talks in aegyo
  • squishy hugs where you can’t really breathe because he wants to hug you so close to him that he’s suffocating you but it’s not good enough for him because he wants to be so close to you that he can FEEL your heart beat because he just LOVES YOU SO FREAKING MUCH
  • he’d be a little insecure at times
  • “Jagi~ are you sure you really, reallllly like me though??”
  • “Yukwon…for the thousandth time. Yes. I really, reallllly like you okay??”
  • “But like, do you like like me??”
  • he’s so humble that you’d have to talk up his accomplishments for him to really feel good about them instead of feeling like he just got lucky
  • Modeling with him (not like that pervert….unless you ask him to lmao he’d probably be down for nsfw modeling too)
  • he’d bring that up too. don’t think he wont. (both normal and nsfw probably xD)
  • he’d just be staring at you one day and you’re like “what yukwon??”
  • “you’re so freaking hot jagi.”
  • “oh~ does this mean I’m getting lucky~?”
  • “What? No, I mean hell yes” *wink wink* “but I mean, we should model together for something. Like a clothing line or something”
  • “But wouldn’t that announce our relationship to the world…?”
  • “Is that really such a bad thing? I mean, anyone that gives us hate is just mad that you got to me first right?” *laughs*
  • he’d also have really confident moments like that ^^ where he’s super confident, and it’s usually after you tell him how much you love him
  • one day he’d be all in his head for a long time just looking at you and you’d think he’s mad at you
  • but then you do something stupid or simple like smile at him with worry in your eyes and he’d just
  • asdfjkl (<him trying to process his words but that’s all that comes out before he says)
  • “I really f*cking love you”
  • and you’re so surprised but also not really because before he confesses there are a lot of times where he’s just staring at you with a stupid grin
     on his face
  • and you look at him and he blushes but smiles and tells you that you’re so cute/pretty/amazing
  • he stares at you a lot…
  • but in an admiring way like “wow…this person chose me. they want me. they love me.” kind of way
  • and then next thing you know, he sends you flowers to your work or at home when he’s not around so you look at them and smile
  • anything so you think of him and smile at his though
  • that’s his favorite thing for you to do. making you smile because of him
  • so yeah, NSFW section ahead *Lord help me I’ll need holy water*
  • definite blindfold kink
  • he loves blindfolding you, and lets you blindfold him occasionally
  • loves when you grow your nails out a little
  • because it drives him fucking i n s a n e when you run your nails down his back
  • or lightly scrape his stomach down to youknowwhere
  • bonus points when you’re getting rough every once in a while and you leave marks on him with your nails (or with your mouth/teeth, you know he’s not picky xD)
  • he wouldn’t be a fan of doggy stile (in my opinion)
  • because he wants to see your face and see how what he does changes your expressions
  • really gets off on pleasing you
  • over stimulation kink (giving AND receiving)
  • possible daddy kink (he’s willing to try it at least and ends up really really liking it) ((hates to admit he likes it and gets embarrassed asking you to call him daddy))
  • when you do it’s like a switch and he gets decently rough
  • like he will bend you all sorts of ways and do all sorts of things to you kind of rough
  • oral (you to him) is a huge thing for him in the right moments and a huge turn on when you initiate it (especially when you do so out of no where and you’re not even doing anything sex-related.
  • like you’re watching tv and you go down on him and he gets so exited
  • he’d return the favor for you 11/10 times because he’s not afraid to go down on you
  • like I said, he loves over-stimulation so he’d be all about it

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A/N: He gets two gifs because he’s an innocent lil child and a sex God all in one. I can’t with him. He needs to stop. I’m wrekt. Send help.

kara and iris would be so cute tho.

imagine kara ‘cutie pie’ zor el meeting iris ‘adorable angel’ west and iris being in awe of her but kara the whole time is like IRIS WEST IS AMAZING HER BLOG IS A GIFT TO THIS EARTH BIG FAN BIG FAN

james getting a little jealous at first bc “excuse me. i am a reporter too” but then he reads iris’ blog and meets her and adores her and kara is all beaming smiles bc SHE ADORES IRIS SO MUCH

kara sending iris selfies of her supergirl outfits, such as the suit with all the little adjustments iris suggests cisco make for kara

iris sending kara cute little videos of starlabs cuteness, such as the many adorable failings of cisco attempting to make things that will withstand alien super strength

iris and kara skyping each other and missing the other terribly

iris doing lots of research on superman and aliens for kara with the help of caitlin and cisco

barry delivering previously mentioned little items for kara’s suit to kara and barry rubbing the back of his neck all awkward like kara groans “barry, it is 4 in the morning” “sorry, iris thought you might need this. to defeat that alien guy.”

iris helping out kara and being on kara’s side and kara visiting iris constantly and them hanging out a jitters kara always defending iris against the crap because “excuse you barry iris has a right to know she can handle herself” and just

all the superwest things~ 

Tatsuhisa & Shouta Backstage Cut from Uta No Prince Sama Maji Love Live 5th Stage.

How come a man who broken his arm still look super charming?

My Shouta angel, cute little sweet pie >///<