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i draw on post-its at work when i get bored, here’s the majority of my stash! ive probably already posted some of these somewhere but ayy they look cool all together

dang looking at these all together breathed some much needed life into me, tomorrow i’m gonna draw 🤘🏽🤘🏽


Hey all, here’s my new character!

Meet Flinn; a biologist, and chemistry hobbyist who’s a sea-fairing genus of nymph I think? He works with a lab titled Biofin Industries, which mostly serves remedies for disease, and that’s his main profession. He’s remarkably stuck-up and doesn’t believe there’s anyone as dedicated as him to his line of work, and though he’d go above and beyond to get what he wants accomplished, he’s very far from the best


Those freckles may b fake, but the hoes are reel

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Help needed!! So much help

I need to learn German and pretty fast 😃

Ok, so many of you know that I live in Italy, but because of my job and the new management who took off like half of our paychecks, I’ll move to Germany in about 2 months ❤

While I’m pretty excited about it, because fresh start, new place, and all that…. I don’t speak German at all!!

Could some of my followers teach me some stuff? Like the simple things…. “how are you?” “I don’t speak german” and things like this 😕

Send me asks or message me or comment on this post with useful things 💋

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you guys are wonderful and inspired me to post more bare-faced selfies!!

here’s to my big nose, fuzzy unkempt eyebrows and uneven jaw.

i’d love to see some bare-faced selfies from you guys if you feel like posting them. tag me!

listen, its almost 3am and i still have homework to do but i had to draw this man. im sorry, im love him sm and i have no idea why

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who is Kang Daniel and why does everyone love him

thank u for finally letting me utilize my 100 slide power point..ok! so kang daniel is a contestant from produce 101 who has a lot of international fan support (sadly we cannot vote) but he is currently in 12th place! here is his intro where he is wearing a harry potter costume..qt… so he was ranked a on the re-evaluation meaning he is a very good singer and dancer and get this HE’S A RAPPER it’s not even his role to be a good singer but here he is HE’S ALSO AN AMAZING PAPA BEAR WHO IS TAKING CARE OF OUR BABY LEE WOOJIN and hugged him and supports him and they love each other when will ur faves!! he is in his early 20s and if u can support him and give him prizes it would be super cool.. here’s a gif of him being a back up dancer for fiestar’s cao lu! here is his fancam for sorry sorry where he was on minhyun’s justice league team and here is the mmo trainee audition of hard carry..if u can support him it would be so cool! 

commission update!

ive sent out invoices for the approved sketches so far!

i’m still working on the sketches for the other half of the commissioners. i’ll email when i’m done with them!

thank you to those who’ve already payed wow you’re as fast as i am! i’ll let you know when i start!

this isn’t a super busy week schoolwork wise but unfortunately it still exists rip but i’m working fast as i’m physically able hehe

thanks for your patience and for being so nice to work with ! <3


Will someone please explain to me how “you” can think a poem or a piece of prose is ‘unequivocally’ about “you”? Have I tagged “you”? No? It’s not about “you”. Have I told “you” “you” have inspired it? No? It’s not about “you”. Have I inferred in any way that it may as well be about “you”? No? It’s not about “you”. Get your fucking head out of your ass. The world does not revolve around “you”. My writing sure as hell does not revolve around “you” unless I tell “you” it does. Are we clear? Yes? Fuck off now. “You” will not ruin my Tumblr experience with your insane insistence and unfounded accusations. “YOU” are NOT my muse. “You” have never been my muse. “You” will never be my muse. Get off your damn horse and walk the road back to your own humble beginnings.


💖💗💓💘hi hello it’s me the annoying always yelling one that always whines n feels unloved sigh💖💓💓

Was tagged by the lovely @lovhobe (got confused by your url a lil)💗🤧💓 (ily) to do this self love & positivity tag 

I have been feeling myself a lot lately n my confidence is back n stronger then ever lol so I want to share that with all of you beautiful people and want you to feel happy with yourselves too 💗💗💗 

[rules: you must post two selfies (yolo I did 3) & write ten things you have learnt/are learning to love about yourself; then, tag your mutuals/blogs you like!]

1. I love my cheekbones

2. I love my ears

3. I love my eyes 

4. I love my laugh

5. I love my nose

6. I love my bodyyyyy *mino playing in the bg lol*
7. I love my positivity 

8. I love my devotion

9. I love my compassion 

10. I love my humour

Tagging all these beautiful ppl @goddessofbaekhyun @hoejisoo (I’m ready fucking slay this) @warmjins @bbhsthighs @pastelsmooch @detectivetrabula @satanthor @nicejimin @sweetdemonsoul @dragracemedown @kmlyrics @saulla 

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I don't mind about the non-hp stuff you post, but can't you guys use a specific tag for the non-hp post? Than all the people who don't want the non-hp stuff are able to block te tag so they don't see those posts. (And I hope all the grammar in my message was understandable since I'm not English and half asleep. Whoops.)

we already do that actually o: also, don’t apologise, hon - it’s not your fault that english isn’t your first language - i only speak one language so you’re doing miles better than me, love!!

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tumblr crushes?

Most definitely.

@catalytic-catastrophe @jthenak @roasy @coco-lifts @thrivingtopanga (throbbingtopanga) @dreamandsoar16 @taliagetsfit @serena-theresa @sleepingwith-cait @jooleighya @sinjamones @usualllysleeping @firebreathing-princess @thatfitdork @recklessadventures @stayhungry-stayfree

@theblack-titan @twotontwentyone @adv3nturelust @j-liftcookies @thewalfofwoodstreet @ibilateral @beninthebetween @houseofwest @socal-coastline @professorpaca @lordgrizzlock @facetious-lifter @stayshreddedmyfriends @suburbangains 

These are all some strapping young lads and destructively beautiful women that I like to look at for inspiration. Kind souls, shredded individuals, and intelligent minds. 

I know I’m def missing some, but this is definitely a start.