is that agreeable

I am...

Aries rising/sun: Intensely/Self-Centered

Taurus rising/sun: Stubbornly/Possessive

Gemini rising/sun: Vocally/Talkative

Cancer rising/sun: Cautiously/Caring

Leo rising/sun: Dramatically/Proud

Virgo rising/sun: Logically/Critical

Libra rising/sun: Anxiously/Agreeable

Scorpio rising/sun: Obsessively/Passionate

Sagittarius rising/sun: Excessively/Optimistic

Capricorn rising/sun: Deliberately/Goal-oriented

Aquarius rising/sun: Seemingly/Opinionated

Pisces rising/sun: Deceptively/Manipulative

Examples- Leo rising/Cancer sun: I am dramatically caring; Virgo rising/Aquarius sun: I am logically opinionated; Taurus rising/Sagittarius sun: I am stubbornly optimistic; Gemini rising/Capricorn sun: I am vocally goal-oriented.

The Signs Stereotypes(girls):

*Check your Sun/Rising/Venus Sign

Aries: (Olivia Wilde) High cheekbones, Piercing gazes, Perfect eyebrows, Sturdy figure, Determined eyes, Daring posture, Broad shouldered

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Taurus: (Gigi Hadid) Sensual figure, Dramatic demeanour, Doe-eyed,  Agreeable words, Slender neck, Startling look, Charming laugh, Endearing outfits

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Gemini: (Holland Roden) Gleaming eyes, Pouty lips, Long Hair, Prominent nose, Friendly smile, High-pitched voice, Slim figure, Good-natured 

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Cancer: (Zoe Deschanel) Warm smile, Long eyelashes, Inviting attitude, Gleeful look, Cheerful demeanour, Delicate body, Love-struck eyes, Engaging conversations 

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 Leo: (Cara Delevingne) High cheekbones, Confident posture, Athletic body, Perfect hair, Daring clothes choice, Attractive laugh, Commanding voice

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Virgo: (Kate Winslet) Curvaceous figure, Intense gaze, Soft features, Full lips, Wide hips, Sexy walk, Beautiful laugh, Slight dimples(maybe)

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Libra: (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) Flirty attitude, Perfect lips, Long legs, Red lipstick, Sparkly eyes, Petite figure, Irresistible charm, Radiant smile

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Scorpio: (Megan Fox) Mysterious look, Seductive smirk, Sharp features, Scary glare, Baffling appearance, Mesmerising eyes, Smoky Makeup, Fruity voice

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Sagittarius: (Kendall Jenner) Slender figure, Wild eyes, Knowing smirk, Playful gestures, eccentric gaze, Good humour, Chill look, Breathy voice 

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Capricorn:(Natalie Portman)  Focused eyes, Earnest look, Winged eyeliner,  figure, Appealing voice, Genuine words, Elegant outfits, Quick-witted

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Aquarius: (Emma Stone) Distant look, Unique hair colour, Deep eyes, Comical expressions, Engaging look, Alluring body, Undaunted posture

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Pisces: (Blake Lively) Dreamy look, Soft smile, Tender touch, Adorable blush, Affectionate words, Sometimes daring, Dazed eyes , Sheepish grin

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The Beauty of Flowers in Field and Wood
containing the natural orders or families of British Wild Plants
with moral teachings illustrated
designed to make botany simple and field and wood rambles instructive and agreeable
John Thoedore Barker
Bath Binns and Goodwin - no date [1852]
London Whittaker and Co

unusual contemporary paper mache binding with a hand painted cover 

Don't let Xu Minghao's name go down in history as the 'member who's slept on' because he's not.

In comparison to earlier eras, Minghao is actually getting recognized and even new fansites are opening for him.

A decent amount of Carats stan him and the fanbase appreciates his skills and his presence.

Unless that’s how you know Xu Minghao for. As the member who is underappreciated
As the member who is slept on
and even make jokes about it.

It seems as if that has become of his label, and no one (not even Xu Stans) finds it funny or agreeable anymore.

Minghao is appreciated, people are woke to his skills.

So just stop. Seriously.

After Jack comes out, most of the players
(both inside and outside the team) support him, but still there are some who aren’t that agreeable with this. Most remain quiet but some are more… vocal.

So, in a beautiful saturday, almost at the end of the game between LA Aces and Providence Falconers, a shitty Ace player shouts a rather loud “faggot” as Jack passes through him.

Now you think “ Oh, Jack probably just checked him and forgot about it”, I mean, he could, but that particular guy has been pissing him off too much.

However, before he could react, a certain Kent Parson all but pushed-literally pushed- the asshole to Alexei Mashkov who nearly cracked the guy’s skull with a fucking awesome check.

Needless to say everyone was shocked, not only with Parson’s reaction but also the easy dynamic he and Tater showed.

Not long the game was over and all the players, and I mean all of them, just skated silently to Parse and thanked him either with a pat in the back or a punch in the shoulder-except Jack and Alexei who almost jumped on the guy and hugged the shut out of him- as Kent blushed like a mad.

(Bitty saw the game, of course he did. He made sure to send both Tater and Kent at least five pies and others baked goods)