is that actual blogging i see

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Are you actually gonna do the nsfw coffee bonuses or are you just gonna troll us?

of course we are going to draw it! i already streamed my drawing of the third coffee goal, which is nsfw! the people who watched the stream can confirm that it does, in fact, exist. it still needs the finishing touches from minty, but it’s mostly done, and so is the fourth coffee goal art. the nsfw art will not be posted on caretaker-au, but on another blog (which we’ll link once it gets posted). that way, nobody will see it unless they absolutely want to. 

we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the coffee art, and while we’re excited that you’re excited, keep in mind that we always prioritize keeping the comic on schedule first. between the two of us, each comic page takes 20 - 25 hours on average to complete. that’s 40 - 50 hours spent on just 2 comic pages every single week, on top of minty’s full time job and my college classes. then we spend whatever time we have left making coffee art, bonus art, answering asks, streaming, etc.

all the coffee art will be made as promised. last week we finished two, and this week we’re determined to finish another (the nsfw one)! when we promise content, we WILL deliver it.

i hope this puts some of your doubts to rest!

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I can barely draw anything. I have your blog on notifications so I know when you post new art. Never never say you can't draw because you are amazing

Don’t say that while doing the same as me xD But maaaan thanks for letting me know..of course it makes me happy to see that so many people seem to like my art but’s different when i actually look at it.

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Personally, I find the MtG Illuminati to be a cool subject and I'm surprised other large Magic-based blogs haven't done something similar. I absolutely love seeing all the content that creators such as yourself put out, and knowing there's a group of friends doing this whole thing together and such, makes it feel more connected. So a thumbs up from me, the head of the Azorius Congress Discord channel

It’s not as connected as you might think, actually. : ) If you want a good picture of the Illuminati, picture the seagulls from Finding Nemo except with the word “meme” instead of “mine”.

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Holy shit it's been a long time since we talked (tho you wouldn't know who I am since I'm on anon) but I just wanted to stop by and see how you've been! Your art's really awesome and I see it's actually improved a bit :D I hope you're having a nice day! (P.S. I'm using that art you once made for me as the banner for my art blog with credit of course, hope you don't mind! If you do I can change it)

Damn dude! I hope you message me soon. I’d love to chat! And thanks for noticing. I’m so glad I’m improving! And no fear friend, you can use my art. And thanks for crediting it!

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But there was once a pic of you sucking a dick in a hater blog about you

Hater blog?

*Gasps slightly*

Have I dint something to upset you guys???

Oh no….

I’m sorry… for whatever I did.

But to answer your question~

That’s absolutely not real.

I’ve never sucked dick or had actual sex.

Haha, I can’t even get a high five from a guy Fam.

If you see any more of me specifically, then it’s fake.

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The thing with this blog is that even though you always try to come off as rude and whatnot, you actually seem like a decent person, I mean, you handled that argument really well. I don't even see why people dislike you or try to pick fights.

im eating a bowl of cheetos constantly. its becoming a problem

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Your tags are always so entertaining <3

Oh dear this makes me so happy! Thank you so much for telling me this! It’s so good to know that someone actually reads them and ENJOYS them!

I think tags are very important and they make tumblr so much more enteraining. After all, this is my blog, and even though I might not post many personal posts, the tags make this blog really mine. Also, I love the idea that an author of some post I reblogged may read them and see how much I appreciate what they created. :D I certainly love reading the tags people leave on my posts.

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH. THIS REALLY MAKES ME HAPPY. AND IT’S SO ENCOURAGING. Today is not a good day for me, so this is one of the things that make this day a bit better and honestly, thank you. <3

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responding to ppl insulting you with further insults? human nature I suppose. aggressively stating your opinions and dislike of greg? sure. spending a lot of free time curating a blog about it? odd. what is the end game? best case scenario: you get bragging rights for hating some guy other ppl decide not to hate, and base all hate on things you legitimately aren't ACTUALLY privy to? very strange community here. seems like everyone feels let down by someone that actually owes them nothing.

Best case scenario is young women and men that are fans of his see what I post, realize it’s abuse, and ensure they don’t become victims themselves. This goes much deeper than just Onision.
And yes, I’m going to make fun of edgy 12 year olds if they’re going to come here and try to start shit.

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I'm trying to figure out better if i'm an anti or just a person who don't believe anymore in Larry but the reason why i left the larry side was the way larries treat Briana. I don't love her but i tried to have reasons to see how awful she was according to larries and i didn't find anything and her video showed me how much Louis loves Freddie so yes it's his child. Can you recomend some good louies not larries?

@emphaticlouie @loutropolis @popunklouis @appreciatetommo @louistcub @staglaurent @louisforlunch @louiswilliamtomlins0n

Are the ones who spring to mind first!

I tend to forget who the Harries/Louies are because I follow mostly Anti blogs and almost everyone I follow empathically supports both of them in ways that actual Louies should (as well as Liams/Nialls) so I forget who’s focused on one or the other. 

I keep reblogging follower lists though and I’ll reblog more whenever I find them.

And all Anti means is being anti Tinhatting. You don’t have to create rant blogs like us or anything. I know how exhausting looking at this rubbish is.

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i was verymuch identifying as bi when i messaged you about being a fake bi and i came back to explain why you're not actually bi. i have never once seen you post about girls being attractive/wanting to date them ever. thinking girls are cute and quirky doesn't make you bi. when you date/talk about/fault over men 85% of the time you might need to ask yourself if you're actually bi or just like having fun with girls :-)

sorry did not realize i needed to constantly be voicing my sexuality on here all of the time……. u don’t know me/my thoughts/my feelings through a fucking blog i barely write posts on anymore

like sorry i am currently in a relationship with a dude and have been talking to him for the past 4 or so months….. so i don’t think its appropriate to be posting “i want a gf”… i was dating a girl like 6 months ago u can see posts from it in my fucking archive if u like but i’d prefer it if u just unfollow me and go fuck urself instead :-)

Ok, so I keep seeing the question crop up in different blogs, so I’m going to answer this one for you in as definitive a manner as I can.

Can an autistic person do X?

Anything you can do, I can do better!
I can do anything better than you!
(No, you can’t!)
Yes, I can!
(No, you can’t!
Yes, I can!
(No, you can’t!)
Yes, I can! Yes, I can!


Luna Little Outfit 💖
(I actually have this outfit! Found at Hot Topic!)

See details at:


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Hey this is a probably dumb question but is imakedoodleslol your secondary blog? because if its not then someone is pretending to be you

It’s not ‘dumb’ to ask questions or to be concerned, bud.
I have actually gotten this asked before - I’m not sure how else to make it clearer to folks that it’s me! :’)

@imakedoodleslol is my side ‘professional’ portfolio art blog. So this is why you’ll see me reblogging from it / reblogging from stuff from here to it occasionally! 

It’s sort of like my blog here without the random/personal posts I reblogging getting in the way~ It’s solely revolved around my art!

I only post commissions there though tbh. Every other bit of art is posted here and then sometimes just reblogged there :)

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omg hi ! I'm new to this sea of sins and i gotta say, you and Cas over from Chocobro-daydream are my absolute favorite blogs for FFXV shenanigans. You actually made me wanna get back into writing after years. So thanks?? I'm so happy. This one HC you wrote on the boys and their s/o going lingerie shopping made me write Prompto sin of what happend in the dressing room?? Would it be okay for you if i posted and tagged you in it? Since its kinda your idea hahahelp. *bellyflops back into my sin bin*

OMG YES TAG ME!!!! Always tag me if you want me to see something!

@quixotically replied to your photo “The top visitor countries for Snark Wars, to date. ”

I’m laughing the Singapore part is probably me

*waves* Hello over there! Thanks for reading. :) 

I love looking at the world map stats for my site (it should surprise exactly no one that I am a nerd.) Sometimes when I’m looking at the analytics I can see that someone on the other side of the globe is reading my stupid Star Wars humor blog right this minute and it is sincerely mind-blowing to me. I wrote it! And you can read it! A zillion miles away! From a Starbucks! 

I think part of what gets me is that, with Snark Wars, I really intend for it to feel like you’re hearing me, a person, actually describe this silly stuff. That blog is 100% written in my voice – swear words and CAPS (I am not a quiet talker) and random references and all. So it always feels like my readers are hanging out with me, virtually, and it’s just plain cool that I can share that with people even if they are far away. 

Sometimes the internet is really an amazing thing. 

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not really an unpopular opinion rather than an unspoken one, but the difference in the treatment between oc blogs and canon blogs is upsetting. original character muns work just as hard ( and sometimes even harder ) to develop the muse they took their time to create from scratch, yet i can’t think of one mun that i know that receives the attention that they deserve. you see canons getting notes on every post they make whether it’s ooc or not, tons of memes, and overall a lot more attention than ocs whereas unless you’re one of the lucky few it’s like a ghost town if you’re writing an oc. and other oc blogs most of the time just continue to swarm around canons and ignore their fellow ocs altogether ? idk, it’s a shitty situation and i wish it would actually change. canons are great but original characters are too.

Actually I was interested in politics back then. But you see I know how to find information from creditable news sources; not the propaganda spewing right wing news sources you obviously get your information from. 

I’m not going to debate politics with anyone from the right on my blog.

Good luck anon. Don’t return with another right wing political anon  or I will block you.