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Swear words and insults in French

Means: shit
Example: Merde, j’ai oublié de faire mes devoirs!

Means: Fuck (but it’s used for almost everything)
Examples: Putain, ça m’énerve! / C’est génial putain! / On a réussi putain!

Means: shit, damn
Example: C’est quoi ce bordel? 

La vache
Means: crap
Example: La vache, il m’a bien eu!

Oh mon dieu
Means: Oh my god
Example: Oh mon dieu il a vraiment fait ça?

Connard / Fils de pute / Enculé
Means: asshole, son of a bitch, fucker (when you’re talking to a boy).
These are popular insults but very vulgar. 

Conasse / Salope / Pétasse
Means: asshole, bitch, slut (when you’re talking to a girl).
These are popular insults but very vulgar. 

Enfoiré / Abruti / Imbécile / Salaud
Means: asshole. These are popular insult but a little bit less vulgar. 

Va te faire foutre
Means: Fuck you

Means: wanker
Example: T’es qu’un branleur!

Means: piss off
Example: Dégage, sors de ma chambre!

Tu me fais chier
Means: You’re pissing me off

Je m’en fou
Means: I don’t give a shit

Ta gueule
Means: shut up

S’en prendre plein la gueule
Means: being critized violently or insulted
Example: Il a triché et il s’en ai pris plein la gueule.

We also often combine these insults, for example “bordel de merde” ou “putain de merde”. 

Words; they hold so much power. They can make an impact on someone’s life as much as physical actions can. Regardless if spoken out loud or from within, use them only with the best of intentions, for their use can produce powerful outcomes.

anonymous asked:

does anyone else with ADHD have problems where you think too fast and you're like mixing up words a lot like writing d instead of b and skipping letters like writing hee when you wanna write here and someg for something and even into the next word like como for come on (on paper not just when typing) and I always correct it but I just need to know if it's normal for anyone else?

Yeah, I do stuff like that a lot. Writing, typing, even talking!