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The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Twelve - Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Twelve 

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,002
Warnings:  Some sexual content  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

The night had been almost surreal to the Oldest Winchester.  He hadn’t ever really experienced such an intense and almost instant closeness with someone.  The way the you laughed endlessly in the funhouse mirrors.  When you screamed for joy when you won the milk bottle toss.  The way your fingers ran down his arm and interwove with his as you walked through the brightly lit fairgrounds.  It was the most pure feelings he had in years. 

 They were raw and unforgivingly perfect.  That scared the absolute shit out of him.  What could he really expect of  this?  Everything good in his life always came crashing down all around him in a burning heap.  His thoughts etched themselves over his features as he stop mid-step.  What the hell was he doing dragging you into his life?  He’d only put you in danger…

“Stop that right now, Dean Winchester.  I know what you are thinking and you couldn’t be more wrong.  What’s happening right here and right now…  It’s the best thing that’s ever happen to me.  We don’t get a lot of chances in this life of ours to be happy…. Not doing what we do.”  You said as you took in a deep breath.  Tears began to prickle at the corner of your eyes.  “But we deserve this chance…  You deserve a chance to be happy.”  

You then turned on the heel of your boot and spun around to him.  Throwing your arms around his neck and planting a kiss on his lips. Dean’s lips twitched into a smile under yours and his hands roamed down your waist. He cupped it as he deepened the kiss- number twenty five if you were counting correctly.  He nearly kissed you silly as he allowed himself to completely indulge in his new addition.  His girl.  

Gently pulling away, he kissed your forehead before leading you to the booth that had been the original destination.  You had been going on and on about funnel cake.  Despite having eaten a cotton candy, fried pickles, and some really awesome cherry pie.  He had chuckled at you when you had pretty much eaten everything in sight and couldn’t help but pray to Chuck that you’d never leave.  You had to be his soulmate.  

“OH! CORN DOGS!” You squeal as you broke free of him and ran off towards the other booth.  He was laughing again as he watched you almost dance your way over.  He would’ve sworn you were pregnant, but that was nearly impossible.  He shook his head at the sudden stirring in his belly as the image of you plump and round with his child graced his mind. First things, first…  He needed to convince you to be his girlfriend.  

He smiled broadly at the idea as it was finally his turn to order.  Ordering a funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream, he found an empty table and waited for you to come back.  He watched as you bounced on your feet in line.  The shorts you were wearing rode up every time you did and he felt another kind of stirring.  A mixture of longing and of protectiveness swirling there.  The guy behind you was getting a little too close and he didn’t like the way he seemed to be leering at you.  When his hand reached out and tapped you on the shoulder, he was instantly on his feet and stalking over to you.  

You had turned around with a smile when you felt the tap on your shoulder.  The smile falling instantly when you found a stranger there instead of Dean.  The man gave you a once over before speaking.

“Name’s Dave…  And I just wanted to say.  You’re absolutely gorgeous.”  He said as a smirk slid onto his lips.  You raised your eyebrows at him as he openly gawked at your breasts. Just as you were about to tell him to buzz off, strong arms snaked around your waist causing you to jerk your gaze away from him.  Dean was looking like he might commit capital murder as he pressed himself closer to you.

My girlfriend  is fucking gorgeous.”  He grunted dangerously.  The man flinched and threw up his hands before telling him that he wasn’t looking for any trouble.  Dean sneered at him and he quickly left the line.  All the while, you could only stand there complete flabbergasted by his words.  My girlfriend?  When had that happen?  

“Girlfriend?”  You echoed once the man was just a fading memory.  Dean smiled down at you and you stared up at him with a look of hopeful confusion.

“Damn straight.”  He said before giving you a soft peck on the lips.  Kiss twenty-six was altogether to short, but you had a bone to pick with your apparent boyfriend.

“I don’t have any say in this?” You said. Cocking an eyebrow at him.  He smirked down at you mischievously.  

“You know that’s what you want anyway.  So why fight it?”

“Is this your way of asking me to be your girlfriend, Winchester?” You quipped as you gave his shirt a tug.

“You bet that sweet ass of yours, I am.”  He said with a knowing smile.  You rolled your eyes at him before planting kiss number twenty-seven on his lips.  

“So… Is that a yes…”  He mumbled into the kiss.

“Shut up. You’re ruining the moment.”  You said between barely parted lips.  This caused a rolling laughter to seize through Dean and you to smile.  You loved to hear him laugh.

Dean’s soul seemed to hum for the rest of the evening as he took in every sight and sound of you.  The way you’re hand felt in his.  The look in your eyes when they lit up in excitement.  He was high on love.

 The high he was on was different from the booze and the woman he used to stitch the wounds.  This time- the wounds were healing.  The way you made him feel was completely new.   You had excused yourself to restroom and he was waiting impatiently.  It was almost painful to be away from you and he felt almost screwed when he thought about going back to the bunker.  Back to the life of horror, pain, and death.   A life that would be empty without you.

“Excuse me…” A voice called causing him to be shaken out of his thoughts.  Dean’s eyes darted to the sound of the noise and blanched when he found the blonde woman from the bar.  She stood smiling impishly at him with her arms crossed over her chest.

“So…  Where’s your little wife?  At home with the baby again?”  She purred as she moved closer to him.   Dean instantly shifted away from her and but she moved to sit beside him.  Turning her body inward towards him, she reached over and placed her hand on his knee.  

You had come up behind them just in time to see the display and felt your blood run hot.  Just who the hell did she think she was?  Putting on your best Dean angry face, you marched to them with determination in your step.  The blonde woman looked at you for a moment before smirking.  

“Well speak of the devil.”  She purred as she pressed herself closer to Dean.  Your eyes narrowed as you felt a knot grow in your belly.  “Why would you want this child, when you could have a woman like me?”  She purred against his ear.  Dean glared at her before pushing away to tell her off, but before he could do anything, you were yanking him up by his collar. 

 Your mouth was on his in an instant as your arms encircled his waist.  Dean kissed back with a furious need as your tongue darted dominating into his mouth.  Running your tongue lovely over his and causing him to moan,  you shot your new found enemy the bird.  You smirked against his lips when you heard her stomp off in a huff.  

Dean was loving this side of you, but he knew that it had to have been there under the surf.  You were tough and rumble when you needed to be.  His hands moved to cup your rear through your short and groaned when his hands came into contact.  You hissed when he squeezed them harshly and you caught his tongue between yours lips.  

Sucking it gently, you felt Dean’s clothed erection bump up against the crotch of your shorts. The feeling was enthralling.  Who would have ever thought you, of all people, would be the one driving Dean Winchester crazy?

Your hands roamed down his abdomen and hovered over the waistband of his pants.  Looking around, your smirked when you found that you were almost completely isolated from the rest of the fair.  Quivering a bit at the thought of being so bold, you reminded yourself not to be a flake.  Dean made you brave.

Your hands moved to to the button of his jeans and pulled them open.  You heard Dean moan  as your fingers graced down his flat stomach.  They dipped into the waist of his boxer in order to ghost over his throbbing member.  

“Fuck, Y/N…” He groaned as his lips left yours.  His hand gently removed yours from his pants.  “Not here, baby.”  You looked at him with a look of surprise before smirking.   

“Oh, looks who’s the bashful one now.”  You said with a smirk.  “You were basically fucking me on a table in the bar the other night.”

Dean snorted at you before pulling you back against you.  Smiling down at you, he kissed your nose.   “What have you done with my innocent little virgin?”  He said with feigned shock.

A resounding laugh escaped your lips as you snuggled closer to him.  “I’m not that innocent.” You sang with another giggle. 

“Ummmmmmm…  My innocent little virgin is growing up.”  He murmured.  “What do you say we get out of here?”   

You shivered when his tongue darted out and ran across his bottom lip.  He was looking at you like he wanted to eat you again.  Instead of answering him directly, you grabbed his hand and dragged him in the direction of Baby.  You wanted to keep up this new found confidence in the bedroom.  The loud clap of thunder made you yelp and jump backwards into Dean.  A sudden downpour of rain sent people scurrying for cover.  Dean’s arms wrapped around you as he laughed.

“What a fucking cliche!”  He snorted as the rain soaked you both to the bone.  You tried to pull him along but he trapped you in his embrace.

“DEAN!” You whine as you shivered from the cold.  “Let’s go!”  

He just smiled at you before pressing you close to keep you warm.  “Sorry, sweetheart…  Always wanted to do this.”  He murmur before titling your head.  His warm mouth moving over yours in a sweet twenty-eighth kiss.   He pulled away when you jumped at another clapped of thunder.  You smiled at him sheepishly.

“I might be afraid of thunderstorms…”  You murmured as a flush of pink touch your cheeks.  Dean shook his head and muttered about his cute little girlfriend.  You rolled your eyes.

You’d show him cute little girlfriend.

“Just you wait until we get back to the room.  I’ll show you cute….”  You growled as you tugged his arm.  You started speed walking towards the parking lot and thanked the heavens you were close.  Breathing a sigh of relief when you finally reached Baby, you gladly climbed in when the doors were unlocked.  Dean smiled over at you and admired the way you looked in the fading lights of the fair.

“You’re the most beautiful thing in the whole world.  You know that right?”  He sighed as he reached over and kissed your temple.  The smile that played on your lips was a breathtaking sight to him as he reached out and tucked your hair behind your ear.  

What in the hell had be done to deserve you?

AN:    I just hope its half decent.  T_T  Like it took me days to just sit down and write this once again!  I was in such a funk.  I hope it came out to your liking.  Feedback for this chapter would really help.  I will be back with an update on tomorrow. See you then and enjoy your saturday.

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Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Natasha (OFC), Rosie (OFC - mentioned)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Cheating (kinda - not really), low self esteem, language, slight violence.       

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This was supposed to be a gif blurb for a gif @chaos-and-the-calm67 send me. It was born out of two conversations I had today. One with @percywinchester27 and one with @mysupernaturalfics - who is also the sweet angel… really more like demon spawn but… she did beta on short notice. :P

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You felt a knot form in your stomach when you saw her. You had feared something had been going on between the new PA Natasha and your husband. You had never brought it up to him, because saying it would make it real. It wasn’t that he had ever really done anything to make you doubt him, but the way she was giggling and touching him every chance she got, it would upset you more than you cared to admit. You justified his actions in your mind. Jensen was gorgeous and out of your league.  You had gained weight and you were feeling less than confident about the way you looked. Especially after having your daughter.You tried telling yourself you couldn’t blame him for going elsewhere to get his needs filled.

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The Reunion

Alex had not been looking forward to this night. She had tried everything possible to get out of it; from feigning illness, to bribing Vasquez into reporting a false alien attack, to outright handcuffing herself to the bed and attempting to lure Maggie in with her feminine wiles.

Surprisingly, none of it had worked and Maggie had to practically drag her from the hotel room, kicking and screaming. It wasn’t until her wife had promised her a night of post-reunion sex and ice cream that Alex begrudgingly agreed to go. If only for one hour.

“And not a minute longer,” Alex added as Maggie drove them to the high school reunion on her bike. “Seriously. I’m setting my timer the second we enter the parking lot. As soon as it rings, we are getting out of there.”

“Understood,” Maggie had laughed, patting her wife’s hand affectionately as they stopped at a red light. “And you’ll get rocky road for your troubles.”

“Can I eat it off your body?” Alex purred in Maggie’s ear, making the other woman shudder. She knew exactly what she was doing—and so did the detective.

“Stop that,” Maggie husked, “or you won’t be getting anything.”

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Chapter One HELLION

Summary: A swift stab to the heart, that was all it took. It should be a simple task, but dealing with Kylo Ren was anything but simple. People called him Lucifer, because it was said that he grew bored in hell and came to terrorize the humans instead. You didn’t believe the tales. Yes, he was an extremely powerful vampire, strong enough to unite the clans under his rule, despite this you believed for every vampire there was a hunter that could take them down. And just maybe, that could be you.

A/N: Renne and I have been planning this fic for a bit and decided it’d be perfect to put out now since it’s October! And, like I said, I wanted to put out ‘spooky’ fics. I’m happy to be releasing this right when the month starts! Enjoy!

Warning: Mentions of blood (this is going to be a constant warning)

Word Count: 4.4K+

“Straighten your back when you swing, your legs are too far apart. Yes, that’s good.” You critiqued your trainees as you paced around them, noting their progress. Some of them wouldn’t be ready by graduation, but you would never let any of your students enter this dangerous world if they weren’t ready for it.

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Can you so a scenario where the S and M brothers lay their head down on their S/O lap and she smiles a bit and strokes their and tells them that they remind her of a little kid when they do that


Shu - Besides the fact that he’s practically purring at your touch… “Quiet lewd woman you started this.”

Reiji - It’s not often that you can get Reiji to relax and let his guard down around you like this are you sure you want to say that? “How rude, to demean me to child just for resting… I don’t want to have to punish you.”

Ayato - Ayato’s face would go red at your comment, he’d even pout a little. “Shut it Pancake, you belong to Your’s Truly and I’ll do as I please, no matter if you do see me as a child!”

Kanato - Kanato would be so quiet that it’d be disturbing if you said it, he almost looked like he was asleep. “Hey, just don’t mess up my hair…”

Laito - Laito is not really one to have his hair played with, it’s not that he hates it more so that he’s indifferent. “How about you play with something else, ehh Little Bitch? Maybe then you can’t compare me to a child.”

Subaru - His hair is so fluffy and soft, how can you now play with it? That is if he’d let you, he’s not one to lay in your lap so saying something like that would definitely set him off to leave. “Hey, idiot what are you doing?! Ahh, alright j-just don’t mess it up… And don’t say that.”


Ruki - Ruki’s weak glare at your words says it all while he was reading a book. “Don’t make me have to punish you livestock, I’m just getting to the good part of this novel.”

Kou - Kou does not like for his hair to be played with but he can tolerate it, just don’t compare him to a child. “Hey Masokitty it’s best to not underestimate a pretty face.”

Yuma - Yuma would grunt at your words but would not move, his weak threats were still a little unnerving. “Don’t test me Sow, now move a little to front.”

Azusa - Azusa does not care about your words, he was in heaven as soon as your fingers started to comb through his locks.


A/N: Request from @stitch2416. Álfablót described a real Norse festival towards the end of autumn, so it is actually a thing. See? I learned something new!

15th October: Álfablót. 🏹 | feat. Ragnar Lothbrok

Words: 666
Warnings: implied smut

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A woman in line at the coffee shop is hitting on Mulder, the advances clearly unwelcome, Scully cuts in in a funny and flirty way

Continuing the coffee shop au. Early season one. Tagging @today-in-fic

The Flaky Pastry Technique

Mulder had gone ahead. She hadn’t had coffee for three hours and felt every one of those 10800 seconds. The Tooms case report had taken longer than she’d expected. She had tried to soften the accusations around Colton’s involvement but after rewriting it several times, her anger at his bone-headed and boorish behaviour swelled and she simply wrote:

           Agent Tom Colton acted rashly in his decision to call off the stakeout. His refusal to listen to Agent Mulder’s or my own theories, evidence and suggestions, put lives in danger. His manner was unhelpful, obstructive even, and it is my view that his narrow field of vision in this case delayed its conclusion and could have resulted in serious injury to me, or even worse.

She’d been having nightmares. That Mulder didn’t get there in time. That Tooms had got his quota and her mother would be burying a daughter. It made her shudder, the danger that Colton and his territorial Alpha male stunt had delivered. It made her shudder to think of her mother’s grief. It made her question her career choice, but only for a second. She had found a steady ally in Mulder, his intensity, when focused, was proving to be a surprising and welcome guide through this still strange landscape of the X Files. Being asked to spy on her partner had left a bad taste in her mouth, but since their faltering start she and Mulder had found some kind of groove. And understanding each other’s tastes in coffee was a big part of that groove.

           She pushed open the door to the coffee shop. The place was always busy. She briefly remembered when she’d sat in the window seats with Jack, blowing the steam off their too hot coffees and sharing an apple Danish. It seemed so long ago. He’d been a big part of her life for such a short time but she knew without a doubt that his impression on her life would be nowhere near as profound as Mulder’s would be. Had already been.

           Mulder was placing the order. He was pointing to something in the cool cabinet, probably one of those slices that had cholesterol as its main ingredient. The barista was smiling at him – she knew them both by name, but it was the woman next to him that caught her eye. She was well-dressed in a stylish skirt suit, long slim legs, silk blouse, flowing blonde hair. She was stunning. And she was leaning so close to him that their arms were brushing.

           Scully wondered whether he knew her. He was smiling, but the more she looked, the more she realised it was his fake smile, the one he wore for Blevins, for Skinner, for the woman in accounts who hand-delivered his signed 302s. She moved a little closer and listened.

           “You’d like this one, it’s very soft inside, creamy even. But the outside is hard and crusty. It’s the perfect balance.”

           He nodded. “I’m a creature of habit. The custard slice with flaked almonds. The nuts make it healthier. My partner likes that.”

           “FBI then? You’re all pretty easy to spot. Where is he?” The woman flicked her hair over her shoulder and looked around. Mulder reached for the coffees, not following her gaze.

           “She’s on her way.”

           The woman sucked in a breath. “They allow male-female partnerships? That must be hard.”

           Scully bit her lip as the woman purred.

           Mulder looked down at her. “We work well together. We complement each other. She’s the best partner I’ve had.”

           The flush on Scully’s cheeks hit hard. And she knew it was time to move.

           “Really? Perhaps your expectations are too low, Mr…?”

           Mulder took the tray and tucked the paper bag containing his slice in between the coffees.

           “Mulder,” Scully said, taking the bag. “Let me get that.”

           The woman stood her ground.

           Scully opened the bag and licked her lips. “I love this one. It’s our favourite, isn’t it? It’s the one we always use to upset the suspects.”

           Mulder’s lips quivered into a smile. A real one. He turned back to the woman, who had straightened her shoulders.

“Yes, you see, my partner here sits at the desk and nibbles the ends of the pastry whilst I’m interrogating and she lets it flake all down her front and then I walk over to her and rub the flakes off. It’s the standard procedure for distracting the suspect and usually we get them to deviate from their story and it all pretty much unravels from there.”

           Rolling her lips together, Scully nodded at the woman. “Our last suspect, we were certain he had ripped the livers from four people and eaten them.” She paused a beat and the woman blanched. “But getting him to confess was proving difficult so we used this flaky pastry technique.”  

The woman stepped back and held a hand to her mouth. “Livers?”

“He nested in bile,” Scully added. “He could stretch and flatten his body like rodent.” She opened the bag and breathed in the sweet aroma of the pastry. “It was fascinating, really.”

           “But my partner here had him salivating over her in no time,” Mulder added, draping his arm over Scully’s shoulders. “And then she put him in an arm lock and he confessed his deepest, darkest sins. And believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear those.” He beamed and took a swig of his coffee. “It’s very unsettling if you’re of a delicate disposition.”

Once she’d stopped giggling, Scully drained the last of her coffee and put the cup in the bin just as Mulder threw the screwed up bag across the desk. Flakes of pastry showered her.


           He waggled his eyebrows and grinned at her. “Do I get to rub the flakes off, Scully?”

           “Only if I get to put you in an arm lock to get your deepest, darkest confessions out of you,” she said, smiling back.

           “They’re very unsettling.”

           She picked up the bag and dropped it in the bin. “I’ve no doubt, Mulder. But it’s okay, I’m not of a delicate disposition, Mulder.”

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Okay but seriously I saw something like this a while back "I have abs dude, when I take my shift off men get threatened and girls turned on." And just imagine Nadine saying that to Sam, leading to them having a show off of muscles and abs. Chloe's the judge.

“I have better abs than you. When I take my shirt off, men feel threatened and girls get turned on.” Nadine boasted confidently to the older Drake brother.

The evening started out with a couple packs of beers between Chloe, Nadine, and Sam, laughing and telling stories of grandeur and life experiences and then turned into a cocky competition with an “anything you can do, I can do better” foundation. Chloe merely sat there with her elbow on the table and her cheek resting on her palm as she watched the other two challenge each other as per usual.

“Is that right? Alright, Ross, then let’s have a little friendly contest.” Sam suggested.

Chloe huffed and mumbled under her breath. “With you two, nothing’s ever friendly.”

“Just as they do in those egregious bodybuilding competitions, you and I will remove our shirts and see who has the best abs.”

“Who’s going to be the judge, then?” Nadine asked, cocking her brow?

Chloe almost immediately raised her hand at lightning speed, lips pursing in a silent ooh. Nadine chuckled and shook her head. “Alright. So, then what will the payoff be? What does the winner get and what happens to the loser?”

“I think I should be the one to come up with that,” Chloe answered. “but, I won’t announce the prize and punishment until after I’ve finished judging.”

“Well, that doesn’t hardly seem fair.” Nadine said.

“Yeah, who knows what kind of wicked stuff that brain of yours will come up with.” Sam concurred, crossing his arms.

“Oh C'mon you two, where’s your sense of fun? This just makes the whole competition even more interesting. Plus, it should make you feel more inclined to try and win.” Chloe purred with a wink at Nadine. The woman chuckled and shook her head before taking a swig of her beer and standing up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Well, lucky for me I won’t have to try since my opponent is a wrinkly old dinosaur.”

Sam placed a hand on his heart, feigning offense. “Madam, there is nothing wrinkly about me, except for a certain part which I am not at liberty to address.”

“Oh yeah? So do those wrinkles on your forehead take debit or credit?” Chloe teased, earning a hearty chuckle from Nadine which made Chloe smile greatly.

“Har har. Let’s get this party started.” Sam muttered as he peeled back his button up shirt and then removed his tank top. Nadine followed suit, removing her tank top as well to reveal a black sports bra underneath. Chloe’s eyes leisurely roamed over Nadine’s torso, taking in every inch of her. She was so well toned and built with a very well defined four-pack. Chloe hadn’t even realized she was staring until Sam pulled her out of her trance.

“Hey, judge? You know there’s another contender right here, right?”

“Hm? Oh, right. Ok you two, go stand next to each other and start showing off.” Chloe ordered. Nadine went over and stood next to Sam and they both started flexing their muscles. Chloe glanced at Sam’s body once before instantly turning her attention back to Nadine. She watched as her muscles undulated underneath her beautiful brown skin. She flexed and stretched, moving her arms and manipulating her body to show off the rippling muscles she trained and formed over many years. Chloe was completely mesmerized and she could practically feel her mouth water. How she wanted to run her hands over that magnificent body and feel those muscles move beneath her.

Sam noticed that Chloe wasn’t looking at him at all and he cleared his throat gruffly. Chloe snapped out of her trance once again. “Hm? Oh! Is it judgment time?”

“I dunno, Chloe. Seems like you only had your eyes on Nadine the whole time.” Sam griped, his arms crossed.

“I looked at you too, mate. Well, I glanced, but I definitely looked.” Chloe admitted with a guilty chuckle. Sam rolled his eyes.


“So, who’s the winner, eh?” Nadine asked, placing her hands on her hips. The very sight made Chloe’s palms begin to sweat. She looked back and forth between Sam and Nadine, pursing her lips and squinting her eyes as if she was really weighing their performances against each other.

“Well, it was a tough choice and it really tore me apart to have to choose between such fine mates such as yourselves, but… I’m afraid Nadine takes this one.”

“Wow, who would’ve guessed?” Sam muttered in a very unsurprised, monotone voice.

“Pays to be young and unwrinkled.” Nadine declared with a proud toss of her curly locks. Sam sighed and put his clothes back on.

“Yeah, yeah. You only won cause the game was rigged. You’re a dirty, crooked judge, Frazer.”

Chloe had already gone back to gazing at Nadine who was also putting her tank top back on. “Hmm… crooked? Maybe… dirty? Definitely…”

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PaRt 11 iS WhAt I nEeD !! GoD of bLuE! I pRaY To yOu!

*laughing* I hear thy mortal plea, and thus I grant you part 11, my dear!
It was late, she should have been asleep in her metal form, but it had been so long since she’d been able to walk around of her own free will. Which is probably why Shiro seemed so surprised to see her wandering the hallways that night, after everyone had already been tucked away for bed. It had only been a day, and the first time her sisters left their Lion forms they had gone back in order to recharge.

But unlike them, Blue had been storing energy ever since she’d met her precious little pilot, waiting for the day when she’d finally have enough to form a human body to match her Paladin’s species. But now she turned on her heel to raise an eyebrow at the Black Paladin. “Oh. Blue. You’re awake this late at night? I kinda figured you would be back in your Lion form by now, since that’s what Black did the first few nights she used her human form…” Shiro trailed off, unsure how to fix the awkward and tense atmosphere.

After all, Blue was still upset over the mistreatment of her little cub. One day doesn’t fix the damage of a month. And they had damaged her Lance, unintentionally or not. Blue hummed quietly. “I have not used this form in a very long time. I was storing energy in preparation for when the system finally repaired itself.” She stated coolly as she motioned for Shiro to walk with her, instead of standing awkwardly in the middle of the hallway.

“Also, I would ask you why you yourself are not asleep like your fellow Paladins. My studies on human anatomy and physiology during my time on Earth show that lack of proper sleep leads to negative side affects.” No one was safe from Blue’s mothering side, it was just in her nature to care for others, no matter how angry she was at them. Besides, this was her cub’s potential mate. She had several questions for the Black Paladin, might as well clear them up now.

Shiro laughed wryly. “Just… felt like checking the perimeter is all. Black is currently covering the other half of the Castle.” He explained as they both padded quietly down the dimly lit hallways. Blue raised an eyebrow, figuring there was more at work than just “feeling like a walk” here, but didn’t press further. That was Black’s job, not hers.

They walked in silence for a little while, when Blue finally spoke up. “Thank you, by the way.” Shiro gave her a questioning glance. “For earlier. Carrying Lance to bed while I was busy with my sisters. Thank you.” She clarified, and as she suspected, a light blush formed across the Black Paladin’s cheeks. Hmm. Interesting. She’d have to ask Keith and Pidge a few things too it seems.

“Ah, I was just trying to be a good teammate. Besides, he was barely out of the healing pod, walking was out of the question. We’ve been treating him badly for too long, I figured I should start trying to make amends before we lost him again…” Shiro managed to keep the embarrassment out of his voice, but the look on his face was more than enough for Blue.

“Black Paladin, I want to know your intention with my cub.” She stated suddenly, stopping and pinning Shiro with her gaze, both stopping in the middle of the hallway near Pidge’s room. Shiro blinked, startled at the sudden inquiry. “My… what?” Blue folded her arms under her chest and quirked a brow, the very image of a mother interrogating her son’s future boyfriend. “Your intentions with Lance. Because I’m receiving very mixed signals from you about him and I’d like some clarification.” She asked, and Shiro suddenly got a whole lot redder.

“Oh. Well, he’s a vital part of the team and an all around nice guy to have backing you up…” Shiro tried first, but Blue stepped forward and he stepped back in return. “Your. Intentions.” She stated quietly, golden eyes full of promises of intense hurt if he said a single word wrong. “Umm, I have no intentions? I really don’t?” He squeaked, the intimidating commander of Voltron reduced to a shy and blushing schoolboy under the ancient Lion’s gaze.

Blue hummed, pleased, and stepped away, finally allowing Shiro to relax. “Hmph. Very well. If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to talk to my sisters about something.” She said calmly as she walked away, towards the Hangars, leaving a shell-shocked Black Paladin behind.

“What the hell just happened…?” Shiro muttered, as Pidge opened her door, peeking out and grinning at him. “You just got the meeting the parents lecture! From Blue!” She giggled, Shiro merely going brighter red in response and pressing his face into his palms.

“Pining denial! I fucking called it!” Red screeched, pumping her fist in the air and turning to give Green a high five. Yellow merely sighed in defeat while Black smiled indulgently. “Language, Red.” She chided lightly as Green spun around, cackling about how her calculations were always correct.

Blue rolled her eyes at her sisters, sighing. The Lions had been betting on possible mate pairs since they’d met their Paladins, and Yellow had been betting on Lance and Hunk.

Black had been torn between Lance and Shiro or Keith and Shiro until the Blade Of Marmora incident, when Red had come back smugly informing them that Keith saw Shiro as a brother more than anything else.

Green and Red had both been rooting for Shiro and Lance since day one, though they’d also been chatting about Keith and Hunk. Green had firmly declared Pidge off limits though, not that anyone was going to argue with her. The smallest cub was too young for a mate, even if she was barely a few years younger than the others.

Blue was very into the Hunk and Keith pairing, but her Lance was too precious for a mate. She’d rather tuck him away from the possibility of a broken heart, thank you. Black sidled up to her youngest sister, smirking. “Oh Bluuuuuuee~!” She purred, and the blue haired woman pouted. “Absolutely not.” Black’s smirk widened. “Come on, even you can’t deny it at this point.” Blue kept her mouth shut. “They’d be cute together and you know it.” The eldest Lion sang cheerfully, and Blue pouted even further, crossing her arms under her chest and slouching a little.

“Black, no. My cub is not ready for courting.” She argued. “Oh come on, Blue! Don’t you think they’d be adorably lovey dovey as mates?” Black wheedled, knowing she was wearing down her sibling by the waver in Blue’s lip.

A few moments of silence while Red, Yellow and Green leaned in as well, each giving the youngest Lion a knowing smile.

“…….okay, maybe a little bit cute.”” Blue mumbled in defeat, and Black grinned. “Told you so.” Blue glared at her pride. “I hate when you’re right.” She huffed. "I always am, dear sister.” Black purred, completely smug.
The Lions have a betting pool on their Paladins and nobody else is any the wiser. Soon enough Green will pull Pidge, Keith and Hunk into helping make Shance canon while secretly doubling up in getting Hunk and Keith together. What? Their Paladins deserve happiness! And Pidge needs blackmail!

But yeah. Part 12? Or should I finally end this arc and move on to the next one, the one I’m calling the Progression Arc with a shit ton of awkward flirting and fluffy Shance? And bits of Heith? :3 send me an ask telling me if you want a part 12 or the new story arc! :D

(Masterlist here!- )

How To Make A Writer Insecure

TITLE OF STORY: How To Make A Writer Insecure

CHAPTER NUMBER/TITLE/ONE SHOT: A series of one-shots

AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Romance, Drama, Erotica

STORY SUMMARY: This is a one shot for my series called ‘How To Love A Writer’ starting with ‘How To Seduce A Writer’. What happens when a struggling virginal historical romance writer and the God of Mischief are thrown together, locked in a mansion and agree to a game of love and seduction? After almost 2 months of being lovers, what happens when a past secret comes out?


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: It does get a wee bit steamy, but not full-blown smut. It focuses a lot more on our OC coming to terms with what her relationship with Loki really means as she begins to learn more about him. I hope you all enjoy this addition to the series!

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thank you to everyone who has liked, reblogged, and commented on this series so far. Please do let me know what you think - I really do appreciate your messages and no better or faster way to get me to churn out another update, ay? ;) Tagging @devikafernando​ and @nuggsmum​ - next part’s all ready!

Masterpost for How To Love A Writer Series

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anonymous asked:

How'd platonic companions(crushing on sole) react to fem!sole falling on them in a rather compromising position?😏

You’re saucy, anon!

Cait: The two would fall together, Sole’s head coming to rest on Cait’s chest. “Oi!” She’d snarl, immediately regretting the tone she had taken with Sole. She went silent and stiffened, feeling Sole nuzzle into her. “Yeah, just make yer’self comfortable, I guess.” She muttered softly, pouting. 

Curie: “Madame!” She would squeal, arms wrapped around Sole’s shoulders. Curie would giggle childishly, her face reddening. “You are alright, yes? You have sustained no injuries, have you mon cherie?” The synth gasped softly, half hoping that Sole didn’t quite catch what she had allowed to slip. 

Danse: The paladin’s burly arms immediately found their way around Sole, pulling her close to him. It was simply an involuntary reaction, he told himself. He had absolutely no interest in fraternizing with Sole. Both were lies. “Sole– I mean, soldier!” He stuttered, biting the inside of his cheek. “Are you alright?”

Deacon: “Man, I have the best view right now.” He teased, his goofy, red eyebrows raising. Without thinking, Deacon wrapped an arm around her waist. His teeth tugged at his bottom lip, his face beginning to take on a darker hue. He quickly withdrew his arm from around Sole and rose to his feet, clearing his throat. 

Hancock: “Woah there, Sunshine.” He grinned, looking up at Sole. “A ghoul could really get used to this.” Hancock purred, winking at the woman who hovered above him. Sole snorted, pushing herself up off of the flirtatious ghoul. “Oh man, it just keeps getting better!” He cackled, running a hand over the side of his face.  

MacCready: “Boss!” He sputtered, going completely rigid. “You can get up now, Sole.” The mercenary grumbled, turning his head to avoid Sole’s gaze. God this was embarrassing, he thought. However, it was pretty sweet to have Sole on top of him like this. MacCready complained, but he was most certainly enjoying this.

Nick: “Well, if that was a trust fall then I sure as hell didn’t catch you, kid.” He teased, adjusting his metallic chassis underneath Sole. If Nick could blush, he most certainly would be right now. “Now get off of me, will ya’? I think you busted somethin’.” Nick laughed softly, watching Sole rise. What a sight, he thought to himself. 

Piper: “Blue!” Piper yelped, her head hitting the ground much harder than the rest of her body had. Her arms came to rest around Sole’s waist as she grimaced in pain. “As much as I like the position I’m in right now, would you please help me up?” Even after Sole was standing and had helped her favorite reporter up, Piper’s arm remained around Sole’s waist.

Preston: As soon as the two realized they were on the floor, Preston broke out in laughter. Eventually, he calmed himself his gaze coming to meet with Sole’s. “General…” He said under his breath, coming to the realization that the two were closer than they had ever been before. “I uh, you’re okay right?” He stuttered, embarrassed. 

When His Heart Rules Over His Mind

Pairing : Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Summary : Imagine asking Sherlock for help on a case and Sherlock is intrigued by you and finds it difficult to deduce you and Irene gets jealous of the attention he gives you.

You were one of the top detectives at Scotland Yard and when you hit a slump in your case Lestrade recommended the one and only Sherlock Holmes. You told him you would find the killer and after two weeks with long nights at the office, Lestrade gave you Sherlock’s address and you knew it was time to ask for his help.

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What's Druella's story?

(( OOC: We have very little canon information on Druella, aside from the fact she married Cygnus Black - Walburga Black’s younger brother - and had three daughters with him: Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa.

So much of her story I’ve honestly just head canon-ed myself. I first introduced Druella as a young woman when I made Toujours Pur, which was a series exploring Walburga Black’s backstory. 

In this I established that her marriage to Cygnus was nothing more than a strategic match, and that Druella didn’t care for much else than wealth and status when it came to choosing a husband. But for all her superficial graces, Druella was the sort of person to know everything about everyone, and she knew exactly how to use this to her advantage. She was probably one of those women who knew everyone’s secrets, a master at climbing the social hierarchy and positioning herself exactly where it suited her.

Between that and The Tale of the Three Sisters, we see Druella alone and abandoned by her husband. Druella’s mind was her greatest weapon, and after it slips away from her, she becomes a shell of her former self. I haven’t yet worked out in detail what happened to make the great Cygnus Black - heir to the Black fortune - abandon his family. Was it the shame of being unable to produce a male heir? Did he succumb to madness, as many Blacks before him did? Was the breakdown of her marriage the trigger to Druella’s illness, or did something else happen?

So basically, I now have an entire new backstory to create. Which I don’t mind, because let’s be honest - the Black family is one of the most fascinating families in the entire HP universe. ))

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May I request 19 and 31 with Snart please? Thanks x

Yes, you may certainly request that. 

“Are you purring?” and “Now that is just playing dirty.”

No real warnings, just Snart trying to sleep and you have other ideas

Naughty Kitten

      Leonard was trying to sleep and you were making it difficult. Breasts pressed against his bare back, when did you take your nightgown off, unfair. Heat from your breath against the back of his neck, then he he felt the coolness of you gently blowing air against the back of his ear, he couldn’t hide the shiver that went through his body at the sensation. Damn it. Wait, are you purring? You continued purring as you nuzzled into his neck. Wicked woman, Leonard thought to himself trying not to chuckle out loud.

       And then you changed tactics, by rubbing up against him. Leonard had pretty much given up on trying to sleep for the moment. He felt your fingers gliding over his stomach, he wasn’t super toned but he was still in decent shape with maybe a little bit of a pudge. You pinched his belly gently giggling when he inadvertently shifted. But when you started to slide your hand under the waistband of his shorts he grabbed your wrist. “Now that’s just playing dirty. It seems I need to teach a naughty kitten a lesson about letting her master sleep.” You started giggling when Leonard turned over and pulled you into him, claiming your lips.

The three vampires sitting in front of him all looked at him with twisted smiles. Caleb knew they were delighted to see him miserable, that going to them was a mistake…but what choice did he have? He was alone in this. He needed help.

“What’s the occasion, Caleb?” The dark-skinned woman purred. “Are you desperate or do you just have a death wish?”

“I think it’s both.” The man whispered.

“We can handle it either way.” The redhead said with a smirk.

Clashing of Blood and Wilds


PT1 (Clashing of Bloods and Wilds)

PT5 (Lust)

PT6 (Why) 

The palest shade of blue hazed the darkness of night, Ivar had only dozed with the feeling of you in his arms and the floor at his back. It wasn’t sleeping but enough to make him still, make him calm. Despite all his longing you’d have to leave soon, you’d rolled onto your back in the hours between your hair spilling about you where it pleased. He didn’t get to see you properly in the darkness but in the rising hours he gulped hard at the sight of your body laid bare while he sat up carefully. His finger ran along your cheek then dove into your disheveled hair feeling the strands and easing the various knots as he went. The small tilt of your head and soft hum caused a grin to play at the edges of his mouth.

He wanted to wake you but couldn’t deny the burning in his blood over your naked body, rolling over you was easy as you still sleep addled mind subconsciously adjusted to the weight. Ivar was slow, cautious in nudging your thighs apart despite the sigh you hadn’t opened your eyes instead stretched lazily your back arching up off the ground, legs instinctively cradling his waist. Ivar grinned looking at the bruises dancing across your neck and collarbone where he’d marked you, looking at your hips where his fingerprints stained your flesh.

Ivar’s lips trailed the valley of your breast, light kisses to under your breast his fingers skimming beneath the other. He froze at the small snicker for a moment and looked up at the woman gazing down at him.

“Morning.” He whispered almost purring at the fingers now carding through his hair.

“Is it already?” Your voice sounded less desperate than you felt, “We have a little time don’t we? Although I don’t think you’re willing to do whatever you’re thinking.”

The grin against your stomach as he gently drew one of your legs over his shoulder, “Why is that blóm?”

“I’m dirty.” The words came out as a sigh while lips mouthed at the inside of your hips, the slow simmer that your body had woken to was quickly being stroked into a sharp flame.

A flat tongue drew across your abdomen making you jump with the chill that followed and softly groan, “You taste like salt and fucking and mine.”

He didn’t give you chance to protest as his fingers danced against your sex the motion making your hips jerk up and eyes close at the rush of want thrumming under your skin. His fingers were agonizingly slow, teasing against your clit watching you writhe under the stroking. It only took few moments until you were soaking with need and back to biting your lip in attempt to stop the whine of appreciation. You wanted to blame how easy it was to bring your body alight on how long you’d been from the thrill of orgasm but there wasn’t any denying on how wanton that he made you.

Ivar smirked at the whines you tried to hold back, his fingers slicking through the drag of your hot cunt as you rolled your hips up desperate for more. He felt you soaking with need and watching your struggling to keep yourself silent while his touch demanded the clench of your muscles around his fingers. You felt like screaming at the pressure settling in between your hips, something tightening in you like a knot, much to your frustration that the painstakingly slow pace was all he was willing to give.

“You’re doing so good, Y/N.” You gasped as you back arched up, nails dragging down the ground on either sides of your head for fear that if you tangled them in his hair the grip might actually hurt him or make him move from between your legs and you would kill him if he did.

“Ivar.” his name dripped from you lips, plea, prayer anything to get him to move faster.

You hands flew to your mouth and you bit down hard as he replaced his finger with his tongue, spearing into your wet heat, lapping down the mess between you thighs. The scream was muffled thankfully and you sent a silent prayer that the guards were changing or were wrapped up in something to ignore you. The blush on your cheeks worsened at the slurping sound when he pulled away, reveling in how your hips followed wanting more. Ivar was clever and a fast learner and it wasn’t a wonder to how he read your body in an instant and slipped two thick fingers into you heat. The consistent curl of the rough appendages forced your hips to buck to the movement in desperation for him to hit that spot.

The anguished cry of your rapture mournfully muffled as his mouth dragged back up your lush folds to fasten around your pearl, the crook of his motions poured you into a mess of pleas. The sob of his name spilled into the air that bore the fire swelling to a crescendo it burned away everything but the searing heat of his mouth and hands on you body. Ivar felt you writhed against him long legs simultaneously shaking and clamping tight around his head as the savory tang of your orgasm splashed against his tongue and coated his chin he moaned into the taste. Your teeth broke skin and blood lingered in your mouth as you slumped back against the floor from the nearly painful arch the rush had dragged you up into.

Ivar was lying with his head against your abdomen slowly nuzzling your thighs and stomach. Bringing a shaking hand to his face you gently threading your fingers through his hair, a sated smile on you lips. He couldn’t help the lewd motion of licking his lips the blush it caused on your face was too precious.

“A very good morning.” You hummed at Ivar’s growl playfully dragging his teeth and lips up your abdomen leaving a sticky trail of cum from his mouth that chilled across your skin in goosebumps.

Ivar only wiped it away when plush lips hovered over yours the taste not slacking the lustful moan that he devoured sweeping into your mouth, “I can’t believe you did that.” You gave a playful tug on some loose strands of hair.

“You taste like sun.” He brushed his nose against yours and you shuddered at the slight canter of his hips feeling the hot cock pressed against your lower lips still so sensitive.

“You feel like heaven.” He smirked at the way you termed the slide of his cock against you and despite the hiss of oversensitivity you still bucked up against him, “And one day I’ll get my mouth around you but I need you in me.”

Ivar would forever deny the whimper playing in the from his throat as you rolled him onto his back gently. The light that threatened the sky made you want to scream beyond frustration, you’d never liked having to go quick especially with something this toe curling good but daybreak wasn’t waiting on anyone despite how desperately you’d plea. The sharp ache of being left wanting was brutally flung away at the sudden fullness of him. You pitched forwards hands resting on either side of his head as the stark pace slammed you together. The drag of your clit along with the way his cock pressed insistently against your womb left you a shuddering mess of want already. You were desperately attempting to keep pace but your mind hazed at the snap of his hips below you.

The whine was loud and dangerous but you couldn’t find it in you to care, one large hand gripped your thigh the other wrapped delicately around your neck, the Viking was reveling in the moan as Ivar squeezed hard enough to silence and dizzy but not hurt. You trusted him not to hurt you, gave yourself to him and the pounding blood in your ears drowned out any panic you might have felt. The orgasm rushed up vibrant, desperate, impatient and consuming as the hands that had been resting on Ivar’s chest to use as balance turned lethal at the sharp nails digging into his skin. You’d be thankful of the hand on your throat to silence the wail that wanted to escape instead just left your tantalizing image above him.

Head tilted back, hand wrapped around your throat, with your back arched pressing your breast into the surprisingly chilling air making your rosy nipples budded, the flush of red that followed your orgasm. The clench of you around him tore the pleasure from his very soul as heat painted your insides, not helping the fact of your hips still gently rolling dragging out his rapture as long as you could before it all became too much. His hand left your throat and instead trailed absentmindedly down your chest, the stomach, then the swell of your hips where you still perched on him.

“Sunrise is soon.” The truth made you nod weakly, “You’re going to have to leave, pet.”

“Do you think we could convince the sun to stop?” He smiled at the thought before bringing you down to his lips.

The kisses you’d shared had always held an undertone of heat, and in the past night and the rising of the morning had been nothing but so searing that they could dry the ocean. Now? Now there was something sweet, slow, soft to the way his chapped lips pressed against yours. There was the danger. The risk of something more than desire coiling in your gut. He kept his forehead pressed to yours for a moment, his hands stroking your sides gently.

“You need to leave.” He needed you to leave on your own because there was only a thin, weak thread to keep him from driving back into you the second you would let him.

“I know.” You whisper was hoarse as you slowly moved from him not caring of the mess that was between your thighs instead reaching for your chemise and slipping it on before snatching up your overcoat.

It wasn’t easy leaving him, much more the room, the guards were on rotation to your luck and you crept back into your bed. You’d take a bath later, you were too exhausted for anything else but sleep. Before falling into the caress of blackness that was offered with sleep something occurred that he’d never actually taken his pants all the way off. You’d have to work on that. And then you fell into dreams.

Ivar twisted and twined on the ground for a moment pulling and lacing up the fabric of his pants far too thankful that you were both to enraptured with the other for you to care. It was one thing to see his legs clothed another to be bare and vulnerable under your touch and gaze. Sitting up made him hiss, the scratches and bite marks burning along with the scrapes of being ridden on a harsh floor. He felt drowsy, drugged almost and was understanding why his brothers paraded around with such smiles on their faces after bedding a slave girl, the aches in his body although sore felt good in a way he wasn’t used to. It was like a hard lesson with a new weapon but this felt better and for the moment no knives were involved.

He dragged himself lazily atop his not so lonely plank grabbing at the loose shirt, Y/N’s keeper -Maude- would bring a bath and he’d lay in it to ease the pain and warm him. Until he had to wake he was wonderfully content to let the break of dawn spill into the room, the men unknowing of the unbridled woman he’d had below him and on him. Nor the small grin as something foreign tightened in his stomach, possession he idly thought moments ahead of delving into dreams.

You’d expected to dream of the little girl and walking up the clouds on invisible ground, what you got was blood. The battlefield you were standing on had countless bodies in various states of death. Some twitched, some still clinging desperately to life and others were resigned to their fate of death waiting to be taken away.

Yet it was only the dead none was left of the army that spilled through the valley. Your weren’t in a dress, instead breeches and a shirt with the heavy weight of a quiver filled to brim with arrows on your side. The bow had been broken already, somewhere between using it as a shield and using the string to strangle someone. A large crow landed atop on of the bodies, the armor making it’s feet ‘tink’.

“Can you help me?” It cawed a harsh and sudden sound, “Where is everyone?”

“He can not help you if you can not speak to him.” A man was at your side robed in black with a large brimmed hat, he was terrifying though you can not see his face.

“I only meant -” He raised his hand and you sighed awaiting what he’d to say.

“When you have need of the words, need of his tongue then find me. I won’t be far.” The old man left and the crow leapt to your face startling you awake with a gasp.

The motion made you wince with your body tender from the treatment you’d dealt on it while the sound of splashing water into a tub filled your bedroom, “It’s rather late m’lady, and you werena in your bed last night. Shall I make a guess as to where you’d slipped out to?”

Maude. Of course. Because why not? Though half of you expected it, the fact that you’d been with Ivar last night would have been nice to be kept between you, him, and the painful floor -“You have eyes in walls and an ear in Hell.”- You accused as she ‘tsk’ed.

“I thought you wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.” The old woman rubbed her temples at the protest that it was safe because he had protection of his own unlike Joseph, “I don’t approve, in the slightest let me get that thought aloud. Have you thought that maybe you might be caught? Worse punishments than a slap for bedding a man like him.”

“I didn’t get caught.” You growled easing yourself out of the bed and into the bath gently with her steady help, “I won’t get caught.”

“Says you. You need to think of these things m’lady, at least warn me next time so’s I can come up with a diversion or such.” Her voice droned while she rubbed lavender soap on your back delicately with it’s scratches.

“You’re not going to stop me?” The shock in your voice was evident as she chuckled slowly.

“I’ve a feeling it would take and act of God to keep you two separated ‘specially with his little charm dangling ‘round your neck.” She plucked at the leather cord while you fiddled with the hammer, “ Least I can do is keep you safe the best I knows how. Meaning you can’t see each other every night.”

“Is this what you did for my mother?” Maude didn’t say anything so you sank under the water to wet your hair, coming up she washed it gently, “I’m sorry.”

“ You’re curious bout her, it’s just…my heart is a little too old for a lot of talk of that wildling just yet.” You nodded as she continued to help make a tight schedule and plan for how you would be able to see Ivar as much as you wanted but not tonight which frustrated you but you ceded, Maude had the upper hand in experience so with her word you’d go.

“Y/N!” The excited shout of your sister pulled a startled yelp out of you as she burst open the door while you were reaching for the outstretched towel Maude had made ready for you.

“Judith! For the love of christ woman turn around!” She did as asked but not before being able to see the extent of Ivar’s bruises on your skin.

Your sister listened to your mutters and growls of irritation while you slipped on your dress, only turning around when you bid looking at you brush out your hair, “Well those are new.” you knew what she was talking about, “I just came to tell you Aethelwulf has sent for King Ecbert, he should be here in four days but apparently you have something more interesting.”

“It’s nothing.” You snarled at the smirking woman.

“The bite mark above your breast indicates otherwise. Tell me who was it, a soldier. I bet it was, you’ve always weakness for something forbidden.” Your eyes narrowed at her into deadly slits, “Oh stop it, I won’t tell a soul, now come on it’s almost midday already.”

Your sister whisked you away from a sympathetic looking Maude. The day seemed to drag, the sun mocking as it slowed it’s trek across the sky. Judith’s endless talking only received ‘hms’ and Alfred won his game of chess three times in a row. To most everyone you were seemingly docile with Aethelwulf no doubt crediting his ‘punishment’ as actual effectiveness. It was only when Maude had said you were to be given a message after dinner did you really ‘wake’ from the long slow movements and feeling of day.

It was hard to contain the excitement as you trekked down the halls, Maude in tow making small talk to disguise the real reason behind your thrilling joy. The moment the large door of your room closed you pounced upon her with rapid questions and a rising tone of elation made her smile.

“Your Viking is a rude thing.” You chuckled at her chiding, “But he is in agreement, looked rather upset not to see you tonight might I add? Just remember, it’s all well and good until feelings get involved. Make sure that you don’t get mixed up between lust and love alright dear?”

“I saw the first boy I lusted for beheaded, I know the difference.” Despite saying it didn’t mean you felt any better about the unfurling warmth in your chest mind falling easily to the Viking on his cold plank in a surprisingly warm room, “ I can see him tomorrow though can’t I?”

Maude cocked her hip and frowned as usual but nodded, “I don’t see why not but it’ll be late at night.”

Part of you wanted to say you’d crept into his room late already but decided to keep it to yourself as you were all to certain that she knew regardless. If the day had been creeping the night was going to be agony but it would go and you would finally be away from the sloth like hours.

Ivar had been staring at the room, counting the bricks, fiddling with his buckles, thrumming his fingers on the wooden plank below. It was only when Maude had walked in with large buckets of water and assistance with the tub did his sour mood lighten a little. The ritual went calmly, tub down, water fills tub, others leave except for Maude that turned to a raging inferno of motherly instinct and protection.

“How dare you even think to kiss Y/N much less bed her?!” She had almost screeched at the boy that suddenly felt three feet tall, “How could you ruin her like that!? You aren’t going to be the one who takes the whipping for this! There are worse things than her gettin slapped around there is!”

“She’s not a child, she knew what she was getting into. And any who dare lay hand on her will die. Simple as that.” He watched the old woman’s eyes turn dead and her jaw set, before he could move away from the silent rage that had stalked to him she snatched him up to look face to face with her.

“You can’t do anythin. You don’t have a weapon, you don’t have an army, you don’t have any standing here. The only reason Aethelwulf hasn’t tried to tear you apart is because he thinks you useless.” The snarl that rose in her throat was chilling as she dropped him back to the plank, “That girl is my life. I’ll not see her thrown to the wolves because of a reckless decision.”

“Didn’t exactly feel like a reckless decision on my half.” His grin was smug and she growled.

“Have care boy because I will kill you if you break her. Don’t play with m’lady’s heart, fuck her then make her leave. I’ll not have foolish emotion mixed into this death trap.” Maude’s face grew dark, her boney body seemed large and her anger roiled around her.

“Like it or not she’s already got a part of me, and I’ve gotten more than enough of her.” He pulled off his shirt and bluntly displayed the patchworks of scratches, bites, bruises, hickeys crossing every part they could get, “And this isn’t my back. You won’t stop me, damn well not going to stop her.”

“Why shouldn’t I? I’ve done worse in my days, why no’ just find ways to keep you part? I could, easily.” Maude did have a point, if she wanted she could tear everything from the foundation up but the threat gave a look of killing intent to her eyes and Maude felt her soul clench at the realization of what had already happened.

She turned on heel not giving him time to speak but before reaching the door she paused, “She won’t be able to see you tonight but tomorrow.”

Why shouldn’t I? Ivar huffed at the question while crawling to the tub and stripping off the clothes, the water was warmer today as he carefully sank into it to his nose. Why shouldn’t she? Why did it bother him so much not to see Y/N tonight? Why so defensive of if she was ‘punished’? Why’d he given her the necklace so close to him, tell her that his Gods would protect her?

He tried to stop the raging that kept swirling in his head and forced the sensation of warmth the memory of her caused in his chest. That was a dangerous feeling he was daring. One that he’d find a pillow and bare down until it stopped kicking. He had to. Ivar risked many things. He didn’t want to risk the shred of his heart.
It didn’t matter that she was beautiful, it didn’t matter that she smiled and it rivaled the sun, it didn’t matter that when she laughed about a stupid joke he made, it didn’t matter that she saw him. It didn’t matter.

“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t matter.” Ivar reached for his collarbone where the necklace would stay but stopped halfway having given the familiar piece of home with you, “Fuck.”

He dared the thought of that just past the pretty words…she mattered.

Kiss Me Like a Stranger

Summary: Rob meets a beautiful woman at a bar, thinking he has no chance in hell with her. He offers her a little conversation and a little flirting. He never thought he’d get this lucky though.

Word Count: 2054

Warnings: drinking, swearing, smut… you know, the usual.

Notes: Again, I’m just a sucker for bars and country music. Inspired by Kiss Me Like a Stranger by Thomas Rhett. I’m really digging this album.

Also, sorry for all the fic spam. I’m just trying to get my NaNo count up.

Rob watched her from across the bar. He couldn’t help but stare a little; the way she sat there alone, sipping on her drink and turning down every man that approached her. No way he stood a chance, but given the fact that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, he figured it didn’t hurt to try.

Mustering up his courage, he downed his shot quickly, pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose as he prepped himself for a little flirting. It wasn’t something he was very good at, but he had been talking himself through it ever since he saw her walk in.

He slipped away from his group of friends, hoping that they wouldn’t make a big deal out of anything as he approached her. She was beautiful; decked out in a little black dress, her hair loose and teasing her back. She had been sitting there alone for quite a while. At first, Rob thought for sure that she was meeting someone there, but when a half hour had passed and she was still alone, he figured he could keep her company even if he had witnessed a few other men fail.

Rob nervously leaned against the bar next to her, flagging down the bartender and turning to the mystery woman.

“Looks like you need a refill,” he said. She glanced over at him, a slight smirk on her face.

“You’re very observant,” she replied. Rob gulped at the fact that she was talking to him, her voice the most beautiful voice he had ever heard.

“May I?” He offered.

“Jack and coke,” she replied, taking the final sip of the drink she had been working on.

Rob turned to the bartender, placing their order. He decided that since she was at least acknowledging him, it would be okay to sit down, so he did just that. When they had their drinks she thanked him.

“You know, you’re not the first guy to offer to buy me a drink tonight.”

“I noticed, I saw the way you’ve been turning every man away,” he said.

“Oh?” She smiled a bit more now as she looked back at him, “you’ve been watching me?”

“It’s hard not to,” Rob choked out. He had definitely gotten himself caught. “You’re very beautiful, and you look so lonely sitting here.”

“I’m not lonely,” she giggled. She brought the glass up to her lips, and Rob darted his tongue out as he watched those lips against the glass. “I have you to keep me company.”

“I’d be happy to,” he replied. He smiled to himself, picking at the label of his beer bottle, trying to think of what to say next. So far, so good. He had had a few lessons on how to hit on women, but knowing him, he could screw this up in a heartbeat.

“What’s your name?” She asked as she adjusted in her chair, turning her body to face him and in turn, brushing her leg against his.

“Rob,” he replied, trying not to lose his cool over the fact that her leg was still against his.

“Hi Rob,” she reached a hand out to him and he took it in his, grateful for the handshake. “I’m Y/N.”

“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you,” she purred.

“I have to ask, what is such a stunning woman doing here all alone, dressed like that?”

“I’m just enjoying a few drinks is all,” she teased. She took another drink, Rob still focused on her lips, a deep shade of red and still turned up into a permanent smirk. “I could also ask what is a good-looking guy like yourself doing here alone.”

“I’m not alone,” he replied. He pointed over to where his friends were sitting, noting how they were trying to casually watch what he was doing now, “I’m here with my friends.”

She looked over to them, smiling even harder before focusing her attention back to Rob. “Well, Rob, it’s sort of rude to ditch your friend to hit on a stranger in a bar.”

“I think they’ll understand.”

“What do you do, Rob?” She was saying his name, letting it slide seductively off her tongue which caused Rob to feel either extremely nervous, or very excited, it was hard to tell at this point.

“Well, I’m an actor and I’m a musician.”

“You have a band?” She asked, eyes lighting up.

“I do actually. I have two bands. I sing and I play guitar.”

“Woah,” she responded, leaning in a bit closer to him. She propped her elbow against the bar, resting her chin on her hand as if she were intrigued to hear more. “I sort of have a thing for musicians.”

Rob grinned now, noticing that she was definitely flirting back and it didn’t even seem to be a joke. “Well, I guess it’s my lucky night,” he replied.

She bit her bottom lips, eyes flickering down to look at his mouth for just a second. “We’ll see. I’m not done getting to know you.”

After a couple more drinks and a bit more conversation, Rob had definitely loosened up. The flirting had become easier, and they definitely seemed to be hitting it off. She’d laugh at his jokes, placing a hand on his arm that sent electricity coursing through him. He couldn’t stop looking at her and he was pretty sure she couldn’t stop looking at him.

“It’s getting late,” she pointed out as she glanced at her phone. Rob frowned, knowing he didn’t want to be done with this woman, but also knowing that she was right.

“I guess it is,” he mumbled. He watched her as she stood up and he wanted to say something, but the words didn’t come. Before he could even try to gather the nerve to ask her for her number, she leaned in suddenly. She placed her mouth against his ear and her breath against his skin gave him goosebumps.

“You know, I also have a thing for guys in glasses,” she teased, “even better when they’ve got a beard.” She brought her hand up to his face as she pulled away from him, teasing her fingertips along the gray patch of his beard.

“Well, I guess I’m just your type,” he responded. She grinned even more at his words.

“You sure you’re just gonna let me walk out of here alone?” She asked.

Rob was sort of shocked by her offer, but he wasn’t about to turn it down. “No, I was just going to ask if you’d be opposed to taking this somewhere else.”

“Your place?” She asked.

“My place would be perfect.”

Rob stood as well and he turned to face his friends who were still looking in their direction at the moment. He waved to them, a huge smile on his face to indicate that he was leaving and he wasn’t leaving alone.

“Just so you know,” she began as she looked up at him, “I really do dig the glasses. It’s a turn on for me.”

Rob chuckled, placing a hand on her hip when he noticed the way she was looking at him. She moved in closer to him, running her hand against his beard again.

“I really do love this too,” she pointed out. Before he could respond, she turned from him, heading out the bar as he followed.

A short cab ride later and they had arrived at Rob’s place. The whole ride, he couldn’t believe his luck. Not only had he successfully hit on this woman, but he had managed to take her home with him.

He walked her to the door, quickly unlocking it and inviting her in. The second they were inside and the door was closed, she went for it. She pressed him against the wall, moving in for a kiss finally. Her lips were soft and pressed hard against his and he melted into how amazing they felt. He nudged her lips apart with his tongue and she gladly obliged, moaning into his mouth as his tongue swirled against hers. There was definite biting at one point and she had definitely sucked on his lower lip, causing Rob to lose his mind for a moment. He gripped onto her waist, pulling her harder against him as she kept him pinned against the wall.

He had never kissed someone quite like this, and he only wanted more.

Before long, their hands were roaming along each others bodies, and clothing was being removed. She kept gasping and moaning against his mouth and as he moved to put focus on her neck, that’s when she really lost it.

“Fuck, Rob,” she whispered. Hearing her whisper his name like that made him moan against her skin. “I don’t normally do this with strangers, but I need you to fuck me.”

He wasn’t about to deny her, so he led her to his bedroom where he promptly pressed her down against his bed. He made quick work of the rest of his clothes and turned his attention to removing the rest of hers.

She gasped as he topped her, her hips moving against his as she waited for him to finally be inside her. She seemed to be growing impatient, but Rob definitely wanted to tease her just a little bit.

He went to remove his glasses, not wanting them to get in the way during what was about to happen. But, the second she noticed what he was doing, she grabbed his hand, stopping him in his tracks.

“I wasn’t joking about those being a turn on for me,” she said.

Rob grinned and let go of his glasses, deciding it would be best to keep them on for now. He took her mouth with his again, and grinded up against her, eliciting another moan from those pretty lips. How he had gotten so goddamn lucky tonight was beyond him.

After a bit of teasing, he gave into what she had asked for. He watched her as he fucked into her, enjoying the look of absolute bliss that crossed her face. In turn, he was enjoying himself very much as well. He groaned with each thrust of his hips, now enjoying the rush of adrenaline he was getting from just being in this situation with a woman he had just met.

He reveled in the way she continued to say his name as he moved against her, and he continued to kiss those lips that he had been staring at all night. She tasted amazing and it was all the more amazing that his name was the one slipping past her lips.

She cried out, muttering his name as she came; her fingernails digging into his shoulders as she steadied herself. He watched her smile, her eyes closed as he brought her through her climax. He followed shortly after, groaning and swearing over how intense it was.

He fell against her, both of them breathing heavy, bodies completely exhausted now.

“Wow,” she muttered as she traced her fingertips along his back.

“I agree,” Rob replied with a chuckle. He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and looked down at her.

“Who knew sex with a stranger could be so hot?” She asked, flashing him another smile.

“Tell me about it.”

“I should do that more often,” she mused out loud.

“What?” Rob asked as he finally pushed himself off of her, lying next to her now on the bed.

“Have sex with strange men,” she replied slyly.

“Babe,” Rob started, raising an eyebrow at her, “don’t push it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she giggled, “I meant, we should play that game more often. I forget how hot you are when you’re in character.”

“You’re really intimidating when you’re in character,” Rob pointed out, “but I do enjoy how you still insist that seeing me in glasses with a graying beard is a turn on for you,”

“Honey, it does still get me hot and bothered,” she said softly, “even after all these years.”

“I must say, I have a pretty amazing wife,” he said as he leaned in for another kiss. She hummed happily against his lips for a moment.

“Don’t you ever forget it, Benedict,” she said with a smile.

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A little thing I wrote about my Warden, Lenan Tabris & Zevran. You can find it on AO3

Zevran couldn’t tear his eyes from her, and it was beginning to become a problem.

This woman, this fucking woman. She should be dead by his hand, and yet here he stood, gazing like a lovesick teenager. He continued to poorly pretend to sharpen his blades, his fingers dangerously close to being sliced off with the glide of the whetstone due to his lack of concentration.

Lenan sat on the filthy ground, leaning back against the log placed in front of the fire. Her pink tongue darted out to poke at the fresh cut on her bottom lip. She’d glared at him when he’d offered to stitch it up for her, “I like scars,” She’d said.

This infuriating, stubborn woman held something inside him; a flame igniting deep in his chest whenever her angry grey eyes met his golden brown.

He watched her rifle through her pack, as she did every night; a ritual. She rubbed the blood-stained slip of white lace between her fingers, staring off into the distance. The way she looked at it…

He longed to ask her about it, about what meaning such an item held, but the damn woman knocked the breath from his lungs with simply a look.

He was an assassin, for fucks sake. A damn fine one, probably even the best, but this skinny elf turned him to rubble. 

Lenan grunted and shoved the piece of lace back into the pack and threw it across the campsite. She ran her fingers through unkempt blonde hair, hissing as she grazed another cut that had dried and crusted above her eyebrow. She poked at the gash with her fingertip, wincing in pain, yet repeating the action anyway.

With a roll of her eyes she clasped her hands behind her head and slid until she was laid flat on her back in the dust and dirt.

Zevran took a deep breath, summoning the courage to initiate a conversation as he quietly approached her.

“I’m sure there are more satisfactory places for you to sleep, my lady?”

She didn’t flinch, her eyes blankly staring up at the stars.

He cleared his throat and gracefully led beside her, cheekily mimicking her pose with a wiggle of his hips as he settled to the ground.

“Finished staring at me, then?”

Zevran smiled, the sound of her husky voice causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand to attention. He gazed up at the stars, it was a wonderful, clear night.

“You are a beautiful woman,” he purred, impressed at how steady his voice sounded. “Its hard not to stare.”

“Are you sure you’re not just plotting to kill me again?” She queried, voice monotone and uncaring.

Zevran propped himself up on his elbow to get a better look at her. “I pledged my life to you, Warden. If you wish to end it, I would not blame you. ” He steeled his gaze, daring her to look at him.

Had he not proved himself? He’d fought at her side for almost half a year now. His devotion never wavered, he was a man of his word. Creators, he’d wished she’d killed him back then. But now, now he had something to live for.

Her nose twitched, a delicious, crooked smirk forming on her plump lips. She sat up, crossing her legs and rested her chin atop clasped hands. Those wicked eyes glistened; mischief was afoot. 

“I see.” She paused, pursing her lips.“You better watch your back then, lest you find a dagger in it.”

Then, she giggled. She fucking giggled.

Zevran had never had the pleasure of hearing her make this joyful noise, a noise so pure he couldn’t help but to burst into laughter himself.

She smirked again, staring him down as if she were ready to pounce. “You know, you’re quite nice to look at yourself, crow.”


Solas turned his stare from the window to the Inquisitor as she entered, and it stayed there as she spoke. He watched her push off the wall and, as she poked at the fireplace, he smiled a little. “And the view is enough to stave over your homesickness, Inquisitor?” he quipped, turning his face back to the window. His eyes, though, remained on the young woman.

“Oh, and more.” She purred. This was a comfortable little ‘game’ they played, but she played to win. The Inquisitor moved to his chair, hitching a leg and a little bit of bottom, onto the arm of it. “What were you reading before the window enraptured you so?”

A sketch commission for @lehavashadowsun of her hottie mchotpants Inquisitor Lavanya Trevelyan being a wicked tease!