is that a woman purs

Mike blocked Ginny’s exit from Petco, a nervous expression in his eyes. “I need you to buy me.”

Ginny waited for the punchline, but it seemed he was serious. “I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, Lawson.” She said. Mike glared at her.

“The charity dinner tomorrow night. The auction. I need you to buy me.”

Ginny bit her lip. The high society of San Diego was coming to a dinner to benefit cancer research, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to out bid any of them and she told him as much. Mike scoffed.

“I’ll give you the money, but I don’t think it’ll go that high.” He said. “Please?”

“Why is this so important to you?” Ginny asked.

“Because the last time I did this thing I was bought by this horrible woman who purred at me and told me she wanted to curl up on my face.” Mike shuddered before holding up a hand. “No beard jokes, this is serious.”

Ginny reluctantly bit back her response, pouting slightly. “I think you’re over reacting.”

“Baker, please. I need to at least know the person winning me is normal and doesn’t have any weird cat fetishes.”

Ginny crossed her arms. “You don’t know my life, Lawson.”

“Ginny.” Mike pleaded and she knew he was serious.

“What do I get if I win?”

“A date with me.”

Ginny scoffed, but Mike’s expression didn’t waver.

“Come on, Baker. Don’t pretend that you don’t want to go out on a date with the man whose posters you used as wallpaper.”

Ginny sighed. “You’ll pay me back?” She said. He nodded. “And I won’t have to pay for dinner?”

“Nope.” He said. “Everything’s covered and it’s for a good cause. You don’t even have to go on it if you don’t want to. Come on, Baker. Think of the children.”

Ginny nodded, though she’d already made the decision a while ago; she just enjoyed winding Mike up. “For the children.” She agreed. “But you owe me, Lawson.”

“That’s what the dinner is for.” He said.

“We have dinner all the time.”

“Burgers on the road with the guys does not count.” Ginny retorted. Mike glared. “Fine, I can always let you go with the crazy cat lady.” She pushed past him and began walking down the hall. Mike chased after her.

“That’s cruel and unusual punishment.” He said. Ginny arched an eyebrow. He sighed. “Fine, in addition to a ridiculously expensive dinner where you are blessed with my company what would the great Ginny Baker require of me?”

Ginny tilted her head. “Golf.” She said.

“What?” He asked.

“You, me, one hour, golf.”

Mike sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Okay, whatever.” He grumbled. “Payment only after…” he waved a finger in front of her face. “After you save me from the crazy fetishists in San Diego.”

“Yes captain.” Ginny saluted.

Ginny smoothed her dress and smiled at the other women at her table. Evelyn was sitting next to her, obsessively checking her bank balance on her phone.

“Ev, no one’s bidding on Blip.” She sighed.

“Excuse me?” Evelyn looked at her in shop. “My husband is smokin’.”

“Yeah, but from what I heard from Judy.” Ginny whispered as she motioned to a brunette sitting across the table, Evelyn glared daggers at her. “Last year he spent the entire date talking about you and the boys.”

“Damn right he did.” Evelyn said. “She won him last year, but not this year. This year. I’m going to win.” She shot Judy a poison sweet smile. It evaporated as she looked across the room. “What is she doing here?”

Ginny looked where Evelyn was staring. “Rachel Patrick?” She said, recognizing the red head. “She’s a reporter, maybe she’s doing a story.”

Evelyn gave her pointed look. Ginny frowned.

“That’s Mike’s Rachel.” Evelyn muttered.

“You mean his ex-Rachel.” Ginny hissed back. Evelyn coughed in amusement. Ginny looked back at Rachel. The one time she’d met the woman she’d been less than impressed. She hadn’t connected the dots that this was Rachel, the same woman who’d broken something in Mike, leaving scars that Ginny knew were still there. Rachel turned and looked towards their table, specifically the empty seat next to Ginny.

“She better not be about to do what I think she’s about to do.” Evelyn picked up her wineglass, taking a sip. Rachel smiled as she stopped at the table.

“Is this seat taken?”

Before Ginny or Evelyn could answer Judy said “Of course.”

Rachel smiled and sat next to Ginny. Evelyn shook her head. “This is going to get interesting.”

“So, Ginny.” Rachel said. “What brings you to this event?”

Ginny gave her her best fake press conference smile. “Just supporting my team.” As she reached for her glass, she noticed something; Rachel wasn’t wearing an engagement ring. Mike had told her his ex was marrying someone else…so why wasn’t she wearing an engagement ring? “How about you? I’d think a big LA reporter would be busy.” Next to her, Evelyn let out a gasp; she’d noticed the lack of ring as well.

“Oh this is going to be good.” She whispered. “So good.”

Ginny shot Evelyn a glare. “Really?”

“Hey, I’ve got two kids, that’s a full-time job. I need to get my fun somehow.” Evelyn whispered back.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” The auction was about to start. Ginny turned, watching as the men were brought up to the platform. Salvamini, Blip, Livan, Stubbs, and finally Mike. He was nervous, tugging on the edge of his suit. Then he locked eyes with Ginny, she nodded, mouthing “golf.” He relaxed slightly, a smile crinkling his eyes. Shaking his head he turned his attention back to the announcer.

“Supporting your team?” Rachel asked. “So the rumors about you and a certain catcher are true?”

She was baiting her. Ginny leaned back in her chair. “Livan?” She asked, looking at the younger catcher. He caught her eye and smirked, giving her a nod. She waved at him. Mike crossed his arms, not amused.

Stubbs was the first man up. He went for 6,500. Salvamini was up next. Ginny and Evelyn clapped and wolfwhistled, but they were the only ones. The second he was announced, the atmosphere in the room noticeably changed. The bidders were focused, they were ready.

“They do know he’s married, right?” Evelyn mumbled. Ginny snorted.

The bidding went up to 15,500 before a man sitting 2 tables over won. Ginny grinned at Salvamini’s expression as he sat down next to Stubbs.

“Blip’s up next.” Evelyn said. The bidding began at 1,000 dollars. Evelyn immediately said 1,000. No one went higher. Evelyn looked around horrified as the auctioneer said,

“1,000 going once. 1,000 going twice, So-”

“Hold up.” Evelyn cut him off, standing and looking around. “What the hell is wrong with you?” She said, glaring around the room. “My husband is hot. you should be fighting over him. This is for charity. So somebody better bid.”

“I think they’re all scared of you.” Ginny whispered.

Evelyn shot her a look.

“I mean…” Ginny glared her throat. “1,500.”

The auctioneer sighed and motioned to Ginny. “We have 1,500, do I hear, 2,000?”

“2,000” Evelyn said, sitting down.

“2,000 do I hear 2,500?” The auctioneer looked around. Evelyn poked Ginny in the side.

“Um 2,500.” Ginny said, arching an eyebrow at Evelyn. “And for the record, this is weird.”

“3,000” Evelyn replied. “And as long as you let me win it’s all cool. It’s for the kids, Ginny.” She motioned for her to make another bid. Ginny felt weird. On stage, Blip was trying really hard not to laugh and Mike…Mike was staring at Rachel. Ginny felt a twist in her gut, but focused instead on the auction.

“3,500.” She said.

“4,000” Evelyn said.

The auctioneer sighed, looking at Evelyn. “Mrs Sanders, am I allowed to call it yet, we both know Ms. Baker isn’t going to win.”

Evelyn frowned. “Make it 10,000 and we’ll say it’s over.”  

“Sold for 10,000 dollars.” The auctioneer said. Evelyn leaned back in her chair.

“Couldn’t let him go for less than Stubbs.” She explained. Ginny shook her head.

“The two of you are relationship goals.” She said.

“I know.” Evelyn said, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Oooo, Duarte’s up.”

Livan swaggered forward. Ginny leaned back, looking at Mike. He was glaring at the ground, Rachel was looking smug. Ginny know he was put off balance by her presence.

“6,500.” She bid. Mike’s head snapped up, looking at her in anger. She waved at him. Livan gave her a cocky grin as she was quickly outbid. She pouted and shrugged.

“9,000.” Evelyn said, laughing at Blip’s look of outrage.

in the end he went for 25,000 dollars. Ginny smiled, but she didn’t miss the challenging look he shot Mike. Mike sighed and stood as the auctioneer said his name. Ginny leaned back, letting the bidding happen. It was going well. not as fast as Livan or Salvamini, but he got up to 10,000 pretty quickly. Mike shifted uncomfortably as a woman in the back enthusiastically bid 11,000. “Cat?” She mouthed and he gave her a jerky nod, clearly annoyed that she wasn’t bidding. She wasn’t stupid. She was going to let the bidding take its course, then swoop in when the others had bid themselves out. After all it was Mike’s money and it wouldn’t look good for her to be fighting other women over her teammate. Mike was panicking, trying desperately to get her attention. She waved him off, giving him her, “Relax, I got this” look.

“The two of you are very close.” Rachel said softly. It was the first time since she’d sat down that she’d spoken. Ginny smiled.

“He’s my catcher.” She said simply, Rachel’s probing expression making her uncomfortable.

“20,000 going once.” The auctioneer said. “20,000 going twice.”


Ginny gaped at Rachel who shot her a smirk. Her eyes narrowed, what was she doing? Mike looked pale, nervous.

“We have 25,000, do I hear-”

“30,000.” Ginny said, glaring at Rachel.

“40.” Rachel said.


“60.” Rachel leaned back in her chair, confident. Ginny knew she’d only agreed to this ridiculous plan because Mike had asked her to keep him out of the hands of crazy people, but for some reason she couldn’t let him be won by his ex wife.

“75” She said. Rachel shrugged.


Ginny glared before saying “200,000.” There was an audible gasp around the room. Leaning back she locked eyes with Rachel, daring her to go higher.

“500,000” Rachel said.

“What are you doing?” Ginny asked.

“Giving to charity.” Rachel said simply, “isn’t that what we’re all doing?”

“500,000 going once.” The auctioneer said.

“1 million.” Ginny said.

“Can you afford that on a rookie salary?” Rachel challenged.

“Enough.” Ginny and Rachel looked up at Mike who was looking at them, his expression stony. Ginny was about to say something when the auctioneer said,

“1 million going once. 1million going twice. Sold, to Miss Ginny Baker for 1 million dollars.”

This time there was no applause, people were too interested to see how Rachel would react. Ginny got up to talk to Mike, but he dodged her and went out of the ballroom where the benefit was being held. She followed. He was out in the hall, pacing. Kicking at the wall, he turned, an inscrutable expression in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I-”

Mike held up a hand, cutting her off. Glaring behind her he said, “was that fun for you?”

Ginny turned. Rachel was standing behind her, watching the two of them.

“I didn’t know you had a new girlfriend, Mike.”

“She’s my rookie and she’s doing me a favor.” Mike growled. “I asked her to make sure she out bid any crazy person who wanted to buy me.”

Rachel was taken aback. Giving Ginny her best fake smile, she said, “I think this is a moment Mike and I need to keep to ourselves.”

“Did I miss it?” Evelyn came out of the ballroom, holding a glass of wine. “Oh no, good.” She smirked as Rachel gave her a disparaging look. “Proceed.”

“Mike, we should talk alone.”

“No.” Mike said, crossing his arms, frowning at her. “Whatever you want to say you can say it in front of Ginny…and apparently Evelyn.”

“Especially in front of Evelyn.” Evelyn corrected. Ginny arched an eyebrow at her friend.

“Okay,” Rachel said. “I thought a lot about what you said when you came to my house the other day.”

Mike stiffened, but stayed silent.

“And you’re right. We should give this another shot.”

He glanced at her hand and Ginny knew he was looking for her engagement ring. “How does your fiancee feel about this?” He growled.

“We aren’t together anymore.” Rachel replied. Mike shut his eyes, running a hand over his face.

“I’ll bet.” He muttered. “Well I thought a lot about what you said that night too and you were right, I needed to figure out what I wanted. Turns out that…thinking I was still in love with you was less scary than…” He glanced at Ginny before turning his attention back to Rachel, “than admitting what I really wanted.”

Rachel looked at him, shocked before turning and leaving.

“Bye Felicia” Evelyn called after her.

“Ev, you are drunk.” Ginny said, taking her glass away from her. Glancing at Mike, she said. “I’ll just take her back inside.”

“Baker.” He said. They looked at each other, unsure what to say. Ginny was worried about how his “not” an admission of feelings for her would affect them. He cleared his throat. “You better let me win.”


“At golf.” He said. “You had better let me win.” Ginny relaxed, shaking her head.

“We’ll see old man.”

“You just put me out 1 million dollars.” He said, helping her steer Evelyn back to the ballroom.

“You’re good for it.” Ginny said. As soon as they opened the door to the ballroom Evelyn rushed over to Blip, leaving Mike and Ginny standing awkwardly alone. Mike ran a hand through his beard.

“Thanks.” He said. Ginny smiled.

“Anytime.” She tilted her head thoughtfully. “I always wanted to own a Mike Lawson.”

He laughed. “You mean besides the poster?”

“There is no poster.”

“Keep saying that.” Mike said. “And you might convince yourself it’s true.”

“Uh huh.” Ginny rolled her eyes. “You know, for the first time. I’m actually grateful for your beard.”

“Really?” Mike looked at her with interest. “Why’s that?”

“Because otherwise, the bidding would have easily gone up to 2 million.” She walked away. Mike followed. The winners were writing out their checks and talking to the players, cementing details for their “dates”.

“It’s not even your money, Rookie.” He said, pulling out his checkbook, signing a check and giving it to the auctioneer. “There. You are officially the owner of a date with Mike Lawson.” He turned, smirking. “So what are you going to do with me?”

Ginny tilted her head before saying. “Kick your ass at golf.”

Solas turned his stare from the window to the Inquisitor as she entered, and it stayed there as she spoke. He watched her push off the wall and, as she poked at the fireplace, he smiled a little. “And the view is enough to stave over your homesickness, Inquisitor?” he quipped, turning his face back to the window. His eyes, though, remained on the young woman.

“Oh, and more.” She purred. This was a comfortable little ‘game’ they played, but she played to win. The Inquisitor moved to his chair, hitching a leg and a little bit of bottom, onto the arm of it. “What were you reading before the window enraptured you so?”

A sketch commission for @lehavashadowsun of her hottie mchotpants Inquisitor Lavanya Trevelyan being a wicked tease! 

Closed Modern Omegaverse starter for @warriorveined

Things were finally starting to settle down.  The last of the perps had been charged and convicted, Lexa was taking to free life like a duck to water, and the alpha found herself growing more and more attached to her with every passing moment.  No longer did she avert her eyes on the times when she walked into their shared bedroom only to see scarred skin on display, more than happy instead to drink in the sight of her as she leans herself in the doorway.  She no longer shied away from her upon waking to realize that she was hard and pressed tightly against the omega, instead choosing to enjoy the proximity until Lexa drew away for some reason or another.  Much like she was doing right now, arms wrapped around the wonderful smelling woman as she held her in her arms.  Purring softly, Anya pressed a gentle kiss to the brunette’s forehead as she drew her closer.  She had nowhere to be, and no plans for the whole day, so it was going to be hours of the two of them basking in each other’s presence and take-out (as always) while they enjoyed the first lazy day in quite some time.

Cuddle therapy (chloejanedecker1)

Maze was always happy to have new clients. As a cuddle therapist, Maze kept everything strictly above the clothing. But with no kissing and no indecency.

Well, unless she was paid a bit more then she can do what the customer wished.

Maze made sure each client was comfortable and can wear comfortable clothing and she had a bed and a couch with a television and food, low lighting and books. It depended on what clients wanted.

She did get male clients but she was happier when she was cuddling a female client.

She heard the knock on her door, and clad in loose black sweatpants, and a thin grey t-shirt, her hair in a low ponytail. Maze opened the door, and gave the other woman a smirk.

“You must be Chloe.”
Maze purred.


Drabble  ♥ @inspired-flame (Here’s your Misbehaving Edge Cat and Thigh Mama.)

He cuddled on Karma’s lap, purring away softly as the woman worked on various papers that she needed to do. She was a busy woman after all. Though it irked the cat due to the fact that he wanted attention and guess what age-old holiday it was!

Heartseeker’s Day. Where all the singles cry and couples smooch to the end of the day. He hated it but he only decided to spend his time with Karma because there was no one else to bother in the late of night.

“My Duchess,” the cat called from her lap, raising up from his nap and stretching his petite body before jumping onto her desk and rudely interrupting her work.

“Let’s go somewhere fun tonight. Just you and me, alone in the town. Maybe a few drinks and some bar food~” He shifted as he spoke and in place of a small black cat was a man in casual garb and a flirty smirk.

His tail flicked back and forth as his ears twitched slightly at any small sound that was made.

“As the offer sounds enticing, I refuse. Now get off my desk.” She commanded with a cold tone at his behaviour, making the Neko mock hurt as his smirk turned into a fake frown.

“Don’t be foolish. The night is still young and I promise to get you home early this time.” His promises were empty as Karma knew it but sometimes she felt like she should let go of some stress and go into the world that she’s never been to before. 

Where worry becomes bliss. Where fatigue becomes adrenaline. Where anxiety becomes happiness.

“I suppose so..”

That’s all the approval the Neko needed before he grabbed her by the hand, whisking her off her chair and soon into the bright starry night in the town.

therapardalis  asked:


The man didn’t look very intimidating: he was shorter, sharply dressed, and groomed well. However, his eyes told a different story. His rich, dark eyes showed close to no emotion as he flashed a small grin. “You look like fun,” he purred as he made his way to the woman. His voice was light, almost sing-song like. Just another thing to add to his odd appearance. “Let me introduce myself; I’m Jim Moriarty. A specialist, in my own way. But, enough about me. Let’s get to know you more~”

Sakamaki: turned on. Requested by anon.

You had walked in on them after the had just gotten out of the shower. And the way they looked their hair dripping. Their muscles wet with water rolling down their flawless flesh. And watching the muscles ripple under their skin as the moved. More importantly their towel hung low in their hips showing their v which lead to sinful thoughts to bubble inside your mind.

He smirked as he was able to smell the lust in your scent.
“Heh lewd woman.” He purred as he closed in on you, backing you on to the bed. “You came in here hoping to see me nude did you not? Maybe I should punish you.”

He was about to scold you when he smelt your lust as stopped.
“Lewd woman, with basic needs like this. Very well, darling, go to the playroom and be really to receive me. I’ll be there shortly.” He smirked as his eyes flashed with his own lust.

“Basketball practice-” he stop as he saw you squirm on the bed. “Heh of course you want Yours Truly.”
“N-” cutting you off right there,
“Don’t worry Your truly is more than happy to satisfy you.”

@awakenedfatesnsfw && Charlotte

     How long had he watched Charlotte? It felt like an eternity
     now, though they’d only known one another for little over a
     year, but he’d never been able to get over just how beautiful
     she was. Her body was something most noticed at first, of
     course - even he hadn’t been exempt of that - but the longer
     he’d fought at her side the more he noticed just how attractive
     the blonde was. Strong, smart, beautiful, cunning… 

     He couldn’t take it any longer. It was late at night, the two
     on patrol together when Kaden decided to finally make his
     move. Coming up behind her the kitsune wrapped his arms
     around her waist, bringing the blonde back against his chest
     as he purred softly.

     ❝ You know, you’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever
     been so lucky to know…~ ❞

Lacey and Aludra- Continued

Aludra purred softly, holding the smaller woman to her chest. “Baby? Are you awake?” She asked quietly, her hand running through Lacey’s hair. They would be leaving later that day, and Aludra had made sure everything was perfect. She’d checked all of the requirements for leaving in their ‘ship’ and it seemed everything would work out fine. She was excited, of course. A little nervous about seeing her family again, but mostly enthusiastic. She leaned in to kiss Lacey’s cheek, the hand in her hair moving to her back.

I got the new dishwasher installed and it’s purring away quietly as I write. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as it should have been. Both of the water valves under the sink were corroded and couldn’t be closed, so I had to shut of the water main and replace those first. Grr. Oh well, now we have shiny new valves, too, and with the water softener we recently had installed, hopefully everything will last a LOT longer! :-D


The only thing that could have truly completed the moment would be if she had ridden in a limousine rather than a taxi cab. As proud and as stubborn as she was the lady insisted upon meeting him at the affair rather than make the journey with him from his apartment.

          Though the ride home could be shared should he so choose.

When the vehicle came to a halt a man dressed in white opened the door, standing aside for the party guest to remove herself from the vehicle. She lifted one bare leg from the car, followed by a purple-gloved hand.

Immediately she met his fingers, daintily trailing her fingertips up his palm; she could not see his face behind the mask that he wore, but there was no mistaking the particular form of the informant hidden behind glitter and feathers.

“Good evening, Kind Gentleman,” the woman purred, lifting herself from the cab with his help. Her free hand balanced a golden mask in front of her face, hiding everything above her chin, “To whom do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?”