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stop ! telling ! chronically ! ill ! people! “at least it’s not cancer”

you are not reassuring me, and I know many others feel the same way

you are making me feel invalidated, that my complaints are unjustified, that I can’t complain about my own illness bc ‘other people have it worse’ 

suffering doesn’t need to be compared

illnesses are different. they don’t need to and can’t be compared

and stop implying that we should be happy and content that it’s not something worse. it feels a lot like you’re trying to silence us

ok, i’m just gonna go off for minuet here, and im also not best with wording, so here’s apology in advance.

but… can we not having token colored characters? like, i’ve been seeing this alot in taz, especially with Taako. some people have actually been very good regarding this issue, but others…. not so much. As to be expected in most, if not all, other fan bases too, this issue is quite frequent.

already enough people making all of their headcannons straight up white. but i’d rather have white interpretations than this bs i’ve been noticing. you can’t just slapping on colored skin on character and claiming “HEY LOOK THEY’RE [INSERT RACE/ETHNICITY/COLOR], SO I’M NOT RACIST, GIVE ME AAAALLL AWARDS!” like are you fucking serious??

if you’re going to make characters POC, fucking own it. stop giving them dark skin with white features. all you’re saying is that POC are only good for their skin color, and nothing about them is inheritly gorgeous beyond fetishization or demonification of their skin. that they’re only pretty with white face.

instead, start giving them features beside their skin color. yall white people, proving that you actually give shit about POC beauty instead of focusing on “”“"glowing brown skin!!!!”“”“ and ignoring everything else that making them beautiful.

if they’re indian, why did you give them no bushy eyebrows?

if they’re arab, why did you give them straight nose?

if they’re indigenous, why do they have short hair?

if they’re black, why do they have naturally straight hair?

if they’re asian, why do they not having any ethnic folds?

if they’re latinix, why are their eyes blue?

these are just some out of many, many, many questions you should being asking yourselves. if answer is anything amoung lines of “preference/easier to draw/look nicer/character is insecure about it/ect” then you should reeeaaaally reconsidering your decision in first place. not to even mention whole new level of complexity when it come to headcannons based on personality, which is arguably much worse. but back to my point.

just face it. you’re not being inclusive. you’re selecting features you consider “pretty” and paint them on white base. i hope my message is getting across, but do anyone else realizing what i am saying and how disturbing it is?

come on, end this fake ass inclusive shit.

stop treating POC as your inclusive vendetta.

start treating POC as real people with their own individual traits unique to them and with their own lives and cultures.

start treating them as they are.

for every single one of them is just as valuable, precious, and gorgeous as you hold your white idealizations to be.

Emile Out~

AU: Cocoon. It’s pretty stand-alone, though.
Pairings/OT3: Jongyu, Jongtae, Ontae, Onjongtae
Rating: R ???? For language and innuendo and fairly non-explicit discussion of kinks. 
Word count: 2800~
Content warnings: Mentions of food, mentions of various kinks. ETA: also there’s a short mention of someone choking on and coughing up a bite of food. It’s not vomiting exactly, but…vomit-adjacent I guess. 
Additional notes: This was heavily inspired by a conversation that @sluthyun and I had a couple months back about Jinki telling Jonghyun about his kinks. I forgot about this fic in my WIPs folder and then found it again yesterday and finished it up. Also, the chronology of this installment isn’t super crucial, but I imagine it happening shortly after “Cozy.” 

The thing about string cheese, Taemin thought, was that he was never quite sure if he liked it or not. It was certainly fascinating, and it was deeply satisfying to eat from a tactile and visual perspective, as he peeled away strands from each side of the slim length of cheese. But did he like it? He put one strand into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. He honestly had no idea.

Jonghyun was saying something to Jinki, in that soft, low voice that he used when he was saying something especially vulnerable and earnest. Which, granted, was a very frequent occurrence but Taemin felt he should probably listen. He lay sprawled on the carpet for a few moments longer, chewing the cheese and letting the soft notes of his boyfriend’s voice wash over him, not bothering to pick the stream of sounds apart into words, and then Jonghyun’s tone sharpened ever so slightly, and Taemin realized that he was saying Taemin’s name, and likely had been for some time.

Taemin tried to respond, realized too late that he was still chewing, and promptly choked. He sat up in a panic, coughing wildly until a wet clump of cheese flew back out of his throat, bypassed his waiting palm, and landed on the carpet.


He picked it up and popped it back into his mouth, and smiled genially at Jonghyun, who was staring down at him from his spot on the sofa with his forehead furrowed and his mouth slightly open. Worry? Confusion?

“You just ate it off the floor?” Jonghyun said, his voice crescendoing just the slightest bit. Ah. Disgust.

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Of All the Gin Joints - Chapter Two

sorry for the delay in this chapter guys! the third should be coming much quicker! i hope like it!

Ch1 - A New Lead

for @starlessness my bby

@lenfaz @ofshipsandswans @the-reason-to-sail-home @the-captains-ayebrows

                                             2 - Liar, Liar

18 October 1945 - 10:00pm

Central Park

Emma Swan was wet. And cold. And furious.

She had been sitting for two long, lonely, hours on a bench in Central park while sheets of icy rain poured steadily over her, waiting for Liam Jones to appear and talk business with one of his associates. According to Killian, he was supposed to have been at the meeting place at eight o’clock, but the time had come and gone without so much as a rustle in the bushes or a footstep on the path. She waited another hour, giving Killian the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe he had gotten the time wrong, but by ten she was forced to accept that she had been duped. That rat bastard had lied to her, lied straight to her face, and the worst part was that she had known it was too good to be true. Her gut had told her that something was off about Jones’ eagerness to sell out his brother, but had she listened? No. Of course not. Because the notion that she might actually have a chance to nab Liam Jones had been too sweet to resist.

Absolute idiot. What happened to not being fooled by a pretty face, huh? You’re better than that, Swan.” She berated herself as she walked home, stewing over the particulars of their meeting, reflecting on every minor detail of their interaction to find where the hell she had gone wrong.

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my biggest hope is that at the end of teen wolf when the epilogue starts with the typical scott voice-over, that he will talk abt the pack much later. like a few years into college or after or w/e and they show how everybody’s doing and it ends with the pack meeting or something and someone asks where stiles is bc he’s the only one missing and scott’s like “stiles’ has a date” with this rly pleased look on his face and the scene cuts to stiles, walking into a coffee shop and up to a guy at a table and you cant see who it is, like only a mocha and a hand hlding a book are in the shot and stiles says “long time no see" and smiles and the guy looks up and turns out it’S DEREK HALE P;LEASE GODS LET ME HAVE THIS

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i REALLY hope that malias flashbacks with stiles don't include the sex scene or any of their kissing scenes bc that would be awkward af for lydia like " oh right i forgot you dated the love of my life" they should really add the breakup scene tho😏

Daaamn that would be awkward. I didn’t even think about that. Oh jeez. 

…maybe she won’t even get flashbacks? Maybe it’ll be all Scott and Lydia? Stiles’ two soul mates. 

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i feel like ppl should be conscious about what 5sos should and shouldn't do bc scrolling through ur blog i'm starting to realize how little we really know about them? like we act like we know them and their lives but as soon as we actually start to get to know them we regret it because we start to know bad things they've done and bc they're our idols we're much more unforgiving. as fans pErSoNALLy i think it's best to stay a respectable distance from their personal lives and focus on their music

its difficult to do that tho. like i think that’s what some ppl dont understand. 

i used to be way more obsessed w 5sos but this break has allowed me to take a step back and now i can look at things more objectively and stop idolizing them. i managed to do it, but for some ppl it’s very hard bc 5sos are quite literally everything to them. there’s nothing wrong w that bc i know the band has saved many ppl. but others who have managed to distance themselves shouldn’t assume that each and every fan can do the same. we’re all different people with different experiences and different mentalities. 

so its actually quite rude and ignorant when other (pretentious) fans say “why r u so obsessed with who they date!!! just support them for the music!!!” cos like…..just because it’s easy for u to distance urself doesnt mean its just as easy for everyone else. that’s what most ppl need to understand x


Haven - Isaac Lahey

Request ;; an isaac imagine where he calls you his ‘safe haven’ ?? you can decide why or what happens around that, also so so much fluff please. thanks, i love your writing x 

A/n ;; I listened to ‘i get to love you’ by ruelle whilst writing this and i know this isn’t a songfic but you should totally listen to that while reading this bc it makes it 100% more adorable :)))

Warnings ;; mentions of abuse and so much fluff holy shit

Words ;; 1,099


Stay safe + ily🌛

*   *   *

The sound of your window being slowly opened and someone stumbling through, knocking a few things off of your dresser as they tried to balance out their landing, awoke you from your slumber. Shooting up from your position, a small gasp escaped from your lips before you recognised your boyfriend’s tall figure and your muscles relaxed immediately.

“Isaac,” You breathed out, reaching over to your bedside table to flick your lamp on; the room emitted into a dull light as you shoved the covers away from you, you made your way over to him, your eyebrows raised in concern; any trace of sleep which you previously felt vanished when you saw his shaken persona.

“Did I wake you? I-I’m sorry, I just needed to see you,” He muttered, his voice small and shaky. Placing your soft hands on either side of his face; he leaned into your touch and your eyes darted across his bruised face, examining the damage his father had done to him this time.

“No, it’s okay, I'm glad you’re here,” You whispered, your (y/e/c) eyes locking with his teary but beautiful ones. Leaning in closer, you pressed a soft, chaste kiss to Isaac’s lips: having to stand on the tips of your toes in order to do so.

“Me too,” He murmured, momentarily resting his forehead against yours.

Lacing your fingers with his, you mumbled a quiet “come on” and lead him into your bathroom. It was routine for the two of you at this point, Isaac would climb through your window late at night, covered in bruises and cuts. Your heart ached every time you heard your window open because you knew that it had happened again and as much as you wanted to do something about it, Isaac repeatedly told you not to, that he didn’t want you to.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” You asked softly, beginning to clean the vast cut above his eyebrow whilst he held an ice pack against his cheek, you muttered a few quick apologise every time Isaac winced. 

“It was the freezer,” He whispered, not wanting to explain further into it. His eyes bloodshot, bruises and scratches were scattering his skin, his hair dishevelled- which he had run a stressed hand through every couple of minutes. 

Sighing, you didn’t say anything- you knew when he didn’t want to talk about it so you just wrapped your arms around him; he buried his face in the crook of your neck, breathing in the smell of your just-washed hair. His shaking arms clutched around your waist in despair as you ran a hand through his curls soothingly. You felt his tears on your skin and you hugged him tighter, his body shaking as he tried to hide his sobs but you knew. You always knew. 

The feeling in your stomach made you feel uneasy, you hated what his father would do to him. You hated knowing that every time Isaac goes home, there’s a chance that he might not come back to you. And that doesn’t settle well with you and you knew it didn’t settle with him also, which is why you didn’t understand why he wouldn’t let you tell anybody.

“I just wish you would let me help you, you don’t deserve this,” You closed your eyes, the familiar tears springing up in your eyes but you pushed them down rapidly, slowly pulling away from the desperate hug when his sobs had calmed. Wiping away his stray tears with your thumb, you helped Isaac back into your room, his ribs were bruised badly and he had a limp.

Flicking the light off, both of you lay down in your bed, Isaac pulled you closer so you’re head was resting on his shoulder and his arm wound around you as the two of you got comfy and wrapped up in the sheets. “Y-you help me more than you think, (Y/N), you’re the reason I keep going, you’re my home.” He whispered to you, his voice slightly scratchy from the crying as his fingers tracing random patterns on your cheek lovingly. 

You smiled at him, the proximity of your faces and bodies making you feel completely loved, you couldn’t help but cuddle even closer to him at the confession. You’d thought he would stop there but he didn’t. He wanted you to know exactly how he felt about you, he thought the absolute world of you and nothing would ever change that. He knew you were the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“I need you to know that you’re the only person I have, everybody always leaves, but you didn’t. You stayed, you’ve stayed with me throughout all of this and I need you to know much you’ve helped me. I can’t even explain it, you don’t even know how much you mean to me and it’s crazy to think because I should be telling you every second of every day. You’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, to see your face every morning and every night. You’re my safe haven. And I love you, so god damn much that it hurts.”

You didn’t think that words could even describe what you were feeling at that moment, the smile on your lips couldn’t sum up how happy you were when you were with him. You didn’t even know he thought that highly of you and now you knew, and you loved him even more than you did five minutes ago. So instead of answering, you pressed your lips to his in a sweet kiss, your soft lips moving in sync with his in probably the most passionate kiss you’ve shared.

When you pulled away, the smile on your face could’ve lit up the dark room. “I love you so god damn much that it hurts too, Isaac Lahey,” Wiping away a tear of happiness that fell, he laughed for the first time that night, you laughed with him before pulling him in for another kiss, smiling against his lips, the feeling of euphoria even higher than ever. 

“We just had a cheesy couple moment, we agreed not to have those!” You laughed aloud, the realisation suddenly dawning on you.

Isaac grinned, pressing his lips to yours once more before wrapping his arms around you, “I don’t care, you’re adorable and it needed to happen.” 

“I’m not adorable, you’re adorable.” You sighed contently, pressing a lingering kiss to his collarbone, making him smile.

“Shut up, you are.” Isaac chuckled, it was moments like these that the two of you loved the best. The moments where nothing else mattered except each other. 

“Did you just tell me to shut up? I take it back, you’re an ass.” You joked, lightly hitting him on his chest and he grabbed your hand with his larger one, lacing your fingers together.

“Don’t make me tickle you.”

“Bring it, Lahey.”


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I'm a pretty dysphoric trans boy and with the way my body currently is I'd never have sex. So naturally Mogai tries to tell me I'm a 'heterosensual demi-biromantic lithosexual ace'. Sometimes when I make posts talking about dysphoria and how it affects my sexuality, aces even tell me I won't 'need to transition' and I should learn to overcome my 'Internalized aphobia' and that 'allosexuality is not worth transitioning' and it makes me so fucking sick. Sure. I'm only transitioning bcs of sex. /s

um highkey this is so horrifying… I’m so sorry my dude you don’t deserve this at all. You know what’s best for you and your body, you know why it’s best for you, and anyone who acts like they understand your motives better than you (or god forbid accuses you of only transitioning just for sex) is disgusting and transphobic. I’m sorry you have to deal with people acting like they know better than you what should be important to you. You deserve support and help as you transition. Good luck friend <3

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Terfs claim they don't believe in gender identity, so nobody is allowed to have a gender, we have to be reduced to our genitals. They don't think trans women should be lesbians or allowed to use women's restrooms and locker rooms. They prioritize the rights of only people with vaginas specifically to deny trans women support for being feminine. They're exactly like anti-gay politicians who are anti-gay themselves bc they hate being female and refuse to identify as nb or trans. Isn't that funny.

Another explanation for anon 

I’ve eaten more calories in a much less structured manor this weekend and it was mostly fear foods and now I’m scared and feeling guilty as fuck 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 how do you make sense of things that should be success actually feeling like massive disgusting failures bc idk

I find it kind of interesting how making holocaust jokes and “i hate jews” or “muslims are terrorists and should die” jokes are considered the norm and ok but if you make jokes about white or straight people dying or being horrible suddenly youre a triggered feminazi whos an idiot for generalizing an entire group of people


      ❝   what’s   on   the   agenda   today   ?   or   should   i   say   whom   ?   i’m   dying   to   know   who   to   use   my   new   toys   on   .    ❞