is that a tuskaninny

i’m doing my favorite thing to do on neopets which is look up the names of various people/characters to see what’s up and right now i’m looking for the gang…..

  • charlie kelly is a blue bori whose owner has apparently not been on the site in SOME time
    • charlie day is a blue lupe, abandoned
  • DENNIS REYNOLDS IS A BABY KOUGRA whose owner has also abandoned him, it seems
    • glenn howerton is a starry grarrl.
    • also of note is that i have a pirate eyrie named glennison.
  • dee reynolds is a yellow acara, sweet dee is a cloud gelert, and sweet dee reynolds is a blue jubjub. all three of them have been abandoned
    • there is no kaitlin olson.
  • mac mcdonald is an (abandoned) blue tuskaninny
    • rob mcelhenney is a blue buzz. he’s in the pound right now if anyone wants to adopt him!
  • frank reynolds is a green meerca. his owner had their account frozen, fittingly enough
    • danny devito was an elderly bruce, but his owner ALSO had their account frozen.

I am seriously disturbed by labor practices in Altador. Why does the tuskaninny waitress apparently lose her job after making five mistakes when she is the only neopet working the slushie concession area during the most anticipated sports event of the year (and in fact the only time the slushie concession area is even open)? Why do customers have to return what appear to be plastic, gas station-grade slushie cups rather than dispose of the cups themselves? Is the tuskaninny waitress being told by her boss that she has to reuse those cups, and that’s why they need them back? Is that why she gets in trouble if she drops them? King Altador should really consider some more strict labor laws, and maybe founding a health department to look into these shady business practices.