is that a tuskaninny

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look i dont know much about neopets but i did some research and the tuskaninny pictures just seem very Bubby to me. I don't understand the brushes but, if ya have time, any brush + tuskaninny patrick would probably be the greatest


uh oh who’s ready for some OPINIONS

Perfect neopets: Skeith, Aisha, Acara, Bori, Hissi (pre-conversion)

Good, but almost boring: Gelert, Blumaroo, Tonu, Ixi, Gnorbu, Peophin, Lenny, Korbat, Grarrl

Weird but good: Jubjub, Quiggle, Nimmo, Kiko, Usul, Tuskaninny, Buzz, Zafara, Moehog, Grundo, Meerca, Ruki, Ogrin

Boring, but fill a necessary niche: Wocky, Kau, Eyrie, Uni, Lupe, Cybunny, Kougra, Pteri, Xweetok

??? tier: Poogle, Jetsam, Chomby, Krawk, Yurble, Hissi (post-conversion), Lutari, Kyrii

Make me angry but I can’t do anything about it: Chia

Eh.: Bruce, Flotsam, Kacheek, Elephante, Mynci, Shoyru, Techo, Koi, Draik, Vandagyre

Tanuki’s Introduction

I guess I finally felt like introducing myself.

Hi. I’m Tanny, I’m a 19 year old female who strongly dislikes the sun. Tammy’s not my real name, but I’m using it for the time being. Privacy and all that jazz.

Anyways, I got back into Neopets recently and I think I’m hooked. Hardcore. My current goals are to make a nice looking glass gallery, to get a Spotted Tuskaninny and a Custard Aisha, and to get one of my pets into the gourmet food club. I also want to collect all the avatars and hopefully get some trophies.

Some other stuff about me:

• I love banana bread

• I am perpetually tired

• I like eating. A lot. I also think glass is super pretty

• My favourite Neopets are Boris, Rukis and Vandagyres

• I’ve recently gotten into Depeche Mode, and I love their music

• Tanuki are cute lil creatures and I want a Neopet based on one

Feel free to add me on Neopets :D. I’m on pretty much every day, and I sometimes post on the NC, though I’m still a little nervous about doing so.

I am seriously disturbed by labor practices in Altador. Why does the tuskaninny waitress apparently lose her job after making five mistakes when she is the only neopet working the slushie concession area during the most anticipated sports event of the year (and in fact the only time the slushie concession area is even open)? Why do customers have to return what appear to be plastic, gas station-grade slushie cups rather than dispose of the cups themselves? Is the tuskaninny waitress being told by her boss that she has to reuse those cups, and that’s why they need them back? Is that why she gets in trouble if she drops them? King Altador should really consider some more strict labor laws, and maybe founding a health department to look into these shady business practices.

“The other day I was walking home from the bus after college. Even though it’s November, I was wearing this because I’m in Florida and damn Florida’s hot. 

"So I was “catcalled” twice in the 15 minutes it takes me to get home from the bus stop. The first time was a construction worker who yelled at me, “Yeah, I see you, baby!” I looked back expecting to see him yelling as his girlfriend or something, but nope. He and I were the only two outside at the time and he was looking right at me. I looked away and continued walking, and then soon after I saw him get in his car and drive toward me. He didn’t stop but he was staring at me as he drove.

"The second time that day I was walking, still shaken from the first guy, and another guy in a pickup truck honked twice at me (I was on the sidewalk, so it’s not like I was blocking the road) and when I looked over at him, I saw him staring at me, also. He just stared until he drove away.

"I’m also gonna add another story from about a year ago but I don’t have a picture of the outfit. To be honest it’s pretty similar to the one pictures above, it’s the same shorts, but I was wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt and black boots. I was walking to the grocery store and this guy yells at me from across the street asking me to stop. Being the trusting person I was, I expected him to ask for money or something because he looked homeless. Either that or I’d dropped something. I don’t know why I stopped but I did. So the guy runs across traffic to my side of the road. He starts calling me beautiful and stuff so I thanked him and tried to walk away. Then he asks me for my number so we can talk on the phone so we won’t be lonely as we walked. I told him I don’t give out my number, so he offered to give me his and I could call on anonymous. I still declined. Then he asked me if I was seeing anyone, and I told him I was. He said, “Well if anything happens between you two, let me give you my number so we can talk.” This was a middle-aged, dirty looking man. So I declined and told him I had to leave. Luckily he let me leave.

"And then that same day once I actually got to the grocery store, I had to cut in front of some older guy walking through the aisles because I was trying to find cake batter. I apologized for walking in front of him while he looked at the shelves and he said, “You could walk circles around me, I’d watch you all day.”

"It doesn’t seem to matter what you wear or what your body type is, clearly. I wore fairly modest shorts and I’m a chubby girl. I still got harassed.”

Submission from literally-a-tuskaninny

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street harassment really looks like. Submit your own to or via tumblr.