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Anyone u want in tigh highs cause its cute af... How abt all ur characters? Nothing but tigh highs.

Have a Sonic bc he came first to my mind and I haven’t drew him “naked” in a long time

I wish I could do this with my OCs but 1. Tumblr doesn’t like OCs 2. I have too many but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED I’m probably gonna draw the other official chars in tigh highs too bc hhhng but it’s been done already

They never tell you that it’s going to be this hard.
That the loneliness will find you in every little thing, gripping your wrist with cold fingers and jerking you back to remember again, and again, and again.

It happens when I catch myself in the process of setting the table for two.
It’s the extra pillow in a bed that feels too big.
The TV blaring in the background so that I don’t feel so alone.
The way there’s nobody to call me by my nickname.
It’s the coldness in my hands
and the way your number always goes to voicemail but I can’t seem to stop calling because I’ve forgotten how to go to sleep without saying goodnight.

It’s a new tide each day, 
wave after wave crashing over my head;

it’s you telling me that you don’t love me

—  It’s the little things // I. Song
I’m sitting in the airport, and there are a thousand people in this building crying with happiness while they come home, and I’m just sitting here, in this stupid plastic chair with a mediocre coffee, and I’m wondering, if going home is such a good thing, why doesn’t it make me happy, too?
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2014

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I have seen you mentioned on twitter about something that you have written for BIn but was to painful to include in the actual story? Idk...Something about Robin asking for a break? I might be wrong but if I'm not would you ever consider posting that here on Tumblr as a one shot? A 'What would have been' kind of thing?. If not totally understand <3

Oof. Okay, well, if ya want it…. This is the first version I wrote of Robin following her inside during Henry’s party. It got away from me a little, you guys, and so I brought it to some friends for consideration and we decided that while a lot of what was said probably needs to be said, it was just too depressing – especially with ROBIN being the one sort of giving up on them here. So I went back to the ORIGINAL intent of the scene, and wrote what you ended up seeing in that guest bedroom. Which ultimately, I think is the right decision for them. But here’s the painful version, since a few people have asked now…. 

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I remember awhile ago (like at least a few years ago) you did an art promo thing (you might've done it again recently but I haven't been too on top of my dash lately), are you planning on doing anything like that again in the future?

I can!!! :> I originally stopped when my friends organized the “pkmnart” tag and lots of artists on tumblr started using it. instead I would just browse work from that tag! ^^

that being said, if you’re reading this and you
happen to make and post your own Pokemon art, please reblog this post with your art tag and I’d be more than happy to take a look and queue/reblog some of your work, so long as it is kid-friendly! 🌸

…so…I impulsively made these yesterday*.  The three dresses, on the left, are Blythe size, and the bottom center shirt and skirts on the right are Barbie size.

Do you think they’d be worth putting on Etsy? They’d all be under $10 each (yes, the dresses use the $5 Winks pattern, but these are all decorated, which is not done to Winks.)  The last batches of things I’ve listed there haven’t done so well, so I’m now…hesitant…to list things, especially since I haven’t been keeping up with Blythe, and Barbie stuff never seems to do well.

I’d be willing to sell through Tumblr, too (I’d take better pictures!), but Etsy at least has the ‘listing is up for four months’ thing (and potentially larger market), whereas bloggy sales posts from me are always things I want finished as fast as possible (+ oh, wait, none of my dollyfriends have any money either…)

(Thinking about this is why I didn’t use up all the dinosaur print cloth–I could have made more, but why, if no-one wants it.  I mean, sure, I’d keep and use what wouldn’t sell, but my dolls have a limit to how many earth tone dinosaurs even they might wear.)

*and the patchwork they’re laying on was done impulsively the day before that, cutting last weekend’s impulsive patchwork into squares and alternating with squares of a contrast cloth.  I get stuff done when it’s done impulsively, yes, but it’s at the expense of not-doing the things I’ve been planning to do or even need to do.  So.

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Do you have any tips for artists who starting out? I'm new to Tumblr and want to post some of my artwork but too nervous to :(

My first rule is to NEVER compare your art to other’s. We’re all different, we all learn at different times. Flowers are pretty, but so are the stars. And they are COMPLETELY different.

Don’t be so hard with yourself, don’t feel pressured by other artist out there.

Draw as often as you can, the more practice, the better!

Also, the more important thing, is to put your feelings whenever the pencil touches the paper. Never draw if you don’t feel like it. 

Happy Munday!

Name: Kristóf

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Been on Tumblr: about 0.75 years

Blogs: @yordleassault @abe-the-flaying-devil @wander-with-spirits @arcane-storm @trail-of-blood

In honor of Munday, feel free to ask things things about me!

I’m tagging you to do the same, let’s make this a thing! (Or don’t do it, if you don’t feel like it, it’s up to you!): @keeper-not-hero @tiny-mastermind-of-evil @veigarthevile @ask-scarlet-the-playful-clown @lastscoutstanding @assistant-of-evil @ask-poppy @soulsurvivcr @captain-teemo-locked-and-loaded

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I totally understand how you feel about the Flash at the moment. I've been the same way myself & it's hard to explain to some my coworkers (who are so in love with the show & we'd usually have discussions about it) that I'm having trouble watching it because of the whole WestAllen thing & Flashpoint. Even now I only prefer the first two seasons & if I need more Grant in my life, go back to the couple of episodes he was on Glee.

Right??? Like I tried to not let it bother me in season 2 (but tbh Iris was really annoying me) and from what I’ve seen on Tumblr it’s been so focused on saving Iris when Cisco lost his brother and Caitlin is trying to prevent from becoming Killer Frost, and the only mention I see of it is Iris telling people that they need to change Caitlin’s future too. And of course people listen because it’s Iris.

I really shouldn’t get into ranting about this again haha. But Grant in Glee was my life I loved him and his character so much.

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Someone tried to talk to 2moms respectfully, asked her to step sends hate. And was called snogger. This woman is disgusting. Sorry... I wish she would leave the tumblr and this fandom and never come back!!!! :(

I know I must repeat myself but the only thing I can say is block what or whom you don’t like…. and if you want to make it really sure block those who reblog too…
I can’t change how she respond to ppl it’s her blog and she can say what she wants…. it doesn’t matter if I like it or not. Everybody has the choice on how to interact on their own blog she has her style and I have mine… and everybody else has one too.
I can only tell you just visit blogs who make you happy and you will be able to enjoy this place again ☺️☺️

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I'm really late to the Karina love train cuz I was at work being a human snark machine. I love you. You know that. You're probably one of if not my longest lasting tumblr friendship. I know you're not any of the things you've been labeled and you know it too. I think your blog as a whole proves who you truly are, despite what very few people want others to believe about you.

Steph don’t be so nice to me! I have no idea what to say when you are it confuses me!

Originally posted by canonspngifs

No but it all honesty Steph I never ever doubt you. I know there is no bullshit with you. You say what you mean always and you are the longest tumblr friendship I have. I am not letting go of that and I am never gonna let people walk all over you when you don’t deserve any of the crap that is thrown your way. If that means I am a manipulative bitch to some so be it. I love you too <3

Originally posted by darlingcap

(Be as grumpy as you want I am still gonna hug ya!)

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ok totally random question but i just need to know. do you think its normal (and maybe even okay) when friends bully each other? bc i see that all the time here on tumblr and it makes me really sad. so called 'friends' calling each other horrible names and saying its what best friends do and its all fun and games. and i'm just like? no? they dont? (i personally have been bullied my whole life by 'friends' and realized too late that they meant all these things but concealed them as jokes :/)

well that depends because sometimes it genuinely is a joke and the people involved in it have no problem with it and they have an agreement because they know it’s all play so that’s not a problem (good communication is key), but sometimes there are people who say mean things to others and call them “jokes” when the other person gets mad or upset in order to discredit their feelings and that’s when you should be worried, because if you’re not comfortable with it the other person should stop immediately

this definitely isn’t for everyone and it’s not a bad thing that you’re not comfortable with it! people shouldn’t force you to act like that if you don’t want to but there are people who genuinely don’t mind that kind of thing

Daily Love and Support #19

Yo, it’s that time again for some love and support, let’s get started; 

@sunnynogas-den : Amazingly wonderful artist who makes awesome and cute art on a awesome blog with a cool name (Art blog:

@explodingtreefrog : Fantastic artist who makes awesome art/sketches of cool things including a awesome braixen, amazing blog and cool name as well (Sometimes lewd)

@pandroids : Outstanding artwork by an amazingly talented artist who has a fantastic blog full of awesome stuff, 10/10

@furry-punk-weirdo : Excellent art, awesome artist, cool  blog and cool name too

@crushlizard : A  cool blog full of Wonderfully amazing art including awesome characters all made by a cool and talented artist with a awesome name 

@necrosquelch : Magnificent art created by a fantastic artist who runs a awesome blog with a cool name

@witchyfi  : Superb blog  with wonderful and cute art created by a cool and talented artist along with a cool and cute character as well

@harveysartblog : Marvelous art, amazing artist, awesome blog , and fantastic characters, (Occasionally nsfw) 

@thestygancorner : Stupendous blog filled with phenomenal art all made by a outsanding and talented artist, top-notch quality

And that’s all for today, more tomorrow. Be sure to follow, show love, and support these awesome people because they truly deserve it! Thanks for reading :)


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hey that voice thing you told the anon who can't take T is wrong, you may be able to lower your voice for a period of time but since your vocal chords are not thick enough to support that low of a register you'll eventually damage your voice enough to where you can't go very low at all so please don't try to naturally lower your voice as it just won't work and will in time give you the exact irreversible opposite effect you wanted

It is damaging if you push it too far. If you do it carefully and properly it can work. I dont have personal experience with it so I go by research and found many trans guys who have done it successfully

I only suggest stuff as things to try. I like to try and give some possibilities which may work rather and tell someone there is nothing they can do about anything. If they dont work or cause any problems then of course dont do it. Its not for everyone and things work with varying levels of success on different people

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hello! congrats on 1500! quick question: how do you personally keep up your motivation on a crappy day?

Hello! and thank you!

Whenever I have a bad day or am lacking motivation to workout, honestly the first thing I do is revisit my goals and browse the fitblr tag on tumblr. I do this to remind me why I am doing this and give me some motivation. Obviously, I don’t do this for too long because i would just be browsing tumblr and not working out.

If I don’t feel well or I’m tired or I just don’t feel like working out, I start small. Maybe instead of running, I’ll walk for a bit. Or instead of doing weights, I’ll do some yoga. Sometimes just doing that will make me want to kick it up a notch and do my regular workout. But if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter because I still moved by body a little bit. And also, if I workout (even just a little bit), more often than not, it puts me in a better mood! 

Everybody has their good days and everybody has their bad days. Believe in yourself because I believe in you! You got this! Success doesn’t come all at once, its a zigzag! Just remember, that even an itty bitty amount of progress is still progress.

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so i thought the whole addressing marchand as bradley kevin thing was like,,,,, not an actual Thing Thing so,, long story dhort at the game tonight i kinda lost my shit when an older gentleman next to me called him that like,,, i love it too much

Lmaooo yeah he’s been bradley kevin the whole time i’ve been a bruins fan too like i heard that from people off of tumblr. It’s just a good first name middle name combo, really feels right to say it.

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≡ ∞ Ω ?

≡ - Most recent game played.

The most recent game I played was either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (I love that game way too much), or Mother 3. Both are great games I would highly recommend!

Ω - Got any Tumblr “Senpai’s” and if so who?

Too many. I love SO many people here on Tumblr, that it would be hard to name them all, but the top ones would have to be @dailyserperior, a really nice and incredible artist, @dailyshinycutiefly, so good at things such as expressions and anatomy (surprising for a fly), @braixendaily, who pretty much has my dream style, and @dailybraixen, who makes amazing art (and shes my sister, so), and @dailyrowlet, who I think started the daily blogs, and they have such beautiful and expressive/stylized art!

∞ - How did you get into Tumblr?

Already answered!

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hey! im just really curious, where did u learn so much about astrology from? you know like everything! i love your blog sooo much btw!!

I started learning about my own placements first, seeing how each placement and aspect manifested in me and how they blended together. Then I started seeing others’ charts, reading descriptions online first then recognizing how their placements and aspects manifested in them. Then after awhile, I can see each placement as sort of a separate thing. Just a lot of research online tbh and tumblr helped a lot too