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abuse apologist discourse on tumblr: a summary

  • If you hate your kids you’re valid, uwu
  • boys who hit things and yell are valid, uwu
  • fetishizing someone is okay if you’re marginalized too
  • animated child porn is okay if it’s in fandom
  • romanticizing rape and abuse is okay if it’s in fandom
  • romanticizing serial killers and homicidal white supremacists is okay if it’s your kink
  • fetishizing child sexual abuse is okay if its your kink
  • defending & justifying the act of raping or abusing someone to a survivor and triggering them is okay if it’s in the context of fandom
  • mentally ill & neuroatypical people who are noticeably disabled are automatically abusive and should be resented and hated
  • mentally ill & neuroatypical people are physically incapable of being abusive & all their harmful behaviors that in any other context would be rightfully considered abuse magically don’t count
  • if a woman has ever been abused by or sexually assaulted by a man, then it’s impossible for her to be a lesbian
  • it’s okay to imply the previous bullet is true if you’re saying it about a fictional character that someone headcanons as a lesbian 
Spoons and spirits

This has been a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a while as a disabled spirit companion. 

If you’re anything like me, you know that it’s difficult to get through everyday things let alone metaphysical things.  Thankfully, I have amazing understanding companions.  But what can you do on your human side of the situation?

  • Acknowledge. 
    • You’re having a bad time, you let your human friends know, right?  Let your spirit ones know too.  Keep them updated.  They might just help you out more than expected
  • Chill
    • Literally just do nothing with them.  Invite them to hang with you while you read, browse tumblr whatever.  Chances are, they’re totally cool with this
  • Company
    • Keep your day available to them.  And by that I mean, if they want to, have them go about your day with you.  Go to school, grocery shopping.  Class is rarely dull with spirits commenting on things. 
  • Bedtime
    • At the end of the day, you’re probably pretty fuckin tired.  Have your join you on the bed, if you’re comfortable.  This is around the time where I astral with them and just spend some down time with them.
  • Small stuff
    • Say good morning or good night.  Things you’d tell your roommate or parents.  Just tell them how your day was, bitch, vent.  Just talk.  Best part about this is you don’t have to do it verbally. 

Relax.  Spirits have their own lives and they know we do too.  It’s okay to not be able to focus on them all the time.  And if you wanna stay connected, try some of these or add your own.

ACOTAR/TOG Theory part 1

This going to be a series of theories about the ACOTAR series and the TOG series being in the same world. I will have other people’s theories (links and tags so you can find the full version) and my own on here.

Now I decided to start with geographical and cultural similarities before we get into the “which of the cadre are illyarians??” (yes I’m going to write this, but not yet) part of it. This way we can see how the land blends into the cultures and other things. Something else I would like to say is that I’m going with the popular idea that ACOTAR came before TOG, but I will have a theories about TOG being first too.

So I’m going to use a theory created by @rayonfrozenwings this is the full theory you can check out here: Now, in that theory she talks about how Feyre saw a painting that hinted at heavy flooding and she talks about how durimg TOG there could have been a period of global warmimg. (This would meam TOG happened first). Now, since I’m sticking to the idea that ACOTAR came first, what if that exact opposite happened. What if ACOTAR took place during a time of global warming and TOG took place during a colder period of time. This would mean that the water levels would have receeded significantly. To further back this up im making maps:

If you look at @rayonfrozenwings maps she puts a map of what she thought flooding would do to a map of Erilea and put it on and it really looked like Prythian. But we’re doing the opposite so heres a tracing of Prythian or Erilea:

Now, its tilted because I was thinking, what Prythian was just downscaled (and smaller bc of flooding) a bit more than Elria. And we notice similar geographic feauters along the borders (the land will be next):

I noticed some of the land had similar bumps and places that pointed out. The top left of the night court looked similar to the western border of Terrasen. Along with the Autumn court and Belhaven.

Now for the land and its geograohic features:

Lets say the night court and terrasen are in the same area. The day court/dawn court would be around the southern terrasen/northern adarlan area. Under the mountain would be in the white fang area, and the winter court would be around Rifthold (which has extremely cold winters). The summer court would be near the bogdano jungle and inish area and the autum court would be near Fenharrow. And spring would be in Eyllwe. Hybern would obviously be the Deserted land or the western wastes because it is described as a literal desert- completely divoid of most life.

So thats how the maps are similar and could possibly be the exact same continent.

On Wednesday, Im going to post another theory about the land that is competely diffrent from this and from there the rest of theories will talk about how they fit into this chronologically.

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Also if you think “making it good in life” is having a mortgage and having kids by age 23 is smart or good then I will scream laugh in your fucking face. If you had kids you already lost. I know Tumblr is on some weird tirade against ppl who aren’t into loving children but tbh it’s healthy for me. I’m too disabled to care for a child and I am also completely detached emotionally to others. Child free doesn’t mean child hate but I RESENT them because of the narrative that dfab people literally have to have kids in order to be worth it as a human being. I don’t walk up to kids and say mean things or treat anyone unfairly, but I’m not going to lie and say I..have a desire to like them in any way. And it’s not gonna change. Motherly is the furthest thing I am. That Reddit post going around is not ‘you are valid if u hate ur kids uwu’ it’s a giant fucking warning sign to MAKE SMART DECISIONS SO YOU DON’T SHIT OUT AN UNWANTED HUMAN AND FEEL SAD FOR YOURSELF THAT YOU DON’T REALLY CARE FOR IT. How hard is that to understand. Growing up isn’t getting pregnant or sending yourself spiraling into fucking debt. It’s a journey and can go anyway you like.


Where’s Waldo… and Wilma, too. 

I may, or may not, have convinced Otis to become my Waldo, even though I don’t ever have to go searching for him, but in these crowds I’m glad he dressed up the way he did (or agreed to it anyways). The nerdiness in me wanted to dare to be different, and the creative juices went flowing. I’m surprised @otisbishop agreed to this kind of thing. I will also say that yes… I was a little frightened by the mannequins. Some of these photos are candid reactions of my fear.  

I’m excited to turn up and enjoy the entertainment tonight. @bloodbash2017 is about to be LIT! We snuck off to the Bruno Mars room. I can’t wait for the performances. 

Who else is here? Shout “Where’s Waldo” and we will both come running. 
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Hello everyone, I want to say to you all is that I value your opinions of me. I take all the words you say by heart to improve myself as a person and an artist. However, I’ve been having issues with this person on both accounts on Tumblr and Discord. Where I wished it weren’t the case, but unfortunately it is. I had to block this person from both accounts because it was an endless cycle of negativity that was affecting me in such a terrible way. I want to to explain to you all that I tried to help, gave them the best advice I could give. However, there is only so much I can do as a 16 year old. I even tried to have my Mom help, since there’s things that they said I didn’t know how respond too, I offered them to talk to her and it was fruitless. The most important thing I want to say is that I hope you all understand is if this person tries to say bad things about me, please just tell them that you don’t want to hear it or get involved. It saddens me so much that this person has caused so much drama that I had to block them forever, but it had to be done… Another thing is that I want to say is that I’m taking a break from both Tumblr and Discord for two weeks, plus this very weekend. I just want things to settle down before I come back posting art, which leaves to the art challenge… @stressaurus, @eliana55226838, and @idolaelyartist I’m so sorry I won’t be participating in the art challenge with you, a lot things have happened and I need to take a break. I’ll come back in two weeks with more art and to see you all again! I love you all so much and thank you all for your endless support, goodbye everyone. See you all very soon!  

1. Think about what you love and do your best to incorporate those things into your daily life.

2. Think about who you love and who loves you and bask in the presence of each other as often as possible. This life is much too short to give energy to toxic environments and negative people.

3. Communication is key. Do your best to express your concerns or feelings whenever possible and appropriate. Listening is just as important, for it may help you process your own emotions/needs as well as understanding theirs.

4. Pour your heart into your craft, whatever it may be. And find the time to indulge in it as much as possible. You know, do what makes you happy. Often times this can be a means of helping others, in which we gain satisfaction vicariously.

5. Take care of your body, physical health is just as important. Eat all the food you love in moderation. Take walks, swim, ride bike. There are many forms of exercise you may find enjoyable.

6. Remember that tomorrow is another day, a fresh start. You can always try, again.

7. Remember that you are just as intelligent, just as beautiful, and just as deserving.

8. Allow yourself the time to heal, allow yourself whatever amount of time that may be.

9. Discover new artists, new music, individual’s with concepts you can relate to. Drown in what moves you.

10. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting, for new experiences may lead to a new found happiness in the most unexpected places, for the most unexpected things.

—  N.M. Sanchez writing prompt #64: 10 tidbits that may help to better your mental health.
ID #16385

Name: Beatriz
Age: 16
Country: Brazil

Hi! My name is Beatriz. I’m 16 years old (17 in November) and I’m from Brazil; so I speak Portuguese and English. I’m in my last year of high school and I don’t know what I’ll do at university next year; probably I’ll apply to astronomy.

I’m really into music, I listen to anything in any language. By the way, I love to learn new languages and new cultures, I would like to send (and receive) pictures about everything… And, maybe talk by Tumblr or WhatsApp so that we can send multiple messages and photos without any email delay. But, if you prefer email, I’m cool with that too. About snail mail, I can try, but it is really expensive here in Brazil.

* Things I like: Music, cats, draws, 2D games (or games with more story, but I do like others games too), history, politics, animes and astronomy.

Preferences: Age: 15 - 20
I’m cool with any gender.
Please don’t be homophobic, racist or anything like that.
We can chat by Tumblr, Email, Whatsapp or Snail Mail.

anonymous asked:

i have a question, if you don't mind. my moon is in scorpio, and tbh i hate it. it doesn't help that everything i read about it makes it sound like i'm out to cause drama and just ruthlessly destroy ppl or something. like yeah, i have strong emotions but i hate hurting ppl and i'm always scared of doing it. i feel too big, if that makes sense. so is it just a bad placement or am i looking at it wrong?

There is no such thing as a “bad placement.” Scorpio moons have a lot of great qualities, and just because Tumblr doesn’t always talk about them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. This website shouldn’t be your only astrology resource. Especially not if it isn’t intellectually or emotionally satisfying, or if it’s distressing.

anonymous asked:

Speaking of canon things, i heard keith doesnt have a set last name? That kogane was just the last name from the 80s? Thats what i heard at least, i sadly dont have as many resources on voltron as i wish (where do yall get it anyway i wanna know more voltron too i dont have a tumblr lol)

He doesn’t have a set last name in V:LD! We just use Kogane because it’s all we have right now from the past! Idek where we learned all this dkdkd I think a bunch of fans did research when it first came out! I learned everything through tumblr tbh!!

thatglasseschick  asked:

Can I post links to your fics on AO3 tho? Additionally, I think you should try posting the whole fic on both Tumblr and AO3. Posting on the whole fic on Tumblr (with a Read More break ofc) is more likely to be reblog, because then they don't have to go to another website to see it. Just the post on your Tumblr Page.

I don’t think you posting the links to my fics will make anyone share them either. I also post on Tumblr. Been doing that ever since I started my other blog and it’s same thing, mostly a like. I do reblog fics I enjoy and if I don’t is because I either didn’t read or didn’t like.

I just don’t see why it is so hard to reblog the link to a fic you read and enjoyed. If can you do that with art, what is it gonna cost you to show support to fic writers too? I have over 500 followers and if for every link I post, the same three people (which I appreciate from the bottom of my heart) will reblog, wow, my fics must suck really bad, right?

Why do I have to change my way of posting because people can’t bother to click a button to go to AO3? To click on “Read More” will also take you somewhere else if you see it in your dash. I worked days to get eleven fics out there for my readers’ entertainment and because I love writing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need any sort of feedback.

Sorry for the long answer but I really don’t understand the logic here. “Nah, why reblog or leave a like? Silver will keep writing and posting the links, right? And when I am done reading, I’ll just go back to scroll past it. Who cares about his motivation anyway?”

hauntedjily  asked:

63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68

Thank you for sending these in!

63: What is your secret weapon to get someone to like you? I’m nice to them, and show a genuine interest in the things that they’re interested in. 
64: Where is your best friend? In the US.
65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr. Picking five is really tough. @meraudurs (currently @jilyisnotdead) is amazing. @gryffindvor is the best. @expelumos is incredible. @spookymalfoy@jilysdeath@gonejily, @padfootd, @ghcstjily, @jilydidntdie@damnstraightthesparksfly, @dailypotter, @sirxusblack, @adriansydney, @spencereid, @spenecreid, @summer-roberts, @jilydying@clarkegriffinblake, @daniels-gillies, @paullwalkers, @njmphadora, and @petuniaevans are all amazing, too ♥ Honestly, there are too many stunning blogs on this site to pick just five - especially since a lot of have been with me for ages now! [I also love the blogs I’m part of - @greysanatomydaily, @criminalmindssource, @glamoroussource, @lyriceditsdaily - which is why I joined them]
66: What is your heritage? Well, I’m of Indian descent. 
67: What were you doing last night at 12AM? Wasting away my life on probably :))
68: What do you think Satan’s last name is? I really hope it’s something friendly and quirky. Like Odenkirk. Satan Odenkirk. 

Send me a number and I’ll answer personal questions! (pretty please? ♥)

I know this comes up a lot in personality theory tumblr what with alignments but I’ve been binging The Adventure Zone and sometimes I feel like MBTI discussion gets way too close to really rigidly bad character creation

Like “You have created an ESTJ character they have minus 5 charisma and plus 2 bossing around, disadvantage in creativity” and meanwhile an actual ESTJ person reading it is just drinking a seltzer and watching Parks and Rec reruns while folding laundry and is like “wait what”

Taylor Swift/Reputation Buddy System :

Hi guys! I’m Sarah. I’m thinking of creating a little buddy system for people who want to make friends in the Tumblr TS community to talk about the excitement surrounding Reputation and other things!

If you would like to be a part of this, let me know by messaging me.

I will pair people up based on looking at the blogs and seeing who seems like they have similar personalities.

I know I have loved making friends in this community and I know @taylorswift would love it if we made friends with each other too, just as she has been our best friend for years.

If you have any questions, feel friend to send me asks/messages!

If you are interested, please reblog so more people will see this.

Thank you!!


If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 hours, or just been asleep, I have a new blog!!

It’s all about art!! And ARISTS!!! It’s a blog made just for furry artists on tumblr. I will reblog straight from the artists themselves and try to tag them to make them easy to search through (I’m really shitty at making tags lol.. if anyone has a method of tagging furry art, I’m totally open for suggestions).

Please check it out, and if you see anything you like, I suggest following the artist that posted it! Even if they don’t post regularly, you can always search their blog for art and it’s the coolest thing!

Artists are heckin awesome!




*airhorns go off*

My favorite things about Tumblr

Me: Wow, I really like this thing. I’m gonna share it cause other people might like the thing.

Other people: OMG! I really like the thing!

Me: I know right?!

Other people: Hey, check out this other thing or the thing I did.

Me: OMG! I love the thing! I must show others the thing so they can like it too.

Other people: OMG! Thank you!

Me: It’s awesome, you’re awesome. Let’s be friends. 😁

Yep, my Tumblr life. Love it!

Warning to the Ava's Demon Fandom

I posted this once but tumblr did not put it in the tags because it was a new blog so I am reposting this. I am a friend of many people who wanted me to warn you about a dangerous person in this fandom that have been victims of this person but were too afraid to do it themselves. Many people have come forward. Tumblr user ranu–///ncu///ae and their sideblog wr////athi—-a///bell//arm//ina (these urls do not have slashes or dashes in them. I was told they are urls of characters from the comic) is a serial abuser, pedophile, homophobe, transphobe, among many other things. They wanted me to post a callout to warn you because they are interacting with fairly nice people who are unaware of their intentions. Here is the callout document to warn you of this person. You can reblog this if you wish or simply tell your friends. Stay safe.

I would post the whole callout here but with how long it is it would just freeze computers up and be an annoyance. Many people in this fandom are minors so please stay safe. And there is also info about her fiancee in the callout post as well who is just as dangerous as she is and he runs her blog with her. Once again, please stay safe. 

If you have trouble seeing the link to the callout embedded in the first paragraph, here is the link:

accent tag
accent tag

accent tag!!

i’m late af but i finally pulled thru bc i got bored and had time :D

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full frontal warning: i sound dumb and my voice is annoying so pls prepare ur ears or just skip this entirely

What to do? Record yourself saying the following things:

  • Your name and username.
  • Where you’re from.
  • Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  • Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Be a wizard or a vampire?
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End audio post by saying any THREE words you want