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Then Vs. Now

Things I didn’t know back then, but I do now:

  1. To draw hair is not to draw all the different strands of hair. Hair is ONE entity, to be drawn as one shape.
  2. If you don’t get the proportions in your basic drawing right, no matter what you do, your final output is going to be awful (see left.)
  3. Smudge sticks are your best friend, USE THEM MORE THAN YOU USE PENCILS!
  4. Cheeks have shapes too.
  5. Draw shadows, not objects.
  6. Use the darkest, softest pencil you can get your hands on.
  7. 70 GSM printer paper DOES NOT last.
  8. Use a camera which doesn’t add a red coloured time stamp to the picture.

Hopefully, I’ll keep learning more :)

A thought:

Ive seen these text posts come and go from my dash “Reblog things other than Fanart” “Tumblr kills original art” so on and so forth. 

I’ve posted my OCs on this tumblr and I’ve seen your (my audience) reaction to them. I have to say that you guys have never made me feel like im obligated to continue drawing nothing but fanart.

Actually, theres been a few times now ive shown you my original work and I’ve gotten so much feedback and support from you guys I gotta say I feel truly blessed. 

I just wanna say THANK YOU to you all. 

Dabbling around fandoms is always fun, but my OCs are my actual brain children. You guys make me feel like we’re a good wholesome family.

@perplexistan yeah. i’ve wondered if it’s an older fandom thing too. new fandom seems to trend towards character-y vignettes (possibly because the social structure of tumblr as a site encourages it, and most fandom is on tumblr these days). whereas i do feel like there are a fair number of long stories in a few other pre-2005 ish fandoms i’ve browsed through. have noted elsewhere though that i do feel like the quality waterline of the writing is higher in newer fandom (at least xf fandom anyways), length/plottiness aside.

Hiatus doc.

Guys I got three entries in the doc so far. Two are done right the last one I got no idea what to do with and I search tumblr in every way I can imagine. So let me show you how too. (the link I used is from a random fic of mine and just to show you what I want you to do. 

Url: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Title: Feel Again

Link to entry:

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Genre (smut, fluff, angst): flangst (don’t post a million warnings - just a genre).

If you don’t fill it out right - I won’t add you. Sorry I am not trying to be a bitch but don’t have time to go through tumblr with a flashlight a few times a week. If it is not understandable just ask. 

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16 days? yikes. i dont know their situation but hopefully that was like therapist suggested or something?, if not take it from me as a college student, the more you skip for mental health, the worse off your mental health will be. one or two days is fine if you can catch up. otherwise youre not helping yourself you're going to make things worse. dont skip school/classes kids youll regret it later. dont let tumblr tell you that skipping a lot for mental health is a good thing

i totally understand by mental illness and to keep yourself healthy and well but literally they complained about their school being “too white and fucked up” like

damn, schools hard when you dont get your way. smh.


There’s things I do which probably make no sense to you
I understand completely why I do them but I’m terrified to tell you why
And in the back of my mind, I wonder if you ever care

I chatter too much when I get worried you’re getting bored of me
But that feels like I’m getting too much in your face
So I stop and take a step back in order to give you some space
Because all I wonder is if you’re looking at me thinking
“God, could she be anymore self-centred?
Does she really think I’ll sympathise with her?”

At least when I’m trying to be open and honest
Because you don’t do the same and it makes me concerned
I wonder if all you’re doing is getting everything from me just to use it against me after
When all I want is to know you better and for you to trust me

Because when I’m with you,
Everything is as calm as an untouched ocean and my heart is completely steady
I feel like I am just in this protected bubble and I want you to know how comfortable I am

But that changes, only because of my anxiety with you
Then my heart starts racing a thousand miles an hour imagining how you’d rather be with anyone else
That you feel like you’re dragging someone along with you, a leech you can’t seem to get off your shoulder

- @sayingsandhummings

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I need help,,,sometimes i feel like a girl and sometimes a guy but when i tell my friend she's like "oh you just spend too much time on tumblr!!" and i also told her i think i might be a nonbinary pan sexual and she??? laughed at me??? what do i do;;;;

that’s a shitty friend. give yourself time to figure out who you are..especiallt when you’re young things change a lot so just..go with what makes you feel most comfortable right now, you don’t need a fix label to determine who you are

Arcanus Custos: Keeper of Secrets

I wonder the nature of the secrets you keep

In the shrouded veils of your robe they hide and lurk.

Undisclosed desires,  wants, and hurts

Are they heavy and dark?

Are they light and sweet?

If released what would result?

Broken hearts, dead illusions and crushed hopes?

Silent keeper are they too much to uphold?

The screaming secrets that in your head roar

Guilt, fear and shame all add to your cause

Are we being selfish or are we being kind?

The reasons behind what we hide

Some things are better left

Untouched, unseen, unheard, unsaid.

My activity page looks like my tumblr is running on a 2000 B.C version. It used to highlight in blue whenever someone i follow liked or reblog my post. It doesn’t show which post anyone reblogged or liked now. And every notification is taking too much space and looks ugly. What is even the point of this update when it’s not an update at all. 😒

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Hola! First of all, I love your art so bad I stg ❤️ Now, I recently discovered that you studied something like biology or environment related (idk exactly) and I was really surprised bc I study biology and also like to draw,but I feel like studying it's taking all my time. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to make them both compatible or something, bc I feel like if I dedicate myself to one of them the other one is left out and I want to study but not let the drawing behind

Hello! Yes I have a degree in Environmental Science. 

When I was studying that in university, I don’t remember drawing too much to be honest - but I did a lot of other, non-school things. It’s all about time management, and carving out blocks of time each day where you are committed to doing certain things. 

Read this post on time management:

gI should have done that a loooong time ago, Thank you @nico-doctors-note-di-angelo, love you !

These are the rules: Rule 1: Always post the rules. Rule 2: Answer the questions that the person who tagged you asked you and write 11 new ones. Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post. Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

1-favourite TV show? Eer… Sherlock ?

2-favourite movie? Lord of the Rings (Extended version u.u)

3-first word? Gaga, my brother nickname

4-can you play any musical instruments? Piano!!! Some guitar too

5-day or night? Daaaayyyy

6-e-reader or book? Books

7-eye colour? Blue-Green

8-tea or coffee? Tea

9-apples or oranges? Apples

10-favourite thing about tumblr? The people. ( And I find everything I want on tumblr)

11-favourite food? Right now I would die for lasagna.

I tag @rasta-rebelfangirl007, @death-girl139, @ahiddennovel, @g00pchii

And my questions : 1- Sun or rain?

2- Favorite musical?

3- Favorite game?

4- Favorite book ?

5- Ever tried cosplay?

6- If yes , which character, if not, why?

7- What is the thing you really want right now?

8- What do you want to be in the futur ?

9- Something you really want to learn?

10- Dream oor reality ?

11- Favortie animal?

Go Forth & Set The World On Fire

October & everything comes alive. My blood ferments with the dust of a thousand roses; flows like a newborn river.

Everyone always remarks on eye color. Hair. The softness of a smile. But for me, it begins with a wrist. A porcelain wrist in a gray room barely larger than a broom closet. Bayesian probability on a whiteboard.

Slowly, it comes to be about the other things too. Hair. The softness of a smile. The sound of a full laugh. The cuff of a sleeve. A black coat and a khaki one, movies and songs. Books I read on my own, books I’m required to read. Walking to the subway, dark chocolate & dinners.

May & the rain has brought flowers. My blood ribbons through the canyons, scaling the sour red walls of my heart.

Everyone always remarks on what is learned. But the most important things are not taught.

I bid goodbye. Scotland is calling, and she must go, and I must let her. And maybe somewhere from a castle, she’ll look across the high seas, and wonder where divine providence will lead next, what new presents will bring.

September & I, just another foolish girl,
freshly wine stained at twenty one,
will be in New York City for one last year
without her.

I will always tell them that the Empire State gave me the brightest sunrise of my life. They will look through my journals, my scrapbooks, my photos, and ask me about the memories. I will tell them about the hope & the fear, the ugly & the beautiful. And I will tell them, of course, that I once knew an angel who went by a name that meant ‘Beloved.’

I will tell them there was a wretched time before the gates opened. Before I treaded the golden green orchard of my mind; before I plucked the fruits of the examined life. A time before I deliberated over the free & the determined, the ideal & the real.

I will tell them of the faith instilled by the Angel of the Beloved, and they will try to understand, but they will never quite decipher the grand inferno forever flowering within me.

But know this: it is her spirit alone that drives the flames; & in the tradition of the saints, I know no other way than to go forth and set the world on fire.

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I have this awful sinking feeling every time I head into a post or thread about the new Spidey movie? So much Tony hate it's looking like it's gonna tank the movie. It's that or "the trailer gave too much away". I kinda wish they didn't overuse RDJr just so I don't have to read a dozen comments a day hating on him, Tony Stark or Iron Man 😐😐😐😐.

See the thing is tumblr =/= the actual world. Cause out there in the actual world, people actually love RDJ and Tony Stark is the most beloved marvel character of the whole franchise. 

So really, don’t lose your sleep over it, cause tumblr can talk and hate and pull crap out their ass any day, it won’t change how the world sees Tony, and it should not make you feel sad for loving a character and be happy he’s gonna be featured into another movie sooner than we expected.

Marvel only cares about profit, and Tony sells = he’s gonna be featured everywhere until they can milk that cow.

How many people were fed up already with the spiderman franchise? I can tell you I was for one. Enough already, bring out some new characters rather than attempt the nth spiderman reboot, please and thank. And yet now that I’ve seen Tom Holland in action and I know that Tony is going to be in the movie, I’m excited to see what’s it going to be like. I bet I’m not the only one.

We’ve seen spidey’s story over and over, but this time we get to see something new, and more importantly, we get to see spidey among other avengers. And everyone who reads comics will tell that that’s the best spidey ever (rather than him being solo).

I’m dying to see Dad Tony™, a Tony post Civil War. I wonder if other characters will make a cameo.

Tbh if this was going to be another origin story, I would have shot uncle Ben myself, but we now know it’s not, so yay.

I think the trailers so far have followed the classic marvel build up. I don’t think the movie has been “given away”. I mean, the same could have been said for gotg2 (like, they revealed straight away the presence of Peter’s father) and yet the movie still had MANY surprised under its sleeve. People just like to complain, and complain and complain.

Block haters and surround yourself with positive people who post positive content! You’re only going to see love featured here and on @fuckyeahtonystark :D

Yeah ok so tumblr did something to my activity page and I have no idea how to reply to replies anymore, it won’t let me, so forgive me for this method.

Honestly though. There really isn’t much more they can do with Yurio at this point. He got everything he wanted except for the FS world record (and if they take that away from Yuuri too I’m going to set MAPPA on fire). I mean he certainly has room to growth as far as his character goes. You know, learn humility, compassion, respect, sportsmanship, all the things he could have learned if they had followed an Agape arc. But even going forward with that (and I doubt they will), it will be too little too late because yeah, Yurio basically has everything he wanted at this point. 

God I know. Just…just let Yuuri win gold and marry Victor. Give him all the things he deserves and been robbed from.

Eh, it’s not super clear. 

Yurio is Kubo’s creation and the first character to be named and designed. But before Kubo came along for the project, Sayo had already come up with the characters of Yuuri and Victor. Both Sayo and Kubo have said that Sayo always intended Yuri on Ice to be about the bond between a Japanese skater and a foreign coach, so Yurio could never have been the main character. Yes, Kubo saying that Yurio wouldn’t work as a main character does imply he was considering to be one, but everything we hear about the early project contradicts this. So unless they had considered taking it in a different direction at some point, Yuuri is and always has been the protagonist. And a big reason YoI got the attention and praise it received, even early on (especially early on), is the fact that Yuuri is the protagonist. So maybe MAPPA should, you know, go back to focusing on him and actually start treating him as such >>

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Do you have Notps? Especially in relation to Austen?

I have tried but I really don’t like Colonel Fitzwilliam with Georgiana, Anne de Bourgh, Kitty, or Lydia. They’re all waaaay too young for him. Plus none of them are good conversationalists, which is what Colonel Fitzwilliam is primarily praised for and seen to enjoy in the few scenes he has.

I’m… very… troubled, I guess by how Emma/ Mr. Knightley has aged. And I could be persuaded by Marianne/ Colonel Brandon, I guess, but their relationship is still one I side-eye and justify to myself as “See, Austen was inverting the sense an sensibility theme– Marianne made a sensible match, and Elinor made the less grand match based on her emotion rather than her reason.” 

I notp Snape/Lily pretty hardcore too. I mean… everyone… likes different things, but there was some tumblr post floating around somewhere saying that if Lily had had a girl who looked like her, instead of a boy who looked like James, we’d get a Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark thing from Snape and Harry which… ew. (I also don’t like Petyr Baelish/ Sansa. I just want Sansa to be happy. D:) 

Thanks for this! You always have the most interesting asks!

Should you fall in love with a writer

Should you fall in love with a writer,
I want you to remember,
She’s going to be broken,
After all, she’s seen too much
of blades, daggers, knifes and scissors.

She’s crossed small rocks and mountains,
and streams and oceans,
and beaches and deserts,
for the one she truly loved,

but after all the sacrifice,
she didn’t get too much,
in fact the only thing she received-
was unsurmountable heartbreak and a favourite poison.

But should you fall in love,
with the broken chaotic mess that she carries-
On the tips of her fingers, cautiously hid by her sleeves,
There are somethings you must know:

She will probably never love you back.
Probably, you have never been loved the way she can love you back,
But she is afraid, too afraid of love-
If she falls, she’s gonna risk it all.

Give her some time, let her know,
that with you it’ll be alright.
Don’t make promises you can’t keep,
Make sure she knows your talk isn’t cheap.

If you show her how much she means to you,
She will make you mean something too.
She will always have you in the back of her mind,
She will hate writing poetry about broken times.

She will sometimes write a work,
That’ll break your heart to read-
But smile, forget about her ex. Kiss her and tell her,
That you love her more with every single piece.

And if she does fall in love with you,
You’re gonna have to remember,
You’ll be forever immortalised
in stanzas and paragraphs.

She will spill all your secrets,
The way your naked body looks in the moonlight,
But you need to know that those essays,
They’ll never be shown in daylight.

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer as well,
write her letters- that’s what she expects.
After all, she needs written proof sometimes,
And your attempts at letters are definitive happiness.

Should you fall in love with a writer,
I want you to remember,
She’s going to be a broken mess,
but the one thing she knows is how to express.

Give her time, give her space,
Soon you’ll see,
That to her you have been
The most beautiful poetry.