is that a thing already i guess so

ok so, i’m gunna do a giveaway I guess? but its def. 18+ because its all Free Shit from my work (an online sex toy store). is there, like, interest for that?

because appearently the local homeless shelters don’t want us to donate Sex Things because it ‘might encourage people to stay longer’. >:/  so yeah, this would be a giveaway for stuff like strokers, vibrators, condoms and lube? cock rings even? We cant sell things with damaged packages so! employees end up taking home a lot of stuff to just give out to friends! and i’ve mostly loaded my friends up already, and my next mail-out day is July 6th, so i figured, why not find homes for the extras?

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Could you please give me a better grip of a First Lieutenant character? His commanding officer is a Captain. I would like to know possible routines and/or errands a man in such position would get. Even small things that could get me to understand the character better. I am also aware it's not that high of a ranking, but still..?

First lieutenants will typically either be platoon leaders or company XOs. In either case his commanding officer will be a captain, (because that’s just how the army works) but if you want him working closely with/associating with the captain, you’ll probably want him to be the company XO. You can read a post I did about XOs here, though it is a little small so if you need more info than that you can always ask for more specifics! Without knowing exactly which position he’s in there’s only so much I can actually tell you about lieutenants. 

I guess the easiest thing is the thing you already know: as far as officers go, it’s not that high a rank, so other than the automatic respect they’re guaranteed as officers, we don’t care about them that much. It’s not uncommon for a PFC or a specialist to have been in longer than a first lieutenant and to therefore have more practical/applicable knowledge. In my experience lieutenants are in purely supportive roles and it’s uncommon for them to really act as stand-alone leaders; even as platoon leaders they’re really co-leading with their platoon sergeant, and tbqh the platoon sergeant is doing the bulk of the work imo.

And in our job it was exacerbated because the lieutenants in our section weren’t required to know our jobs, but they had to oversee every aspect of our job, which made them unbelievably annoying when we were trying to work and they were trying to stick their noses into our business and worse yet when they were trying to tell us how to do our jobs and they were just like…so flat out wrong you wanted to face desk every time they spoke.

 So for me, the ideal lieutenant was one who was aware of what their role was, did it competently without either micromanaging or overdelegating, and didn’t feel the need to throw their rank around to feel important. Oh yeah, and it’s not uncommon for us to just call them LT, like the letters L-T. Certain lieutenants might not like that but when we were working in a room with a lot of officers, it was a lot easier than saying “Sir?” and half the room looking up at you.

As always I recommend taking a look at the notes to see if anyone has different experiences with lieutenants you can apply to your character. 

Also I’m being mean: I liked most of my lieutenants. They were usually a lot more chill than the other officers and were self aware and were more willing to listen when we had an issue. Some weren’t, but that’s just how some people are in the army.


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It has been a long time - A Sirius Black Imagine

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So, I guess this is a short Sirius Black smut? :) Because, in all honesty, I live for those. 

Warnings: smut, dah!


It had been a week and Sirius was already to tired to be trapped in Grimmauld Place. How could he end up exactly at the worst place he could think of beside Azkaban? Everything reminded him of prison, minus the Dementors. Though his mother’s portrait was doing the job. The only thing that made this confinement bearable was when Remus was visiting. Lately he had been accompanied with some new faces. Sirius’ little cousin, Tonks, was all bubbly and cheery.
But they weren’t visiting as often as he wished they would.
At least, tonight, they were all around the big wooden table in the kitchen.
And there was this girl who had been there the last time. She was a friend of Tonks, probably the same age. Her long black hair waving down her waist made her look like some kind of mystical creature. He felt silly to think about her this way.
He remembered how they both were playing those teenage games. She was eyeing him when she thought he wasn’t looking.
Like she didn’t know who he was.
How would somebody want some man like him? A poor reflection of which he had been, a sort of ghost from his past. A man broken by the lost years, by the constant fear, by the constant melancholy.
He was limited and restrained. There was nothing for him in this world. He’d have to live to protect his godson. That was the promise he did to James when he accepted to be Harry’s godfather. That was the only purpose he had left.
Sirius started to feel pretty depressed. He slurped his whisky and called it a night.
‘Alright, I’m going to bed’ he said, standing up.
‘Already?’ said Tonks, following him.
Sirius stopped walking and looked at the three people in front of him.
‘You can stay, I don’t mind. Spend the night.’
‘Nah’ said Remus. ‘We better get back to-‘
‘I insist. I’ll be happy to see you all in the morning’ replied Sirius, brushing his hand in his dark locks.
Remus raised his shoulders. Tonks was clapping her hands in happiness.
Sirius looked at Y/N and she was staring at him. She bit her lips and looked away. 

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pokemoon play update:

im on route 8. just got the thunder stone and evolved my pikachu, Ello, into a Raichu. My team averages around level 30. i still have Halley and he should evolve next level. Killian still needs the fire stone thing. Remmington should evolve in another level. I havent decided what to evolve my eevee, babbiewoof, into. i dont want to do sylveon tho it creeps me out a little so i deleted the fairy move. no point doing vaporeon or flareon or jolteon sinc my team already has perminent members filling those spaces. i guess id like espeon or its alternate, but i cant seem to keep eevee’s happieness up enough ??? or im doing something wrong. all the guides say “evolve your eevee at day/night” like i can just….make it evolve….ill figure it out im sure. ive got enough fucking guides tellin me what to do and yettttttttt

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I saw that someone Busted and Blue, so Im going to suggest listening to Out Of Body which is also by the Gorillaz! <3

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

okay so every song I’ve heard by gorillaz has been really good?? ive only heard 2 songs before the ask meme—guess i should check them out haha

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what are some really important pointers you have for people who want to make animatics?

this is probably gonna be a bit long so just a heads up i guess?? also please note im not a student for anything in art and am not a professional i’m just giving out my opinions on this and things based on my own experience.

  • do thumbnailing 

you don’t always have to start it with the actual frame and the drawing for thumbnailing doesn’t have to be good. this is just to let you have a feel of what you want for the final frame. it also doesn’t have to be digital you can just doodle it in some paper you found lying about. this is also good for parts of your animatics where there’s lots of movement(like dancing!) 

thumbnailing is also good for parts where you have multiple ideas! doodle all your possible ideas and see which one is best for that scene

  • perspective/angled shots

these are super cool and can help with the atmosphere of the scene! for example:

they also just look really nice and interesting and fun

  • landscapes and backgrounds

you can’t always have just a bunch of people gathered around all in one frame, you gotta show the setting of the whole thing

this also allows for your characters to move around more! don’t always make them flat like this though(this doesn’t mean you can’t do this, just don’t do it all the time)

grab a ruler or if you don’t have one like me, zoom out completely and try to make straight lines(they don’t rlly have to be perfectly straight though! but don’t make them too slanted either)

and if you have sai, free deform it and set the perspective to 100% and then just mess around with it!

also remember to add buildings/furniture/etc if needed!!

  • do dynamic poses

these help the facial expressions of the character! a lot of people seem to just concentrate on just the face for emotion but body language is also important!

you can throw in some perspective into this as well!

  • make a LOT of frames

as mentioned above, movement is very exciting!! and you can show movement with those frames. it doesn’t even have to be a lot of movement like one second they were there and now they’re in an entirely different spot, subtle movement is also very good! 

try not to reuse the same frame too much! it might end up looking very awkward 

also try not to just erase and add things to the body of a character as if it were some kind of paper doll stuck to a wall like this:

it’ll end up looking very stiff and awkward. instead, just redraw the character completely! make them move around a bit

you don’t always have to make things super clean

you don’t have to do clean lineart, just doodle a frame and make it easy to read for everyone on what’s happening. especially because drawing hundreds of frames is already so time consuming and not to mention stressful. do yourself a favor and not tire yourself out more than you should.

that’s kind of all the pointers i have. hope this helps!!!

“I don’t think I’m going to miss eighth grade.  It’s been a tough year.  A lot of my friends are struggling with depression and self-harm, and it’s hard for me to watch.  I just care about them so much.  Growing up is so hard for some people.  It’s such a big thing.  It’s your foundation, I guess.  You’re becoming you.  It’s such a big thing and we’re going through it right now.  Some of my friend…s are struggling with loving themselves and loving life.  I think they forget that we’re still learning.  They think that they’re already who they’re going to be.  They think they know the future.  And it’s going to be horrible.  And they’ll never be able to fix it.  But that’s not true because we’re still changing.  And we’ll always be changing.  Even when we’re old, we’ll be changing.”

i can’t believe my first animatic is this

i know it’s been done already but i had already started working on this dumb thing so fhjsgsjk enjoy i guESS


[shadowhunters lookbook]: hair + clary

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perhaps a tutorial about front legs?

yea sure !

i’ve already done a tutorial on back legs, so i guess this will be like the other half to it haha

so ! while a cat’s haunches are a trapezoid, a cats shoulders are like a very skinny and squished half circle. this shape is actually a simplified version of the scapula + humerus bones. it extends from the tip of the shoulder down to the elbow

some things to note about cats is that they have FLAT chests. their chests will not protrude like a dogs. yes, sometimes their fluff and fur may make it look like they have extended chests, but in reality it’s flat

the rest of the leg is fairly simple, it’s just the shoulders i notice a lot of people have problems with. so let’s draw a cat then yea?

i started with the head first, followed by the chest. you can see i used a rounded rhombus for that. starting with the chest + head can help your character feel more stable and proportional and help give weight to the character. then i threw in the shoulders and the rest.

legs are fairly simple, they will get smaller slightly towards the feet. you can make them more muscular or skinny depending on the character you want. 

HERE IS AN EASY TRICK FOR PROPORTIONS. A cat’s elbows WILL ALMOST ALWAYS align with their stomach. The beginning of the leg will align with the end of the chest. (obviously if you’re drawing super longhaired cats thats different but)

a theory regarding today’s clip

so today’s clip was wonderful, all that i dreamed of: finally a clip of relief and support between the girls. but it also left me wondering how the hell we got from yesterday’s clip in which the girls mentioned..

to today’s clip.. in which the girls mentioned..

that seems a big change overnight. i’ve seen some theories flying by and one ask received by @tarjeiandhenrik left me thinking: how did this go? bc i personally don’t think what chris told sana yesterday was a lie to make the surprise all that bigger.. it seems a bit.. unnecessarily harsh. and how would the girls suddenly know that the pm girls were fucking with sana in the first place?

well, let me tell you who did know what happened between sana and the pm girls. 

this guy. isak is the only one who knew about what made sana make the saranors account. i remember this past monday, in which sana told chris about the account, that we were all terribly frustrated with the fact that chris didn’t ask why sana made the account. and i could understand why chris would be the person to be asked bc she’s kind of the person to avoid confrontations a lot. i think it was a deliberate choice to have sana ask her, but not be asked why. because this is also strengthened by sana’s post on the flawless 99 facebook in which she says:

“ There’s not point in explaining why I did it, because it doesn’t justify anything “

she specifically mentions not wanting to explain her deal! so i don’t think sana told chris anymore between that post and the clip we got yesterday. now, that mention of “they don’t like you as much anymore”: way too cruel to not be true in the end.. to be just a diversion to surprise her even more today. my guess is that after that phonecall with chris, isak somehow got in touch with the girls and told them about sara. at that point, isak probably already knew that sana had come clean about the whole thing. maybe he’d been talking with eva already? who knows. bc here’s the thing: isak knows that sana feels that she doesn’t have anyone anymore. she told him last friday. and his response?

the clip also ended on isak’s face as opposed to sana’s face, which often indicates (to me at least) that the person who is last seen is up to something that the protagonist might not see yet. it also happened with the “du er alene” exchange, which made isak realise that there was something wrong with sana and he reached out. 

this also makes sense, if we remember who reached out today to sana:

isak once again. he knows that the girls haven’t been talking (but he might have thought they would have already since he talked to them? it could be he’s checking if they reached out already). what is most significant about this exchange: “jeg backer deg. 4real” i have your back, like 4 real. it’s a nice enough message, but i think this was done on purpose: isak really did have her back bc he told the girls sara was scheming to push her out. as a result: the girls know the pm girls were fucking with sana. 

and that was my theory, haha. i might be totally wrong here, or maybe it’ll never get explained. but in that case i’ll just run with this theory. who knows, maybe isak will tell sana on friday about it? i’m assuming eva might invite the boy squad for a nice convergence of the Ultimate Boy + Girl squad (and maybe the balloon squad as well??) Let’s wait and see!

at this point, anyone not into power rangers should definitely blacklist it because i’m not holding back anymore and this blog is now Real Power Rangers Trash.

Me, writing a philosophical literature essay at 3am: 

A long time ago, actually never, and also (now). Nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right? Like I said, it didn’t happen. Nothing was never anywhere. That’s why it’s been everywhere. It’s been so everywhere you don’t even need a where. You don’t even need a when. That’s how every it gets. Forget this. I wanna be something. Go somewhere. Do something. I want things to change. I want to invent time and space. And I know it’s possible because everything is here and it probably already happened. I just don’t know when to start. 

Seungbae, The Hero?

After chapter 23, I feel like I need to write about Seungbae from an unbiased POV. Let’s see what kind of a person Seungbae really is. Is he the hero of the story?

Reasons why Seungbae is a good cop:

1. He’s strict about law.
2. He’s focused on his job.
3. He’s good at remembering and connecting the details.
4. He wants to do good.
5. He’s motivated.
6. He has a good instinct.

Reasons why Seungbae is a bad cop:

1. He breaks the law when he thinks it’s convenient while expecting others to always obey the law.
2. He indeed ‘makes up stories’ often (even if they are true) because he relies on gut feelings a lot rather than logical, solid evidences.
3. His obsession with Sangwoo for petty reasons.
4. He considers himself above the law and better than everyone else.
5. He’s edgy and mentally unstable.
6. He got demoted once before.
7. He gets physical/violent when things don’t go his way.
8. He abuses his authority as a police officer.

Things Seungbae has done wrong as a cop:

1. Abusing his authority to get what he wants.
2. Lying to get into someone’s house and without a warrant.
3. Hiding evidences from his superiors.
4. Secretly investigating a ‘case’ without telling his superiors about it.
5. Pressuring/trying to manipulate someone into giving him the black box (even though black boxes are private the person could decline).
6. Threatening/blackmailing people into giving him what he wants.
7. Peeking into someone’s property (and ‘linger/loiter’).
8. Stalking.
9. Assaulting another police officer
10. Hacking his superior’s computer.
11. Using his police badge illegally to force people into giving him information.
After seeing the footage of Sangwoo assaulting someone, he was not concerned about that person’s safety but he’s still obsessing over Sangwoo.
(Some of these are from @ikemen-in-suitslist)

Why Seungbae seems like a good guy:

Between Bad and Worse and The Worst, he’s the bad!
People who work in the police department are constantly slacking off and are pretty much useless. The only person who’s trying to do his job properly is Seungbae. So despite all the unlawful, wrong things he’s done, he seems like a good person because everyone else is horrible.
And the reason fans also see him as a saint is because he is constantly being compared to a serial killer. ‘So if Seungbae doesn’t kill people brutally, he must be a good guy.’ (?) But he is indeed trying to do good.

Is Seungbae really a smart cop?

All the evidences he’s found so far were by luck. The hair happens to be from Sangwoo’s house and belong to Bum. The driver who was speeding happens to be Sangwoo, he happened to see them and so he managed to get his black box. Whether he’s getting closer to the serial killer or not, Seungbae’s approach is very comical and illogical. A normal, good officer would connect the solid, logical evidences together to find the killer. But what Seungbae is doing is placing the one person he’s obsessing over - for trivial reasons and because of his gut feelings - in the middle and trying to connect all the crimes to him instead. He’s going backwards.

He remembers a case from 3 years ago, his first thought is “It could be Sangwoo’s work.”
He finds a black hair on his foot (which is a pretty common color in Asia), his first thought is “It must be from Sangwoo’s house.”
He finds out a girl is missing, he doesn’t suspect any of her friends but “What about Sangwoo?”
He finds out a guy is missing, his first thought, “It could be Sangwoo’s work”
He talks to witnesses, his first question “Do you know this guy? Oh Sangwoo?”

There are millions of people out there doing suspicious things. Why does Seungbae just assumes Sangwoo must be the killer and even goes as far as to investigate it? His evidences are nothing but gut feelings, guesses and luck. So no, I think being smart and having a good instinct are different. He’s a pretty lucky guy!

“…he’s smart and really good at connecting the dots. people say he’s a bad cop but he has to do some wrong things in his situation to be able to do anything at all!“  

This is an ask I got I’m going to ignore the sarcasm that was in the beginning, anon >_>.
This is true. As I already mentioned, he is indeed good at connecting the dots but what are the dots? Are the dots solid evidences or just gut feelings again? Yep, mostly gut feelings.
He suspected Sangwoo because he makes him uncomfortable.(!) He doesn’t like how calm Sangwoo is and as he mentioned before, Sangwoo creates different atmospheres every time and so Seungbae considers him a liar! Again without any solid evidence.


Seungbae is not a hero but as for his role in the story, it seems like, he’s supposed to be a flawed hero (an anti-hero) and not a good person. At this point it seems like he will find out about Sangwoo and his crimes because he has a very good instinct. But when he does, he will probably be all alone, there won’t be anyone to ‘save’ and there’s a surprise waiting for him. Two killers instead of one.

Dean Thinks You’re Hot

Title: Dean Thinks You’re Hot

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,122

Anon Request: you think you could write one where the reader feels insecure about her stretch marks/size and Jensen is her best friend and tries to help her feel better?

Warnings: Negative Thoughts, Low Self-Esteem, Fluff, Implied Smut

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated, friends! xoxox


Your name: submit What is this?

    Pacing back and forth around your trailer almost drove you dizzy. Back and forth. Back and forth; as if that was going to simultaneously solve all of your problems. It wasn’t. Not even close.

    You had just gotten the memo that your intimate scene with Jensen was moved to today, not that you weren’t sweating buckets the second you got the script, but the fact that the scene was moved to today instead of five days from now had you ripping your hair from your head. You were going to be very exposed to him, and no matter how long the two of you had been friends, this was something you weren’t comfortable with on so many levels.

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This is the story of two internet friends.
They met on a message board one night and soon became fast friends. They spoke with each other for years and years and years and one day they decided to meet up in real life. They quickly figured out a time and place to meet up in a city that was an equal distance between them. It was a public place and they were both on time but they couldn’t see the other.

So they each sent a message to the other asking where they were. Both of them were convinced the other was lying so they each took a picture of a nearby landmark and sent it. Confusion came on both their parts since they were literally standing on top of each other but they still couldn’t see the other.

They eventually figured out that they lived in parallel universes and that the internet was what connected them and allowed them to speak.


GUYS !! Obviously the first two gifs are from 2x13 because we already saw the promo!! 

The “I’ll drink to that” from the third gif is also from 2x13 I guess because look at Magnus’ outfit, it’s the same shirt he’s wearing above.

AND THEN, that is EXACTLY what I thought, the Malec kiss might also be from 2x13 because look at Magnus’ collar ? Isn’t it the same as the ones above ??? YEAH IT IS.


As you might also know, sometimes the characters don’t change their outfits from one episode to another (look at Magnus’ during 2x09 and 2x10). So this all thing is to be taken carefully!!


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