is that a sonic character

056: The last of the Children this month…

Decided to give one last go at making a fan child design for the month. This time featuring a child from Antoine DeCoolette & Lien-Da the Echidna. I mostly wanted to get this done to keep my mind off the fact I am home alone all night and I get anxious about it. I am not sure how I like this design, it’s not bad, just not my favorite? -shrug- I see her living with her mother rather than father honestly, but that’s about all I got for any kind of character detail. I hate that stupid left hand, beh. Marking another one off the huge suggestion list.

056 of 365 2017 Art Challenge

anonymous asked:

Do you have any other oc's other than Oreana Galena? Why don't you put them into the clockwork soldier.I mean you always write reader inserts so maybe you could put your oc into it this time.You please others but you never seem to do what you want.

Oh, I do promise that I work on my own fanfics and artwork for me from time to time, dearest. ♥ Under the ‘Temptation’ tag, I was working on a comic with Oreana and Jacob. I put it on hold for now, just because I have so much to focus on, but I do want to get back to it soon. A House Divided is a fanfic I do plan to continue writing to its completion with Lindy and Jacob.

As for The Clockwork Soldier, I could put my OC in it, or I could balance the thought. Jacob needs a wife prior to the events of where he is now, and I already plotted out their story (as tragic as it is). She is a character name and model I used for my novel, The Ice Warlock of Shin’doan. Her name is Princess Liliodin, but I would have to change her hair color from blond to something else to make it a bit more reasonable to have Emmett be the hair color he is. So, she’ll be in it in a lot of flashbacks as she was betrothed to Jacob to keep the ‘prince’ grounded when Jacob only focused on his horses and slept with whomever he pleased.

I thank you for thinking of me, honey. ♥

“Okay guys, for this scene the characters are in Twinkle Park. You remember how fun that level was, right? We need to put something on the flags to emphasize how fun the park is, and how we only have the people’s fun and entertainment at heart. What are your suggestions? What clever ideas can we use to demonstrate the fun of the park in flag language?” 

“…Yeah, fuck it, that’ll do.”

is there anyone who doesnt like eggman
if your favourite sonic character isnt eggman, i do not understand you
his mustache is stupid and he is a friend


i dont think i ever introduced all my sonic gijinkas on tumblr but here they are..!