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justice for cheese hair tag by @wackysimmer  

rules:  make a sim look good with EA’s classic cheese hair color. more info

I was tagged by @inquisitive-simmer, thank you! I had a lot of fun making her. I have a problem with making random sims, I can never throw them away! So she’s going in my game, but to be honest, I’m probably going to change her hair and hair color when I go to use her. :X

I tag: @pixeltrashcan, @something-wicked-sims, @budgie2budgie, @mwgaybachelor, @selaronosims, @suebarr753, @simsomedia annnnd @youifyouwanna - do it or don’t, I still ♥ you!

the fact that a het couple kissed after knowing each other for two episodes while a wlw couple that have been onscreen together for 3 seasons and were a couple prior to that have yet to have a kiss onscreen speaks worlds about the homophobia of this audience

Headcanon that Sorey had absolutely no idea that Alisha had a crush on him.

Think about this from his perspective. He had, up to this point, one friend - but he was, well, Mikleo. So Sorey has no idea how to act around a human friend, a girl, at that.

So, he’s cool with her. He’s nice. He’s super happy when he discovers that she believes in the Seraphim! And she had read the Celestial Record! How cool is that?!

He’s confused when people ask him about their relationship - Alisha is so cool, how they could not be friends?

She wants to become his squire? He agrees - he will finally have a chance to introduce her properly to Mikleo and Lailah! And she will be able to see how great Mikleo the Seraphim are!

She wants to hold his hand as a “goodbye” in Marlind? No problem. He does similar thing with Mikleo, after all - though the fist bump is more intimate, because it’s their thing. And maybe that’s a way that human friendship looks like?

She hugs him while crying after Maltran’s death? She needs him to comfort her! He isn’t a monster, he will help her get better! That’s what friends do, right?

She asks him if he would help her in Pendrago? He declines, he has his own duties, but she will manage, will she? Of course she will!

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Reaction to the reader being crazy smart (IQ 160) and knowing a dozen languages and overthinking sometimes and reading often?

namjoon would finally have some competition

NAMJOON : head over heels for you. he would give you surprise math and logic questions while you are attending to chores, laughing as you get each question right. would talk to you in English and Korean on a regular basis. shares books that he’s read for inspiration with you.
“That’s right again. Great job.” “I can’t flirt under my breath anymore, can I?”

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SEOKJIN : seduced by your intelligence, too. shows you things “he doesn’t understand” and asks you to solve them. out in public, he brags about how smart you are like a proud father.

“Am I friends with a living calculator?” “This is Y/N. They can solve this math problem in two minutes… Even though it takes about 7 minutes to do…”

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YOONGI : watches you a lot, especially when you’re working on homework or chores. tries to mimic exactly, but can’t understand what or how you do things. however, he never asks for assistance.
“How do they… What?”

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HOSEOK : showers you with supplies and gifts, 600-page books, and various types of pencils (i.e mechanical, wooden, special foreign, fan merch, etc.). times how fast you figure something out and records it for you.

“New personal record this time. Good work, Y/N.”

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JIMIN : smiles nervously as you finish a problem before him as he’s figuring it out. tries talking to you in another language, but walks away when you start going all out on your language skills. tries to read books that you have finished, but can’t understand what they’re about very much..

“Awe, you beat me! Again.” “How many wins do you have now?”

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TAEHYUNG : gets really confused easily after you work through a problem really quickly, reviewing what you did but still looking at the paper without a clue. gets shy when you start speaking in a different language.

“Wh-How did you do this so quickly…?” “Ah yes, ‘thank you.’”

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JUNGKOOK : begs you to help him in studying English. he’s glued to your hip as you work out problems or explain a idea to him, teaching him vocab, or just doing chores.

“How do you do this?” “Will you solve this one for me too? I can’t figure it out.”

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Heeey, talking about Irene - do you think her character is bisexual even if she doesn't identify that way exactly in canon? Does it matter?

Thanks for asking! In Doyle, I don’t see any indication she likes women sexually. She’s running from a bad relationship with a man to a good relationship with a man (not Sherlock!), and if she ever is interested in women, it’s not mentioned. Not sure why it would be, though, and her being an “adventuress” who goes around sitting on princes’ laps at parties – she’s definitely no prude. I’d have no problem with canon!Irene being bisexual, though I don’t see the canon proof myself.

BBC, we have to go the other direction! Canonically she’s a lesbian. That’s how I read the Battersea scene, anyway (it’s so lovely…) : she primarily loves women, but that doesn’t keep her from being attracted to Sherlock. I suppose it comes down to how you read John’s character. Do we think she’s saying he’s primarily straight but with Sherlock as an exception? Or do we think she’s saying he’s bisexual choosing for whatever reason to live as a straight man? (What Mary says about Sholto, and the way he flirts with Major Barrymore pretty much the same way he does with Anthea, makes me think sexual/romantic attraction to men –and acting on it– isn’t a one-time thing for John.) This matters for Irene because she’s drawing a clear, explicit analogy between herself and John. However John as a straight-presenting man can love Sherlock, Irene as a lesbian-presenting woman loves him the same way.

Plus there’s the fact that she has sex with men regularly for her job. She chooses to. So it’s not repulsive or even unpleasant to her, I don’t think. Which doesn’t mean those relationships are sexual, but she does seem to get … something out of it, beyond the power. She likes her work. I don’t think she’s sexually attracted to men as men, but she’s certainly capable of getting off on something beyond gender. Intelligence? The power dynamic?

Bottom line: the way I read BBC canon, bisexual isn’t quite the right word for her. Maybe lesbian and (pansexual? sapiosexual?) at the same time, along different tracks at the same time? Something like that. But the more important point I take from her as this: just because someone identifies as primarily _______ (gay, straight, bisexual, whatever), doesn’t mean that will predict how they’re attracted in every circumstance. There are always exceptions, because sex –and life– is messy.

My blog with fandoms


  • Miraculous Ladybug (OK)
  • Undertale (OK)
  • Osomatsu-san (OK)
  • Science Bros (OK)
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil (OK)
  • Steven Universe (OK)

With them now:

  • Miraculous Ladybug (Still OK)
  • Undertale (Still OK)
  • Osomatsu-san (Still OK)
  • Science Bros (Still bitter about what they did to Bruce…but it’s still OK)
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil (FUCK STAR//CO! FUCK IT ALL TO HELL!!!)
  • Steven Universe (Still OK, though I do have some problems with it now)

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It would be a demon and an angel

I’m not really into DemonxAngel thing. I think it’s kinda overrated. I don’t have a problem with it though. I just like the idea of an evil being being dragged around by a puny mortal. LIKE, ME

lol the tweet matt hastings liked actually got me so heated like i’ve been pretty ‘chill’ or whatever about these problems even though i’ve definitely agreed with them but like he’s actually being really disrespectful rn like can’t he take some fucking constructive criticism and actually listen to the fans instead of just basically stabbing us in the back after saying that he “hears us” then just casually calling malec fans oversensitive and toxic like ??

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Hi, it's me again, the ex-student of Colby Thomas. I wanted to ask that recently I've been going through your blog and I realised you have an affinity of operatic Christines, a.k.a Maria Kesselman, Rebecca Caine and Elisabeth Berg etc. Which Christines out of these vocally is the most ideal for Christine? Or if none, which Christine do you think has the most ideal (beautiful, glides through the score and emotive through audios) voice (BTW international productions count)?

Sure! Though the problem is, almost all of my favorite Christine voices have the qualities you describe (at ease with the score, emotive, etc.). Still, those with an operatic or at least classical verve and who are my favorites include:

  • Rebecca Caine - Caine has a quality I’ve seen described as “weepy” or “willowy” to her voice, which I like because it gives a kind of aching sadness to all her lines, but she is also very emotional - I still love how much passion she injects into her moments in ‘Notes II’ and ‘Twisted Every Way’.
  • Patti Cohenour - Cohenour has such an interesting voice: a little husky on the low notes, but very light, like crystal, on the high ones. There’s an ethereal quality to both her vocals and acting that I rarely hear in today’s Christine; she feels almost above it all.
  • Rebecca Luker - Many people have labeled her as “silvery-voiced”, and I would agree. She has a warmer tone than Sarah Brightman or Cohenour, but there’s a certain wistful delicacy to her voice that I love, and her Christine sometimes seems rather sad.
  • Elisabeth Berg - Queen of emotion IMO, and she doesn’t even sing in English. Magnificent dark voice that sings the score with ease and (according to people who understand Swedish) flawless diction. Her ‘Wishing’ in particular is just full of emotion and grief.
  • Glenda Balkan - I always reuse a line I read on another website which described her voice as like “sparkling wine”. She understudied for Carlotta for a time (while also understudying Christine), so she’s got vocal chops. I also found her Christine extremely emotive and vulnerable.

“You act as if transgender ppl won’t face any problems if they go to the bathroom that matches their sex. ”

Literally why and how is that the problem of women and girls though?!

Why is the responsibility on us to accommodate male people and sacrifice our own spaces for them?!

Why is it our job to make sure they have what they want?!

Why is it up to us to fix their problems?!

Why must we give up our spaces, our language, our rights to make someone else feel good?!

Why are the problems of males fixed at the detriment of women and girls?!

Why are women and girls so utterly valueless in this world?

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"Surprises being revealed don't affect characterization, unless it fits my bias!" You can't have Goku causing the problem not prove it's his fault because he didn't know, but then have Goku not having caused the problem after all prove it's not his fault even though he didn't know. Either twists revealed to the audience "count" or they don't, you have to pick once instead of always flip-flopping based on which sounds best for the Son family's out-of-show reputation.

I don’t think you’re thinking through what you’re saying here, or what I’ve said, but by all means, tell me where I’ve said this erases any of Goku’s character flaws.

My stance has always been that Goku can’t be faulted for something he didn’t know was going to happen. That’s it. Did he ask for the tournament. Yep? Was it a selfish and defiant call? Yep. Could he have known that would happen? Nope.

And now we find out that this was going to happen regardless, All the Tournament did was provide them an excuse to make a game of it and select who got the boot. Does that make his initial decision any less selfish or defiant? Nope. Not at all. Does it mean that Goku’s not completely responsible for this, that he’s not a “mass murderer”? Why yeah, it does. It doesn’t erase the fact he still insisted on it, but it does mean that he’s not directly responsible. It also might be their best chance to fix things, by accident no less. Which also fits with Toriyama saying Goku’s desires can often rope him into doing good things even if he hadn’t originally intended it.

Retro Teddy Review

Style: too loose, reveals too much and enhances nothing on her body. Unecessary transparency and a boring overall shape. A badly executed good idea. 3!

Colour: boring colour for an overly sexy Teddy. Translucent white looks best in sweeter lingerie pieces, and only for certain details, not the whole piece. 5!

Chosen Model: that was major problem. Even though she is the typical american beauty standard, she is too skinny and makes the Teddy loose all over. A tighter fit would completely transform this lingerie presention. 4!

Matching Shoes: sexy teddies rarely go with barefeet. White 5 or 6 inch stilettos are a safe and sexy choice. Maybe chrome high heeled sandals would work as well.

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it's one thing to not feel well and not feel like handing out advice to people, but that person has entrusted you with something personal they're going through and they've never even met you, they look up to you in a way. i understand not wanting to make other people's problems your own, but do you really have to go as far as to say you've got "bigger problems", even though it may be true? you could kindly ask them to ask someone else because everyone's problems are a big deal to them.

I just figured that out and i am sorry about it but i cant deal with everything