is that a pood

i’ll be in the middle while you two get along

anyways i’ll kill myself right now lmao

marzia appreciation post

- she puts so much work into her videos. consider the time it take to film all sorts of clips (including the little three-second ones) cut them, edit them, etc. she also makes all the moving font by herself which i can imagine takes awhile.

- she’s so incredibly beautiful. with makeup she is stunning and without makeup she is gorgeous. she has literally no flaws and is adorable!

- she makes poods so happy. in every video of them together, you can see how smiley and happy she makes felix.

- she became more confident in her videos all while showing that it’s okay to be shy. from 2012 until now, you can definitely see her fun, silly side come out more and more.

- she is so organized! she sticks to routine and plans her day which results in her being super productive and putting together many amazing projects for the marzipans.

- she’s so caring as we saw today in her blanket fort video with felix. she took all that time to prepare a fort, bake cookies and get a beer for her boyfriend. he seemed super pleased as well.

- she is incredibly talented. she’s an amazing artist, her forest creatures are adorable and her drawing style is unique. she is very talented with makeup and hair. her writing is amazing, as are her videos!