is that a penguin

People: Oswald didnt love Ed when he was dorky, he just loved the evil parts of him.

Me, rememeber those dorks singing a duet at the piano just to wake up Jimbo and how Oswald liked that Ed made two separate itineraries for his duties as mayor and as King of the underworld and how he literally said that just talking to Ed in arkham was all that was getting him through those terrible months:

riddle-bird said: Could you maybe do Martin being in the middle of Oswald and Ed holding both their hands? I know you said Oswald Prompts but hhnfjdjd I crave my sweet gay dads and there isn’t enough art of my baby boy Martin going around 


Social media has been dutifully reminding me that 4 years ago today I was in Puerto Williams, at the southern tip of Chile. While I’ve posted some of the plants and fungi from the trip, I never did share what remain some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. Please enjoy a magical sunset over the Beagle Channel, as well as some lovely Magellanic penguins.

The Rogues Gallery, Hogwarts Houses

The Joker: Ravenclaw! The Joker does have a pretty even mix of Ravenclaw and Slytherin traits, but I think the creativity, wit, and theater would be what he would value making him more a Ravenclaw

The Riddler: Ravenclaw! Sometimes the most obvious choice is the right one, Edward would definitely be a Ravenclaw and probably the stereotypical know-it-all that everyone thinks of them as

Two-Face: Hufflepuff! Harvey had to be dedicated and hardworking to become the youngest district attorney of Gotham ever, I’m sure he’d consider himself fair of play aswell

The Penguin: Slytherin! Resoursful, cunning, and ambitious all fit him. His willingness to go straight and even become an informant for The Bat show his knack for self preservation.

Catwoman: Gryffindor! Selina has some traits of a Slytherin, but her protection of the East end and compassion for helping others tips her to Gryffindor

Bane: Gryffindor! What nerve and daring he has! He lives by a code and at least thinks he’s doing good and is in the right

Killer Croc: Hufflepuff! Despite being cast out of normal society and treated like a monster he desperately wants to belong and when someone is friendly to him or needs his help he will always make it his priority to respond in kind

Poison Ivy: Slytherin! She has daring and nerve like a Gryffindor but she’s resourful and cunning and believes in pushing her cause by any means necessary

Scarecrow: Ravenclaw! Jonathan does half of what he does as experimentation for his research, pushing himself to learn and create

Mister Freeze: Hufflepuff! He works himself to the bone never ceasing in his dedication to Nora

The Mad Hatter: Hufflepuff! Jervis is a difficult one, he’s Intelligent and creative and as well as cunning and resoursful, but the traits that define him the most are things like kindness, loyalty,and dedication

Harley Quinn: Slytherin! Harley is I similar conundrum. She’s got nerve and bravery aswell as kindness and loyalty, but she is a lot smarter than she usually let’s on. She keeps part of her real personality tucked away and puts up a ditzy victim front. She’s really very resoursful and cunning determined to steer things her way

Victor Zsasz: Hufflepuff! This one sounds surprising but if you look at Hufflepuff traits such as dedication, patience, toil, compassion - it fits. After all he does think he’s “saving” his victims by killing them