is that a gremlin

things i have concluded after rewatching diary of a wimpy kid: rodrick rules

-greg is a gremlin who doesnt deserve love

-rowley is lawful good

-the heffley parents are sarah palin and confederate dad

-rodrick is the true protagonist

-rodrick is a gay icon and the hero we deserve

-the ending where rodrick forgives greg is the bad end

-bill and the dove from the talent show are metaphors for homophobia

-patty ferrell is the futch queen and holly hills is her gf

-in a better universe the third movie is diary of a wimpy kid: rodrick rises

-in the True Ending greg and his parents are defeated, rodrick drops loded diper gets a boyfriend and starts a two piece band

-in a better universe we have rodrick and his bf instead of twenty one pilots

-and rowley gets a spin off movie

-zoowee mama is a code:

Z -you
O- really

I want Eduardo to have one of those cats with the smushed face and gnarly teeth that hisses at everyone who tries to touch them except Eduardo that lil gremlin will love and cuddle on Eduardo all day and night if he lets

Hey Everyone so March 29th I’m going to be live streaming for a whole day talking about Gremlins 2. Come and join the fun were also gonna have people calling in to discuss and mess around its gonna be a lot of fun! And really long. The link to the event is right there make sure to stop by and join in!

my professor, a professional artist: “oh yeah i always buy high quality brushes and make sure to take special care of my brushes i keep them in their own kit and i use special brush cleaner and i make sure they dont get frayed and”

me, a gremlin, shoving every brush i own into a plastic bag, every single one of them is stained bc i use them for acrylic and watercolor and gouache without care, every one of them is frayed and probably came from a cheap art store kit too: “what”


Hey Guys you ready for a real stinker… its not Gremlins, its not Critters, its not Troll… hell its not even Hobgoblins… its BEASTIES (not to be mistaken for the Canadian title for Beast Wars) its the weird alien puppets attacking a gang of new wave punks and some very dim witted teens in the woods. Filmed in darkness vision.

anonymous asked:

One of my all time favourite things is seeing my favourite male characters as dads, so, what would Roman and Adam be like as dads and how would they react to holding their child for the first time?


  • First reaction would honestly be him holding it awkwardly against him and just thinking “what the fuck did i get myself into”
  • Not saying he’d be a bad dad, just not the best and most prepared dad
  • Would definitely 100% teach his kid street smarts
  • Whenever he’s being overwhelmed or annoyed he calls his kids “gremlins” (lets pretend something similar to that movie exists in their world)
  • He didn’t  have a good relationship with his dad at all so he’s trying to be at least something good for his kids


  • First reaction to holding his kid would be the first time in his life he ever felt calm. Like holding the little bundle in his arms just felt so right and it felt like for just one moment everything was right in the world
  • Pretty much teaches his kid to be as defensive as possible, and limits contact with humans as much as possible because adam knows how nasty some can be to faunus
  • Takes of his mask around his kid, he doesn’t want his child growing up thinking his dad has the face of a grim monster
  • He would be the most overprotective parent ever oh lord it’s a bit too much sometimes
  • The moment they’re able to hold a weapon properly he trains them to become the absolute best

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Your art is so nice and you are so nice and your ideas are so nice and next time I am not on mobile I'm gonna have to stalk your tags on my goooddddd

you guys have no idea how much of a gremlin i am…

@gradblrchallenge day 23

date: tuesday, 28 march 2017

i’ve been AWOL for the past ever and im so sorry. weekends are really hard, for some reason or other that is being discussed and thought about currently (thanks to everyone who replied to my post last night! i will be responding sometime today). back to business today!


~~wake-up call~~ 06h30

12h00-12h45 (?) meeting for colloquium debrief and handling of receipts

18h00-20h15 ENGL 635 seminar (The Fop)


  • finish grading paper outlines
  • respond to 635 position paper
  • finish reading persuasion
  • write & post 624 reading response
  • return to humanity after like 4 days of existing as a cave gremlin


  • eat (breakfast lunch dinner)
  • drink water (1 2 3)
  • wash dishes & clean kitchen



My Favourite Movies Since Birth Meme

We were @gloomy-sir-mordecai tagged us in so here you guys go.

Dame Leslie:

Here is my list it’s likely not super accurate since I am bad with the years things came out in.  I generally just went through Google and looked for North American Movies that came out.  So sadly no foreign films or at least not very many.

Things that maybe my favourite movie might not have maid the list because I didn’t see them or because I didn’t choose and just picked that thing I would rather watch at the time.

1981 Escape From New York
1982 The Last Unicorn
1983 Christine
1984 The Never Ending Story
1985 Back to the Future
1986 Labyrinth
1987 Princess Bride
1988 Beetlejuice
1989 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures
1990 Gremlins 2
1991 The Rocketeer
1992 Candyman
1993 The Nightmare Before Christmas
1994 In the Mouth of Madness
1995 Jumanji
1996 Dragon Heart
1997 The Fifth Element
1998 Dark City
1999 Galaxy Quest
2000 Snatch
2001 Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER’s Stone
2002 Spider-Man
2003 Big Fish
2004 Van Helsing
2005 Sky High
2006 Silent Hill
2007 Across the Universe
2008 Repo! The Genetic Opera
2009 Watchman
2010 Tangled
2011 Captain America: The First Avenger
2012 Avengers
2013 The Hobbit
2014 Big Hero 6
2015 Ant Man
2016 Deadpool

Sir Blackwood:

1984 - Ghostbusters

1985 - Back to the Future

1986 - Transformers: The Movie

1987 - Spaceballs

1988 - Die Hard

1989 - Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

1990 - Home Alone

1991 - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

1992 - Aladdin

1993 - The Three Musketeers

1994 - The Lion King

1995 - GoldenEye

1996 - Star Trek: First Contact

1997 - The Fifth Element

1998 - Ronin

1999 - The Matrix

2000 - Gladiator

2001 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

2002 - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

2003 - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2004 - Sean of the Dead

2005 - Batman Begins

2006 - Casino Royale

2007 - Transformers

2008 - The Dark Knight

2009 - Sherlock Holmes

2010 - Senna

2011 - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

2012 - The Avengers

2013 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy

2015 - Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

2016 - Rogue One - A Star Wars Story

So I we would like to tag in @kieranhiggins and @gawaincomic