is that a foaming mouth i see


I’d hate to die like your son. Clawing at my neck, foam and bile spilling from my mouth, eyes bloodred, skin purple. Must have been horrible for you, as a Kingsguard, as a father. It was horrible enough for me. A shocking scene. Not at all what I intended. You see, I had never seen the poison work before.

#still the biggest fuck you delivered from the grave in television history

top 10 phan moments that make me wanna rip my heart out

yeah, just ten moments among hundreds, let it be part one or something. tell me what i’ve missed because i want more suffering in my life.

10) mind control.

i mean, i appreciate the subtlety. i crave those tiny moments that you only notice when someone points them out to you. but this! you can’t miss this one, this moment is shoved down our throats. this is so “i’m allowed to do that to you, to be in your personal space, and gaze into your eyes for no reason, just because i want to”. and phil’s face in that moment, so much joy and mischief, he claps his hands and gazes back.

9) chest touch.

drama queen howell strikes again, it hurts to rewatch it srsly, why is he so extra? but what is phil doing ladies and gents? he slaps his chest in the weirdest way possible, he brushes it, it’s like he wants to shove him but reassuringly and the movement happens so fast you have to pause for a second to comprehend it. that sweet gentle boy is so fond of dan’s unnecessary commentary and yeah, it completely distracts us from what dan is saying at that moment.

8) feel my heartbeat.

was that necessary, really? like, i don’t ask my friends to feel my heartbeat when i’m scared, that was such a “horror movie at first date” bullshit, that’s not what people do?? and when dan does feel that beautiful hummingbird heart, phil just covers his hand with his own palm because yes, you gotta feel it very close, no air between your hand and my chest. dan immediately looks into the camera to show us that yeah, i know you’re there, nothing strange, and makes a comment about phil dying. wow.

7) phil the delivery man.

i don’t know what to say. it’s so simple but why does phil have to make such an act of bringing dan his charger, why does he talk in that stupid voice?? they have a banter, and then phil FIXES DAN’S CHARGER FOR HIM, like what?? who asked you to do that? where’s my IT guy au (literally, he’s got glasses, look at him). and before he leaves he plays the piano that nerd, what an attention seeker, and then bows!! is he tipsy? did he have a pre-liveshow orgasm or something? dan laughs fondly and it’s all i need in the world.

6) child beer.

what’s happening and does it even matter. phil’s hiding on the floor, but why? to surprise us? eh whatever. so he’s got that magical japanese powdery stuff and he wants dan to taste it. the biggest problem for me here, ahem, i mean the thing that just kills me every time is that phil spends the whole time (eight minutes) on his knees and he looks so cute when he makes that beer, holds it close to the camera, and then lets the foam sit so dan can have the ultimate child beer experience.

it reminds me of that hot chocolate video, where he does something so trivial but he’s so gentle and loving about it. i still don’t understand why they didn’t do a simple taste test like bros, but phil had to make it for dan, he wanted to see his reaction. and then he tries it as well, touches the glass rim with his lips at the same place where dan’s mouth just was (gross).

and i just can’t ignore how that boy sneaks past dan’s room after that, he’s playful, he stops to say that he googled something and dan was wrong, and domesticity, i wanna die.

5) sleeping phil on tour.

i kinda wanna talk about the angle here because i don’t understand how it was filmed (camera is pretty static, dan’s hand reaches from the side, not behind), but i don’t know if it matters here. what matters is how gentle dan is. of course, he starts with classic nose tickling, which is what “messing with a sleeping friend” usually implies, but then he frees one strand of phil’s hair and just lets it fall. wow, fantastic prank, dan.

and let’s separately discuss that pout/kiss phil does after he opens his eyes. i know you want a slow mo replay, so here we go:

that’s what i call “im gonna stay asleep but i love you”. where’s the nearest cliff so i can fling myself into abyss?

4) the look.

context what context. why did they keep it? why did they put it on fullscreen instead of hiding in the corner? two full-length looks dan, really?? you know what he looks like, why do you have to examine him like that in front of us you slut. and it just passes, without acknowledgment, they just turn back at us simultaneously and I’M STILL DEAD at that moment, i don’t care what happens next.

3) snoot. proot. (i just filmed you doing that)

i don’t even care what it was. something about piano sounds or whatever, but this video haunts me. THERE’S SO MUCH TO IT. first, phil is lying on dan’s bed (at least in the official version it’s dan’s, not mutual), just chilling?? and dan’s working i guess. so they are not actually doing something together but it’s a cozy evening, why would they spend it in different rooms? dan says something, idk, and phil replies “yeah” in that deep voice I SWEAR i haven’t heard from him before. dan makes the sounds again, like can you believe he’s an actual dork in real life, it’s not an act, he’s actually the weirdest boy alive, and he so obviously doesn’t know he’s being filmed. because when phil says “i just filmed you doing that you’re so weird”, he’s so delighted, he laughs at himself, he turns around, his hair is pushed back omg they are both so sleepy and i rejoice. i think this video gives us a rare but fantastic insight in their everyday life, phil must be keeping so much silly videos like that on his google drive and we never get to see them BUT SOMEHOW he posts this one, probably because dan is cute and he wants everyone to know it.

2) you loved it. you wanna do it more.

so, yes. you know this one. where do i even begin?? they play this dragon quiz and then 1) phil says “you loved it” in the strangest voice, like the voice we never hear from him, it’s deeper and quieter, he looks at dan even though dan’s not looking back; 2) dan is looking down as if he’s fiddling with an ipad or something, it’s almost a bts moment, something they would usually edit out. AND THEN THREE SECONDS OF SILENCE while dan kinda processes what’s going on and phil still looks at him expectantly. seductive as fuck. and now this quiet “alright”, i’m just… dan looks like he’s gotten the hint, so he’s a little embarrassed and they share the softest laugh. 

the thing is, we know how often phil makes sexual innuendos and dan always reacts the same way: he looks into the camera, he throws a witty comment in, he puts it on display to show us that there’s no intimacy in that moment. but not this time. i don’t understand why they didn’t edit it out. i just… don’t.

1) pantless liveshow
this is the ultimate. this is the weirdest and the most awesome thing these two gave me and i’m not even sure what can top that. the moment when phil decides to grab the humidifier and show us, he looks at the screen, says “one second” and stands up very awkwardly while dan turns the laptop away from him and makes the weirdest “how you doing” face. 

WHAT THE FUCK. did they think we were so used to them weirdos that we wouldn’t even notice that shit? but fuck, they do it again, they want to show us the spray and dan goes “should i go get it? you have to do phil’s corner”. like, i can’t function, i honestly can’t. AND THE WORST PART is when dan returns and we can see him covering his legs with a blanket just too fast like it’s not that cold boy come on.

i have no explanation and i have every explanation. i don’t deserve all this suffering.

  • Shiro: Take care of your father. Don't give up. We'll see each other again, even if it takes light years.
  • Matt: I love you but why are you like this.
  • Shiro: Excuse me?
  • Matt, being led away by Galra guards: Light years measures distance, not time!
  • Matt, fighting off the guards trying to restrain him: YOU WERE SENT ON AN IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH MISSION, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT?!

I’d hate to die like your son. Clawing at my neck, foam and bile spilling from my mouth, eyes bloodred, skin purple. Must have been horrible for you, as a Kingsguard, as a father. It was horrible enough for me. A shocking scene. Not at all what I intended. You see, I had never seen the poison work before. Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.

Crazy Racist Old Lady Kicks A Man & His Kids Out Of A Hospital For Being Black

Wow… All because he was black the female was white and the kids were mixed..What made her that mad…  I could see the devil👿 in her eyes. That poor child is probably terrified of this woman foaming at the mouth.

And look my man so calms. If he had even half heartedly responded with physical violence, it would devastate her frail, bird-like frame resulting in jail time.

#Racism #Racist 

Griffin, like every time they talk about the new turns for TAZ: Please bear with us and be patient with us, these are short stories and they won’t be as rich as the long form storytelling we’ve been doing so far, we ask that you not give up if you aren’t as interested in them…

Me, with a giant bucket of popcorn, foaming at the mouth: LEMMIE SEE THE HR GODDESS AND THE NERD GIRL AND THE FLIPPY BOY FIGHT STUFF!!

Morning Pleasure*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader wants to eat the breakfast Chris has cooked for her, but he has other plans. Blame your too sexy denim shorts!
Word Count: 1.7k
Warning: Long detailed oral sex (female receiving).

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

Freshly out of your morning shower, you finished adding the last touches to your light makeup after you had gotten dressed in your favorite denim shorts and a white cotton blouse.

Walking in the kitchen, you followed the smell of the pancakes and fresh fruits that Chris had cooked, accompanied by the exotic effluvia of hot coffee. You smiled at the sight of your boyfriend too busy to notice your presence as his back was turned to you, humming the slow melody of a song you both loved.

You walked up to him and folded your arms around his broad chest, wrapped by his Henley shirt, planting a longing and loving kiss at the back of his neck as he smiled widely.

“Hmm, what did I do so special for you to cook this morning?” You murmured.

“You came into my life,” Chris accompanied your mocking laugh and you moved your body to rest against the counter, standing next to him.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about our trip to Boston next week and…” you trailed off, noticing Chris’ baby blue gaze remaining locked on your frame. “What, you don’t like the outfit?“ You interrogated, checking out, yet he didn’t answer and kept looking at you.

His gaze was so ardent that you almost forgot how to breathe properly. Every time your man laid his eyes on you with such fierce, you felt the desire rising inside.


Your boyfriend eventually looked up at your blown eyes, licking his full lips and you could see his pupils dilating slowly as he drank in the view from his orbs like he had been in the desert for long days of a burning hot summer.

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you just KNOW taylor is back because this was that one part we were all like FOAMING at the mouths for a bts for like she GENUINELY wanted to see our reactions to finally having this and like…………..i love taylor swift so much, i say this everyday but i truly do

Lady Olenna died like a champ, as the savage bitch that she was. Literally THE fucking Queen of Thorns.

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As it was, Winter came for House Tyrell. Truly, the end of an era. May the Queen of Savages rest in peace.

I’d hate to die like your son. Clawing at my neck, foam and bile spilling from my mouth, eyes blood red, skin purple. It must have been horrible for you, as a Kingsguard, as a father. It was horrible enough for me, a shocking scene, not at all what I intended. You see, I’d never seen the poison work before. Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”                                                                                        -Olenna Tyrell (228 AC – 300 AC)

Bestfriend Trouble (1/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s and Zach’s (POVs are stated before a section.)

A/N: Hello guys! This is a 2-Part story and both parts are from different requests. This is actually a bit different from the request below but I just really wanted to connect both requests so yup haha. I hope you guys enjoy!

Request: I was wondering if you could pretty please do an imagine where Zach is just hopelessly in love with the reader, he does dorky things to see her smile, his friends always tease him when she walks by, she always catches him staring at her during class or lunch, he gets really nervous when she talks to him and he tries to keep his cool when she’s near but he always fails and is just super cute, just super fluffy.



“Y/N! Y/N LOOK! LOOK!” Zach says through his mouth full of chicken tenders while he sat in front of me.

“Look how many chicken tenders I can fit in my mouth!” he continues as he tries to get my attention and I look at him in disgust, but it was pretty impressive too if I’m being completely honest.

“Zachary stop it, you look like an idiot.” I reply as I go back to reading my History notes. I promised myself that I’ll do better after failing our most recent quiz.

“I’m not going to stop until I see a smile on your face. Stop getting so bothered by that stupid quiz! There’s always 10 more after that anyway.” he says as he removes the chicken from his mouth one by one, chewing the others in the process.

“I need to keep my grades high, you know this, or else my parents will be so disappointed in me.” I reply as I become even more upset, I lean my head down on my notes.

“You’re already the perfect daughter, the perfect student and the perfect girl. No one can ever be disappointed in someone like you. You’re too hard on yourself sometimes, you don’t even see how amazing you are.” he says and I lift my head up to face him.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” I say as lean my chin on my right hand while pouting and Zach gets a sip of my milkshake. When he parted the glass from his mouth, a white vanilla foam moustache was left on his upper lip. He looked like one of those History people we learn about. I purse my lips while trying to hide the obvious smile on my face.

“A-HA! Is that a smile?! I see a smile! Yes! I made you smile!” he beams, fists pumping up in the air.

“You really are an idiot.” I reply as I shake my head at him and hand him a tissue.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind acting like an idiot as long as I can make you happy.” he says while munching on a french fry and I scoff at him.

Zach Dempsey has been my bestfriend ever since we were in 3rd grade when I gave him a sip of my strawberry milk and he threw up all over me shortly after. That was the first time I found out about his very sad allergy. It’s a classic story between him and I. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.

Being bestfriends with one of the most popular guys in school means you’re also friends with the people around him. You get invited to all the cool parties, you get VIP passes at every school event and people automatically think you’re more important than you actually are. It was great, but not always. I missed being with Zach, just him, just the two of us and it was moments like right now that I treasure most.

“Oh by the way, we’re all going to see the new Fast and Furious movie tomorrow night. I’ll pick you up at 7 okay?” Zach suddenly asks.

“Please don’t tell me that obnoxious friend of yours will be coming too.” I say as I roll my eyes.

“Bryce? No no, Justin didn’t invite him.” he replies with a laugh.

“Alright then I’m in!” I answer and get back to reading my History notes.


The next day

I stood by my locker as I get the books I need for next period. Great, I thought to myself, Physics next, my least favorite subject. I sigh in disappointment as I shut my locker door. I turn to my right and a smiling Zach Dempsey was leaning on the locker next to mine.

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you should read this cute af pushing daisies AU by my friend <3

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Happy Fucking Birthday To Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You and the Winchesters go out for Sam’s birthday. Dean goes home with a woman at the bar, and quite frankly, it pisses Sam off.

Word Count: 892

Warnings: drinking, cursing (as implied by the title), suggestive looks/thoughts, implied birthday smut.

A/N: Written for @scarygoodfanfics‘s Sam Winchester’s Birthday Challenge. My prompt was “Stop talking and kiss me already.” It’s bolded in the fic.

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“[Y/N]!” Sam came barreling through the bunker, down the hallway toward your room. 

“What!? Jesus, Sam. What?” Poking your head out of the bathroom door, you spoke through a mouthful of toothpaste.

A towel was wrapped around your hair, another wrapped around your chest, barely covering your freshly cleaned figure.

“I… I um…” He stammered, taking in your almost naked form. 

“Spit it out, Sammy.” You tucked yourself back into the bathroom and spit the foam into the sink. 

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anonymous asked:

Heya, so I was wondering how exactly do you finish off the edge of a mouth on a toony suit? I haven't seen a single tutorial or guide explaining it anywhere. Do you sew the fur over the top of a glued lining? Or the other way around? Or get an extra piece of mouth fabric and make a lip? Or sew the two pieces together, slip it on the head and somehow glue it down?

I have only recently mastered this after … gosh, however many years I have been making costumes. It has taken a lot of research and development to get myself to this point. So I appreciate credit, but also sincerely hope y’all have a chance to chip in to my Patreon if you get the chance, it will continue to encourage my innovation and show me you appreciate these sort of replies – in a financially supportive way!

I pattern my fursuit heads to have a liner that is non-balaclava based. That means I build my foam head shapes first, hollow them as much as I can, and then tailor a liner to fit the interior. This liner I sew from quilted broadcloth, and then I use either lycra ironed to interfacing or anti-pill fleece for the mouth lining/eye lining(sometimes I add in lining for ear vent holes and the neck as well). For someone making their own head, you can make a tape pattern of half of the interior, mirror it, and then tailor a liner based off that.

Tip: Save that primary liner pattern, it generally can be revised for each new head for a custom fit. As you make more heads you get a better sense of what needs revised about it. I save almost all my patterns and revise them for use on future masks and it saves me a lot of time so I don’t have to repeat tasks from scratch, and I can learn more from it each time.

Here is the start of my liner – before I add ear vents and before I add the neck and mouth on – This is the general shape I have saved and tailor or revise for use in future heads.

When I get to the mouth – the part that was asked about! I carefully tape-pattern the desired mouth shape, it gets cut out with a very small margin since I hand-sew the fur to mouth (I will describe this a little later). Be sure to sew anything that needs sewn directly to the liner, including any other accessories – like teeth & tongue (they can also be marked out on the tape pattern)!

You can (sort of) see even the mouth corners are patterned in, too. Those are the triangular-looking extra pieces coming off the left and the right. This liner & teeth & velcro for the tongue is all machine-sewn up to this point.

The time I install the liner comes before I fur the mask. Its crucial! First I pin it in place as a “dry fit,” sometimes I do another revision step once I see it all together. Once finalized, then I start gluing down all the easy-to-glue loose edges (I use hot glue).

When I need to glue down an interior segment I cannot reach easily: I cut a small slice in the foamwork, fit the glue tip in to reach the liner, glue the liner through the slice and then squirt a bit more glue to close that slice in the foam right back up. When gluing down the mouth leave a margin of unglued area around the edges – those will be sewn.

This is the glued down interior. I have also cut openings for my eyes and very large ear vents (those are BIG but well-hidden in the “C” curve of my ear’s base, btw.)

Tape pattern the rest of your critter for your fur. Measure your pattern, order your fur, and when it arrives cut your pattern and sew it up however you wish. Leave the jaw separate from the face, it will be easier to attach to the liner.

Use a blanket stitch or similar to sew your jaw fur on! Matching thread color to fabric is important, as it may show.

The end result is very clean once turned right side out.You can see on my upper mouth where I left the edge unglued to instead be sewn. The top jaw and mouth corners, too, were sewn in this way.

You can also use this technique to sew the inside liners of ears or other areas that need a smooth edge but may call for separate treatment from the rest of the head. 

Happy crafting! For more costume tutorials, visit my website

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Ummm so this is the first time ever I'm requesting something but I really like your blog and it's literally one of the only ones I put on notifications for 😁 Anyway, could I request a small Joshua au??? I would appreciate it soooo much xx

  • barista!joshua 
  • who is very delicate and ornate with his foam art designs
  • and does his best to be nice and smile and wish everyone a good day, even if the customers are brash and rude
  • holds back fellow barista woozi from throwing steaming hot coffee in a regulars face after they call his latte ‘distasteful’ 
  • likes to doodle on the chalkboard but erases it before anyone sees because he’s actually kinda shy,,,,
  • you always spend your breaks between classes at the cafe where he works and joshua and you are friends, good enough to be on a first name basis even
  • and he knows your order by heart:a medium coffee, milk and lots of sugar
  • but the truth is,,,,,,,,you don’t even like coffee LOL,,,,you just order it so you have an excuse to talk to joshua because you thought he was the CUTEST person you’ve ever SEEN when you first came to this shop
  • and so whenever he isn’t looking you dump the coffee in the trash and fill the cup up with water instead
  • and so when joshua looks over, you take a sip of the ‘coffee’ and he waves and asks if it’s good and you’re like yep!!!!!! the best
  • until one day ,,,, you THINK joshua isn’t looking as you pour the coffee into the trash but then you hear someone go “um, what are you doing?”
  • from behind you and it’s,,,,,,,,,,joshua
  • and you’re like oH,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,well,,,,,,,
  • and joshua looks at the cup and then at you and he’s like “are,,,,,,are you throwing the coffee away? is it bad? did i mess up???”
  • and you’re like nO NO,,,,it’s great i just,,,,,the truth is,,,i,,,,don’t really like coffee,,,,”
  • and joshua’s eyes widen because??? you’ve been stopping by the shop like three days out of the week????? ordering the same drink everytime?????
  • and he’s like “wa-wait than wh,,,why?”
  • and you’re like,,,,blushing,,,,,,and you’re like “i,,,,i just like your foam art,,,,,,,,,and your face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,coffee was my excuse to see your face,,,,,”
  • and joshua,,,,who you expect to be mad,,,,instead covers his mouth with his hand to hold back his own onset blush and he’s like,,,,,o,,,oh
  • and you’re like kdhsfcvsa im sorry i lied,,,i just didn’t know how else to approach you
  • and he’s like it’s fine,,,you could have just ordered some tea,,,,but,,,,,that’s ,,,,,really nice of you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you really like my foam art?
  • and you nod like yes!!! i always take photos of it!!!!!
  • and joshua is still embarrassed, biting back his lip but he’s like,,,,,,,, “well now that i know you don’t like coffee, if,,,,,i were to ask you to get,,,,,some tea with me sometime,,,,would that be ok??”
  • and you’re like omg are you asking me on a date
  • and joshua is like,,,,yes,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like,,,,,id love that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i know a good place around here with lots of drinks that aren’t coffee hehe and joshua is like smiling, still looking down but going that sounds great,,,,,can i have your number..?
I could say I’m not happy anymore,
but I was never happy to begin with
I never learned /
how to love myself /
never learned how to take care of myself /
mother, father, always been so careless,
and I learned the bad habits,
I learned my mother’s anger
and I learned my father’s silence
and I will always /
hate /
myself /
for who I am.
Who would have said that I would be so lonely,
in a place where no one adores me,
all alone /
all shattered like broken glass on the pavement /
cutting up individuals that try to pick up my pieces /
for I am nothing but pieces,
nothing but fragments and crumbs,
nothing but flesh and a beating heart.
I’m sorry for /
the way my brain works /
and I’m sorry for these actions that I cannot control /
But they’ll call me the devil anyway
for all what I do /
for all who I see /
for all what I say /
So maybe I should apologize
for never learning how to take care of myself,
for handling myself so recklessly,
but I am who I must be /
and who I must be starts a fire in me /
who I must be watches me bleed out
and foam from the mouth /
who I must be is a difficult patient.
I am outside of my body
then I am gone,
unloved by anybody,
nothing more than a hollowed out

kingdom-of-anime-stuff  asked:

Hiii! Can I request a very fluffy hc (cuz i need fluff to balance out my angsty feelings) with rfa members + saeran+ v where they go visit MC's family for the first time and MC has a younger brother/sister that loves MC so any bf/gf they hate cuz they just want to protect their older sister from heart breaks and bad people. So what would the rfa do to get them to trust them? Thx!!

Similar request from @just-want-a-stupid-username and this honestly took me much longer than I thought it would to write. I only have an older brother so hopefully this is good enough ^^ I also left out Jaehee cause it was just so long :~(

-he was already nervous enough meeting your family, it didn’t make it any better when you let him know how important it is that him and your sister get along
-he thought that he could get along with them, since he was closer to their age than most of the adults there
-but as soon as he introduced himself to her, only to be completely brushed off, he wondered whether it was something he did
-was his breathe gross? did he shake her hand too long? did he accidentally spit in her face??
-he immediately put those thoughts aside to focus on this situation
-he knew it was important you two get along so he was going to try damn hard to win her over
-so as soon as he could, he tried to talk to her
-see what she liked and what they could possibly bond over
-but as soon as he asked, she deadpanned
-“I don’t like guys who pay more attention to their video games than my sister”
-“N-No, I s-swear it’s not like that!”
-you noticed him panicking to explain himself so you step in
-“Hey, be nice to him,” you said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek for reassurance, “he makes me happy.”
-as soon as you walked off, she had noticed that you two truly had something genuine
-especially with how he looked at you when you walked away
-so immediately, she apologized
-and they started their introductions over
-and soon enough, they bonded over common video games they’ve played
-he got through the evening without a hitch, although he was so sure that he was gonna crash and burn somehow beforehand

-he had tried on ten different outfits before settling on one to meet your family
-poor boy was so nervous about it
-he had never gone this step with a significant other before, so he was set on doing everything right
-rehearsed his compliments, bought flowers and wine, even practicing his hand shake
-and when the time came, he would have been much more nervous if you weren’t by his side
-as soon as he got there, everyone seemed to have fallen in love with him
-you got compliments left and right about how charismatic and handsome he was
-but you noticed your sister rolling her eyes every time he opened his mouth
-and when he tried to approach her to talk to her, she seemed to already have something to say
-“September 16th, 5:32 P.M. Explain.”
-he was taken aback, looking at her to see if maybe she was just kidding
-but she held up a magazine with what looked to be Zen leaving a building with another woman
-“That’s the director of a show I’m doing, I’m an actor,” he said, thinking she’d be impressed
-but she continued to press on
-he could feel his heart racing out of his chest, but remained calm as he answered to even more tabloid shots
-he was so afraid that she wouldn’t believe him
-until you came to the rescue
-“You still read trashy tabloids?” you asked, “I thought you would have grown out of those by now.”
-“Only to make sure you’re not going out with some playboy,” she scoffed
-“And while I appreciate it, these are exaggerated.”
-“And how would you know that these ones aren’t?”
-“Well for starters, some of these are trying to suggest he’s gay,” you said, picking one up, “and I’ve seen his search history enough to know that that’s just not true.”
-you walked away to leave Zen an embarrassed mess and your sister apologizing for the interrogation

-when he was meeting your family, he was pretty nervous
-he thought he had no reason to, since he was the head of a huge company and easy on the eyes
-but he just wanted your family to like him and to prove that he had good intentions with you
-and when he meets your parents, they instantly get along, which puts him at ease with meeting the rest of your family
-until you introduced him to your sister
-“So this is the sugar daddy that kept you locked in his apartment”
-you looked to Jumin only to see him about as shocked as you are
-“I really don’t know how she learned that word!” you half-whispered to him
-that, however, almost completely destroyed his confidence
-he later tried to talk to her and she just didn’t seem to want him there
-it had fully clicked that to him, he was the guy who had kept her sister locked in his apartment and then took her away completely by marrying her
-he thought that maybe he could try to justify that to her, explain himself
-”You know, I made sure she was properly taken care of while staying at my place. I even had Elizabeth 3rd keep her company.”
-”Who’s Elizabeth 3rd?”
-”My cat”
-”You have a cat?!”
-and she instantly changed her demeanor towards him as they bonded over cats
-she was definitely still convinced that he was a sugar daddy, but a good one
-he even offered to bring Elizabeth the next time they come over
-and after some time, she grows to welcome him as family
-was so relieved that your family liked him, this was the most nervous he had been for anything, work didn’t even stress him as much as this
-but he never did shake the nickname ‘Sugar Daddy’

-you told him several times to not pull anything when he met your family
-they wouldn’t appreciate his pranks as much as you did
-you had even patted him down before heading out
-but as soon as your sister answered the door and he stuck his hand out to shake hers, it fell off, fake blood oozing out of his sleeve as she screamed
-“I thought I told you no pranks, where did you get that?”
-“I have trained several years in the art of snea-“
-“The glove compartment, I knew I should have checked your car”
-needless to say, she did not appreciate that
-any time he tried to approach her to apologize, she would completely ignore him
-and she even tried to convince your parents to kick him out
-he was determined to try and make it right for your sake
-“How about we pull a prank on MC?” he asked, pulling her aside to tell her his devious plan
-and she agreed to do it
-soon enough, you approached the two to see how they were doing
-“Well your boyfriend is really testing my patience,” she said, “I think this is the closest I’ve gotten to murdering someone.”
-“Pfft, she’s kidding,” he said, putting a hand on her shoulder, “she would never murder!”
-“Oh yeah?” she said, picking up the nearest utensil and stabbing it into him
-blood gushing out from where she stabbed him and foaming out of his mouth
-you clocked the fake blood pretty quick though
-“You two are real mature, it’s getting on the carpet!” you said as you ran to get something to clean up the mess
-but you came back to seeing them laughing their asses off together and it made you happy to see them get along
-not so happy to see what else they seemed to have up their sleeves for the rest of the night

-he was actually really looking forward to meeting your family
-he already loved you so he would have guessed that he would love your family
-and for the most part, he did and they seemed to love him back
-until he met your sister
-she had heard some things about him, mostly that he was a famous photographer and artist
-but it was never really specified what he photographed
-so upon first meeting, she wasn’t really afraid to ask “do you shoot porn?”
-he was so flustered
-“Wha-? No! I jus-“
-“You see, he does! Otherwise he wouldn’t get that nervous!”
-he looked shocked and about ready to cry
-and you had to pinch her to stop
-“Be nice, he doesn’t shoot porn”
-you pulled out your phone to show her some of his work and she seemed impressed by it
-she immediately apologized and even asked him about his work
-it was all sweet until he offered to do a shoot for her and she blurted out “I don’t do porn!”
-you had to smack her on the head and remind her that he doesn’t shoot porn

-he dreaded meeting your family
-they probably knew how they met so they probably already hated him
-or so he thought
-they seemed to have welcomed him with open arms and loving smiles
-it was almost like he had immediately found a new family in them, which gave him a nice, warm feeling
-he almost didn’t notice your sister staring daggers at him until he approached her
-and as he did, he was a little scared they wouldn’t get along
-he just wanted things to go right, especially for you
-“Why’d you kidnap my sister?”
-“My sister told me that you led her to an apartment and kept her there for days. Why’d you do it?”
-“I-I did it with good intentions,” he said, shrugging
-“How could getting kidnapped by someone who looks like a hot topic employee be good for someone?”
-that one cut deep
-“First of all, MC doesn’t seem to mind the ‘hot topic’ look,” he started, “and secondly, I love her. So much so that I tricked her into going to an apartment, which wasn’t right, but it worked out for the best.”
-after she walked off, rolling her eyes at what he had said, he realized that maybe his choice of words weren’t the best
-he decided to focus on only making you happy for the rest of the night, which your sister happened to notice
-she realized you were really happy with him, in the least stockholm syndrome way possible
-so she later apologized to him, bonding over talking about how gullible you were to fall for his trick
-she still, however, teased his outfit choice, calling him the reject my chemical romance member

Uneasy || Grayson Dolan

SUMMARY - on tour, Grayson gets a lil sick  and doesn’t know what to do, so he calls you up.

WARNING - nothing, just cute fluffy Grayson.

WORD COUNT - roughly 1,000

AUTHOR’S NOTE - requested by an anon. i hope you like it and have a good day my lovessss.


Grayson paces his hotel room as Ethan sits on the corner of his bed, watching him. They were in Chicago, and had just finished up a show. Tomorrow, they would set off to their next destination. There’s only five more shows on the American leg of the tour until they come back home to Los Angeles, where she’d be waiting for him. 

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anonymous asked:

have you seen the post where Bruce loki and thor are annoying wanda by getting her name wrong, Bruce calls he Wendy and loki calls her Wilma or sth, so she's not sure if they actually forgot or not, but then thor bursts into the room and is like "hi beth" and proceeds to laugh hystericaly, and loki says "it has to start with 'W' you oaf"

I have! And I have to say I didn’t like the end where Thor was like “I’ll understand the rules of this game and win!” Like. That makes Thor seem so stupid. I don’t believe that Thor is stupid. I’m all for Troll Thor. Or Throll lmao ah at least I make myself laugh.

Like honestly I can imagine Thor deciding he didn’t like Wanda messing with his friends’ minds (because it hits so close to home with Loki) and then hearing about the “game” they’re going to do where they never get her name right and he’s just like, “Yes. I agree.” And then he’s like “In fact I’m gonna go all in.”

So Loki, Bruce, and Tony call Wanda by literally every W name except her own and then in comes Thor who calls her Beth. Calls her Tessa. Calls her Vicky. Calls her Anne. And the others have decided he’s never going to understand but Thor can see that Wanda’s foaming at the mouth being so pissed because at least she understands what they’re doing, they’re being snide, but Thor??? Is just being stupid?????

So Wanda finally loses it with Thor, slams her hands on the table, shouts “MY NAME IS WANDA!” And Thor looks at her, eyebrows raised as she pants, watching the glowing red knives settle back onto counters and into drawers and onto the table. He looks at this child, because as old as she claims to be she has not taken responsibility for any of the bad things she did like an adult, and he leans in, looming, looking every bit the warrior he is and then some, and quietly asks, “What makes you think I didn’t know that, Rebecca?” and makes long, steady eye-contact that Wanda breaks, blushing, tears of humiliation forming in her eyes.

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 11

| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11|

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 11

Author: Taettybear

Words: 4.3 K

Genre: Smut/Gore/Assassins/Killer JK/ Drugs/ Gangs

Rating: M

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Having eight people in one house was something none of you were used to. The loudness, the tightness, and especially how there was no privacy.

“YAH!!” You heard the loud, high-pitched screech of Hoseok, making you sit up in the bed you were laid in alarmed drowsiness, your medium length hair sticking up in weird directions because of your bad sleeping habit.

Yoongi, who slept in the bed beside you didn’t even move, soft, gentle snores escaping his lips as he curled up under the blanket, his silver-hair tousled.

“What the fuck…” You groaned, rubbing your eyes as you crawled out of the warm bed, shivering slightly as your bare legs felt the cold air of the morning. Your feet were silent as they padded against the wooden floor, you quietly opening the door to Yoongi’s room and stepping out into the hall in confusion.

Your feet carried you to the bathroom where you guessed the scream had come from. Hoseok was the only one out of all of you to wake up early in the morning to take his daily showers. Without much hesitation, you opened the door, the wave of steam immediately hitting your face and body.

At your appearance, the younger man released another squeak, looking at you with his eyes round in shock. Poor Hoseok wrapped his towel tighter around his waist, a prominent scowl on his face.

“Do any of you know how to fucking knock?” Your friend growled, running a hand through his wet hair in irritation, the excessive water dripping down his neck and rolling down his bare torso before gathered by his white towel.

You rolled your eyes, yawning as you walked to the sink, brushing against him to grab your toothbrush, “Your scream woke me up so I came to check on you,” you mumbled as you brushed your teeth tiredly, “Why is the shower still on?” You questioned as the running water entered your ears, “You know Jin gets annoyed when we waste water,” you moved to pull the curtain open to stop the water, making Hoseok release a strangled gasp.

“Y-Y/N! Wait! Taehyung is-”

“What the fuck?!” You choked, your toothbrush falling out of your mouth and clattering to the floor as you were met with a very bubbly Taehyung who washed his hair.

The man didn’t even look fazed as you openly stared at him in disbelief, returning your look with a grin, “Good morning, Y/N-Noona! Are you gonna join me in the showers? Hobi-Hyung already refused and I’m really sad getting rejected once today, you’ll hop in righ-”

Before he could finish his sentence, you slid the curtain closed and turned to Hoseok, who looked disturbed as well as mildly amused.

“What the fuck were the two of you doing?” You hissed at your friend, making Hoseok scrunch his nose in disgust as he realized what you were hinting at.

“Gross, I don’t swing that way, Noona! I was enjoying my shower like usual when this asshole just walked and jumped in as soon as I got out! He didn’t even let me get dressed before he started to strip!” Hoseok gagged as he shook his head, “This isn’t really something I want to see first thing in the morning.”

You rub your temple as you started to feel a headache starting to hit you so early in the morning. With your mouth still filled with foam, you picked your toothbrush off the ground and rinsed it off. “I’ll go before I permanently get scarred…”

“My body is beautiful, thank you very much! Didn’t you see? I’m pretty big as well! Maybe not as big as Jungkookie’s but pretty decent size-”

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anonymous asked:

Hi Mr. Badge! I don't know how to send links but I saw an article in the Telegraph about a workman's cafe accidentally being awarded a Michelin star and I couldn't help but think of your Foodieverse (not that War on Hunger's star was anything but well-deserved!)

I do think War on Hunger’s star was probably an accident. 

See, the thing is, one of the reasons Steve does so well parking in TOBRU’s parking lot in the evenings is that TOBRU is – it’s about food, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also about THEATRICALITY, and Tony did the “How much pizza can we sell someone for $8.99″ thing for years, so now he’s interested in how much experience they can sell someone. And Bruce probably does not actually like people eating his food. Food is too pure to be eaten, Tony! 

The result is that when you leave TOBRU you have had an amazing time and your wallet is a few hundred lighter and you feel satisfied but not…satiated. You have not eaten the kind of calories per meal we are used to getting. I mean, that flavored foam was good but it was foam, y’know? 

And then as you are reaching into your pocket for your BMW keys, you look up and you see Steve Rogers, an Adonis in suspenders, handing someone an entire sandwich. They walk past you, pastrami straggling from the corner of their mouth, and before you understand what’s happening you are standing in front of the service window saying, “What kind of mustard do you put on that pastrami?” and he says “wholegrain apple mustard” and you look at your spouse and say “we want two please.” 

So I still haven’t decided who the Michelin judge was, but I am well aware that they walked out of TOBRU mentally writing the glowing review they’re gonna give it and saw War On Hunger. They saw the people who were at the table next to them heading for War On Hunger like, “Oh Jeff, look, the truck’s here again, remember his onion sandwich roll?” and that’s how a Michelin judge full of TOBRU food ended up eating second dinner at War On Hunger and being like “I could legit give a food truck a Michelin Star, holy shit Steve Rogers the Old Missing Luke Skywalker of Manhattan actually made a Michelin Star food truck.”